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2d · 25
flies, again
kfaye 2d
same old imagery
same old annoyance lv. threat
same old s-s-s-summertime
and the living
do so
3d · 41
kfaye 3d
it’s a dark, wet morning
and the city inside you
to attention .

dragging pieces of the world
highways - and

through uncounted chapters
of all histories :

the food chain.
the great exchange .
the plain way things happen
[that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ] [that ]  [that ]  [that ] [that]  [that ]  [that ]  [that][that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ] [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ] [that ]  [that ]  [that ] [that]  [that ]  [that ]  [that][that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ] [that ]  [that ]  [that ] [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that][that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ] [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ] [that ]  [that ]  [that ] [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that][that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that  [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ] [that ]  [that ]  [that ] [that]  [that ]  [that ]  

[that][that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ] [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ] [that ]  [that ]  [that ] [that]  [that ]  [that ]  [that][that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that ]  [that, which
5d · 30
kfaye 5d
the dreams you have when you fall asleep (specifically) before the movie is over.
[like feeling safe enough to do so.]
winding up with cloud cover
summer, here already
no garden again this year -

waking on the couch
in the early morning
suddenly        and to

May 14 · 31
kfaye May 14
the world
doesn’t like bukowski now.
they didn’t then either, but now they really
it must be
pretty now
kfaye May 13
that reflects the light flashing off pale
like glimpses of wet noses
in the looming underbrush

wet, hungry noses .

wind-rustled world.

sights and sounds
no longer .
May 13 · 90
the one true path
kfaye May 13
legal tender love
May 3 · 49
sink crawler
kfaye May 3
passive perception points out a small
just below the ***** window sill
dishes on the edge of biology are slogged through
cerebrospinal tendrils  cling to the thin line of wall behind the pockmarked metal faucet
far-flung dendrite fingers cling to passing notions : such as a soft-focused background sensation of the clouds moving by you in the sky beyond the confines of this room.

dark opaque eyes
first two, at the end of each antennae like the body-plan of a Cambrian killer
then four more present from the amorphous body
bulging out like dive bladders filling up with ambience
tracking you like leaves do to the sun much slower
not-bug appendages get too long to be normal
then even longer
it is reaching for you in the camp kitchen as
  y o u
back up to the light honeycomb
kfaye Apr 29
Respect people, but not necessarily their ideas. Treat others well, but never accept  fallacy by virtue of politeness, indifference, or short-term gains.

Do not reward bad behavior.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease. The crooked wheel, screeching and locked in place, needs to be be held accountable for its own failures and not be allowed to punish the wheels willing to roll.

Fight for what you believe in, but do so honorably. Have hills worth dying on, but  choose the tallest ones you can.

Seek always to better the world for yourself and others. Be willing to endure temporary disadvantages in doing so.
Do not be willing to accept permanent disadvantages in doing so, unless you are in love, and you are sure.

Seek to understand the impact of your words and actions upon the people around you and the greater world. Run simulations in your head. Weigh the perceived consequences with compassion, but do not allow yourself to be rendered frozen or silent by the threat of Future.

Everyone takes the short cut - and in doing so, renders the path congested, impassable, and ultimately unuseful.
Take the longer distance, do so quickly and with nimble but steady gate : hinderances fall away as you refuse to suffer fools and you will know the nature of ways.

Aim to be be patient on a geological scale-but never tolerant of cruelties.

Even if there are no absolutes in the taxonomy of good and evil, try to find and be what feels like good.  Don’t worry if that doesn’t bear aesthetic likeness to that which is commonly marketed as “the right thing.”
In so far as can be sustained, be a force of protection for those around you.

Know the difference between nice and kind. Nice is polite but allows for cruelty. Kind allows for rudeness but suffers no cruelty.

Take agency. Know your limits. Always seek to push them carefully, but deliberately - it will reduce the risk of being broken by them when your agency is removed later.

Expose yourself to things you disagree with. Disagree with things you are exposed to. Unconscious and non-critical engagement with the principals behind group polarization is what creates the vast  majority of humanity’s self-inflicted problems.

Tribalism is not always good.
Tribalism is not always bad.

Know the rules of the big invented games. Play these games to the extent of necessity only. Engage in critical thought like your life depends on it. It does. Know that the virtuous rule-followers of these games are food and fuckdolls for the gamemakers in the end.
Apr 29 · 18
without man
kfaye Apr 29
gulls rule the shoreline in nobility.
as we are all subjects to our surround -
sound - world
so too, must the place
Apr 19 · 41
jackalmaw featherheart
kfaye Apr 19
black is the sand.
long is the posture.

cedars are split for us_in honor of the ages that will pass before they rot
Apr 14 · 40
kfaye Apr 14
i don’t want you to think that i am anything but the attic will know me well by the dust and dryseasoned timbers.i hold your artifacts safe for later.short to long term storageit’s always a bad estimation until it all sets in.rinse and re-but.the birds are all car alarms around here_it’s their version of neoclassical heavymetal.i know you know
Apr 13 · 30
kfaye Apr 13
//:sharpteethandabadbreakfastbreakthe hold
thisworldnolongerseeks_survivorsbut rather:thosewhohavenotyetbeen tested
twohander,swung out

a   l  l    o u r  p l a c e s ,  n o t  s t a

theexecutioner’sblock🗡️isafineplacefora fightbackout.
Apr 13 · 100
kfaye Apr 13
Apr 13 · 26
In the beginning,
kfaye Apr 13
there was evil. [ that is to say, there was u n  r e g u l a t e d ]
then, man created good
to pretend that he was.
while he served himself and waged holy
he ate well.
then, man discovered reality
by the weighted average of popular vote
cast by the “in-crowd.”

Dusk came.
and in the end
it was all just a layer of well compacted
sediment :
a thin dark band in the rock_
•with a particular chemical makeup
•with the marbled remains of all artifice
and art

•with no one left to render observance
Apr 3 · 45
kfaye Apr 3
it’s a breadcrumb world out there
and we are hungry in the woods

i wait beside the echoing pool
you trace out the lost path dripping down your thigh like a map
throat open and maw-ful
throat full and maw-open

lung fire
feeding on the wilderness .

our roots are :

forests become obfuscations for removal :
[lost] is landless now
and a new animal arrives
it feeds on our  l o n g i n g  .
until we are starved and treeless•gut-ruptured full of promises

i roll you back onto your side
cheeks flushed_but cold

[do not hold harmless that which harms us]
Apr 3 · 24
lithosphere, lifting
kfaye Apr 3
i rake my hands across your heavy thing
you shake like eons in passing
you quake my heavy thing
you real my fake away
Mar 29 · 33
kfaye Mar 29
you shout me a look like little plastic pieces of the physical battleship board-game getting knocked to the floor.i know
i see it
we leave the reassembly of the coffeetable gamestate and the rest of polite society’s dubious mercies
to the next pair of fools.🔫.🧬🏺.🧹.⛓️🐺⛓️ ≥🐺.
too cool to go down with someone else’s
ship/too hip to flip.

the early adopters of fashionable trends know
that self-fulfilling prophecy-core is in this season

wear it hard while there’s still seasons to witness . prove some social fitness . don’t say anything that your keyboard can’t predict_
Mar 28 · 28
kfaye Mar 28
keep me_

meat-space pilgrim, i.
kfaye Mar 28
counting the world on your fingers
Mar 27 · 36
You want it!?
kfaye Mar 27
The ultimate thing?

You use what ever you have
You do what ever you can
You artifice Art

No more -no less
Nothing better has ever been attempted.
Attempt it.
Every single second. The world needs it
Mar 27 · 24
kfaye Mar 27
the roadrash of the path ahead
mars the viable skin graft of
her tender side-
haunch forward,
too towards the future to care and
kfaye Mar 27
And what I have seen is that it is always exactly what it has always looked like

Gut get good and go do some
We need it.
Mar 27 · 23
Life sucks
kfaye Mar 27
31 is the new dead
I’ve had a glas of *****
And the only promise I’ll ever ask of you
Is to play iron and wine - trapeze *******
At my funeral if I die before you

Promise 1.5 :
Slap anyone who is not listening and just talking, right in their useless open eyeballs

Until next time,
Signing out-

The bad good kid,
The one who almost found home
Mar 27 · 16
tongue of love
kfaye Mar 27
hands of hate

those who seek to brand knowledge as private property
prioritize destruction above all else

do not let them
kfaye Mar 12
the arrogance to act.
the hope without good reason .

the necessary prerequisites for
animation :

tilting at the gamma-wind, ye
terminal fingers (flowering buds) of the bloodline

homesick meteor,
deep with longing

heavy ,mineral heart

first, man imagined god_
then, he built it

with mother-minded longing .
from that lonely vantage in space
Mar 11 · 39
kfaye Mar 11
hope for the future
respect for the past
but not to the point of disservice towards the  
Mar 11 · 45
i believe
kfaye Mar 11
in the power of human beings to change the world
and the enormous weight of responsibility that comes along with that.
Mar 10 · 93
merope, mundane
kfaye Mar 10
the falling
is all too

the sphere of the electron cloud
steps down


release .

this will fit into the corner of the basket of my words ,
but is not exhaustive

Mar 6 · 98
the path of discovery
kfaye Mar 6
the shape of a moment
your geometry in bloom

the Real Thing
is finding out

is being what

is Here .
kfaye Mar 2
the languid stares of bonded posture
the dark rings rung out across your acrylic-
it’s dinner time on mars , but the kids are
still out playing ball .
kfaye Mar 2
these sloppily-hewn lessons of the stoney-hearted
are not
enough for us:
we are delving further
into the between our
and into [bodies]
Skin walkers in love_
kfaye Mar 2
artificial doesn’t mean not Real .
passions are self-crafted.
we are self-drafted_
kfaye Mar 1
the perfectly machined manipulation of each digit
each photon of light bouncing off the wet fingers doing important
tendons in tandem.
melee melodies.
hands doing.
kfaye Mar 1
//:seek beauty with every moment_
do it like your life depends on it:it does
we can build.the thing we’ve needed
Feb 24 · 38
the dark forest lives!
kfaye Feb 24
we linger
in those fuzz-****** images of
we take off, rocket-wise, and at heart-fast velocities
into the gathering pools of time
like lamp-centric product placement in the moth-saturated marketplace sector
like film
over whatever’s left in the glass
when you’re
i’ve  decided not to be
i’ve decided to swallow what once hunted
Here .
Feb 22 · 46
kfaye Feb 22
is a flyswatter kind of love.and i am the unread newspaper pages wrung out before the casualty of your tightening/grasp.
kfaye Feb 22
[balance the world with your heart]
Feb 22 · 28
kfaye Feb 22
kfaye Feb 22
is to convince ourselves that we are anything
but that wild animal in the dark night/and you
precipitate into my
palm[without whimper of  displacement ]
in the jungle of Now
kfaye Feb 22
holds us.historically hostage
as our.future splays out like frayed wires
under the nav panel before [me]
this is your captain speaking,
we are going to be hitting some bumpy
remain seated/as you dare
Feb 22 · 39
cyber demon
kfaye Feb 22
7% part broken universe
android 1992
tears of the maiden

bionic metatarsals
perch of the harpy

home inside the Holocene

hey,prophecy-breaker, be cool.
Feb 22 · 106
still rock and roll?
kfaye Feb 22
where did these virtues come from?

peace beside your thought, nation
god is a Gun.
so what is Man?

shame to isolate them
fear to motivate them
love to move them as necessary .

power likes
predictability .

and big prediction breeds power.
kfaye Feb 22
wilt at the tolling of enough
Feb 22 · 39
manic pixie doom girl
kfaye Feb 22
polish on a broken nail

hope is a checkered story of
homewardliness  - whatever that may come to mean
kfaye Feb 3
if you want to know what love feels like
then you know what love feels like .and if you find out that everyone feels the same way too_you will come to know how to love
Feb 3 · 36
kfaye Feb 3
towards the leyline of your voice,
the new shampoo in my eyes slopes off the side of my face and into yours
/almost sending us
Feb 3 · 33
kfaye Feb 3
you’re my handgrenade angel
and you’re close enough, baby
you’re close enough baby .

oh god, i hope it’s close enough_

//:and even after they fixed the boiler
you still turn the water to cold at the end of the shower
Feb 3 · 32
being, lovely
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