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Jose Remillan May 2016
Naihasik na ang luhang dugo
Sa tigang na lupa ng ating mga ninuno.
Mga alingawngaw na daing,
Mga daing ng gatilyo,

Sanlaksang katotohanan, kayo'y
Hindi mga bayani, bagkus mga
Biktima ng huling uwak ng
Takipsilim, unang kalapati ng


Sanlaksang katotohanan, kayo'y
Hindi mga bayani, bagkus mga
Moog sa pedestal ng idelohiya't
Pananampalataya ng digmaan.

Naihasik na ang luhang dugo
Sa tigang na lupa ng mga Pangako.
Jose Remillan Jan 2016
You asked me to confront the ghosts
Of our hearts.  As if moving on is as
Stagnant as the longed-for passing of


Not your melodramatic melody of
Hope could cuddle the fright of sight.
Neither its rhythm rhymes with my life's

Deepest sigh.

As it has been and will always be,
Always a scar of scrolled poetry.
Of music and madness, of hues of

You. Nevermind,

I have found someone like you.
Jose Remillan Sep 2013
I have turned twenty-eight now.
You were at my age when you decided
To settle down with Mama.
Now that the passing of time has

Gone far, enough to make us
Realize the idealized moments
Of our lives, momentary though
It seemed, let me speak to you the

Unspeakable words unheard for so
Long. Papa, most of the time
I would catch myself conversing
Within your tone and sharing your

Shadow. I  am your fragments trapped
In the ironic  haze of summertime and
Solitude. I want you to know that
Growing up without you is one of the

Most injurious realities of my life---more
Injurious than betraying my art and heart
For music and Muses. I have learned to
Yearn for nothing. But, I am hoping that

Unlike the oppressive silence which haunted
Our very selves for many years, let this piece
of peace be our silent sanctuary of hope and

Your Son,
Quezon City, Philippines
September 27, 2013
Jose Remillan Oct 2014
Kagabi, napanaginipan ko ang
Unang pagtatangka nating
Abutin ang langit. Tumatakbo

Tayo sa isang malawak na
Parang, tangan ang huling
Saranggolang iaalay natin sa
Panganorin ng tag-araw.

Doon, panginoon natin ang
Kalayaan, kaya  nilimot natin ang
Bilin ng mga nakatatanda.

Sabay nating

Tinaboy ang ambon,
Tinawag ang hangin,
Tinaas ang saranggolang

Huling saksi na ikaw ay umibig
Sa isang ako.

Kagabi, napanaginipan ko ang
Huling pagtatangka nating abutin
Ang langit. Wala na ang malawak

Na parang, naparam na ang
Bawat bakas ng ako na umibig
Sa isang ikaw...
Jose Remillan Dec 2013
Kahanay niya ang tambak
Ng basura ng lansangan
At sanlaksang mga matang
Naguudyok upang ihanay

Niya ang kanyang sarili sa
Naaagnas na pag-asa ng lipunan.
Siya ay puta. Sa dambana ng
Mga banal, kasabay niyang

Umuusal ng dasal ang mga
Paham ng pamantasa't
Pamantayan ng pagiging tao.
Siya ay tao sa paningin ng mga

Hayop. Siya ay hayop sa paningin
Ng mga tao. Siya ay puta. Ano mang
Anyo't samyo ang paulit-ulit niyang
Ipalit at ipilit sa nakapinid na

Pangunawa't awa ng mga nagsasabing
Sila ay hindi mga puta, ang katotohanan
Nga ay katotohanan. Siya ay sumasaatin.
Nasa simbahan. Nasa Pamahalaan.

Nasa paaralan. Nasa pamilihan.
Nasa ng laman. Siya nga ay sumasaatin,
Sumasalamin sa kalipunan ng mga
Kabulukan ng ating lipunan.

Mga puta.
"All that is solid melts into air; all that is holy is profaned..."---KARL MARX

University of the Philippines--Diliman
Quezon City, Philippines

December 10, 2013
Jose Remillan Oct 2013
Heaney has died; between
his finger and
his thumb:
10W Poetry
QC Phil.
The words "between," "finger," and "thumb" were borrowed from
Seamus Heaney's legendary poem entitled, "Digging."
Jose Remillan Nov 2013

Why there is,


There is
10W Poetry
QC Phil.
Jose Remillan Jan 2016
We've been warned
By our warm embrace,
Not to believe the night sky
And the nightfall that lies


Since everything passes
Beneath our feet, moving
Us along the way, reckoning
Days all along, we were never


We never came back the same.
Just last night, the Moon told Me
About the Sun, the warmth, the
Madness. So I told the Moon

About You.
Jose Remillan Sep 2013
you* are the mirror kissed by
the beams of the sun thereon
showering light upon a dark,
slovenly and secretive corner
of a small room. As if

I am that small room
brightened with so much light
it blinded me, it troubled me, but
I loved the light not the mirror
that breaks...
This is a translation of my Filipino poem entitled "Parang."
The translation was made by Ms. Sally A. Bayan; a fellow
poet contributing in this portal for poets.
Maraming salamat po Ms. Sally!
Mabuhay ang mga makatang Pilipino!
Jose Remillan Jun 2016
You stayed until midnight.
Its been a while since the
Last time we talked about life.

But even before I mumbled
Words, tears flooded them.
Again, I found myself in the

Glorious ruins of what we were,
What you were, and what you
Are to me now. Before the rain,

We wore the same smile, while trapping
Time and chasing stars, in the
Constellation of dreams, a forgotten

Universe of our souls.
Jose Remillan Jan 2014
So this is the end
Of beginning's end.
Its been a long journey
In search for our selves.

Selves sold to life's seasons,
All for nothing except
The expected unexpected
Ironies of time. Flotsam

Freed from the bedlam
Of dreams, its been who
We are. Are we becoming
Who we are? Begin again.

Again, begin.
University of the Philippines---Diliman
Quezon City, Philippines
January 17, 2014
Jose Remillan Sep 2013
Bi-yu-ti-ti-e-ar-ef-el-way, Butterfly.

Dites sa jundo kong superhate ng mga relihiyoso
dahil nakarehistro daw sa jimpiyerno,
akis na-sight and realized
ang bundara ng pagiging paru-paro.

Lahat ites natanto ng lola mo
nang akis ma-inlab kay Superman
at siyempre kay *****-man.
Mga moralista kuno, silencio muna.

Ang mga verbals ng lola mo
na nagpapajalakpak sa inyo
ay laging jinjatulan
ng unfair nating lipunan.

Ang majujulay kong pekpak
na rumarampa para sa mga jutoko
ay ang aliw na nagpapabongga
sa mga chapters n'yong aura.

Bi-yu-ti-ti-e-ar-ef-el-way, Butterfly...
An experimental poetry on Filipino gay language, this poem was first published in the literary folio of University of Makati in 2005. Note the swift and dynamic shift of gay lingo words compared to the present so-called "vocabularies of gay people," throwing back eight years ago. This poem won the hearts of young gays in our University, enough to elect me to the governing presidium of the student government for two consecutive terms. More power to gay communities!

Makati City, Philippines
Jose Remillan Nov 2013
Miley** spoke it all.
Her twerking weakens
Wonder but renders

Gender to the stupid
**** generation.
Miley spoke it all.

The West won the
Sino-fantasy, infested
With myth of might,

An apple's bait, all
Has a bite.  The west won.
Wealth as a boon, akin to

Hard ****, faith as
Soft ****. "All that is
Solid melts into air;

All that is holy is profaned."
Marx wrote it all.
Miley spoke it all:

Call it fornication.
The quoted words are from Dr. Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto; p. 23, Oxford classics translation.
This piece is dedicated to Prof. ROBERTO M. UNGER, Harvard Law Faculty.
Harvard University, Boston MA.
November 4, 2013
Jose Remillan Sep 2013
Tonight, the morose melodies
hummed by our silence will remind
us of our hearts' ambivalence.

Tonight, the moonlight rays
refracted by canopied leaves,
that leave  broken shadows  

showered along this pavement,
are ears that will hear the mellow  
whispers of yesteryear.  Not even

our fated fears from  captivity of  
time and oblivion could deter us.
Because tonight, one thing is certain,

love will never leave us...
Quezon City, Philippines
September 19, 2013
Jose Remillan Oct 2013
q                                                e               ­                  r                        t                         y
             g                         g                              r                t         x                c      q                    j
             q                       w                    e                 u        p              z            g           r
           g              s                r                 w           e    r          i        o             o              x         c
t                      u                          o              ­      c                    a                  w         c             r
y                o             z              a          e        y        v                 e              i                   b
i               a           q                     w                      e                 r              c                 g               t
                  q                   w                 e                    r                  v                   f              b            n                 t        g        h              s                   g             t                n         j                    y              d              c             f              h                  y                    d         ­            s                    g                  j         h            j            d              a               t                r                  h                  f         ­        s           e              r           t              y                  h                f             ­    q                   h               t                  y              j                e           r              y                 h                            w                    q              ­  y               f                 c               s                 g            h           y                         f                    c                 h                 j                s   a           c             d       g              y       u          v               c            s                 p           l       a                        l                i                      ­              k                                  o               ­            l           o            j            g            o                     n                   w                    a        n                    p                s    e    l    f               q               r
Postmodern Poetry
QC Phil.
Jose Remillan May 2016
Sa tuwing hahapon ka't
Tanaw ng matá, paglao'y
Aagawin ng jeep palayo,
Paulit-ulit kong hinahanda
Ang kilometrong di man
Kalayuan, animo'y madalim
Na ulap pa ring lumulukob

Sa'king kaligiran. Hihintayin
Ka't papayapain, sa pagitan
Ng pangitain at pag-asa, na
Ilang ulit mang ulitin ang
Saglit na paglayo, walang
Makakahadlang, tayo ay

Sasagpang at kukubli sa lingid
Na daigdig upang maging
Mangingipon ng oras, ng rosas.
Ngayon: bagyo sa labas, unos sa
Loob. Sa tuwing hahapon ka't

Tanaw ng mata, paglao'y aagawin
Ng jeep palayo. Ngunit hindi ang
Puso, hindi ang pagsuyo.
Jose Remillan Oct 2013
the day, for it

                                  Life      ­                                                                 ­       
life, for nothing

                                     Love                                                         ­                     
compromise between
10W Poetry
QC, Phil.
Jose Remillan May 2016
Itinaboy ako ng hiraya sa pusod ng
Iyong pag-iral. Anupa't taal kang
Binibini ng kahulugan at nahulog na


Hindi ba't kanina lang dinuyan ako ng
Malamyos **** tinig, habang sinasagwan
Ko ang lalim ng iyong alindog at lawak ng

Pusong handog?

Saglit tayong namanata sa takip-silim,
Isiniwalat ang hindi makita ng paningin,
Ang hindi maunawaan ng damdamin.
Jose Remillan Oct 2013
you are a ritual of the
10W Poetry
Quezon City, Philippines
October 18, 2013
Jose Remillan Sep 2013
It is not the never-ending highway,
and the countless cycle of hours
That stand between us...

It is not the fear of being imprisoned
by the passing of time, as our crowns
turn to gray.......
Not our most cherished dreams
That separate us.....

Several times, we may stumble or fall,
Too overcome by weariness
As we travel towards the heart,
The deepest part of our souls
But, It matters not...
Nothing stands to part us...

Except the love between us
That......which binds us.
This poem is a translation of my Filipino poem entitled "Pagitan." The excellent translation was made by Ms. SALLY A. BAYAN, a remarkable fellow Filipino who also writes in this portal for poets. Thank you very much Ms. Sally!
Jose Remillan Nov 2013
Your eyes embody a dream
Which I wished must have been real.
But nothing is more real than a dream

Dreamed with a whiter shades of pale.
There, I feel your whispers, your touch,
Your gasps. As if it is our last. Blasts

Of light invading our thoughts, lifting
Our souls beneath the pit of our beings.
For this moment, let us forget who we are,

Who we were, where reason and love
Collide; because this is a world we've built
So we can hide.  Be calm, just drip.
For Ms. Jinky Tubalinal, my girl, my woman, and my friend.

University of the Philippines--Diliman
Quezon City, Philippines
November 18, 2013
Jose Remillan Oct 2013
I am the wind.
You are the fire.
We inflame this earth
With passion and desires.

               not even a ray of light
         could penetrate this vacuum

               of darkness. we are
         buried beneath the *****

               of black hole, an abyss of
         reality beyond fantasy

I am the wind.
You are the fire.
We inflame this earth
Until the river of life

               extinguished our fusion
           with water and confusion

When lust ends, true love begins.

University of the Philippines-Diliman
Quezon City, Philippines
October 19, 2013
Jose Remillan May 2016
Moving in is moving on
From the past, and having faith
In now, no matter what.

I told you this pad offers a
View of the mountain at
Around five in the morning,

******* poetry as they say,
But you are the only poetry
That softens my heart hardened

By pain.

I still dream of hearing your
Laughter here, waking me up,
Making me up when things

Won't get right, when things
Have been tight. I still dream
Of having you here even if

Having you here means nothing
But leaving. Making this empty,
Again, before the dawn, back

On my own.
Jose Remillan Oct 2013
I have traveled this road
So many times, toward
The remoteness and
Nearness of our love.

In rhythm and rhyme
Our hearts and minds repose
Their faith, conquering
A thousand cycles of tires,

Which, no matter how many
Times they and this fate bring
Me closer and farther from you,
This road, will remain barely

As a road, because you are
The **path...
This is an English translation of my Filipino poem entitled, "SLEX" which is an acronym for South Luzon Expressway. SLEX is the road that connects the imperial Manila (capital of the Philippines) to the southern provinces of the region.

For my childhood sweetheart.

Quezon City, Philippines
October 11, 2013
Jose Remillan Oct 2013
10W Poetry
QC Phil
Jose Remillan Oct 2013
Sa'yo ko ito unang naunawaan.

Ang paghalik ng pluma sa
Papel ay hindi sapat upang
Humalik ang katotohanan
Sa katarungan, dahil tangan

ng puso ang tinta at talinghagang
Nakakubli sa wagas na pag-ibig
Sa kapwa at kay Bathala.
Ang tinig ng mga batas ay

Tinig ng mga sibilisasyon at
Rebolusyon ng mga sikmura
Laban sa makina, ng makina
Laban sa mahika ng salapi at

Pighati ng lumang simoy. Nawa,
Sa pagimbulog mo sa tugatog ng
Himpapawid patungo sa paghahanap
Ng katotohon, alalahanin mo ang

Mga piraso ng iyong sarili na naiwan sa
Akin: "
Tanging sa hiwaga lamang ng*
Pag-ibig matatagpuan ang lalim ng lohika."
Ito ang iyong bilin.

Ito ang aking habilin.
For my beloved teacher and inspiration Dr. ROLANDO A. BERNALES. I wish your success in the Bar Examinations. Dr. Bernales does not only possess the three Ls of the law profession (law, logic, and language), he holds in his heart the most important L a lawyer must have, and that is "Love."

University of the Philippines-Diliman
October 7, 2013
Jose Remillan Sep 2013
A morning flower                                                 
A heavy morning rainfall
Oh, eternity

Raindrops at rooftop
A stream in my consciousness
Pond of emptiness
Quezon City, Philippines
September 26, 2013
Jose Remillan Oct 2013
We met in this place
A poets' crossroads of love
Here, our last embrace

End to end we chased
Ourselves, our hopes, onward gaze                                    
You said it's over

Never in this road
Never this journey of fate
Not our love and faith
For Ms. Glorynor Valencia-Navarro, a dear friend and a professor of love and hope.
This poem is an experimental deviation from the "understood" definition of Haiku.

Quezon City, Philippines
October 3, 2013
Jose Remillan Jun 2016
Inagaw ka na nga ng himpapawid.
Ngunit bago pinatid ng hangin
Ang paningin habang ikaw ay
Lumulutang-lutang sa panganorin,

Tatlong ulit akong nangako sa'yo:
Ililikha kita ng alapaap. Sasariwain ko
Ang iyong paglingap. Hindi ko

Hahayaang manatiling pangarap ang
Pangarap. Kahit na hindi man lang kita

Nayakap, bago ka inangkin ng mga ulap.
(Para sa lobong hugis puso na nakita ni  Allan Popa.)
Jose Remillan May 2017

And I saw her silhouette, backlit by a
make-shift sun, her hair draped
around her shoulder, her eyes


in tears, her smile I haven't seen for
years--it seemed. I have forgotten the
dirge when the bridge was burnt by


flaming hearts. Nothing was left but
ghosts and an urn of love letters. And here
again, I dreamt last night. And I saw


dress still resting on my restless chair,
as if no one left, nothing is lifted, not
even her goodbye, and my hello.
So I have to leave it to the clock to


for it confesses that I am weak.
Jose Remillan Sep 2013
May mga  tibok na tumututol, nililigalig
Ang daloy ng damdaming nag-uumapaw.
Wala itong ano mang kaugnayan sa likas
At samut-saring kulay ng buhay at pag-ibig.
Ito ang ninanasa ng sugatang kaluluwa.

Ang araw na ito ay tampok na simula
Ng muling pagtibok ng isang puso.
Tila muling pagsilang --- pagtalikod sa kahapon;
Isang bukang-liwayway, bagong-bihis na layon,
Nanunuot itong balintataw ng buhay
Upang mahalagilap ang sarili,
Ngunit hindi upang angkinin, manapa'y upang
Salungatin ang kinagisnang saysay ng pag-ibig.
Ang araw na ito ang tampok na simula.
This superb translation of my poem "September Seventeen" was done by my dear teacher and inspiration, Prof. ROLANDO A. BERNALES, Ll.B., Ed.D. A former provost of University of Makati and a rising pillar of Philippine literature, Prof. Bernales was awarded by the prestigious Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for his short story entitled "Taguan." Prof. Bernales is a textbook author, writer, education consultant, public intellectual, professional photographer, and a poet. His works can be accessed through this site:

Maraming salamat po sir sa kamangha-manghang pagsasalin-talinghagang ito!
Mabuhay po kayo at ang wikang Filipino!
Jose Remillan Aug 2014
Sa mga panahong naaalala
Kita, muling nagpupunla ng
Sarikulay ang panganorin
Sa kaparangan ng lambong

Ng gabi.

Sanggol mo akong dinuduyan
Sa piling ng gunita't pagsintang
Mababakas sa balintataw

Ng panahon.

Bumabakas din sa buhanging
Makailang ulit mang igupo
Ng alon, ng pagkakataon
Eternal ngang nakaguhit

Ang iyong pag-iral sa hiwaga
Ng puso, isang bagong pagsuyo;
Sa mga panahong naalala kita...
Jose Remillan Nov 2013
Pinagtagpo tayo ng magkahiwalay
At magkasikbay na lakbayin at
Pagpapasya. Marahil, sansinukob na nga ang
Unang nagparaya. Itinakda nito ang grabedad

Para tayo’y magsama bilang lumang pangako
At bagong pag-ako  ng pag-ibig, patungo sa layon at
Realedad ng ating mga palad. Hindi ba’t tayo nga
Ay kapwa mapalad? Dahil hindi sa ano mang

Sukat ng tagumpay ng buhay tayo nananahan
At nananalig, kundi sa eternal na doktrina’t utos ng puso,
Yaong ibinubukal ng wagas na pagsuyo, yaong kahit ang
Oras ay mapaparam sa lingid na daigdig ng ating mga bisig.
This poem is dedicated to Dr. ROLANDO BERNALES, "in celebration of the 12th year of love and lifetime friendship" with his "one and only." Congratulations Sir, I wish both of you all the love in this world.

University of the Philippines---Diliman
Quezon City, Philippines
November 19, 2013
Jose Remillan Dec 2015
Kahapon, hinintay kong
Lumatag ang liwanag sa
Parang. Parang kahapon
Lang, ganitong oras din

Hinintay natin ang huling
Patak ng hamog ng Disyembre.
Habang ang marami ay abala
Sa kusina ng Pasko, tayo ay

Nasa Pebrero kasama si
Balintino. Tunay ngang iba ang
Kalendaryo ng ating mundo.
Ngunit ang himbing ay hikbi,


Kahapon, hinintay ko ang
Paglatag ng dilim sa parang.
Parang antok na hindi dumating
Dahil walang dahilan ang bukas

Na darating.
December 13, 2015
Pasacao, CamSur, Philippines
Jose Remillan Sep 2013
Minsang ibinigay sa atin ang pagkakataong
Unawain ang kahulugan ng kamusmusan.
Sa lupaing ugat ng ating kakuluwa at
Kanlungan ng mga pangako at pangarap
Sabay nating kinatha ang tula ng ating buhay;
Mga saknong at tugma na sarikulay, mga katagang
Baon natin sa malayu-layong paglalakbay.

Pagal nga tayong nanahan sa puso ng bawat isa,
Di man tiyak ang katiyakan, natitiyak natin
Na ang pag-ibig, kailanman di tayo iiwan.

Mahal ko, hanggang sa huling tapon ng lupa
At huling tapon ng luha, hanggang sa huling
Liwanag ng itutulos **** kandila, hanggang
Sa huling pagpagpag mo ng pangungulila,
Patuloy kitang mamahalin, anuman ang mangyari,
Anuman ang mangyari.

Singbigat ng katotohanan at pangarap na kalawakan,
Ito ang huling handog ng makata **** kababata:
Ang mabatid kong ikaw ay mabuhay na eternal at
"Kakawat" is a Bicol word for "playmate." This poem tackles the images of childhood love, dreams, and promises.

July  18, 2013
Bacoor City, Philippines
Jose Remillan Oct 2013
Kapag ang lupa'y nag-alay na ng huling hininga,
Alalahanin mo yaong sayo'y sumamo ng tiwala,
Humimbing ka sa mga nalabing labi ng karumalan,
Ilubog mo ang sarili sa pusod ng kawalan.
Tama kaibigan, ito na nga ang kamatayan.


When the earth has breathed its last,
Remember the people who gained your trust
Then, sleep  with the ruins this monstrosity has created
Plunge yourself in deep desolation
Yes my dear friend, this is no longer an illusion.
This piece is my Filipino translation of Julie Ann Alfonso Pachoco's English poem entitled "Death." Julie Ann is my former student in the university. She is one of those who survived the enormous threats foisted by  traditional praxis of university education in the Philippines. There is an iota of truth in Einstein's words: "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."
Jose Remillan Sep 2013
Pangarap kong maipinta ka
nang hubo't hubad gamit
ang ang luha at luwad na
lupang humulma sa gayak na
engkantasyon ng aking
mga mata.

Iguguhit ko ang kurba ng iyong
balakang gaya ng along nakikipagniig
sa malaking bato sa dalampasigan.

Ilulugay ko ang mahaba ****
buhok hanggang sa magmistula
itong malabay na lambong
na magkukubli sa'yong

Igugughit ko ang iyong kabuuhan
gaya ng isang paslit na namamangha
sa hiwaga ng mariposang paroo't
parito sa alindog ng rosas ng
For Ms. Jinky Tubalinal
Bacoor City, Philippines
May 2013
Jose Remillan Oct 2013
Vous manquez tellement mauvais ce soir, mon bébé!
Vous souhaiter étaient là pour me tenir la main et de dire:*
"Vous pouvez le faire, ma ... "

Pinaghiwalay tayo ng himpapawid
at ng layunin **** itawid ang kahulugan
ng iyong buhay sa ibayong kalupaan.

Dahil alam nating muling hahalik ang luha
sa ating mga pisngi sa oras na agawin ka na
ng bitbit **** mga bitbitin, saglit tayong

humimpil sa huling kumpisal ng ating
damdamin: "Hindi ito paglisan. Tayo ay
pipisan sa isang katiyakan na ang pag-ibig,

kailanman, 'di tayo iiwan." Sino nga ba sa atin
ang patungo saan, saang lupalop at hangganan?
Hangganan ngang maituturing ang sinambit ng

ating puso: "Ce n'est pas quitte. Nous allons rester
dans la certitude que l'amour, pour toujours,
ne nous quittera jamais."
Para kay KHIWAI, ang aking pinakamamahal na kakawat at kababata.
Para kay MAMA BERN at sa kanyang BEBE.
Read more poems by Filipino poets at

Quezon City, Philippines
October 2, 2013
Jose Remillan Oct 2013
were crafted
to      reach      the

­     i
10W Poetry
QC Phil
Jose Remillan May 2017
matiyaga kang pinapasan ng
mamang nangumpisal sa salamin,
umami't umako ng karnal na
pagkakamali. habang ang karamiha'y

mga miron sa silong ng tirik na araw,
namamanata sa ritwal ng pag-ulit,
pagpako't pagpapasakit sa huling
Adan na nabayubay. upang ang

kapirasong kahoy ay maging kahulugan,
upang ang kahuluga'y maging ehemplo.
templo at tiyempo ng mga himno ng
mga epokrito't espasyo ng hunghang na


ang balikat ay hudyong Kristo, ang kamay ay
romano. paano kaya kung ang idolo
ng impostor ay sa silya elektrika hinatulan,
papasanin din kaya ito ng walang alinlangan?
Jose Remillan Feb 2021
Na muli tayong pagtagpuin
Ng sakali, sana'y nariyan ka
Pa rin gaya ng saglit nating

Paglagi sa sulok na ito.
Hindi ko nais na naisin mo
Ako, gaya ng naisip mo nang

Agawin ka sa'kin ng tadhana.
"Bahala na," sabi mo.
Ang mahalaga'y natuto tayong

Maging tayo, sa kabila ng lahat.
Sa kabila ng bigat. Sa kabila ng
Sanlibong pilat na kailan ma'y

Di ko na masasalat.

Huwag **** kaligtaan ang sulok
Na ito, kung sakaling igawi ka rito
Ng ala-ala't pag-aalala.

Kung sakali lang.
Jose Remillan Sep 2013
Para sa atin ang gabing ito.
Gaya ng iyong pangako, tayo
Ay didito't papalaot upang
Salungatin ang daluyong ng

Ating mga damdamin. Saglit
Nating iwan ang parolang
Magdidikta kung saan dapat
Ang nararapat na hangganan

Ng pagsagwan natin sa maalon
At malaon nang karagatang ito. Saglit
Nating ibaba ang layag at laya ng
Ating pag-ibig; ikubli ang panganib

Na nakaamba sa bawat paghampas ng
Tubig, sa bawat pagkabig ng dibdib, at
Sa bawat pag-igpaw natin sa hatol ng
Panahon. Saan man tayo ipadpad ng

Lunday na lundayan natin sa gabing
Ito, walang pagaalinlangang sundan
Natin ang bituing magtuturo
Patungo  sa ating mga sarili...
Para kay Khiwai.

Quezon City, Philippines
September 26, 2013
Jose Remillan Oct 2013
Birth.                                                           ­                                     


Postmodern Poetry

University of the Philippines-Diliman
Quezon City, Philippines
October 22, 2013
Jose Remillan Oct 2013
God is everywhere;
God is love; love
is every

the universe is
infinite; I am infinite
10W Poetry
QC Phil.
Jose Remillan Sep 2013
Ang pagpapakahulugan mo sa
kahulugan na animo'y unos ng
kataga, sukat, at tugma, ay

sapat nang saplot sa hubad na

siniphayong talinghaga ng isipan
at libingan. "Namnamin mo ang
damdamin ng Wika," ang wika ng

mangingibig na makata.
For my teacher and inspiration, Dr. ROLANDO A. BERNALES.
Read his works and be inspired:

Quezon City, Philippines
September 30, 2013
Jose Remillan Sep 2013
Here I am, disenchanted. With eyes
Blinded by the realities of life, living
The edge of a knife, leaving the
Libido of youthfulness, striving
Toward usefulness.

Here I am, alone in the world
Of comforting illusions.
Delusions of beauty and spectacles,
Mind like receptacle of a past
Frozen beneath the wings of time.

Rhyme and rhythm of pulse,
Of devoted and daring heart.
There you are, still, writing the
Poem of life, dispersed by the prism
Of time, dancing its rhythm and rhyme.
Quezon City, Philippines
September 15, 2013
Jose Remillan May 2014
A coffee stain on my poetry,
Pottery of shadows showered

Along the hallow pavements
Of my memory.

Each has its own reason for
Being, there and here.

Not until the skyline has been
Invaded by the dawn,

And a new beginning is another
Closing of meanings.

Not until the skyline has been
Invaded by the dawn,

And a new meaning is another
Madness of being.
University of the Philippines---Diliman
Quezon City, Philippines
Jose Remillan May 2016
Kung sakaling mapadpad
Dito ang balahibo ng pakpak
Ni Icarus, huwag **** hayaang
Mawaglit sa iyong isip ang bilin

Ko ukol sa ika-10 ng Enero.
Ito ang araw kung kailan nagpasya
Ang buwan na yakapin ang araw,
Hindi dahil sa tiyak na liwanag,

Kundi dahil sa katiyakan ng hiwaga.
Kasabay ng metapisikal na pagniniig
Na ito ang huling hatol ng Daruanak
Sa Binibining nabighani sa binistay

Na luha ng makata.
Makikita pa sa panganorin ang unang
Sulyap sa huling alapaap ng dilim.
Ngunit wala na ang kulog, maging

Ang pagkahulog sa bitag ng ligalig.
Alalahanin mo na lang ang dagat at
Ang pangako nitong kapahingahan
Kung sakaling sa paghahanap natin

Sa bahag-hari ay wala na sa ating
Maiwan kundi mga guho, mga mumo
Ng mga musmos na puso. Ang
Mahalaga lahat ng ito'y nakatalá na

Sa mga tála.
Jose Remillan May 2016
December revelries are never
About you. They are
About the yuletide, about
Everything that was never
About you. But somehow,


Keep your faithful grandeur
Upon our mortal eyes,
Upon our bounded beings.
Reminding us of our
Fragile existence, of our

Excesses and excuses for
Not being life itself,
For just being a
Reminder and remainder of

Its majestic beauty.

See you in 2034,
With a yearning for
A memorable life changed
by the universe of

December 25, 2015 Pasacao Camsur
Jose Remillan Jan 2016
I saw the horizon in
Gloomy crimson hue,
On that moment you
Told me about its

Hopeful hue of glow.
In your eyes it was never
Sunset, nor was it an
Hour away from

Darkness. Daylight it
Was, you assured me.
That time lives beyond
Here and now, that

Love conquers its passing,
Its boundaries within our
Fears of trying to open
Once again the windows

Of our hearts.

You, indeed, are the most
Beautiful confusion of
My heart, my hereafter,
And my piece of forever.

(For A.)
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