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Kelley A Vinal Nov 2014
Jovial and brief, this kind of
Fleeting journey
With no place in mind
Phrases soft-spoken
Face-to-face, to find
Each wonderful moment
Better than the last
The brevity is astonishing
Each laugh passes, speed, fast
While thoughts are on time,
Time is not
Following the ticks of the internal clock
Though sleep may elude
Each night, like a mime
Captured in an invisible box
When able to come free
Is what it means to dream
Kelley A Vinal Mar 2015
The water's edge is near to me
With rolled-up sleeves
This tranquil breeze
I'm bringing bookshelves in with me
It's Aberdeen
It's never-seen
Kelley A Vinal May 2015
Our passions are fueled
By actions in practice
Our discoveries can be lost
In arguments of semantics
What is discovery
What is passion
Why do I feel
This sense of abstraction

And chance
What a beautiful combination
A happenstance circumstance
That brought you to culmination
Kelley A Vinal Jan 2015
This happy mind
Set high up in the sky
An elevation conquered through such smiles
These well-embarked nights
Too sweet like sugared lime
We're gallivanting urban streets for miles

This life is gold
Wrapped memories in foil
To save, refrigerate, and sit and wonder
Street light, lightning poles
Electrified shoe soles
Northbound on a bridge, we stand and ponder

This city street
The trees have lost their leaves
But warm food paired with milkshakes stifles chills
Each touch ignites the breeze
Bad jokes, good laughs with ease
Casting spells unknown through each unopened thrill
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2015
The white sands of Mozambique
We should go there - you and I
It doesn't have the answers that I seek
But maybe just enough to get me by

The red dunes of the Namib
Reflecting orange and yellow too
It's more lovely that you would believe
Let's be sure not to leave too soon

Here in the Moroccan city streets
They're offering me a minty tea
It goes well with sweet and toasty treats
We should stay here for a few weeks

In a while, we'll trek to Malawi
Kayak on a lake or open sea
See what animals wait over by the trees
This has been a trip that surely can't be beat
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2014
Like a lion's roar
Like a bird that soars
Like an antique store

You are so much more

Like cityscape skylines
Like a lake with ice so fine
Like a bench to outrun time

You somehow plague my mind

But I don't care for the cure
Kelley A Vinal May 2015
On the desk, there lies a fountain pen
It doesn't take cartridges
Rather, you dip it in ink and press it to paper
It makes a sound, not unlike fingernails on a chalkboard
But not like it either - it's satisfying instead of goosebump-inducing
Slowly scratching the page until it's gone
The ink has bled onto page 3
I've pressed too hard
But this paper is thick
Previous poets pondered profusely
Pretending this pen was a pipe
Holding it between their teeth until an idea came ripe
This pen holds a history of poetry
Of spilling thoughts that otherwise stayed internalized
And of sometimes spilling ink
It gets everywhere
I love it
Kelley A Vinal Aug 2015
D minor
Rembrandt's finer
Paint, oils, a breakfast
of red grapes and green olives
with Homer
Aristotle gazes
Admiration for a bust
An odyssey of emotion
Somewhere in the dust
Bach's fugue is overwhelming
Travelling back in time
Moving skulls around
To rest and surround
Socratic dialogue
leather-bound, a work of art
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
When a poet writes
His heart on paper
Or a songwriter sings
Her silent whims
They share the medium
Of space and senses
On which their thoughts
Become reality
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2015
A mastodon waits
For a bitter, cold ice age -
Hello, giant tooth
Kelley A Vinal Apr 2015
Dimly dreaming of bright lights
Crave glimmers of ascension
Freeze, question
Interrogate and turn this way
To boat around this fence
As for the distance, straight line
Asphalt is bent
Gated at night and locked all day
The password worked yesterday
Everyone loses senses slowly
But this is just too far
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
The atoms that make up
The outermost layer of my skin
Repel yours the least
In some sort of metaphoric nuclear fusion
Though we may not release photons
With each touch
And we're not quite travelling fast enough
To create such an explosive reaction
In a physical sense
It seems that you still turn
my mass
into energy
Kelley A Vinal Jan 2016
You're like the stars
And planets too
Luminous and wonderful
Are words to describe you
You're fiery red and calming white
And oceans of deep blue
You're magnetic and turbulent
And lots of lovely hues
You pull me in with gravity
I'm in your atmosphere
How strange it is that I can breathe
And I'm happy to be here
Kelley A Vinal Aug 2015
As Bach's staccato joy takes hold
Of Book 1: Prelude No. 3
A clavier so mild, calm
Lagavulin-scented air
Peat moss, weather fair
The happy harpsichord
And the placid piano
Join in my glass
Mingling, giving the whisky
A nuance
Of elegance
Balancing the burn
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2015
I can sit and twirl my hair until
My fingers are caught and tangled
In there like a dolphin in a net or a
Little bead of sweat stuck in a pore
- though I don't
Think many beads of sweat would
Make an attractive necklace - I can
Smear my fears on the mirror in here
But I can't get rid of the fact that
I'm unable to find the hidden track
That a black cat means a heart attack
And a scratched back leans towards
A knack of lacking a gift for words in
The pitch black, hatchback, backseat
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
I've seen a better part
Of overwhelming emotion
It's strange
An ebb and flow
Of apathy and actually
Feeling an emotion
Feeling a feeling
When your body
Is alive
And your mind is trying
To let it slide
I am fine
I am
Life is beautiful
Kelley A Vinal Dec 2015
Wander, wander, wander
The terrain is rough here
The roads are steep
The people mean
The air sings, exhaling carbon dioxide
The streets are high
Whistleblowers, lawnmowers, money sowers

It's nice when it rains though
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
Rushing and torn
Stuck in the accretion
disk - it's grabbing, tighter
and tighter and tighter until
fission takes hold, like a piece
of spaghetti - waving to its own
This certainly is an eventful horizon
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2014
Delicate whispers of gentle streams
Subtly hinting at blue river dreams
Gradually flowing out of broken seams
Marking the interconnectedness of wooden beams
Flipping through papyrus in sinewy reams
The passing of solitude through tainted genes
All the pop culture in irrelevant magazines
Wondering what the world in its entirety means
Bracing oneself through nonchalant leans
Ready for what the universe brings
Kelley A Vinal May 2015
Blue lakes gave the glass a crystal world of looking
The ocean seems blue
It can be rough water
Dream water
Red water
Zero water too
It's time to shine
In the dead of night
Flow into a delta and find its goal
Its rivers and tributaries meander, broken down, broken up, algae
It carries soil, silt, sand, streams, silent
It is created, evolved, reincarnated, now
Rolling with the tides and the moon
It's not leaving
It will not speak
It doesn’t go far
But the distance is too long to walk
It runs in Winter
Slows in Spring
Dangerous in Summer
I hear it sing
Drum up a current
It's glass
It can flow
It can pass
Under bridges where cars and trains are electric
It waters the land
Straining until pure
Removing all the lures
It is a flurry
It is fast
I see it, hear it, I feel it too
It's been green, brown, pink, orange
It's been drained
Up close it's clear
But at a distance
It's blue
I see the air, the moon, the hands, the truth
Breathing in
The ocean's blue
Kelley A Vinal Aug 2016
Sunburn is vibrant
Blue water making skin red
body like sunshine
Kelley A Vinal May 2015
Wake up, breathing, happy to see
The walls surround you, deafening
You're in the ocean, water deep
The ground is there beneath your feet

It's at the door, ding-**** bell
You're whispering to rid your Hell
Of mindless thoughts and there you fell
Into the pit - a burning smell

When the sun is up, the heat is nigh
Your words are breaths to make it by
An aquarium of octopi
You breathe again and feel alright

The window has a crack but it's okay
You patch it up with masking tape
And avoid it like that song you hate
To masquerade this life you've made

Sunglasses to hide the eyes behind
In hopes that one day vines would bind
The swimming laps, the daily grind
To avoid the time it'd take to find

The answer to your Hell is near
Just put that smile ear-to-ear
And remember the reason that you're here
Alive and breathing - let it come clear
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2015
Let's debate morality
Or end-of-life finality
Let's discuss the totality
Of our finite time
Stained-glass is splendid, though
Kneeling hurts my knees
Cathedral heights are wondrous
You must tithe and pay God's fees
Ten percent - twenty!
Please, always give them plenty
Clergymen will surely then
Be happy with their bounty
Kelley A Vinal May 2015
If our Universe were laid out flat
With many others
How would we interact
In a beautiful multiverse
Maybe the gravities would merge
Intertwined in a way
Maybe our thoughts of tomorrow
Would be there today
Would we be a layer
In a celestial cake
Or a player
In a space-ruled game
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
Herbs in the window
Slowly flavoring the stone
Of a fire-lit home

A whistle so shrill
Pick some dried sage from the sill
The tea is ready
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2014
A catamaran whooshes past
Epilogued by the propeller with which it steers
Marking each and every ripple
Without hesitation, without fear
I'll take the next wave
Kelley A Vinal May 2015
Lightly stained
Like a towel
That took so many trips
Ocean water seeps through
Permeating the fibers
Pooling in the center
As a large celestial body
Bending space and time
To wash you again
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2016
Where coal gets pressed
And zippers - undressed
A diamond of red night's gleaming
How souls get stressed
To act chipper at best
But inside - a cauldron that's steaming
A raven has landed and soon will be near
Through mentality's bland, white sun
When the moon opens wide
And swallows the shadows
That's when they'll have the most fun
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2014
river poets meandering
through stacks of golden hay
water rolling over jagged rocks
as night turns to day
pen to paper, written later
reeks of means to hesitate
ocean writers flicking lighters
humming through to meditate
when your chest is getting tighter
smoke through cigarette haze
Kelley A Vinal Jan 2016
My mind gets filled
Thinking about bergamot
And windows above
The kitchen sink
Aprons and herbs joining
Hands, brewing tea
Happy rain, calm seas
Ancient ferns and sprouting trees
Cobblestone walls, wooden beams
My mind gets filled
Thinking of peace
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2014
This breath of revitalizing air
Taken in on the first brisk day
Wintergreen presence of menthol
Leaving me without words to say
Pinecones dropping without provocation
Dodging them as they pummel the ground
If winter was forever
I think I'd be okay
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2014
The wonders of the world
Fringing train track paths

Cities of concrete gold
Buses with lingering laughs

Conductors wave to asphalt old
Birds flutter in stone-cold baths

Colors become slightly more bold
As windows sweep the street light past
Kelley A Vinal Feb 2016
The way
That the sun rays
Hot day, faraway
Photons travel
Outer space
8 minutes
On your face
Covering you in
Nuclear waste
Pretty cool,
I'd say.
Kelley A Vinal Mar 2015
Number one, done
Volcanic time open erupt
Round up, up, away I went
Geothermal vents
Spouting nutrients
"Repent, repent"
This air is bent
A saddle of leather
Like an elephant

It's great that you know this
So you came to note this
But you see, I dote this
And that's why I wrote this

Old book, look,
I'm caught in the hook
Fishing line, diamond mine
Okay, okay, this ear is spent
Listening to silence
Bantam rooster running feet
And there I went
Kelley A Vinal May 2015
Drink a clock and combine with time
Be once again a work of art
Doesn't it feel so sublime
The world around you falls apart
But you're a timeless interjection
A gear within a counterpart
A ripple in a lake's reflection
A defibrillator to my heart
Your mind is transcendent yet you're here
A physical reminder of the rest
The world is not as it appears
That's why I'll give you all my best
Kelley A Vinal Jan 2016
I'm so tired
Couldn't sleep,
Tossing and turning
Dreaming of dreams
Loud sounds in my head
Screaming of peace
Day long and day weary
But this one thought keeps
Making me smile
A shoulder to lean
You and me
I'm so tired

I'm so happy
Kelley A Vinal Dec 2014
Searching on the fire escape
Desert sands
Rooibos flake
Standing on the dune of fate
Raga bands
Oasis lake
Rolling red the wind to shape
Palm leaf fans
Wise-eyed snake
Quenching cactus, satiate
Unknown lands
Hot breaths to take
Kelley A Vinal May 2015
A sitar sings
Her notes carried on the wind
Like cactus seeds
I brew the roots
And drink the juice
Of desert dreams

Each cup is filled
And cold toes are warmed
By little spills
My hands are scorched
Dunes are grabbing my ankles
And pulling me forward

To the cross-legged drums
They sound like water droplets
Each beat flows
In a pool of stone
Caressing the ears of cicadas
as their legs pierce the heat
of the hailed sun
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
Lying there
Nose at the bottom
Of the door
I wonder what he smells
The grass
Or the bush that was just trimmed
Or the neighbor's Jack Russell
After all, they are good friends
Dog park stories and
Funny expressions
Times when his tennis ball
Was the only thing in the world
His goal to catch it
Bring it back
He would do that for a week straight
If he could
Maybe he's sad that I had to trim his fur
Because now his tail
Just isn't as fluffy
Being a golden retriever
Is tough
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2016
Why to be
You and me?
Some kind of
Domicile, my home
To stay
Silly, that's what
I say
But, hey. This really is great
One day
Cake - eat, drink - tea
Ocean, sun, sun rays, sneeze
Forest, wooden, damp
Nice place to meditate
On your knees
Breathe by me
I can't
I can't.
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
Minnesota winter
This lake, that lake
The lake around the corner
Frozen, wholly
Catching fish through
Holes in the ice
Layers of snow packed deeper
And deeper
And deeper
Like an unsightly
Ice cream cake
Snowmobiles leaving traces
Of minus 40 races
Breath freezing to faces
And icicle trim laces
Something is serene
Though the air
Kind of smells like
Freezer burn
And hypothermia
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
You feel expired
Like the milk in the fridge
It's got a lump or two
And the lettuce is fused
To the drawer
The garbage disposal makes a sound
Like it's grinding steel wire
It might be from that art project you did
When you tried to make a figurine
And got too tired
So you set it in the sink
To forget about it
But that's okay
Ramen noodles take a while to go bad
But those Cup 'O' Noodles
Get a bit crusty
After a few months
The dripping from the faucet
Doesn't really matter
Because the only reason for the bathroom
Is to empty your bladder
And sit
With your head in your hands
Before you head back to the bedroom
And wonder
What am I even doing?
Why does thinking hurt?
It's a lot of work
When your favorite color
Is grey
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2014
Through the wandering spectrum
Of cerulean dragonfly eyes
You fly without hesitation
Observing the vast and marvelous world
As if it were your own
As if it were your cut-out template,
With an admirable sense of wonder
And the fervent desire
Not only to know
But to contemplate
The luminescence of a fluttering firefly
How the brittle mechanisms of life
Through crystal-clear dragonfly wings
You carry your mind
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
I fell
I slept
And wished
Upon an astral projection
My state was not that of lucidity
But rather, it was that of harmony
Intertwining with the weaves and sinews and basket-like patterns
That are the universe
Our minds
Forming a collective soul
A collective consciousness
Everyone seeing the same projection
In completely different realities
I fell
I slept
I saw
Kelley A Vinal Oct 2015
Oh no, wanderlust!
You have broadened into space -
I can't afford that.
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
Dressing room, dressing room
Tell me I'm pretty
Allow me to pirouette
In this small space
To show you each plait
On the skirt I just lifted
Over my trousers
Dressing room, dressing room
Your lights are so bright
It brings out every makeup line
But if I squint
They don't seem so defined
Dressing room, dressing room
How close can I get
To your mirrors
Before they stop
And start
Kelley A Vinal May 2015
The Great Red Spot
Gracing Jupiter's surface
Beautiful and intriguing from the outside
And a whirlwind within
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2015
Set course for
The new coordinates
We're going in
If we find a wormhole
We'll take it for a spin
If there are Romulans
We'll defend and win
They don't call us
Galaxy Class
For nothin'
Kelley A Vinal May 2015
Gravitational lensing
Brings forth so beautifully the thoughts,
the haphazard chaos
That is the Universe's entropy

While colors are distorted
Light is contorted
It somehow provides a deeper look
Into the unknown

****, space is cool
Kelley A Vinal Sep 2016
Book covered, spilling ravens
Onto the ground, marble statues
Dark rooms and blood found
Smoke, smoke, smoke
Tobacco, fire, rooftop water falling
Like the sap of a tree, syrupy
Thick, like a dream
Do I see
Walls, all around, all around me here
Damp with the condensation of fear
Skeletons howling, vocal chords intact
Sweat still
Runs down their back
Hot in this place
Hellfire, drowned in desire
For what?
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