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Jesibell arz Aug 2023
I used to be such a beautiful delicate Rose, now all I am is dead Rose that has been Wilting in the winds of disappointment/stress and solace.
    I used to look at myself in the mirror 🪞 and be happy with what I see, a beautiful girl with long spiral curly hair along with a nice slim figure and beautiful beautiful big brown coffee eyes. All I see now is a used to be beautiful girl that went from an 8 to a 4, her big brown eyes became smaller, her nice slim figure is thicker, and her long textured hair became nothing... Relationships, the 🌎, and people can damage you. Most importantly.. YOU can damage you. Putting others before your happiness will destroy you. Since I was a little girl I was putting people before me at all times; I wish someone would of taught me to love myself the way you're supposed.
    I used to be such a kind soul. Still am but my eyes and my glow are not as bright anymore. It has dimmed down to depression, anxiety, and introversion what makes me seem like a monster... The people I gave/give my heart to and my all to are the same people (including myself) that made me into the dead Rose I see today. I just want to see my glowing light shine nice and bright...
     Like it used to.
Getting old dealing with things.
Jesibell arz Jan 2017
B. eing annoying all the ******* time                                                            I.  hate you but love you at the same time.                             T.  hinking of all time I wasted on you   
C. An you leave me all alone                                                            ­         H. OoooooooooooEeeeeeeeeeeee
Jesibell arz Sep 2016
I told You to go More often Than once but never did You leave, its like You didnt understand maybe playing a dunce.. I knew this would happen oneday wich is why i was telling You to go away; act like we never met and never touched one another, honestly i want all our memories to go down the gutter. I thought You where the one i could spend the rest of my life with, but my mind is on a More grown level not like yours thinking like a kid..

I wish You would of never wasted my time.
Not much to say about someone who played with your heart. Other Than ******* and ******* ^_*
Jesibell arz Sep 2016
You are a lovely soul i can tell by the kicks inside. The lord had this gift for me, what a surprise :D. Finally after nine Months i see what You look like; More beautiful then i imagined this feels so right.
kissed You, hugged you, squeezed You with all my heart ME AND YOU i know is a relationship that will never part.. Seeing that smile makes my day shine bright, laughing playing feeding until night; time to go to bed my little rose flower dream of You flying More Higher then the highest tower, to always keep in mind aiming high is the power.
I will always love You never forget that just hurry up And grow so when mami talks You can talk Back :* <3
Jesibell arz Sep 2016
A Kind Heart Is A Weak Heart, But A Weak Heart Has A Strong Mind.
Jesibell arz Sep 2015
I appreciate you for giving this site to express what i feel inside, but i just poured my heart out on a poem i named Distress but ur site froze on me and deleted everything :'(.... and i cant remember what i wrote because it was straight from deep within, i cant go back in there because the same words wont come out as fond nd flowing as they were. That poem was to make me feel better everytime i go back in to read it, but now i just have a blank!! Now my mind is blank until i feel something in my heart again...

So ******* for that, but i still love you for being here :*

Ps: nd if it wasn't your site, it was my phone. Then **** my phone and i apologize to you.
So mad nd sad at the same time cant even describe..
  Sep 2015 Jesibell arz
recreation's okay

if you don't overuse

it helps on days

full of constant abuse

it's not like I'm crazy

or criminally inclined

i just like to relax

i just like to unwind

too much to forgive

so much pain to forget

the world is in chaos

it helps ease my regret

don't worry about me

i got a lot on my mind

i just love to relax

just love to unwind

it's not going to **** me

there's no need to judge

i'm careful as can be

please don't hold a grudge

you say that's it's hurting you

you say "I'm not blind"

but I need to relax

i just need to unwind

what's the harm in a buzz?

it's better than nothing

"she does what she does"

we all want to feel something

maybe I should stop

they say you only have so much time

but I have to relax

have to unwind
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