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- Jan 2019
What cruel to us finds us faintheart’d
Whom hides faults not well that the stars depict
Our sweet love vast most minds desire,
But slow our minute’s motion at the heat of ***
*** too cruel, if pure pleasure our foe
Bliss’ deception of what Evil fools
What fools that love, what fools that cannot - thence truly the heart faint
As thy heart or dying star troubled by truth,
And lost in a constant hour which such time encapsulates the finality of things
Whom so a beast, I so thy beast - and beauty beside
Besides; if such faint heart dwells a dream, of imagining heavens
Some mortal heart in truth survived
That I say at last our truth revived
- Mar 2018
I am here, breathing, what left of me
Allowing you to devour me, taking boldly my innocence to alight more bliss into your dome of travesty
I could not even breath - all to just get out of love
It will never escape me, this truth, in the end we had been fooled to believe this phase had ever mattered. That there is truly a single jewel that holds true realism to make end this hell.
I could not breath but now
But now I can better, see better, dream better, and be me better
What greater breath can suffice?
If I am ever again short of breath be sure that my last sight of you is longer
- Jan 2018
Who will hear me sob, this weep like mortal melodies
This woe of songs if this toot so ever heard
Not by such hertz or watts, but by cosmic chantey
...mortal melody.
- Jan 2018
O monogamy, sweet so monogamy
Have me by this rimy night so I may bear your cold’st kiss
To espy eyes blazed in scarlet hue
If not for this holding us part, touching firm this instance
Of what I feel now I could not feel ever,
Could I bask in aughts - a goodness too true as so a sight worth sights
If pulchritude, if vagary...
To innerstand this sorrow, this phase, this ending of me
So lovesick of vanity, this night owes me tears
But tonight she has me, by her brassiere, by lips
Tangl’d in manner and salaciousness - her being to be
Wonder of me, wonder me; if I ever your knight
Wonder if I am enough, manifest your ways unto me
Demand I exist, under your eyes
Impart this velleity, four ways for ways...
Have me, O monogamy
With you will I always be? Your sabbath, your blind’st bliss as too mine
Split with me another moment for much time has rot
Mongst this lour’st hour my heart is wounded by the thorns of essence
To think we are but not cause to this grieve
In sooth; this everly passion now a mortal’s pule
Stay with me on this last’d night
A midnight kiss, a midnight touch, fragrance, a gentle glare...
Monogamy, monogamy.
- Jan 2018
Who will love like me,
For all facets of facets, hues far and hues close
Take 5; our love has not a steady stool
Take 6; remind the love and lovee that the love shalt be true or cannot ever be portrayed
O satyr this scene deserves tears, a kiss, vows!
Romance her, bewray to her HEAVENS
This stage is nothing without our feeble steps, step on and be you yet the amour
Who will love like thee,
So proud so proud, goodbye his ego and come forth his vain
Aye this is it
A lover’s course, a lover’s minute, a lover’s troth, ruth, moment, A LOVER’S DESIRE, A LOVER’S SPLAY, a lover’s everything!
This is it, aye.
- Jan 2018
If this sorrow dares not ever fade, in that what way is my heart paid
Severing the electric within me, the frame within me
What splay! O what splay…
Save me, GOD!
I PLEAD, you step from your throne, your spaceless, timeless domain and save me... A MERE MORTAL AMONGST STARS
Save me, she will not.
- Dec 2017
My loathy love what lour has riddled thee of sense and sanctimony?
It was this dreary azure was it not, or was it that you’ve grown cognizant, finally, o finally of the vastness of this existence
But so fall not lovely for to tether you back is but a task as I to lift suns
Take me with you if you dare, I plead you dare...your company is to the rotundity of the pith of my being..,
For how long can this sanctity hold?
Held high thy highness not man nor a maid but a distant spirit...but a distant spirit
Four way, for ways...
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