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You can see me?
     Can’t you?
     I’m sorry.
     I only ask because you’re much younger than those I normally greet-
     How rude of me, I didn’t introduce myself-
     Let us leave that for later.
     What has brought you here?
     What grotesque grind hath you grounded yourself to in order to grip at ersatz freedom?
     I wish you could hear me.
     In these final moments you deserve someone to tell you that “everything is going to be okay”,
     But you’re alone,
     Laying on a cold floor,
     In a dark room,

     You remind me of someone I knew-
     I’m sorry to say, but she was selfish-
     She’s the reason I stand before you today,
     As a monster.
     She brought forth the first end I had to witness-
     My own-
     And I’ve been trapped ever since.
     She wanted a peaceful life,
     I tried to help her,
     But once all the “loud” things in her life were gone, she was alone.
     She threw away what made life beautiful:
     The inconsistencies,
     The animation
     The weird and wonderful.
     She ended her - and so many other - lives without ever brandishing a weapon.
     She was a monster.

     I’m not here to say that you are.
     Trust me.
     I have come to take you to a place where you can feel at peace-
     I know I may not look comforting, but I am here-
     It pains me to watch you there,
     I wish I could place my hand upon you and make sure you know someone is here.
     You must think I’m a dream,
     A longing for someone-
     To be there for you.

     I didn’t ask to crumble mountains,
     I didn’t ask to burn civilizations,
     I didn’t ask to feel others pain-
     To ***** out their light with the placement of a hand.
     I miss being close to people,
     I had to push myself away because I can’t risk hurting those I love.

     I bet you felt the same?
     You knew lying here would be much harder if there were people out there looking for you.
     I can tell you, there still are.
     Right now, I bet you can see a warm light growing brighter-
     I still remember when I saw it-
     And the stinging in your skin has grown weaker,
You feel calmer.

     I reached out to that light,
     Looking back on the lifeless corpse I once was,
     And I was finally free!
     It was kind,
     But like Icarus - my wings melted away - I fell.
     Time, to you, being a concept bringing forth the inevitable end.
     Time, to me, my father.
     Father Time expected much from me-
     I was his final hope-
     As his other three children failed him:
     War, slowly growing in anger and sadness.
     Pestilence, wasting away and destroying the life around them.
     Famine, withering alone with no future goals.
     Time made me stay,
     He awaited a Baby New Year to carry on a legacy but I could not.
     Yet still I accepted his everflowing hourglass,
     Yet still I accepted his Scythe,
     Yet still I stood within a world where I don’t belong-
     My life and humanity fading until I was unrecognizable-
     A monster among men.
     I remember the day someone called me that,
     A monster,
     And they truly meant it.
     That was the day I made it so only people who needed me could see me-
     I’m still quite sorry you can-
     I wish others could hear the words I have to say.
     I cursed myself more than anyone else could.

     It’s not your time to die little sparrow,
     I wish I could help you,
     But my fate is far worse than yours- I would never wish it upon another.
     Take my hand.
     I almost forgot- hello, my name is
                                                              ­   Death

— The End —