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kfaye Apr 2016
you're my body
sticky with
tar like black rust-oleum
that won't dry in the cold sea air-
the pitch that the gulls drown in,
the way you part your hair.
kfaye Oct 2016
kfaye Aug 2023
in defense of somethinghood
kfaye Oct 2012
and then i realized that i was from the future.
and then i realized that we are all from the future.
and we all know whats about to happen next. but we think we are the only ones

so we keep it a secret from each other
and play along

and on the busride, an entire lifetimes worth of existence-  the rain hitting the window and actively listening to the screech of rubber against highway. dissecting the beautiful low rumble of different hums. falling asleep in the carpet covered seat with my hat puled down over my eyes. waiting to reach destination. waiting to be halfway home,
kfaye Mar 29
you shout me a look like little plastic pieces of the physical battleship board-game getting knocked to the floor.i know
i see it
we leave the reassembly of the coffeetable gamestate and the rest of polite society’s dubious mercies
to the next pair of fools.🔫.🧬🏺.🧹.⛓️🐺⛓️ ≥🐺.
too cool to go down with someone else’s
ship/too hip to flip.

the early adopters of fashionable trends know
that self-fulfilling prophecy-core is in this season

wear it hard while there’s still seasons to witness . prove some social fitness . don’t say anything that your keyboard can’t predict_
kfaye Dec 2016
shaving w/ cold water a brittle lick rings off a 12" celestion     perspiration.ocean sounds are spitting on me Seattle is a nominal love .some kind of bounce  (they say) a blue zip cripples the skyline little armling lost tumbling errands away like missed alarms
flyboy jacket
raking dry lines away from wht you can stuff in your arms like a
jazz beat
wind spins complexcurrents around her wraparounds polarized to the smoke rings huffing from her nostrils  on cold bright

breath is a glitch receiving old information incompatible with the peachfuzz burning  up with the o-zone
my skinny rocksalt eyes tire of eachother scraping in
the skin tightening over her forehead like a hide drum shrinking in the sun around it's ring
out of place.i stand cocked on the deck of the carrier wanting to  
annihilate  nations

kfaye Jul 2018
my legs crumple against your
belly.ending all
the hair on mine_pin each other
to the hairlessness
and dark
your sil t
as i break stoney voices against
yourlips like archival spaceshuttle  
each part _in the
answering hiss

my path,
outside your body

fingers are finding nothing left to
finger .
it's been
treason   in these years

the plexiglass is yellowing up
betraying it's artifice

the cold has left my feet alone.but
my head is layered with fossils of swimming
lessons and
purple shorts

you.glance at your scarred belly-
marring you with wisdom
.i hold my breath
you flash your ****.
we careen off of eachother's cliffs,
holding harmless in
kfaye Jan 19
the road is blocked.
[temperature readout not responding]

foggy, light mist.
the upturned vehicle lays quietly under its long woven blanket of moss.the discarded mantle of each season’s worth of canopy cover_
like one single ***** glass left behind in the kitchen sink of a foreclosed family home .
violent, like the passage of time.

she’s steps out across the gravel in front of me,
crossing past my left shoulder’s grazing shove :
kneels down
and grabs at my belt.
kfaye May 2012
you're my solid sunshine,
you're my only pair of shoes,
you're my science-fair volcano,
my big, fold-out topographical map of the moon.
kfaye Aug 2012
today i sliced my thumb open
doing something stupid


try to remember
to never

push against broken glass with bare hands

or slide my fingers into sharp places


today i sliced my face open


pushed my way into the front of my skull with my forefinger and thumb
holding the flesh open

i felt the bony ridge browline, with the pads of my fingertips

were the contours were not smooth as they should have been but
mountainous and irregular from



you wouldn't know it to look at me but my
skull is irregular

and asymmetrical.

just a little bit jagged.

feel it and you can tell.

i could tell. i

my face


to tell. i

opened up my

just to catch a glimpse.

at my

crooked eyesockets

they were hideous.


but you wouldn't know it just by my face.

or by the small scar beside my left eye that falls directly in the valley made by a crow's foot talon

i wonder

the wrinkles
from the scars or
the scars are just

placed- today i sliced my face open

pushed my way into the front of my skull with my forefinger and thumb

with all the

of a madman

i've heard

the difference between medicine
and poison


in the dose.




­is all


do. and

sliced my



a vision


a pretty crazy thing
to do.

i wonder what
kfaye Jun 2023
human devotion
the act of being nice to the one big mean guy
in hopes that
will keep the lots of little mean
away from you

and we are as ever we have been,
each our own gods
  each our own

as we simple works in
progress seek always to
shed responsibilities and
point the

and there are no
jokes :

only the strangled words of
we really mean to
say .
kfaye Aug 2012
i saw one little blip

on the  

sawtooth wave

it must be me
kfaye May 2023
Sundering chorus pulled apart
Into stances//
Fanning out into a cacophonous god-Heart
And me.

Seeking council of the

Whitehead breaker

Drowning in the.wet

You are what you search for :
kfaye May 2016
as the thighs above the knees burn through tears in the jeans. as the
burns. as we think of something nice.
as jet trails droop like wet knives in a daylight shooting
we don't make wishes on them.
we just wish that the a/c will kick in when we
step through the door.

summer like chapters of mangled honey.
fingers like attitude problems.          she lept in front of the bus [and broke her
i stutter for you.
here comes my:
fur lips.   storage bins.facilities.knuckle dragging. shouting lisp_
it's rough like
tweed-belly-hairs pushing up against soft earlobes resting on them

in the afternoon.

Hanna Montana is dead and we are happy now.

some call megod.          
my best fetishes are a housewife that wants you dead for wearing spaghetti straps
and a hairy chest.

she watches the news-
gets off to it.
her son and step-daughter **** in the basement.
they lean in place in nothing but those white cotton socks that get wet and sticky from the laundry detergent spilt across the rubber-

the *** stained push-up will get left down there.
the machine will tear it out of its wire armatures.

outside the sun is burning the lawn.

the fat black flies are *******.
they drop, heavy- inside the windowsill
after 4 days of fury. the good fight
is lost.
their wings are sparkling

like gems.
kfaye May 2023
What they call satan,
Is just self-awareness.

It’s a good time to be
If you want the world to still be
The best to next to next day

It’s words
It’s the jazz
It’s the music.

The dancer’s waist,
Yearning to be
kfaye May 2012
a quiet kind of clean soon followed
away in the crematorium
kings and cool lovers danced slowly
a quiet kind of clean came suddenly
we followed it closely
but it got away
kfaye Oct 2012
when i saw the plastic
solar light on the fencepost, i knew i was flickering.

and if someone were to ask me how i feel
i would say that i am flickering.
kfaye Apr 2017
did you watch me tremble in the
how i fidgited as the
moth that jumped out_when you touched your damp clothes hanging on the line.
whereas there is no moon
for the clouds that choke us out in this
age of
scurrying about the yard.
the way you twisted your lips down to me in the pause before

you offered it to me.

Oh, how you tasted like fibers.
kfaye Feb 3
makes people feel safe.
kfaye Jul 2023
Expose yourself to things you disagree with
Disagree with things you are exposed to

Make decisions that are better than those who came before

Although that does not disrespect those decisions
Which served to get us

To this place
In which we may name such
kfaye Aug 2023
.     humans
kfaye Feb 3
the knowledge in the world is meaningless
if not paired with action .
words suffice for action only insofar as they catalyze the words and actions of others .
that is the lesson : learned the hard way
as all lessons must be,if they are to be learned at all

lest lessons be lost to regurgitated.immolation
kfaye Dec 2023
the only way to love
is to hate the other side with
p e r f e c t i o n

kfaye Jan 23
the thing that’s feasting upon the things that are feasting_
the gut cauldron .
the soup of you .
kfaye Jul 2017
**** the cool kids **** the losers **** the bus-rides, the train tracks
the way the ambulance swerves.
**** the gooey middle that we bite
the chances to do the right thing
**** the black sweater hanging off your shoulder-bladed back

the lawn chairs on the sidewalk
the hair in your mouth

my lashes closing on your
sticking together like
in the blood of it
's hammered thumb-nails
beading like
bad trends

getting hot like a battery against our thigh(s).
getting tangled in the wire    overnight

all woke atthe sound of [it]
[they are learning to be proud of it]
we are getting better and better every year
kfaye Jul 2023
hangs rigid on its chain from the unstrained hand of the cam girl.
pose places iron

her teeth are white veneers over a sugar-ruined core.

she is the tortured priestess, hiding
in plain sight as
           demon :

she, the healer shaman -
but her bones have been
    scattered                too                       far

for psychic-cartography
to reach

i, the last king of the
dead :

my lungs, full of
spit and
deadlocked breaths between these quiet actions in a
still quieter

  into the hive heart-center,
caught and drowning
in the

cistern of discontent  .
kfaye Aug 2023
putting the symbol before the sentiment
kfaye Aug 2023
on my t-shirt , cropped in
set against a text explanation
lit by the sun
singing through the air like electric
kfaye Mar 1
//:seek beauty with every moment_
do it like your life depends on it:it does
we can build.the thing we’ve needed
kfaye May 2012
come and kiss me wild.
wild like jaguars perched in the stocky boughs of trees.
wild like the minutes that wash away.
free as time's possessions,
small pockets of instant passions,
wild like the moment-
I ran my fingers through your hair

for the very first time.
kfaye Jul 2017
,smile like a jar full of recycled screws.his
lips are the sound of it being shaken
teeth flashing like rust against glass and tin
the chime (of it) cuts through the room like a textbook dropped behind you
he dips his hat and stands there dumbly- smiling, smiling, smiling.

my fists are clenched
your dress is unfurled in a bedroom somewhere else
          your hair is dirtied by curls
i stomp impatiently outside.

it's raining
       [way off, in a short story about corrugated roofs]
kfaye Nov 2023

_thought   that i was  m o u n t a i n
i have been
       the zag of air
screaming pinholes into stone

thin, raking gust-prints.across the impervious, disappearing
    w o r l d. .
kfaye Mar 2016
oh, to be young

she kissed me with the entirety of art contained within an unpopular pop-song
utterly graceless in the afternoon.
there was something.
it was not necessarily good
kfaye Apr 2016
the soft of your father's breath decaying inside you has suffered through us
staying up at night-
trying to

long enough.

yet somewhere
the meat between your marrows and tomorrow: we were not good enough to
get it.
and all the vulgarity of every single tear shed in your name
failed to be censored.

you cared more for the ****** little
murmuring in the background to cement the violence of
their mediocrity. i stopped it there-
no one left to call me out, they found me.
i have eyelashes that walk across the sides of your face, better than anyone.
we held if off for just
one more
but- there will be other times
and they are waiting for you to drop your guard
and sail into them
with lids closed and
kfaye Oct 2016
as i cast a spell into the gap between the
knucklebones of your toes.we
dangle before

fetishists like raptors

a little too costumey for you to hold me

******* ****** toothbrushes to encourage
*** of pink
foam into the basin of the sink.reaching
the gullet of the

eyes rinse  past you

in hopes that my blasphemy
will be
as beautiful as yours

though i sort each hair on your head one-
by-one.across my

crepuscular finality

kfaye Apr 2022
It’s eat or be eaten. Beat or be beaten. And I’m not on to lose
And I came out with a buzz/cut and a badge

Lookin to bash in some soft heads.
And later in bed, I look to the ceiling and think
how lucky I am to be good.
kfaye May 2016
my burden is the way you hold me harder than i, you.
and so it goes as
the big dumb line of the sun cradling the edge of your face turns red-

at the forgotten incantation.
it pauses there for a moment before flitting back into shadowy chasm of laughter- roaring deep with the bile saved up here and there, and collected from songs about the loveliness of
i'm thinking on this.
it moves.

slipping off of her like the arm of a relative at a funeral parlor.
sailing close to her body like the evaporated milk that comes stumbling out.
these years in retrograde lay waste to our whinings.
they place bets against us, odd-ball us out of the cafeteria line-up

with the styrofoam trays still clasped between our ******* and the rail. >>
kfaye Oct 2022
You must know the discomfort inside and out.

You must be a self-smith ,
And harness the immense power of knowing yourself in a mostly honest way.
kfaye Oct 2022
That’s all it is.
The most fundamental form of communication
Boils down to dichotomy :
This or That

It’s the only Real language .

Yes and no ,

Drum and silence.

     patterns into the veil of the night
     Moon. Is.
  Watching      .


       ­                 .
kfaye Nov 2023
tread down pathways on your
like runoff from the
hillside // the drips are
dancers of casualty towards a promise of restfulness at the

no more potential to fall from .
no more
mountains //

gullet-bound into the.flooded

the vision of peaks to either
bound to other
rules,and to


kfaye Dec 2015
you, soidal
like a wave that comes creeping
under my cages.
and the hairs in your ear.  stand still enough so as not to get caught-
in empathy
under a reaming sleep.
i tricked you into going for a ride while the roads were still wet.
there, nothing left to do.
and i,
the lisping slit filled to a two fingered fist.
front feet dragging
the threads of a plastic
waterbottle mouth.
bullet passed through.
wetpennies.numb-deep in the lungs
the slippery film of a chewable vitamin still clinging under molars.
socks slipping down into the toes
the air swept aside into a new season, lips flared
a weekday in the back seat

and when i sweat
i check the threat
of thunder storms on my weather app.
and it calls out to us:
                   have an awesome day and a fabulous weekend
have an awesome day and a fabulous weekend
don't let me down
hold on to it.
don't go believing in better things

and in and around the ocean, i need a fake friend

repeat it back to me.
fix all my mistakes.
**** me at the right time.
kick me in the skin cells
keep me.
itching at the skin
kfaye Oct 2012
there are soft little pieces of forever shoved into the corners of your teeth
on the granite slabs of mountainous look-outs,
you sharpen
long walking sticks from boughs of fragrant juniper.
and forget to pass the small berries to the birds that like them

its been a long time

wicking out the passion from moments that will out live us.
and trying to understand the fine pulverized sand in the fissures:
spreading out like veins across boulders that support
the weight.
our bodies-
carefully outlining the places where silent embryos come apart,

dragging the backs of our fingernails across the green-grey stone with open palms
to catch the stardust we
tumbles out of the ether-

casting off all of my anger.  as i watch the tiny
flecks of destiny caught in the tips of your eyelashes as they close-
and the greatest tragedy of all,

as the blue becomes blue.
this (and only this)-
no one to share the view
kfaye Aug 2018
hair in faCe-

lids, part covered over like gauze on a wound

as your zipper eyes are caught in my [ shirt]
3/4s of the way down

a metallic taste
like ******* on a cashier's finger-[tips]

the sandpaper strips at the edge of each stair
as  your head tilts . like
a broken PA speaker on a subway car
pushing static like a jazz drummer

art blakey and the

superrich .  call they say,
                      savory as
sputnik sounds through hamradios
in every other basement
in a time [and place]where things are still
in bed
kfaye Aug 2012
and when you can't close the door hard enough
i am the sharp-ribbed man under the bed
that wants to touch you
and through all the sheets that wrap around you
i can still feel you
with my
fifteen fragile fingertips there's nothing to understand there is only to listen. or try to ignore
and you swear you can hear my shallow breathing
my slender arms bristle for sensation
your slender body
twisted into blankets
i must take away
kfaye Nov 2016

against the ugly light of a brand new
day. we
take comfort in the bruises on our
future bellies
my youthquake comes to a theater near
in whitebreakers of overeducated hooves blustering forward without pleasure recycled boyhoods bandaged together in

i can_

advocate for me on your sly plunge into
swanlike and stumbling.

solution is

i am unmaker of your radiotheist fire.

wrapt  up in your eternal parka like fishing net for rare creatures.blushing

it brings peace as i eradicate all sense of fashion.pulling on the uneven strings of the hood like a
for better people (than you)

i discount you in this poem and amid other things where
1 1 7 55 47 40 30 10

i crack open the cocoons you retreat
like a
pre-dinner platter.washing my hands
in the crumbs
of your
falling cornmeal

get caught
in the depression left  in my wallet when i
get up

to walk away

fabulous as

doing you the most glorious harm.
kfaye Nov 2012
"do you believe in madness?"
i whispered in the dark, half afraid of a reply.
trembled from her lips,
"but this it not it."
i say her lips trembled but in truth i could not see her face. perhaps it was i who was trembling, but if only in my imagination i could of sworn, she was trembling too.
the walls pushed forcibly on my chest and spine each time i inhaled

each mouthful of still air pressed me to the sides as a harsh reminder that the passage was only barely wide enough for us to walk through sideways, shoulder to shoulder, scraping our skin as we went.
i'm not sure how much time had passed
not much had changed
since the last word had been spoken out-loud

i had begun again to forget what words felt like,
both on the lips and upon softing the delicate hairs of the inner ear
all i could know was the dark, and my breathing, and her breathing.  and i begun to wonder if she was breathing at all,
of if the fainter, more distant breaths-  were not just echoes of my own.
had i gone mad. was i truly alone. no companion. no accomplice. just an invention of my lonely silence.
was it days that had been passing. or were they weeks.

perhaps just a few hours, and my sense of brooding, too dark.
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