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I can feel your presence,
I can feel your touch,
As I close my eyes to the darkness,
I can feel your warm breath softly brush,
It swathes my being,
It engulfs my soul,
Lost in an abyss of pleasure,
Desires of the flesh have taken control,
Nothing is sacred, nothing is taboo,
Lust is the power, the wisdom and the fool.
I walked in a path of darkness
Going straight into the abyss
It is something I couldn't resist
for it is the reason I exist

Everything was just a fantasy
Believing that I could be truly happy
For I was blinded by a false light
But now I realize the one with the real might
My first poem.. :)
Needles filled with smack

Junkies filled with pain

Garbage and filth

Mercy and grace

The lovers are there also

So is the beast

Nature's way- adding to acres of longing

She is there, dried blood in her hair

He is there, soul gripped with loss

The devil flips a coin

Angels sing, so we can dance

Ask for help- to advance

They are all watching

They are all walking

The low and the high

You can find me

At God St. and Vine
I want the kind of ***
where I'm told exactly how much you want me
by the way your frame
fills in my every curve
and you touch so much of me
with your hands
and your starved eyes
I should be scared
but you'll call me beautiful
and I'll be your sweetheart
as your sweet heart beats
beats faster
and you fall into me
You will be my heart's greatest disappointment.

You will leave me
   When I think I'm ready--
But never escape me.
You will know me enough
   To never forget me--
But not enough to resent me.
And perhaps that will be our greatest mistake.

This will be my life's great affair,
Cut short by time and circumstance
And, maybe, a fear of ruining something good.

Years later, in the arms of another man,
I will remember the feel of your hand in my hair;
And perhaps, wherever you are
You will remember how it felt
To comfort me late at night,
Knowing nothing but us two.

It will not always be so sad--
In a sense it will be like always having Paris,
Not quite as grandiose,
But just as passionate, as urgent
And filled with tenderness, or even love--
The unspoken kind,
Felt only in the softness of your touch,
The intensity of your gaze:
For to speak it out loud would be more painful
Than to let it lie silent and uncertain on our lips.

You will leave me with a tiny void in my heart,
A scar that heals in time--
But still aches every so often
On a rainy day, or a lonely night,
Sore from the memories we never made--
   The songs we never danced to,
   The neckties I never straightened,
Or perhaps simply the hundreds of kisses
   I will feel owed.

Years from now our story will be bittersweet--
   Hard and heavy, yet terribly romantic.
But first, there will be the unbearable pain
   Of losing you.
To break one heart
Would be to break another
To said goodbye
Would be to cry
I wish you good luck
But my words are lost in the cold whispering wind
You wipe my tears away
But it does no good
You kiss my forehead
As I push you away
"It's over, you must forget"
But you promise to always remember
You put me through so much
That it's hard to let you go
I will always love you
But I have to let you go
I wrote this when I broke up with my boyfriend a long time ago. When I was still in high school. He said that he would always love me. I never believed him.
Two boys
and girls
unclothed each other
simply at a picnic
flush with wine
sun-flecked trees.

The girls,
easy as the
forest round,
as the boys
eager and nervous
in unequal measure
partly gave up
their joys
at forgetting
or remembering
in flickers
their bare bodies.

It went on
over nettles
and half-hours
and clambered
trees and
photos taken
almost formally
(on film,
of course).

And boyish lust,
at first sinuous,
a darting tongue,
began to
soften against,
for instance,
the sheer,
of the two
girls carved
now backward
over the bough
of a storm-felled elm.

And there
in the embers
of evening
they learned
to thrill originally
at the vast,
and astonishing
of what
might happen next.
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