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Kerry Mckie Jul 2019
Crept out of my room and swept into the night,
Clouds thick in the sky, not a star in sight,
I shouldn't be out, they said you may be here,
Little do they know, that I have no fear
I wandered around looking just for you,
When I finally found you, you knew what to do,
You took me by the hand and then you led me astray,
Then you said "Never again will I let them take you away."
Interpret as you wish. This could have several meanings. :D
Kerry Mckie Nov 2018
Scare me with fantasy, take my mind off my reality
Kerry Mckie Oct 2018
Your harsh words reflect on you, I am your mirror.
Kerry Mckie Jul 2017
I walk around this derelict and decrepit house,
wondering how long it's been since I last set foot here.
Everything remains untouched since the night you disappeared.
How could you simply vanish without rhyme or reason?
Time goes by so slowly, stuck in one season.
No one has known your whereabouts for a very long time,
I stand silently until I jump at the sound of a clock chime.
The floorboards creak, as I enter the next dimly lit room.
this used to be your favourite, now it's all filled with gloom.
I feel you haunting me as I breathe in the stale stench in the air,
I sense you looking down on me as I sit in your old armchair.
I see your photograph on the mantelpiece, and I shiver to the core,
Nevertheless, there's a glimmer of hope, as you are still unaccounted for.
  Jun 2017 Kerry Mckie
Was it easy to let go?
Was it easy to leave me drowning on my own?
Did you not feel anything?
Did you not feel like you were suffocating?
Because I did
Every step I took  it got harder to breathe
Easier at the same time too
Did you feel that as well?
I am sure you didn't
Maybe that is why you left me behind
Behind to fight for us alone
I took 5 mins to write this. I guess heartbreaks makes you think fast.
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