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May 2017 · 200
Jian May 2017
Nights like these when it feels like everything's ****** and it's just the same petty fights over and over again. I will still love you. I will love you even through our messy and chaotic wars. I will love you through all our difficult times, specially when you feel like you are incapable of being loved. Show me the calamity and the destruction and I will show you that I am willing to love you more at your worst.
I wont ever get tired of loving you
May 2017 · 171
Jian May 2017
a state of happiness and satisfaction.

What is this thing we call contentment? Are we really satisfied with what we have? Of who we really are? Or maybe contentment is just a delusion, an illusion that we put into our minds so we don't get to feel bad and pity ourselves for the things we lack.

Now, don't let self-doubt and all your insecurities get through you for it will be the death of you. It wouldn't **** you in an instant, it would be there lingering on your mind, telling you that you will always be insufficient, always lacking in something. Oh how I wish it was just a sudden agony that will be over in a while and it's done. But it's not. It will torment you for days, weeks, months and even years. It will make you think of all the things that you should've done or things that you need to do just so you can get rid of the thoughts that are troubling and afflicting you.

Don't you worry for these things you are feeling? It'll leave, none of these are permanent. I know, I know, it may be overused but it is the truth. How do you get rid of it you ask? I honestly have no idea for i haven't been there yet. But I know I'll get there, you'll get there, all of us will. It will be a long journey but in this journey you are going to find people surrounding you and they will make you feel enough for what you are and most importantly you will find yourself.

Just hang in there you can make it.


— The End —