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kacey 1d
I know that I'm no good for you.
If we're being honest, you deserve much, much better.
But it hurts just a little and sometimes a lot
when I know you're with her
and not me.
kacey Mar 6
maybe in another life you could've held on to my heart forever.
and i won't deny the fact that at one point you captivated my mind and heart.
but in reality we weren't good for each other.
i stuck by you for as long as i possibly could.
you owned my heart.
you changed my life.
and now,
as we grow apart,
you are realizing the truth about you and i.
i deserve better.
kacey Feb 13
will call me annoying because of the way my heart works.
As if loving quickly and fearlessly deserves adjectives such as "embarrassing" or "unrealistic".
Although wearing my heart on my sleeve is dangerous, I'm living my life without regrets.
I love everyone I have ever loved before.
My heart is big and full and confusing but she's a lover.
She isn't gentle but she's ambitious.
She isn't forgetful but she's forgiving.
She makes mistakes but she doesn't regret a thing.
A short love  letter to myself. One of many steps i am taking in order to love myself just as much as i love the people around me.

— The End —