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Kelley A Vinal Jan 2017
Barefoot, skin sticking
Seriously, I can't pull up
Is it too cold? Like a tongue on an icy pole
Is it hot, melted metal
My soles are melting?
My soul being smelted
To get the good bits, throw the rest
Into the ocean
Shark fin heart
Shark tooth heart
Waste me at every part
This is me at my best, I guess
Not depressed
I just think
A whole lot.
Kelley A Vinal Dec 2016
Slow, why are you walking so slow
It's in between
The lines, you're reading it just fine
You're fine, but won't you
Please close the door?

It's cold outside
I can see
The waves are coming from your keys
It's locked, it's cold, but
Won't you come in?

Your fingers line
And twirl, like frost
The cold unfurls
I've come
To you
Please close the window
Kelley A Vinal Dec 2016
Window pane rain drop
Drips until the pain stops
Staring out the glass, this gaze
Many days
Breaks the window, shatter, down


Glass is sand
I can pick it up
Hold it
Let it run through my hand

Stand and melt it, form it back in place
A grand addition to this space
No disgrace, distaste
Not one grain went to waste, with haste
I placed a smile on my face

It's okay
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2016
O, dearest and most capable coffee cup
How I couldn't bear to be without you
Your smooth ceramic
Cradling my mornings like fog in the distance
How empty you are 'fore the coffee is done
I can't help but feel the pang of bittersweet longing
Yet, when full, your silken, brittle body
Becomes the most fantastic vessel
Housing the warmth of my soul
O, dearest and most capable coffee cup
Were it not for you, I'd be much more a lump
Than a regular human being
And forevermore, you shall be
My greatest friend
Kelley A Vinal Nov 2016
I picked a sunflower
Seeds fall, falling trees
Falling from the sky
As the air turns light
Coming fast, 5 PM
?Darkness comes
In the end
'Round the bend, fast drive
Hauling in beehives
Big hives, reaction time
Fast and slow reaction time
I divide, quick ride, open slow
Need to know
My mind
Hard to blow, my mind
Hard to know, my mind
This is fine
I am fine
They say the wounds
Heal with time
This time, I'll find
Soon enough
I'll find
Soon enough
I'll be fine
Kelley A Vinal Sep 2016
Worlds drawn upon an astral image
A real place
It's real here, at least
A smiling face; his hands like cream
Butter churned a friendly hue
Pale, charming, rising
Like yeast, symbiotic and together
To form something sustaining
Levitating, with snakes under my feet
Let out of their baskets, a flute plays
Something so sweet
So sweet to me
And I can't help but
Think of this place
Kelley A Vinal Sep 2016
Book covered, spilling ravens
Onto the ground, marble statues
Dark rooms and blood found
Smoke, smoke, smoke
Tobacco, fire, rooftop water falling
Like the sap of a tree, syrupy
Thick, like a dream
Do I see
Walls, all around, all around me here
Damp with the condensation of fear
Skeletons howling, vocal chords intact
Sweat still
Runs down their back
Hot in this place
Hellfire, drowned in desire
For what?
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