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Beware the void,
what if
we are the void?
*******, I love you
*******,  I don't have the nerve to call
*******, I have nobody to hold me
No **** me
Beside the sea we saw
what people wore on
colours as bright as
the sunlight  
that bobbed gently
over the bay.
 Sep 2019 Jim Timonere
Dear Judas
I forgave you
So why are you
Still doing time
How could we just
Sacrifice you
With out our souls
Going blind

The coins you threw
Back at their feet
Was repentance
Enough for me
You did your time
So please move on
Go now
And live your life free!

And pray
The hypocrite
Do the same for me!


 *Cain +++
Traveler Tim
 Sep 2019 Jim Timonere
And again
The clouds parted
The sun shines down
In bright unbroken beams
His heart beat faster
The fabric of new dreams
Eternal hope renewed
Upon a latter
Jacobs ascended
Leaving me here
In life open ended
Traveler Tim
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