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  Nov 2016 Jeffrey Stelling
Sadness becomes the clown
for humor is a reflex
and denial is breathing
and ease is a smile when one's secretly seething

Sadness becomes the clown
for punchlines are hits
and fools are martyrs
and what are mocked pains but conversation starters

Sadness becomes the clown
for laughter is weighty
and jokes are suppression
and comedic timing is a guise for depression  

Clowns give their all
day after day
while time is a pall of emotional decay
And they know it's inevitable
when the chips are down
that the clown becomes sadness
and sadness becomes the clown
Jeffrey Stelling Nov 2016
God won't save you because of the frequency spent on your knees; but for the frequency sent on your knees.
Jeffrey Stelling Sep 2016
They say that god created everything the earth the birds the trees the seas the skyyyy-hiiigghh
But no one will admit he also put, what you call sinful in your miiind ohwhoa

What is heaven? What is hell? And who the hell cares if alls well?
But for those who fear the end
And pray for some god send well
Ohhhhhhhhh-whhhoooaaaaa well

Now debris it covers everything, all the buildings burned down to the grooouuund
Flooding waters or scoring droughts you can't even hear the suffering all arooouuuuund

Could be heaven could be hell
always throw the thoughts out of my braaaaiiiinnn
Because neither pleasure nor pain time just, keeps on running down the draaaaaiiiiiiinnnn.
We're all the same.
Maybe one day we'll use our ******* brains.
Jeffrey Stelling Mar 2016
"Get on the ground!"
"GET ON the ground!!"
E­ight seconds between the first verbal command and the ninth bullet's firing. You don't know blue like We do.
You find an illegible manuscript in the rain gutters of an old European city, all that remains is the post script...
Police State, NY, USA
P.S. They'll come for your freedom before they come for your life. Practice Mindfulness patiently and persistently, ardently, and with perfect equanimity.
Sincerely yours, an old war buddy
Jeffrey Stelling Jan 2016
-"Why do you breathe out?"

~"Because I breathe in."

-"Why do you breathe in?"

~"Because I breathe out."

-"How did this begin? I mean, how did it come about?"

~"I'm not exactly sure, though I swear I heard a shout."

-"Well, who was yelling to you?"

~"I don't know...but I cried."

-"And at your beginning, why cry, why not sing?"

~"Well because, my good friend, we start to die when we begin."

-"Pfffft, well if that's the way you see it then fine. We'll let it be-"

~"Oh no, dearest companion, you've asked the questions, the truth you will see. How truly there is no real Me or real You. How the mind has disguised what is one as something two. Two sides of the brain means two processors at work. I mean I should know I've been running them since birth. My experience cleaved so I may be able to comprehend something vague called reality? All that is real teases me, it flitters around my head and vanishes into nowhere, a land beyond Time,  beyond the dead. And so that's what I mean between breathing and not. Because the space between breaths is where the Truth will be taught."

-"...well...okay...hmm, um, check please!"
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