Feb 2012 julian
A place
 Feb 2012 julian

The one place I feel at peace is at a little coffee shop.
I can sit and think through clearly.
Sure, at home I sometimes find moments of peace,
when its sunny out side and I can take walks in my garden.
Yet it doesn't match the peace I have writing, with tea at hand,
by myself in that little coffee shop.

 Oct 2010 julian
 Oct 2010 julian

Come and try my medicine,
If you don't think it works.
It tastes good, smells good,
And I get so hungry, I could eat my shirt.

It helps me stay awake.
It helps me sleep at night.
It slows the sweat in summer heat.
And warms me from the Winter's bite.

It eases the pain of sickness and cancers.
It eases the pain in the knees of the dancers.
It eases the throbbing in the eyes of glaucoma.
It keeps me from ripping and burning my homework.
It slows the decay from Auto-Immune.
It even makes a lovely smell to fill my room.

 Sep 2010 julian
Londis Carpenter

Grandma had a clever dog;
She raised him from a pup.
And when he learned that he could talk
You couldn't shut him up.

His tail was just a nubbin
And he had a flattened mug.
He looked like a short boxer
So grandma named him pug.

Grandma told us what he looked like
For we never saw the cuss.
Her walking, talking, Pug Dog
Was invisible to us.

She said he'd always been around,
As far as she recalled.
Her mother told Pug stories
Before grandma even crawled.

Every family has traditions
And I guess I'd have to say,
Pug tales have been our custom
Right down to this very day.

When grandma gives a long deep sigh
And says, "Now, one day Pug. . ."
We know a story's coming
So we sit down on the rug.

We nestle up beside her
For a tale we've never heard.
And everyone gets quiet
So that we won't miss a word.

The stories grandma tells us
Of the things that dog can do
Can hold any child's attention,
Even fill a book or two.

Grandma's Pug tales outdo Rin-Tin-Tin
And even Scooby-Doo.
He's a smarter dog than Snoopy;
Smarter than Lassie too.

Pug has traveled  far, to distant lands,
And even outer space.
He's done every thing there is to do
And he's been every place.

He always gets in trouble
For there's nothing he won't try.
He has traveled in a sub-marine,
Flown airplanes in the sky.

He has even been arrested,
More than once broke out of Jail.
But the family loves him dearly
And we always pay his bail.

Where grandma gets her stories from
I guess I'll never know.
But even down through all these years
Her Pug tales grow and grow.

I know someday when grandma sleeps,
And her life on earth is gone,
The Angels all will gather
To hear Pug tales all day long

By Londis Carpenter
Copyright © 2002all rights reserved
 Sep 2010 julian
Louis Brown

I am an Anglo
Pondering the Indians again
I know we won that war
I recall my greedy ancestors
Exiled them to reservations
Out west for the rest
Of their history with white men
I find no joy in cruelty
Punishing vibrant people
Pushing them off their land
Just because they forgot
To get their deeds
Recorded at the courthouse
They owned it first
It was their real estate
And they had the right to hunt
These hills and vales
Forever in God's eyes
Until we drove them out
Steeling every vital acre
As we called them savages
So it would look all right
To abuse them and take
Their world from under them
We shoved them all
Along the trail of tears
And other paths
While the savages for real
Are the ancestors
Of the people
Whose faces we see
In our mirrors today.....

Copyright Louis Brown
 Sep 2010 julian
Marco Jimenez

go to bed
go to sleep
go to school
don't weep

follow the rules
don't disobey
do what we want
or you'll be cast away

get good grades
learn what we choose
don't follow your heart
or else you'll lose

the world is not nice
it's completely cruel
don't fight it
don't be a fool

i am older so i am smarter
you are younger so you are dumber
because to us
you are just another bar code

we are your owners
you obey our command
we created you
we brought you into this land

we can destroy you
we can unplug you from the wall
no one else is in control
no one at all

sometimes the kids who have nothing are the kids who seem to have everything. a lot of people just want robots but all kids want childhoods.
 Sep 2010 julian
Poet Destroyer


(Do not read if you are sensitive)

I see - I here - I do !!
All the fucking evil things thought to me.
The Bill of who??
Hating is all I really see

I oppose to all of he or she who passed a veto.
I will slam everyone in the House of Representatives.
This is a hate Crime Rhyme.
Do away with the "Hate Crime" law.
Global politicians wasting our time.
A race on who gets down dirty and raw.
Crying that we are all equal under the law.
I plead the 5th, if you fuckers really care
All you posers are so unfair
You give me more time because you don't like my hair.
All you crazy politics say "stop doing it!"
opening the eye's for us to perceive life very offensively.
Piling up this world with your bull shit!

Once again hating is all I see.
I have a low tolerance for politicians on T.V.
Law and order makes me shout
Every law biting article in the news
Is about a politician giving out a poor interview.
Boo whoo on who's attacking or threatening who
All you polluters do is boast.
Hey you politicians all of you I fucking loath
The more government spreads protection.
How I hate the ones who abuse the situation
All you polluters do is create a bigger "Hating Crime."
Passing out particular laws igniting more intimidation
Tired of trying to live up to your expectation.
You freaks need to root for our side.
I am giving you my perception.
Viewing all your soggy reputations
Always debating and telling us what to do
There is nothing brave about you.

You think you're doing what is best for us.
You cowards don't understand where we are coming from.
Instead of embracing us, you continue to lose our trust
All of today's politics, are nothing compared to yesterdays trick!
Age, race, notational origin, the list goes on and on.
A conflict in our free society.
Gender, religion, to disability.
In this I see no promotion in opportunity.
All you perpetrators are inflicting,
damage on our physical and emotional unity.
Welfare addiction, its not okay for the injection.

All you so called leaders take a stand
Offer us something we really need to understand.
Polluting all of Gods nations
With your "censored" label that this is your political land

You lunatics want us to consider all sides.
Pretending to be friendly to cover our hides.
Put a sock in you hypocritical politicians fool.
Bomb the shit out of them Arabs,
for using terrorism as there # 1 tool
We got what it takes to send our enemies to oblivion.
You morons its this government you don't know how to run!!

Bringing my self to a wind down.
For all this hate is just a silly sound
My emotions are just full of love and passion.
Politicians you are just a swift in a nuke frown
I represent my own kindly justice.
With my own judgment in my own town.
Do not come and put your stupid signs on my ground.

                        by ;P.D.

by ;P.D.
 Sep 2010 julian
James Medley

place the blame on
place the blame on
anyone but me
it works just like a charm
we'll grow up
forget about it
we'll grow up
forget that
we were young

tellin' existential yarns
fuckin' in our parents cars
it's true but we're not
the ones to blame
we'll grow up
insist we didn't
we'll grow up
regret that
we were young

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