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Jul 2017 · 932
neutron star
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2017
Memories left by supernovae
Beautiful, colorful
Names like Cassiopeia
I fell to your surface
And my matter was rendered almost instantly
Into my surroundings
And we became one
I can tell that I can't leave
I can't reach escape velocity
Half the speed of light
I am here forevermore
But at least
Your micrometer-thick atmosphere should
Last me a good, long time.
hopefully we don't collide with another neutron star because i've heard scary things about gamma ray bursts
Jul 2017 · 558
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2017
what an amazing example
of natural selection you are
primordial to now
pretty good choices were made along the way

i gotta say
it'd be weird if you had echolocation
or anything like that
probably not that strange
if everyone else had it
but that's not the scenario in my head

it's funny to imagine you as a bat
i think you'd be just as magnificent
Jul 2017 · 343
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2017
typical as it seems
i, too, have moonlit dreams
whereby stars illuminate
the circles under your eyes
and the hands in your pockets

i want to show you a song
as beautiful as you

but my fingers aren't that elegant

yours are

star-shaped shadows behind your back
and birds on your ears
i know you know
what they say
that song
Jun 2017 · 348
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2017
they cannot keep their head straight
i can't say it's bad
my eyes are closed to listen

eyes clenched shut, fingers spread wide
like light from their teeth
i am drawn to this
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2017
O, most wonderful and brittle coffee cup
How I have forsaken thee
For a fortnight 'fore now
My hands became butter under your
Beautiful, wondrous weight
The sound still resonates in my ears
I have broken thee
Aghast, I am
And forevermore
Shall be
loss and heartbreak
Jun 2017 · 342
tuesday afternoon thoughts
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2017
it's not pensive
nor is it pondering
the wind
red whistle in the trees

it sure is something
is it tuesday
Mar 2017 · 425
forgetting how to write
Kelley A Vinal Mar 2017
I guess, like they say
You don't read between
The lines in the light
Ultraviolet or extra bright
But it's not your fault
Not your fight
Explanations from you
Insight and guidance
Into why
Why I feel I need to be
Just right
It does make me
Pretty tired
Jan 2017 · 1.4k
shark fin heart
Kelley A Vinal Jan 2017
Barefoot, skin sticking
Seriously, I can't pull up
Is it too cold? Like a tongue on an icy pole
Is it hot, melted metal
My soles are melting?
My soul being smelted
To get the good bits, throw the rest
Into the ocean
Shark fin heart
Shark tooth heart
Waste me at every part
This is me at my best, I guess
Not depressed
I just think
A whole lot.
Dec 2016 · 522
me and jack frost
Kelley A Vinal Dec 2016
Slow, why are you walking so slow
It's in between
The lines, you're reading it just fine
You're fine, but won't you
Please close the door?

It's cold outside
I can see
The waves are coming from your keys
It's locked, it's cold, but
Won't you come in?

Your fingers line
And twirl, like frost
The cold unfurls
I've come
To you
Please close the window
Dec 2016 · 466
Kelley A Vinal Dec 2016
Window pane rain drop
Drips until the pain stops
Staring out the glass, this gaze
Many days
Breaks the window, shatter, down


Glass is sand
I can pick it up
Hold it
Let it run through my hand

Stand and melt it, form it back in place
A grand addition to this space
No disgrace, distaste
Not one grain went to waste, with haste
I placed a smile on my face

It's okay
Nov 2016 · 1.7k
Ode to My Coffee Cup
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2016
O, dearest and most capable coffee cup
How I couldn't bear to be without you
Your smooth ceramic
Cradling my mornings like fog in the distance
How empty you are 'fore the coffee is done
I can't help but feel the pang of bittersweet longing
Yet, when full, your silken, brittle body
Becomes the most fantastic vessel
Housing the warmth of my soul
O, dearest and most capable coffee cup
Were it not for you, I'd be much more a lump
Than a regular human being
And forevermore, you shall be
My greatest friend
Nov 2016 · 436
sunflower wounds
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2016
I picked a sunflower
Seeds fall, falling trees
Falling from the sky
As the air turns light
Coming fast, 5 PM
?Darkness comes
In the end
'Round the bend, fast drive
Hauling in beehives
Big hives, reaction time
Fast and slow reaction time
I divide, quick ride, open slow
Need to know
My mind
Hard to blow, my mind
Hard to know, my mind
This is fine
I am fine
They say the wounds
Heal with time
This time, I'll find
Soon enough
I'll find
Soon enough
I'll be fine
Kelley A Vinal Sep 2016
Worlds drawn upon an astral image
A real place
It's real here, at least
A smiling face; his hands like cream
Butter churned a friendly hue
Pale, charming, rising
Like yeast, symbiotic and together
To form something sustaining
Levitating, with snakes under my feet
Let out of their baskets, a flute plays
Something so sweet
So sweet to me
And I can't help but
Think of this place
Kelley A Vinal Sep 2016
Book covered, spilling ravens
Onto the ground, marble statues
Dark rooms and blood found
Smoke, smoke, smoke
Tobacco, fire, rooftop water falling
Like the sap of a tree, syrupy
Thick, like a dream
Do I see
Walls, all around, all around me here
Damp with the condensation of fear
Skeletons howling, vocal chords intact
Sweat still
Runs down their back
Hot in this place
Hellfire, drowned in desire
For what?
Sep 2016 · 337
i don't dance either
Kelley A Vinal Sep 2016
Because I don't paint
Words have to be the picture
Nothing but blue skies
Aug 2016 · 366
Kelley A Vinal Aug 2016
Sunburn is vibrant
Blue water making skin red
body like sunshine
Aug 2016 · 384
Kelley A Vinal Aug 2016
Navigate, world wide
Cloud cover
Divide, those who abide
We want this life
Or stones
Crave both, abacus, radius
Tools of bones
Hip-connected phones or
Being alone
Hits home, four-tailed drone
Drone, drone, drone
Jun 2016 · 445
chemical reactions
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2016
Where coal gets pressed
And zippers - undressed
A diamond of red night's gleaming
How souls get stressed
To act chipper at best
But inside - a cauldron that's steaming
A raven has landed and soon will be near
Through mentality's bland, white sun
When the moon opens wide
And swallows the shadows
That's when they'll have the most fun
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2016
If I were a starfish
I'd lose my bipedal traits
Sticking on the ocean
Floor all day
If I were a bat
Living in a musty cave
I'd gain a great ability
Catching all sorts
Of frequencies
If I were a kangaroo
I'd be sticking all sorts of things
In my stomach pouch
Bouncing on my giant feet
If I were an alien
I'd come to Earth and try the sweets
Cake and donuts, candy
What a treat!
If I were a particle
Of nothing but a little dust
I'd blow around all sorts of trees
Floating along on a brisk Winter breeze
I am a human, though
Which is cool in lots of ways
We have names for all the days
Jun 2016 · 338
thoughts over tea
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2016
Thoughts over tea
We've hit the fifth steep
It's different from the last
But somehow more deep

And full, our words
And silence alike
This never-bitter waterfall
The warmth is just right

I'm using tea, today, as a
Metaphor for life
How wonderful it is
On steep number five
Jun 2016 · 601
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2016
Why to be
You and me?
Some kind of
Domicile, my home
To stay
Silly, that's what
I say
But, hey. This really is great
One day
Cake - eat, drink - tea
Ocean, sun, sun rays, sneeze
Forest, wooden, damp
Nice place to meditate
On your knees
Breathe by me
I can't
I can't.
Kelley A Vinal Mar 2016
Where am I right now
Light flowing
Like a waterfall
It's beautiful - stars are the size of my
Even up close
I pick them up, and put them back
In a backdrop of black, it's lovely
Foreign languages spoken
Softly, low
Voices like cream
Whatever this place is -

It must be a dream
Mar 2016 · 897
hi, billy mayes here
Kelley A Vinal Mar 2016
Carpenter hands
Painter's pants
Shirts stained with
Tough white - marks that
Stump even Billy Mayes
(this poem not endorsed by Oxi-Clean, the easy stain remover)
But that's okay -
It gives you character
The way that each pizza
Crust has a different flavor
Texture, color, thickness
It's all a new experience
Soft-white glow of your
Phone at night
The window to the left
Letting in the streetlight
It's nice, you and I
Kelley A Vinal Mar 2016
If I had a lot of wood
A whole lot
Like, a lumberyard or a forest's worth
I'd build a boat
A really BIG boat
And I'd take it to the ocean
And live freely with the fish and the urchins
And the squid too
I'd chat with the 'gulls
And feed them little mackerel
And smile as the storms came
Because my boat would be big enough
That it could handle the winds
It would be super tall
And really skinny
That would be funny
Although that design isn't really conducive
To being safe on the sea -
I still like the thought
Kelley A Vinal Mar 2016
Solarium seashells trickle
Down the mountain brook
Through the java fern
Dancing with the salmon
And the freshwater eel
Gently coming together
Like a liquid windchime
How lovely could this be?
Not much more
Than it is
Kelley A Vinal Mar 2016
This TV is so fuzzy
I can barely make out
The subtitles
Why is the text white
When the background
Is mostly white too?
It's just weird
Odd - the things I see
The things I feel
And the things I dream
How funny does that sound?
Funny, but not humorous
I'll rest on that
Laugh my way
And it'll be alright
It usually is
But these dreams of something
Are pervasive
For sure.
Kelley A Vinal Mar 2016
Nestled in the mountains
Like a tree, birch or pine
Definitely a tall one
But kind of short, too
Medium-sized, I suppose
Two windows, glass
Seaglass, a pretty blue
Kind of green
Teal-colored, I think
Cerulean might be a better
Stone stuck together
The outside is pretty
Cobblestone, not brick
Like it was made in the Middle Ages
Or maybe the Stone Age
Yeah, that makes more sense
It's pretty here
Like a sunny day
Or a rainy evening
One of the two
Or both
I don't know
I just don't
But I want
To be here
Mar 2016 · 971
Kelley A Vinal Mar 2016
Where Galveston sits
Right off the coast
A deeply Southern
Emerald Isle
The seawall stretches
Follow its path
And bathe in the salt
The sharks wouldn't
Mind at all, I'm sure
Silver sand dollar
Razor sharp clams
Dog running along the coast
Trying to catch
The seafoam
But it disappears right away
Still, tongue hanging out
Sunlight, raining down
Little house, mid-town
Kelley A Vinal Feb 2016
Nocturnal, the sky
A beautiful night
And the air is calm

The stars up above
Are incredibly bright
And the insects are calm

I lay on my back
In the cold, wet grass
And my mind is calm

I cross my legs
While a raven tends her eggs
And the night is gone
Feb 2016 · 518
solace in sunlight
Kelley A Vinal Feb 2016
A cicada by me
Is hugging a tree
And singing
A woodpecker joins in
It sings to its kin
All to be
What joy they find in the morning
What solace in sunlight
They bring
Alive and bright
Kelley A Vinal Feb 2016
The way
That the sun rays
Hot day, faraway
Photons travel
Outer space
8 minutes
On your face
Covering you in
Nuclear waste
Pretty cool,
I'd say.
Kelley A Vinal Feb 2016
Gravitationally bound
I guess I'm stuck here for now
I'll count all these stripes
I'd call it a tiger - the king of the savanna
Space's vacuum is expansive, all right
It smells of ammonia
How clean it must be!
But this atmosphere is moving
Too quickly for me
As fast as it spins
Its intense, gassy winds
Are making it hard to breathe
Still, this orb of storms has a lovely form
And I really hate to leave
But on the way home
I'll be flying by Mars
I'll see where this journey can lead
Jan 2016 · 792
Kelley A Vinal Jan 2016
My mind gets filled
Thinking about bergamot
And windows above
The kitchen sink
Aprons and herbs joining
Hands, brewing tea
Happy rain, calm seas
Ancient ferns and sprouting trees
Cobblestone walls, wooden beams
My mind gets filled
Thinking of peace
Jan 2016 · 504
Kelley A Vinal Jan 2016
You're like the stars
And planets too
Luminous and wonderful
Are words to describe you
You're fiery red and calming white
And oceans of deep blue
You're magnetic and turbulent
And lots of lovely hues
You pull me in with gravity
I'm in your atmosphere
How strange it is that I can breathe
And I'm happy to be here
Jan 2016 · 1.7k
Kelley A Vinal Jan 2016
Open the window
To find the turmeric sun
The beams seem calm
The clouds become
A scale of charcoal
Falling down

The thunder makes a
Shaking ground
Underneath your feet
A cup of happy chamomile
Paired with the smell of peat

Open the window
To drench yourself in silver
Green and white
Everything - everything
Will truly be alright
Jan 2016 · 754
Kelley A Vinal Jan 2016
Light and dark
The place they meet
Alive with color
Yet hard to see
The words between
The words you speak
Come forth and scorch
The pain beneath
The reaction of your hand on mine
The Sun could never beat
Through every day
And every night
You are within my dreams
Like Jupiter's storms
Or Saturn's rings
You make me feel
Many things
Jan 2016 · 386
Kelley A Vinal Jan 2016
I'm so tired
Couldn't sleep,
Tossing and turning
Dreaming of dreams
Loud sounds in my head
Screaming of peace
Day long and day weary
But this one thought keeps
Making me smile
A shoulder to lean
You and me
I'm so tired

I'm so happy
Dec 2015 · 1.5k
Kelley A Vinal Dec 2015
Honey-flavored icicles
In a wintry, wind-blown stand
Whispers wander
Waiting longer
A wrinkle in my hand, I can't
Imagine rays of ultraviolet
I see
Long lost, bones tossed
But blue shines light at sea
She smiles, crows are flying
They're landing at her feet
A carrion
She carries on
Until her final seat
It's nice
The light, the red is bright
Emitting blue and green
Life is this, all that is
Much deeper than it seems
Dec 2015 · 945
big city
Kelley A Vinal Dec 2015
Wander, wander, wander
The terrain is rough here
The roads are steep
The people mean
The air sings, exhaling carbon dioxide
The streets are high
Whistleblowers, lawnmowers, money sowers

It's nice when it rains though
Kelley A Vinal Dec 2015
Candlelight, that musty smell
A book - perhaps the one that fell
Like the tree outside, her name unknown
Crashed to the ground - on ice was strewn
The window is much different now
A view less filled with life
Though bats and birds are flying 'round
Her image plagues my mind
But anyway, that book that fell
Revealed mold
It was that smell!
I picked it up and blew the dust
Its color that of old, red rust
"Meditations" read the cover then
With markings of a fountain pen
I sat it down, my tea cup tall
And thought how trees
Are the most stoic of all
Nov 2015 · 614
smoke from the organ pipes
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2015
Beautiful fingers
Playing until the morning -
sun rising in C
Oct 2015 · 973
Kelley A Vinal Oct 2015
Bright as a quasar -
Your smile, your eyes
Dancing with Orion
Lighting up the night sky
An asteroid of ice
A volcano hot on Mars
Your charm - a true delight
As I gaze into the stars
I've come to find myself
In awe of many things
The wonder of the universe
And the marvelous life it brings
Though we are all made of stardust
From many years ago
In one thing do I trust -
Yours had the brightest glow
Oct 2015 · 558
the blue pen
Kelley A Vinal Oct 2015
A poet's pen
Drips ink, pools
Of blue
Stained shirt sleeves
A pale nose, bridge pinched
Once or twice, too hard
A dash of color
On the very tip
Where the writer fell asleep
For the first time
In a long time
His eyes would not weep
But his pen
Would do that
For him
i'm not on here very often anymore. hope you guys are all doing well.
Oct 2015 · 982
Kelley A Vinal Oct 2015
Oh no, wanderlust!
You have broadened into space -
I can't afford that.
Oct 2015 · 768
Kelley A Vinal Oct 2015
He claims thalassophobia
But explores in the deep
And relaxes in quiet certainty
The words that he should keep
For red from his heart, and blue
From his ocean
Combine in a muddle, a puddled
What is it to crave?
An armour man in gold?
A wooden-fence, black silence,
A bearded, hat, high, old?

Maybe just a snifter smells
Or the ringing of a wondrous bell
Can find purchase in its soil
For my hands are cupped
I'm lapping up
The rain for milk has spoiled
Kelley A Vinal Oct 2015
Here, the crow lies -
he has been hit, baptised
in stone


Like salt
In a pillar, enveloped
They've never seen
life more still

Or a statue so developed
A shockwave has struck
The crow in the breast
He was small

Very small

Ill-tempered -
to put it best

But now eternal
the universe doth claim
His wings and his beak
To be one
Sep 2015 · 778
Kelley A Vinal Sep 2015
Had there been a pipe *****
Where the melancholia sits
It would have played
It felt glass between its teeth
And grasped
The hairs in its head
Danced within
The room of the dead
Shadows friendly, alive with dread
While vultures laughed
Kicking away
The offal, the bread
They wanted
its bones to pick
Sep 2015 · 886
the drunken cartographer
Kelley A Vinal Sep 2015
Azure mixed with red
Wine stains ripple the oceans -
Black pen shining through
Aug 2015 · 947
lapsang souchong
Kelley A Vinal Aug 2015
The marina was lifeless -
just boats, no captains
It was cold, but
nice - you and I

Like a campfire, maybe
Except you didn't smell
like lapsang souchong tea
More like honey, something

sweet, like devil's cake baking
Your touch - an equatorial sunbeam
It burnt, but I think the tan
looks good
Aug 2015 · 1.2k
martian dreams
Kelley A Vinal Aug 2015
On the clouds
I lie
Illuminates the night like
a firefly
I am deep, far-fallen
into the land of sleep
Mars' volcanic activity
Giving light 
To my dreams

I am calm
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