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 Sep 2015 Katelyn
We seem to be on a constant drip of caffeine followed by sleep aids and pain meds for the world that never sleeps. We self-medicate constantly with sodas, chocolate and alcohol.
 Apr 2015 Katelyn
Daddy Issues
 Apr 2015 Katelyn
maybe she just has a thing for older guys.
it doesn't make her strange...just different.
but maybe she's just a kid with daddy issues
waiting for some guy to fill that spot
and looking in all the wrong places.*

Fathers: Take care of your daughters.
My commentary on what one of my friends is going through.
 Apr 2015 Katelyn
A while ..
 Apr 2015 Katelyn
Longing for someone to touch my soul.
Bring the light into the darkness.
Fix the heart thats now parted.
Tears that fall endlessly because of feeling unwanted.
The emptiness that fills my stomach like im just now meeting you. Wanting to speak up , but i feel you dont want me to.
Daily I speak to my mind saying youre going to come back .
But how its looking now , i feel theres no turning back.
Why just why did you have to hurt me ? Through all the situations and problems , i was the eye to your soul.
When people did you wrong , i build up with anger.
When all along , your killing my mind.
Mentally confused , mind so abused. Words that fill my head , & thoughts i have of you.
Memories that haunt me , that i want to leave.
Soul desire for your longing touch. Was in for so long , just wonder if it was love.
Feining for your presence , im blinded by lust.
Problems built up to today thats causing me not to trust.
That deep, drowned ,feeling of my heart sinking whenever i hear your name.
I push myself so far , mentally and physically everyday.
The echoes of your mind repeats through my heart.
The words you said to me , when we were first droven apart.
I cry and i cry but i laugh after a while.
Trying to hide over my heart , that i dont plan to use for a while.
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