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almanaK ab May 2018
21st century

on the 3rd wave

I don't gotta shave

and I'm still getting laid

Not always proud of it

But I don't gotta doubt about it

Not an Aphrodite type

Still a mighty mighty type


More like Napoleon ****

When the ego is a portal to immortal ingenuity

Lack of continuity

Paired with ambiguity

Temporary lookin scary

Pineapple prickly

Someone got the sticky

Yes I'll be home

Yes I'll be home again

I don't always need a friend

Though they always round the bin

I'm letting go I let you in

Saw the Sun felt the wind

I don't **** with retrograde

I don't always get payed

Gotta learn to make my own bliss in this day and age

Once I was a thought to them

Now I'm just that THOT to them

Back and forth her to him

Meet me in the middle then

Prickly on the outside

Juicy in the center

I could get tender

But I'm rolling with the tides
almanaK ab May 2018
******* gon’ hate on that fruit salad game
Cuz I don't want no money, I don't want no fame
Go say I’m a joke, say that I'm lame
This **** is a hobby straight outta the brain
So **** all y'all *******
All up in my britches
I think I need stitches
I know I need stitches
Down in the dirt
***** shirt
Pretty girl
Tilt a whirl
What a world
I keep in pocket
Scissors scissors
Open unlock it
By the lake
Big mistake
Hood rat hos
From the east earthquake
Third eye glowin’
Like a Force all knowin’
Like a full moon showin’
My ***** keep goin’
Wrote two rhymes in 24 hours
Spittin sweet while you gettin’ sour
Get cleaned up go take a shower
Nothin gon’ stop this inner power
**** you put out come back times three
I be on that wavy positivity
So I don't really care bout your beef w me
I'm lightin this L so humbly
Witch hunt
Sylph ****
***** mouth
Runnin’ out
Common era gotta common error
Looking for purpose
Shed a new layer
Don't it tear
No one is there
Fair is fair
Fair is fair
Shed a new layer
Shed a new layer
Fair is fair
Fair is fair
Cup up like scissors
***** I’m a wizard
Blew in like blizzard
I’m colder than winter
Fair is fair
Shed a new layer
Fair is fair
Shed a new layer
Fair is fair
Shed a new layer
Don’t let it tear
No one is there
Shed a new layer
Shed a new layer
Jim Bob Jul 2014
I'm from where the gold and diamonds are ripped from the earth
right next to the slave castles where the water is cursed
from where police brutality's not half as nice
It makes the hood in America look like paradise
compared to the AIDS-infested Caribbean slum
African streets where the passport's an a American gun
from where they massacre people and try to keep it quiet
and spend the next 25 years tryin' to deny it
I'm from where they cut your hands off if you make a fist
and ****** grow coca cause the job market doesn't exist
except slave labor modern day company store
and peace keeper's don't ever ever ever come here no more
from where the bombs that they used to drop on Vietnam
**** us children born deformed eight months before they born
I'm from where they lost the true meaning of the Qur'an
'cause ****** is not compatible with Islam
And ****** know that, but grow that poppy seed anyway
'cause that food drop parachute does not come everyday
I'm from where people pray to the gods of their conquerors
and practically every president's a money launderer
From the only place democracy is acceptable
Is if America candidate is electable
And they might even have a black president, but he's useless
'Cause he does not control the economy stupid!

Lock and load your gun, where I'm from: the Third World son
Been to many places but I'm Third World-born
Guerrillas hit and run where I'm from: the Third World son
You polluted everything, and now the Third World's gone
The waters poisoned where I'm from son: the Third World son
Seven hundred children die by the end 'this song
Revolution'll come, where I'm from: the Third World son
Constant occupation, leaves the Third World torn

[Immortal Technique]
I'm from where the catholic church is some racist ****
They helped Europe and America **** this *****
They pray to white Spaniard Jesus, who's face is this
But never talk about the black Pope Gelasius
I'm from where soviet weapons still decide elections
Military is like the mafia: you pay for protection
kinda like *** toys, is what the country sells
And rich white businessmen make the best clientele
I'm from where they too ***** to come film Survivor
And they ****** Coca-Cola union organizers
I'm from where the justice system esta podrido
**** government ****** politic over perico
Rebelde conocido, enterado vivo, como otro argentino desparecido
cause Rico laws don't apply to the CIA
and mother ******* make sneakers for a quarter a day
I'm from where they overthrow democratic leaders
not for the people but for the Wall Street Journal readers
from where blacks, indigenous peoples and Asians were once
slaves of the Caucasians and it's amazing how they trained them
to be racist against themselves in a place they were raised in
and you kept us caged in
destroyed our culture and said that you civilized us
***** our woman and when we were born you despised us
gentrified us, agent provocateurs divide us
and crucified every revolutionary messiah
so I'ma start a global riot
that not even your fake
anti-communist dictators can keep quiet
**** your charity medicine, try to ****** me
the immunizations you gave us were full of mercury
so now I see the Third World like the rap game soldier
nationalize the industry and take it over!
This is not my song, just thought it'd be a good thing to post since most people don't even know who Technique is.
alex loya May 2014
There's not a better fealing that  I ever felt I'm dreaming
I believe in forever together
Never ever leaving
There's no one else 2 help me find a better reason how
I found myself under a spell and now I'm reaching out
Yeah... I need a remedy can't reach my destiny
The best in me just lets me see how fast these seconds leave
Baby baby I'm crazy dont hate me take these maybes I keep saying I'm making  day dreams relating I'm fading
My aching bones. pain
Unexplainable brain
Cant take control and the chains are unbreakable flame indulged
Faded soul u keep saying what I hate too know with no place to go
Can't excape the cold when u embrace the hold  
Ice pick thru the heart
Your the reason I'm making art
cant erase those marks
Right from the start I knew this was ganna be hard
Wanna be stars are ganna depart
If u wanna be smart then u gatta recharge .

— The End —