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May 2017
Her face-

A thousand suns,

A cosmic dance under

The ever-expanding escape;

The curtains that fall heavily

Upon the eyes of oblivion.

Her hands-

A fox running

Through the meadow;

The open cages that

Confine gloom back

Into its prison.

Her eyes-

An indefinite eternity,

Through which both

Dark and light speak;

The great


Her lips-

A bitter moonlight

Casting its shadow upon

Persisting glow;

The ripeness of a

Mango in its season.

Her feet-

A battered road

Folding upon itself

As it struggles to find

Its way home;

The seeds scattered

In every empty hole.


A desolate daydream

That runs through

Unbounded space;

The deep ocean trench

I’ve completely

Drowned in.
Josh Wong
Written by
Josh Wong
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