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Jim Bob Sep 2014
I understand human emotion
but somehow can't present the notion
so I say **** it and drink the potion
can't stop what's been set into motion
til I turn back time and reset the compulsion
snap the **** outta it and crack the vile to corporate consumption
Jim Bob Aug 2014
Some will ask why I seem ****** in every song I write
It's not that I love to hate
I just can't let these cats take me for spite
I'll make an appointment and show up late
Kick the doctor in the stomach
For prescribing mis-diagnosed antibiotics
You can't just give anyone anything
Or you can take their condition from not serious to catastrophic
Went from isotonic to spittin' up some *****
Yeah, that's how big pharma works
Creating customers that hope their meds will work
But then flip it over and realize it's just dirt
I've been a victim of their upsurps
That's why I hate them like internet trolls hate derps
Jim Bob Aug 2014
Woke up early like I always do, no matter what I'm going through I sit and contemplate my present situation, like is this life worth living or am I wasting it, I got plans for myself but with what I know, I know there's a possibility of removing it from the shelf of possibilities, sometimes I can't control myself, so I get ******* let some shots off and restock, my life is just a ramble that needs to be reshocked like defibrillators to your live stock, cause global warming turned to climate change and they make it seem it's not an issue by keeping your mind invisibly encaged and your nose in the tissue, I've been changing, so when it comes to blaming there's no one to blame but the cats who put our work to shame, **** the industry it's why I live in infamy like the US has for practically an entire century, continuing forensically but fail to catch their own trace of criminology, instead blaming you for your ideology passed down from generations along with theology, some things are more believable like the inconceivable evil that's injected inside the bloodstreams of my people, makin them turn from people to machines, **** that I'd rather be trapped in Saturn's rings but sometimes it's hard to stop some things

- This world has been ruled, dominated, and conquered for thousands of years.. I think it's about time to let that **** lay to rest -

Man I've been living for quite some time, and all I've seen is the world go from a bright shine to a darkened shrine, but I guess that's what will happen when you're born into a world that's already fastened their seatbelts for a global blastin, end the nukes end the fed end the ******* who will leave us for dead while they happily sit in bed waiting for their master Satan to come in faster, the worlds a disaster but it can be fixed if everyone pitches in to dethrone their "masters", mathematical factors plotting out disasters cause they're done on purpose like previous stories remastered, some will ridicule me but it won't matter when they realize the truth that's been hidden educationally generationally, you're serviceably useful to the machine aka the system, but the system needs you, you don't need to listen
I realize not all disasters are done on purpose, but a good portion of well-known disasters have been done on purpose, and if you don't believe that just do your own research instead of letting some poet on the internet inform you.
Jim Bob Aug 2014
I'll smoke pollutants from our atmosphere just to save Earth's hemisphere, I'm losing control I can't steer, instead I see corruption flash before my eyes, come to my surprise I realize we living in an era of lies, suited up tucked in disguise, I'm here to make a difference not show some ignorance, so rethink my message before you go dissin it, cause you can't handle the truth if you had bitten it, instead you'd complain that there's a stem in it, branching off to control a nation that was founded for the people, end their sequel of eternal control, before you find your grandchildren livin without a North Pole
Jim Bob Jul 2014
The corruption within the global system, it's not fictional or an emphasized criticizm, they got people to where they're delusional, it's all apart of their plan like the militarizing of police, they don't give a **** about you but you may deny it and continue on being blinded, that's your choice just know that you're being subliminally confinded, I'm not a terrorist I'm just trying to spread knowledge through the art of hip-hop no I can't stop cause it'll **** with me, if I do I'll want to write inevidably cause I'm indefinately spitting knowledge conceptually, some of you may not understand my message but that's fine cause at least I'm not corruptly infested by the governments' manifested interfection like cancer when they know they got a cure, but they use it as a profitizer to lure people fattening their insecure feeble, without us they're nothing but a group of conceted people thinking they're more important than anything, some wouldn't dare to say a thing against their cause, but when one speaks up then others do the same, they're to blame for the economic crisis' it's hard to bite this but they keep billions that's supposed to go to us, why do you think people are losing trust, the systems a bust and nows the time to fix it, but I can't do it alone we need everyone to pitch in to shift it, revolution'll come and you won't miss the fictional freedom that was fed to us, we'll learn again what it's like to be self-sufficient and keep corruption out cause that isn't a systems right nutrition
Jim Bob Jul 2014
I'm from where the gold and diamonds are ripped from the earth
right next to the slave castles where the water is cursed
from where police brutality's not half as nice
It makes the hood in America look like paradise
compared to the AIDS-infested Caribbean slum
African streets where the passport's an a American gun
from where they massacre people and try to keep it quiet
and spend the next 25 years tryin' to deny it
I'm from where they cut your hands off if you make a fist
and ****** grow coca cause the job market doesn't exist
except slave labor modern day company store
and peace keeper's don't ever ever ever come here no more
from where the bombs that they used to drop on Vietnam
**** us children born deformed eight months before they born
I'm from where they lost the true meaning of the Qur'an
'cause ****** is not compatible with Islam
And ****** know that, but grow that poppy seed anyway
'cause that food drop parachute does not come everyday
I'm from where people pray to the gods of their conquerors
and practically every president's a money launderer
From the only place democracy is acceptable
Is if America candidate is electable
And they might even have a black president, but he's useless
'Cause he does not control the economy stupid!

Lock and load your gun, where I'm from: the Third World son
Been to many places but I'm Third World-born
Guerrillas hit and run where I'm from: the Third World son
You polluted everything, and now the Third World's gone
The waters poisoned where I'm from son: the Third World son
Seven hundred children die by the end 'this song
Revolution'll come, where I'm from: the Third World son
Constant occupation, leaves the Third World torn

[Immortal Technique]
I'm from where the catholic church is some racist ****
They helped Europe and America **** this *****
They pray to white Spaniard Jesus, who's face is this
But never talk about the black Pope Gelasius
I'm from where soviet weapons still decide elections
Military is like the mafia: you pay for protection
kinda like *** toys, is what the country sells
And rich white businessmen make the best clientele
I'm from where they too ***** to come film Survivor
And they ****** Coca-Cola union organizers
I'm from where the justice system esta podrido
**** government ****** politic over perico
Rebelde conocido, enterado vivo, como otro argentino desparecido
cause Rico laws don't apply to the CIA
and mother ******* make sneakers for a quarter a day
I'm from where they overthrow democratic leaders
not for the people but for the Wall Street Journal readers
from where blacks, indigenous peoples and Asians were once
slaves of the Caucasians and it's amazing how they trained them
to be racist against themselves in a place they were raised in
and you kept us caged in
destroyed our culture and said that you civilized us
***** our woman and when we were born you despised us
gentrified us, agent provocateurs divide us
and crucified every revolutionary messiah
so I'ma start a global riot
that not even your fake
anti-communist dictators can keep quiet
**** your charity medicine, try to ****** me
the immunizations you gave us were full of mercury
so now I see the Third World like the rap game soldier
nationalize the industry and take it over!
This is not my song, just thought it'd be a good thing to post since most people don't even know who Technique is.
Jim Bob May 2014
They control our society, turned slavery from colored to a variety, told you that communism was the enemy while you steadily remained under the trance of the real enemy, your pitiful symphony won't work here cause I'm past where you'll be next year, **** your publicity I don't need it, like the real reason to go to war was to keep the enemy bleeding, you're desegregated but your mind is still oblivious to the segregation, like putting up walls to separate us, think about what your great granddaughter will think before you allow the world to sink by the cats that will make it illegal for you to blink, I'll cut their throat before isotope comes crashing in along with pigs sliding from a rope, you're a joke like thinking Obama wrote the speeches he addresses after smoking dope from a few pieces, no more *******, *******, or white trash nows for a time flash of our countries history, came along like we meant to be, killed some natives, hanged em from a tree, their land replaced with our nation ruled by some racists, lied about it and killed people who want a trial on it, now we are blinded but in an onyx and the 1% have the fattest wallets, they arrive in, we applaud them, they smile back like you're less than a diamond, man **** a rock, you'll be left in shock when I'm done with you, cause history is not the way it's been told to you, they place hurdles in front of you, while you place a red carpet in front of them, you praise them like Jesus, but they don't give a **** if you make it past a fetus cause you're just another number stuck in a slumber like Tylenol PM, trust me you'll see them nukin your new pin, now you're dead with blood drenched in like that's a fair win, I don't think so take their car rims and bend em around passed ten, then chuck em and just **** em cause they have that exact mental attitude, I've achieved the highest altitude no going further just staying immortal like telepathic portals created along with your morals to keep you in place instead of getting ahead of the race that is sympathized by enterprise, you'll be terrified at the finish cause it will diminish your dreams that you worked hard to cherish like being an arctic fish moving forward but then caught in a net to be gutted and cut up for sale, I don't believe a thing they say cause the truth will outshine a lie any day
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