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Josh Wong Oct 2015
Our love was flimsy

Flimsier than uncooked spaghetti noodles
Spaghetti is weird
Josh Wong Dec 2015
Hello, madam.

How much is rent for one tiny room in your heart?
Josh Wong Feb 2016
I was only looking at what I imagined her to be, which was the nonviable - with me.
Josh Wong Jan 2016
Why does thee have to be?
O, sweet Summer,
And change your birthright.

Speak such a truth,
A truth not taken for granted;
I can't fall in love
A thousand times.

O, sweet Summer,
Your heart is in gloom;
I can't reach it, but fall,
And I will be the one to catch you.

Swear not by the moon,
My love;
The moon is evil;
Eternally she changes.

A hundred and ten I will wait,
But at the time which is present,
Leave me to my sweet sadness;
**A thousand times goodnight.
Josh Wong Oct 2015
Bayang magiliw,
Ngunit hanggang dito tayo lamang.
Alab ng puso,
Hanggang sa puso mo lang buhay.

Mga anak ng bandila,
Ngunit ang puso'y hindi tapat.
Lunos ng nakalipas,
Lumuluksa para sa kinabukasan.

Lupang iniibig at banal,
Basaysay sa mga patay na bayani.
May dilag ang tula at awit sa,
Paglaya ng mga taksil.

Lupa ng araw, ng luwalhati't pagsinta,
Ngayo'y nasa piling ng mga duwag.
Saan ang ligaya pag may mang-aapi,
Kapag ang mamatay ay dahil sa atin?
Josh Wong Nov 2015
Sabi raw,

Walang bagay na tunay na


Kulang lang ito sa init.

Totoo rin na

Wala akong kalagayan na ako'y manhid,

**Wala ka lang.
Josh Wong Jun 2015
Maybe it isn't so bad
To have someone you love
Not love you the same way

Maybe it isn't so bad
To fall in love with an eternity
One filled with pain

Maybe it isn't so bad
To be the only one loving
To be the only one caring

Maybe it isn't so bad
To die
As long as it's still real

Maybe it isn't so bad
To watch you fall
To watch you love another

Maybe it isn't so bad
To rot in your smile
To see you happy

Maybe it isn't so bad
To see you leave
To see you forget

Maybe it isn't so bad
To love you with pain
Even if all it ever was,

was in vain.
Josh Wong Oct 2015
Alon ng milyong-milyon prikwensiya,
Dumadaan at lumilipas,


Ang kalagayan na parang wala ka sa kawalan.
Tunog na masarap pakinggan,
Naririnig mo ba?
Josh Wong Nov 2015

G  u  m  u  h  o


N  a  b  a  g  s  a  k




Hanggang ako’y

N  a  k  a  h  a  n  d  u  s  a  y

Sa pag-ibig **** -

B  i  n  a  t  o


M a l a k a s


M a k i r o t


Sinalo ko naman.

Josh Wong Jun 2015
Here I am,
Laying right next to you,
Without words to say,
But I know that's enough.
Josh Wong Sep 2015
Nandito naman ulit ako.
Humahanap ng tao,
Humahanap ng tahanan.

Hindi ko inakaling ikaw,
Ikaw ang naging aking tahanan,
Isang kapalaran na walang kasinghalaga.

Ngunit isang bagay na hindi ko inasahan,
Ay na ika’y naging tahanan na hindi tumagal.
Umalis ka lang nang walang pagpipigil.

Ilang beses, paulit-ulit.
Ilang beses na ika’y sinubukan kong kalimutan.
Ngunit ang isang tahanan na hindi mawawala,
Ay ang tahanan na tinanim mo sa aking puso.

Nandito naman ulit ako.
Humahanap ng tao,
Humahanap ng tahanan.
Josh Wong May 2017
Her face-

A thousand suns,

A cosmic dance under

The ever-expanding escape;

The curtains that fall heavily

Upon the eyes of oblivion.

Her hands-

A fox running

Through the meadow;

The open cages that

Confine gloom back

Into its prison.

Her eyes-

An indefinite eternity,

Through which both

Dark and light speak;

The great


Her lips-

A bitter moonlight

Casting its shadow upon

Persisting glow;

The ripeness of a

Mango in its season.

Her feet-

A battered road

Folding upon itself

As it struggles to find

Its way home;

The seeds scattered

In every empty hole.


A desolate daydream

That runs through

Unbounded space;

The deep ocean trench

I’ve completely

Drowned in.
Josh Wong Apr 2018
To lay in bed, but feel its weight press down on you,
To cry out loud, but feel hands gripped tightly around each word,
To lie wide awake, but feel the darkness swarm over you,
To stretch your hands out, but feel your spirit struck down by ropes that bind,
And to run, but come back to nothing but lies.

O, solider, stop fighting empty wars!
The battle has been won,
Love has overcome.

Let freedom echo out,
Let the trumpets sound out loud,
The Lord rejoices over you!

The spirals are split,
And so have you found the way
To everlasting peace.

O, weary heart,
you are redeemed!

And onto this I hold—
The Love that pulls me close,
The Love louder than storms,
The Love so alive,
The Love infinitely outstretched,
The Love that keeps coming back to us.
Josh Wong Aug 2015
Slit across the

rocked under an
e                        e
s                p

And changed for young saudade;

Still a frown                         each's tongue.
Teenagers. (if you could figure it out)
Josh Wong Dec 2015
Written in these eyes,
Is an ancient love,
Not known to many,
But only to two.

Sinful eyes,
Have yet thee to desire,
With this lustful love;
An endless, passing fire.

Though such hearts,
Were not fully bloomed,
Such hearts these were -
An endless abyss of ache.

Knowing such things,
Yet such are denied,
So did they love in lust,
Not knowing that such a love would die.

In each’s hands they laid,
Ghosts of each other,
All for young saudade,
As each could not find another.
Josh Wong Oct 2015
Unworthy, so unworthy,

Yet You held our lives so dearly,

I'm safe and sound in Your love and Your grace,

Oh, what other love, could ever replace?

Unworthy, so unworthy,

Yet You gave us life and showed us Your glory,

I'm wrapped in Your mercy's embrace,

Oh, what have I done, to see Your love's trace?
Josh Wong Jul 2015
Dripping from the half-tied knots,
Pinched firmly with clothespins,
Like hands that hold together,
These clothes hang from thee,
Like cliffhangers,
Josh Wong Jun 2015

The way I used to look at you.

Your hair that falls gently down your shoulder,

Your eyelashes, and the way they curled up every time you blink,

Your eyes, oh, those dark, brown, beautiful eyes, that I never seemed to take for granted,


The way I used to love you,

The way I used to say "I love you" 56 times a day so that you’d never forget,

The way I said "I miss you" every time we'd be apart,

Those times I'd hug you after every minute because I didn't want to miss every single moment I spend with you,

And the way it was so easy for me to see you as this



Amazing person,

even with all your flaws, that only seemed to make you more beautiful by the moments that were passing by.

But what a fool I've made out of myself.

You see,

It was always,

"I used to,"
"I said,”
and “I loved,"

I, I, I,


At the end of the day,

it was always me,

that was in this mistake I’ve gotten myself into.

Unrequited love.

That was the relationship this has always been.

I loved you with my everything,

But you didn’t seem to notice every,

Every effort I did to make you feel the same way.

We lied there in the grass,

Looking up.

But I guess,

We just looked up at the stars differently.

And It's too late and now,

I see that you’ve distanced yourself so much from me,

that we weren't just miles, words, or worlds apart,

but that you were now a ghost that would haunt me in the home you've already made in me.

You took every single part of me when you left.

Every time I'd look at you, I'd see me.

But now that you've gone,

Now that you left,

Every time I'd look into the mirror,

All I would see is a stranger,

A stranger haunted by the ghosts of his past,

And the ghost of his, which was


— The End —