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8.0k · Jun 2015
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
I've seen a better part
Of overwhelming emotion
It's strange
An ebb and flow
Of apathy and actually
Feeling an emotion
Feeling a feeling
When your body
Is alive
And your mind is trying
To let it slide
I am fine
I am
Life is beautiful
7.6k · Nov 2014
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2014
Through the wandering spectrum
Of cerulean dragonfly eyes
You fly without hesitation
Observing the vast and marvelous world
As if it were your own
As if it were your cut-out template,
With an admirable sense of wonder
And the fervent desire
Not only to know
But to contemplate
The luminescence of a fluttering firefly
How the brittle mechanisms of life
Through crystal-clear dragonfly wings
You carry your mind
5.3k · Nov 2014
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2014
The Yorkshire Rose, elegantly perched on the bridge
This was not London, or the palace
nor Manchester, where Mancurians are free
nor Blackpool, where the beach swallows
Glasses, towels, mussels clinging to rocks
The Yorkshire rose, drawn upon the bridge
Bullet trains, leading distances
Almost unfathomable in this very spot
Harrogate, bath water
Spilling onto the street in natural sulphuric geysers
The Yorkshire Rose, fleeting in memory
In ghosts of the abbey nearby
4.5k · May 2015
part 2 : wanderlust
Kelley A Vinal May 2015
What to do about wanderlust?
Should it be quelled?
Desktop backgrounds are my only escape
Maps with tacks and backpacks with knick-knacks
It all seems so far away
Cobblestone steps are wearing down
By the feet of enlightened in wondrous towns
While chairs are pushed in
Or left out of place
Thoughts are escaping to the vacuum of space
This Earl Grey is mint tea in Tangiers' seats
Or gold and black Yunnan at her highest peaks
It's sifting through pans of Fynbos' red leaves
What to do about wanderlust?
Should it be quelled?
I seem to dwell
4.4k · Aug 2015
bach whisky
Kelley A Vinal Aug 2015
As Bach's staccato joy takes hold
Of Book 1: Prelude No. 3
A clavier so mild, calm
Lagavulin-scented air
Peat moss, weather fair
The happy harpsichord
And the placid piano
Join in my glass
Mingling, giving the whisky
A nuance
Of elegance
Balancing the burn
3.6k · Jul 2015
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2015
Each quark
A quirk
In a cosmologically-
Inspired orchestra

Each theory
A verse
In a star-
Driven poem

The study of
The very nature
Of this universe
Is art
Kelley A Vinal Feb 2016
The way
That the sun rays
Hot day, faraway
Photons travel
Outer space
8 minutes
On your face
Covering you in
Nuclear waste
Pretty cool,
I'd say.
3.1k · Jun 2015
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
Liquids and lipids
North and south
Fatty and lean
In and out
I think I need the Heimlich too
Compress my chest
Until I come to
Kelley A Vinal Mar 2016
Nestled in the mountains
Like a tree, birch or pine
Definitely a tall one
But kind of short, too
Medium-sized, I suppose
Two windows, glass
Seaglass, a pretty blue
Kind of green
Teal-colored, I think
Cerulean might be a better
Stone stuck together
The outside is pretty
Cobblestone, not brick
Like it was made in the Middle Ages
Or maybe the Stone Age
Yeah, that makes more sense
It's pretty here
Like a sunny day
Or a rainy evening
One of the two
Or both
I don't know
I just don't
But I want
To be here
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
And hopping in again
Something sharp touches your skin
It burns
A thousand needles
Of a jellyfish sting
It has a hold of your ankle
And is pulling you downstream
You look down
It's menacing
It's laughing now
And floating
It's quite demeaning
You fight and fight
But its grip is tight
It pulls you underneath the surface
As the trees around you
Become a world without you
What is that sparkle?
It's golden, silver, bronze
You see domes and towers
Fruitstands and flowers
You quiver
The jellyfish loosens his grip
As you wipe the blood off your lip
Who would have thought
The key to Atlantis
Was in a jellyfish's grasp
Either that or this jellyfish's secretions
Were super hallucinogenic
Either way
This is cool

*wait, how do they even have a swimming pool underwater
and functioning toilets
fish don't even have thumbs
i really don't understand
2.5k · Nov 2014
the swan
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2014
Drowning out through seeping acrylic
Unconventional canvas on a rickety easel
Not even possessing the power to paint
The broken wing of a broken swan
Despite her weakened frailty
She paints
Using her beak, using her feet
The swan finds it consoling to know
That the littlest, infinitesimal purposes
Are purposes
None the same
2.3k · Jun 2015
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
I felt the raindrops
Hit my lungs
Like a cigar
I wasn't supposed to wholly inhale
But I breathed deeply
As if the earth were a hookah
With endless coals
As the street lights
Illuminated each drop
I only missed
One or two
2.1k · Jun 2015
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
I fell
I slept
And wished
Upon an astral projection
My state was not that of lucidity
But rather, it was that of harmony
Intertwining with the weaves and sinews and basket-like patterns
That are the universe
Our minds
Forming a collective soul
A collective consciousness
Everyone seeing the same projection
In completely different realities
I fell
I slept
I saw
2.0k · Jul 2015
Ode to Paperclips
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2015
O, I seek ye, paperclips
How you so kindly bind my documents
In the most orderly of fashions
O, greatest and most convenient
Loops of metal -  are ye sentient?
For if you were, I would surely state
My pure and deepest gratitude -
For your unending, ever-sacrificing
Services to my matters of
Organization ne'er go unnoticed
1.9k · Jun 2015
a sunny metaphor
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
The atoms that make up
The outermost layer of my skin
Repel yours the least
In some sort of metaphoric nuclear fusion
Though we may not release photons
With each touch
And we're not quite travelling fast enough
To create such an explosive reaction
In a physical sense
It seems that you still turn
my mass
into energy
1.8k · Jul 2015
burden of proof
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2015
Let's debate morality
Or end-of-life finality
Let's discuss the totality
Of our finite time
Stained-glass is splendid, though
Kneeling hurts my knees
Cathedral heights are wondrous
You must tithe and pay God's fees
Ten percent - twenty!
Please, always give them plenty
Clergymen will surely then
Be happy with their bounty
1.8k · Jul 2015
wanderlust : part 3
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2015
Greenland's fjords
Native tongues
Thai curries
Tundra calls


Let me answer
Earth, all of this


I'm grateful
To be here
Warm showers
Nashville towers
But all of this
All of this

1.7k · Jan 2016
Kelley A Vinal Jan 2016
Open the window
To find the turmeric sun
The beams seem calm
The clouds become
A scale of charcoal
Falling down

The thunder makes a
Shaking ground
Underneath your feet
A cup of happy chamomile
Paired with the smell of peat

Open the window
To drench yourself in silver
Green and white
Everything - everything
Will truly be alright
1.7k · Nov 2016
Ode to My Coffee Cup
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2016
O, dearest and most capable coffee cup
How I couldn't bear to be without you
Your smooth ceramic
Cradling my mornings like fog in the distance
How empty you are 'fore the coffee is done
I can't help but feel the pang of bittersweet longing
Yet, when full, your silken, brittle body
Becomes the most fantastic vessel
Housing the warmth of my soul
O, dearest and most capable coffee cup
Were it not for you, I'd be much more a lump
Than a regular human being
And forevermore, you shall be
My greatest friend
1.7k · Jul 2015
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2015
The white sands of Mozambique
We should go there - you and I
It doesn't have the answers that I seek
But maybe just enough to get me by

The red dunes of the Namib
Reflecting orange and yellow too
It's more lovely that you would believe
Let's be sure not to leave too soon

Here in the Moroccan city streets
They're offering me a minty tea
It goes well with sweet and toasty treats
We should stay here for a few weeks

In a while, we'll trek to Malawi
Kayak on a lake or open sea
See what animals wait over by the trees
This has been a trip that surely can't be beat
1.6k · May 2015
ghost town
Kelley A Vinal May 2015
Have you ever left?
Streets decaying, bereft of wonder
General store hours
Trees, posted
Homes, posted
This town is a ghost town
Like Centralia, Chernobyl, Hashima Island
Complacent in its solitude
While wind rustles the dead trees' souls
And dust collects in endless potholes
One street light flickers to guide the silence
Main Street relentlessly harbors memories
Of feet crossing and ***** tossing
A newspaper stand
A truck for the postman
This town is a ghost town
1.6k · Jun 2015
the ruins - 5-7-5
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
Volcanoes erupt
Time comes to an abrupt stop
 Now immortalized
1.6k · Jul 2015
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2015
Lifting up the veil
Of an icy waterfall
A spinosaurus slumbers
With his back arched tall

When peering 'round the mangled ferns
A centrosaurus feeds
His giant grace and lofty limbs
Create a rumble through the trees

Footsteps behind - a smaller kind
An oviraptor darts
To fish and mammals of ancient times
Another era starts
1.6k · Nov 2014
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2014
river poets meandering
through stacks of golden hay
water rolling over jagged rocks
as night turns to day
pen to paper, written later
reeks of means to hesitate
ocean writers flicking lighters
humming through to meditate
when your chest is getting tighter
smoke through cigarette haze
1.5k · Jul 2015
a small mammoth poem
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2015
A mastodon waits
For a bitter, cold ice age -
Hello, giant tooth
1.5k · Jun 2015
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
Strolling, the clouds
Are rolling, they abound
And surely they've found
A purely new sound

But towns have found that clouds come down
In rain, to panes
Their windows are loud

With respect, they see
That without them, they'd be
Lost in the toss
Of a barren dirt sea
1.5k · Aug 2015
the galaxy is awake
Kelley A Vinal Aug 2015
I admit that
I dream of peace
A purple sky
With a bottle of wine
A hazy window
Covered in a maroon cloth
On one side
Raindrops audible
But out of sight
Wooden walls and calm fires
A walk down a creaky hall
To read
I retire

The galaxy is awake
Through the sounds of the thunder

And I'm alive
1.5k · Jun 2015
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
She checks her wristwatch
Against her former expectations
Of the metal
Around her wrist
She checks her digital clock
The one on the stove
That flashes
Flash, flash, flash, flash
Like a silent metronome
When the power goes out
And comes back on
She is still calm
Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale
Like the bobbing of a buoy, bouncing
Brazenly in open sea
You see
She sees
That time can be trickery
That conceptual thoughts
Provoke mystery
Illusions and delusions
Conclusions and intrusions
She has many things
About which
To think
1.5k · Dec 2015
Kelley A Vinal Dec 2015
Honey-flavored icicles
In a wintry, wind-blown stand
Whispers wander
Waiting longer
A wrinkle in my hand, I can't
Imagine rays of ultraviolet
I see
Long lost, bones tossed
But blue shines light at sea
She smiles, crows are flying
They're landing at her feet
A carrion
She carries on
Until her final seat
It's nice
The light, the red is bright
Emitting blue and green
Life is this, all that is
Much deeper than it seems
1.4k · Jan 2017
shark fin heart
Kelley A Vinal Jan 2017
Barefoot, skin sticking
Seriously, I can't pull up
Is it too cold? Like a tongue on an icy pole
Is it hot, melted metal
My soles are melting?
My soul being smelted
To get the good bits, throw the rest
Into the ocean
Shark fin heart
Shark tooth heart
Waste me at every part
This is me at my best, I guess
Not depressed
I just think
A whole lot.
1.4k · Jun 2015
dontcha know
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
Minnesota winter
This lake, that lake
The lake around the corner
Frozen, wholly
Catching fish through
Holes in the ice
Layers of snow packed deeper
And deeper
And deeper
Like an unsightly
Ice cream cake
Snowmobiles leaving traces
Of minus 40 races
Breath freezing to faces
And icicle trim laces
Something is serene
Though the air
Kind of smells like
Freezer burn
And hypothermia
1.4k · Jun 2015
martian mayhem
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
Rust and red consumed
A planet pumping iron
Forging RNA

A quick collision
Blasting out extremophiles
Pleased to meet you, Earth
1.4k · Jul 2015
fornax chemica
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2015
I'm going on a trip
It's a little ways away
Maybe $20 in gas
Will get me there today
To Fornax Chemica
The White Tiger of the West
Hubble's going to catch me
And maybe wish me best
Travelling 60 million light years
May take a little while
But the lovely constellation
Will surely bring a smile
1.3k · Aug 2015
Kelley A Vinal Aug 2015
Romantic, isn't it?
The giant, blue, ice-cold
Air flurries, quickly
Hydrogen and helium
Methane ice - like an oddly-
flavored slushie, likely unpalatable
But surely nice to see
So far from Helios' reach
A blizzard of cerulean rushes across
A mass so great
It would require Herculean strength
To move her but an inch
Mathematically predicted
And there she was
A beautiful, azure conclusion
To our solar system
1.3k · Aug 2015
aristotle and homer
Kelley A Vinal Aug 2015
D minor
Rembrandt's finer
Paint, oils, a breakfast
of red grapes and green olives
with Homer
Aristotle gazes
Admiration for a bust
An odyssey of emotion
Somewhere in the dust
Bach's fugue is overwhelming
Travelling back in time
Moving skulls around
To rest and surround
Socratic dialogue
leather-bound, a work of art
1.2k · Jul 2015
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2015
I'm being pummeled
By thousands of ghosts
That sciencey-guy over there
Said they were called neutrinos

I don't trust it though
It's mumbo-jumbo
But don't worry about me
I learned how to fight ghosts

Where's my garlic?

Wait, that might be for use against vampires.

Oh no.
1.2k · Aug 2015
torrential apathy
Kelley A Vinal Aug 2015
Theanine mornings
A cup of coffee
Counteracting, a balance
Sunbeams pummeling
My hands
And a thunderstorm
Raging outside
It's a beautiful day
The skies are grey
But the world is alight
It's alright
I am

1.2k · Aug 2015
Kelley A Vinal Aug 2015
Underneath a moonlit
sonata, you and I
Beethoven's audience
A love, a wonder, alive

You're curious - as am I
Your soft breaths - I've learned
a new lullaby

I think I'll sleep well tonight
1.2k · Aug 2015
martian dreams
Kelley A Vinal Aug 2015
On the clouds
I lie
Illuminates the night like
a firefly
I am deep, far-fallen
into the land of sleep
Mars' volcanic activity
Giving light 
To my dreams

I am calm
1.2k · Jun 2015
caraway seed
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
Herbs in the window
Slowly flavoring the stone
Of a fire-lit home

A whistle so shrill
Pick some dried sage from the sill
The tea is ready
1.1k · Jul 2015
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2015
Set course for
The new coordinates
We're going in
If we find a wormhole
We'll take it for a spin
If there are Romulans
We'll defend and win
They don't call us
Galaxy Class
For nothin'
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2014
I have been witness to many things
You must fear not what cold winter brings
You are young, but the reason this bird sings
To you, sapling, this bird clings
Let go of your evergreen hesitations
Your leaves will fall in wondrous presentations
Followed by gazes of beautiful validation
Your stems a sign of majestic acclimatization
While your trunk grows larger and far more in tune
Your leaves will broaden to as large as the moon
To each passing insect and all birds here soon
Your pits to catch water as a natural spoon
You see, young sapling, you are a delight
Do not see winter as a source for fright
Each tree in this forest has seen the same plight
But all have continued their journey for light
Kelley A Vinal Dec 2015
Candlelight, that musty smell
A book - perhaps the one that fell
Like the tree outside, her name unknown
Crashed to the ground - on ice was strewn
The window is much different now
A view less filled with life
Though bats and birds are flying 'round
Her image plagues my mind
But anyway, that book that fell
Revealed mold
It was that smell!
I picked it up and blew the dust
Its color that of old, red rust
"Meditations" read the cover then
With markings of a fountain pen
I sat it down, my tea cup tall
And thought how trees
Are the most stoic of all
1.0k · Jun 2015
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
The tapestry in the window
Has fallen on one side
But she continues waving
To the passersby
Gifting them gold from her left hand
And showing her stance
Perched upon a lotus
She's a still-life dance
Algae consuming her kneecaps
As she remains in a trance
Her eyes deeper
Than what could be portrayed
With the dye
As we are all deeper
Than what is portrayed on the
1.0k · Jun 2015
black hole
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
Rushing and torn
Stuck in the accretion
disk - it's grabbing, tighter
and tighter and tighter until
fission takes hold, like a piece
of spaghetti - waving to its own
This certainly is an eventful horizon
1.0k · May 2015
Kelley A Vinal May 2015
Tannins have branded
My fingertips
But the steel still feels and heals
I'm at home with this
This wooden body
And slender neck of burnt mahogany
Each string a page in the next great novel
It just hasn't been written yet
1.0k · Nov 2014
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2014
Her thoughts so weary and bitter tasting
Forevermore to feel tired and wasted
Aging dreams and makeup nights
Feet so high she hits the lights
Falling for the guile of each street salesman
He opens his jacket; "Each is a haven,"
Claims of lightposts, illumination of the dark
She's falling asleep on a bench in the park
Urbanization of hardy measures
Have tempted her to indulgent pleasures
Whiskey whiffs of fallen kings
Street lights showing off the obscene
The days are gone of lasting serendipity
She's misplaced in what was once her own city
1.0k · Jan 2015
Kelley A Vinal Jan 2015
This happy mind
Set high up in the sky
An elevation conquered through such smiles
These well-embarked nights
Too sweet like sugared lime
We're gallivanting urban streets for miles

This life is gold
Wrapped memories in foil
To save, refrigerate, and sit and wonder
Street light, lightning poles
Electrified shoe soles
Northbound on a bridge, we stand and ponder

This city street
The trees have lost their leaves
But warm food paired with milkshakes stifles chills
Each touch ignites the breeze
Bad jokes, good laughs with ease
Casting spells unknown through each unopened thrill
998 · Jun 2015
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2015
It's admiration, inundation
A secular or religious nation
A land of automation
Drowning in inflation
And frustration
On each radio station
We claim dedication
But all we need is
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2016
If I were a starfish
I'd lose my bipedal traits
Sticking on the ocean
Floor all day
If I were a bat
Living in a musty cave
I'd gain a great ability
Catching all sorts
Of frequencies
If I were a kangaroo
I'd be sticking all sorts of things
In my stomach pouch
Bouncing on my giant feet
If I were an alien
I'd come to Earth and try the sweets
Cake and donuts, candy
What a treat!
If I were a particle
Of nothing but a little dust
I'd blow around all sorts of trees
Floating along on a brisk Winter breeze
I am a human, though
Which is cool in lots of ways
We have names for all the days
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