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Jennifer Weiss Feb 2018
Thought it feels I'm trudging through the desert land
You've never left.
Left to die upon this island.
Still you've never left.
Drowning in a sea of sin.
You threw me a raft.
I left the world you found me in
So the first could become the last.
You never judged my failing ways.
You never ridiculed me or laughed.
When I felt less than deserving
You gave up your Son that I might know you at last.
Closer than the sun rays upon my skin
Closer than my past.
You breathe life into all of me again.
And you never look back.
Jennifer Weiss Jan 2018
I made an idol out of love.
But never came out above.
The tumultuous sea
of emotions in me
that waged war
on your shores
Beat continuously against you,
the beach.

I thought that's what love was.

I burnt out bright
smoldering ash in the night.
And when I cooled,
realized I was fooled.
Because the only true love there is,
is Light.
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2017
You are real.
So real.
Flesh and bone.
Made with me in mind.
Made with destiny in mind.
Made with the Kingdom in mind.

You are going to be mine.
What an honor.
What a privilege.
What a reason to praise

You are everything I have prayed for.
You are more than everything I prayed for.
You are surprising to my hope.
You are the best friend I could ever ask for.
You make me look like more like Jesus.
And you're here.
You're coming.

And I won't have to run.
I won't be afraid.
For long.
I won't mess it up
And you won't be like them.

This will be a new love.
This will be God's plan.
This will be love.
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2017
The world could never hope to burn out this flame,
A passion, your love.
You won for me.
You know my name.
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2017
You have never stopped reaching,
even when I returned.
You beckoned my heart higher,
For fullness your Spirit yearned.

You lavished affection
on a broken heart.
You told stories of romance,
that shot light into the dark.

When I thought that I knew you,
You educated me still.
When I thought it could go no deeper,
you opened up a well.

You will never change,
despite my wayward heart.
You charge us to usher heaven,
you champion all our less than parts.

Your love will reign forever,
all creation knows your name.
The king of Victory,
King of Heaven,
King of Glory,
You will always reign.
Jesus I love you.
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2017
The very breath that created us, is still speaking.
Above us. Around us. Within us.
He listens. He speaks. We wait.
The voice that changes everything.
Breathing on all that He created.
Breathing Fresh Life. Breathing New mercies. Breathing LOVE.

Oh to be loved by such a wonderful God.
That He would look upon the stained face of a sinner,
He never gave up on me.
He never cast me aside.
In fact, he runs after one
Leaving the 99

If you don’t know this Creator.
Get ready.
His heart is beating for you.
All of Creation is worshipping
The name that gives LIFE
The name that IS LOVE.
The name that is above –
All other names.

Jennifer Weiss Oct 2017
He isn't your typical Dad.
He knows my every thought,
My every ache,
My wounds.
And He didn't create any of them.

No, in fact He heals.
He takes my broken places
and he puts them back together.
Actually, He makes them even better.
He takes what wasn't so beautiful
and makes a masterpiece.

He is what everyone wishes they had.
In fact, He's there for all of them too.
I love Him, because He loved me first.
Yes, He loved me at my worst.
He has never left me for a moment.
Now, who has ever heard of a love like that?
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