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I know you're moving on
To bigger and better places,
To new beginnings and new people
With new minds and new faces.
Dr. Seuss famously once said,
"Oh the places you will go",
And oh that I do know.

It's a big, frightening, scary,
Beautiful, wondrous, exciting world out there
With all its bright sights and lights
And sounds resounding in the air.
Definitely be wary but
No need to be overly worried.
We've all got to make the jump
At some time or at some certain point,
And every one of us has to make it
Each in our own individual way.

So don't be afraid
That you could be doing it wrong,
It's not worth the worry because
               Life Isn't That Long.

Get on board and go with the flow,
Or pick your direction and go
And see where the beating of your drum takes you.
The beauty in the journey is that you never truly know
Where those winds and whims will blow you.
I've booked my ticket like a Spring Break trip.
Cancun or Mazatlan, but this trip will be permanent -
An exciting prospect of new adventure,
Regret at what's to be left behind.

The date is circled upon the calendar
And does it ever race to hand.
My last grand adventure to plan,
To take part of before I hit the end.

There will be no more and
What once was will be lost.
I hear the sun shines there
But not in the traditional sense.

Say goodbye to the girls -
Tell them I love them -
And don't forget to pass word on to my brother.
Its sad I didn't get to see him again before I climbed aboard.

Worse things have happened and
I'll see him when he decides to visit.
No worries once he takes up permanent residence -
Sorry to ruin the great secret.

So, let's make the wheels turn
With the time that's left on the clock.
The sand in the hour glass is running short.
We've got time for one last game of Pictionary before I depart.

Let's act it up and act it out.
Let our actions resonate in screams and shouts.
So ket's do the best not to waste our time
As those last grains drop by and by.

Our actions speak as words,
And when all clocks finally stop,
Its towards the horizon that I will look,
Thinking of tomorrow as I board that box.

Just know that I will miss you so well.
Mom and Dad, even though I put you through hell,
All I wish is for you to be whole,
And even though I am off on my own,
Know that I leave behind my soul
So I will still be here even after I'm gone.
Up on this cliff, with all of the greenery and sand,
With these seashells and the scrub, the shrubs,
The full moon timidly pries through the roiling clouds above my head.
The storm is fighting, but losing hope.
I watch the winds and rain racing over the water
In the pale, breaking moonlight.
Those white, streaking ruffles spreading across the dark
Make me think of wild, gold wheat in a field of deep green.
The moist, salted-rain sea air almost has a hint of grain to it.
I wait for the harvest, and know its coming soon -
Just like the end of this storm - not much beyond the horizon.
I can feel the changes already, smell them in the air,
And with dawn coming, there's a feeling of hope and Love.
The breaking of the storm and the repair of a heart,
Readying myself for Tomorrow's new start.
kiss me like i’m a falling star,
so when our lips meet, fireworks explode.

carry me like we’re lovers at sea,
tumbling and turning, but taking things slow.

smother me like some foggy haze,
fill my every pore and set me aglow.

need me like i’m the air you breathe,
and cherish me so that i always know.

hold me like it’s the end of infinity,
and until that very moment, never let me go.
july 2010.
Yes, I spelled it with a K
I like it
But that doesn't solve
How I should deal with it

The more we progress
The more silly games you seem to play
Kan it be
Spelled with a K, that I like it?
How then do I deal with this?

Everything she is
Kould it be
One spelled with a K
One that's not
I like, and I like it.

Torn by two
K it is
And K is not
Can it be I love
And Kan it be I'm not
Cellphones and swimming pools.
ne'er the twain should meet.
The result can only be bad,
same for lawnmowers and feet.
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poetry is heart speaking
her deepest wisdom
or lightest whimsy
traditional form or free verse
let souls sing
sprinkle metaphor and simile
if you are a poet, write like one
words are music
let them breeze like a melody
color with mix-matched sensory
don’t stay inside the lines
see sounds with eyes closed
hear flickering of fireflies’ light
smell beauty in distant mountains
taste majesty of flowers’ bloom
touch forgiveness
bring personification to life
“she” is much sweeter than “it”
and a seat cushion may have a roundness to her
throw in some high speech
make someone grab a lexicon
delete those extra words
‘I’s and ‘the’s especially
alliteration can create cacophonic chorus
while similar sounds of assonance
tie hoards and scores of words together
although there are no rules
try your best to use poetry’s tools
with this above all else:
let your truth ring
let your insights and revelations
be a healing to self and reader
let experiences resonate in hearts
and harmonize voices
© June 7, 2010
The Girl who owns my Heart
You are Busy with a new Start
Adjusting to life
And the new times
But now and again
You just seem distracted
As the clock strikes 11 and again 11
I call your name
To which no reply comes
My eyes pry for you
But no matter how I spy for you
No image of you is near
And it begins to ring clear
That I will never be
Free of you
Who I love with
Everything I am and
Ever will be
You are my life
And you are my good times
Who I one day hope
Will even share with me
Those of the bad
Which might come our way
That is the love
And before was the melancholy
But that's how it happens to go
When you are away from me
Life gets put on hold
And it passes so slow, devastatingly
Live your life
And be who you are meant to be
And promise me
That you won't let me
Get in the way of all your
Big Dreams
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