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Oct 2017 · 557
Jay Bryant Oct 2017
I see yo heart looking for me.
You were on the straight and narrow.
Baby you went crooked for me.
Happiness you took it from me.
Though all I remember is all the times you was pushing for me.
Told me you was living for us.
Baby girl I'm dying for you,
Because every second that pass my soul is crying for you.
I see you from a far,
But when we're near my chest pounding I get to acting like you a star.
My brain says my love not up to Par.
Then all my thoughts go back to the day you crashed your car.
Sep 2017 · 281
Jay Bryant Sep 2017
When the bomb drops
The hands on the clock lock.

Shrieks of terror stop
There are no kids playing on the block.

A game of freeze tag
Has never ended so sad
Suspended in time
Not a single heart beats
As this moment passes

There goes the explosions
There goes the terrified screeching
Of mothers and their
children going into convulsions.
I lost a Mother.
He lost a Sister

It all happened in an instant
A millisecond couldn't have passed any quicker.

Silent laughs of insanity
Thoughts of losing my humaniaty
This weight on my chest can't be explained by gravity.
Like being shot
While wearing a vest.
Feeling my organs expanding
As my ribs compress
If this is life?
I just may prefer death.
If this is living
I may prefer to see what's next.
The thought of anything
Is better than the reality
Of this knife holding back
The screams in my neck.
Mar 2017 · 454
Jay Bryant Mar 2017
Dear Jacqueline,
I never knew a dream could come to life.
I never knew doing wrong could feel so wright.
Lonely nights as I wish we could be going home tonight.
Twin mattress, twin flame who could put out this light.
6 rounds down my world revolves around you.
4 years since I saw you.
I'm sharing, but we know I can't saw you.
2 pieces but mines bigger.
Been yo shooter I'll pull the trigger
Over thinking high off yo essence
Just trying to be yo *****
Just trying to work this plan
So we can get nasty like ***** Dan
Live forever like peter pan.
Planting seeds of love
Waiting for them to expand
Timeless I'll reach you no matter our lifespan

Radiant like your smile when you think of me.

Your soul glows but only God knows

Where we should be

Loyal to love

Fire smoldering

Palms sweat when I think of you

I got a love jones bad
Years went by
Emotions criss crossing like clad
Sad and strung out
I use to drive by the places
We once hung out
Feeling like a junkey I'm strung out
Addicted to the pain you gave
Sweeter than Agave
You save
Lately  I've been wilding out
No one knows
Since I don't scream and shout
You tame me
Pointing at everybody when that 40 out
You aim me
Bullets blast
Once that trigger pulled
You can't change the past
Heart broken but don't need a cask
Lightning striking
Usually in a flash
So you got me sitting thinking
How long this will last
Dec 2016 · 569
Jay Bryant Dec 2016
Yelling free my Negus.
They just be trying to eat, and make a living.
Now the 1% making a killing,
because my brothers stuck in private prisons.
We dying in these streets,
Crying behind steel doors.
Use your mind while its still yours.
Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.
A quote the government still ignores.
They adore our culture,
Steal all they can from us like vultures.
Savages that only care about annual profit averages,
And the status quo.
Just know we gone make it through this sadness,
Learn your history so we won't repeat this madness.
Dec 2016 · 704
The Night We Met
Jay Bryant Dec 2016
Just let me rub yo feet while you listen,
Fresh out the shower, body glistening
Chocolate skin melted, drippen

Got high off your aroma when.. I smelt ya
I tell ya,

At night I travel in the dark... with no light.
Fighting to see the path to.. make it right.

Until you come and  Shine...
Like the... moon you are to me.
Auset my goddess, and lets be honest
That's......who you are to me

A set makes two, I accept that boo.
Just let me know what I should do.

The steps to.... move in to yo heart,
If its room.
I just don't know where I should start.

I got this love, ....but I can't place it.
Still looking, but there's no empty spaces
A jigsaw piece ...that's lost its shape
No angles adjacent.

Just trying to find my place.
Even if I have to... die at the stake.
Be your Christ, thats a savior.

Don't make no mistakes,
Do me this one favor
Think twice.... bout my behavior.

That's... good advice, and it might just be. ...
Bad for me...for you to see ....who I really am.
The things that I could be
May act strange,
I be trippen,
tryimg to make it out this system
I know wrong from right
So I just write my wrongs
And try to make em rhyme
We can... argue, fuss, and fight.
As long as I can ....
Spend the night, and **** your right,
Make you cuss, see hues in rays of light


Trapped in this prison ...its like a prism
Now girl you've illuminated me.
Turned.. Dark to Light.
Its not black or white

Escaping black holes to be with you Girl
I'm trying to see it through.
And sleep with you.

Lets be transparent,
How we gone repair it
Can't be.. shy or embarrassed
We got the best of each other.
So lets not be jealous,

No need to.. stress one another.
Just connect, and speak.
I admire your ...zeal, and feel.
You can do
What others only... dream to think.

I know your at the brink of breaking.
Though we're almost at the peak.
Sweetheart we can make it.

Shhh.... I hear what yo body saying.
Your eyes locked in mine.
Stopping time, lets rewind.
Just be mine,

Cuhs girl I got yearning
I see your fire burning.
A rain of hurt,
You heart scorching.
That steam keeps you angry.
Make you seem crazy.

I'm just trying to keep you cool
Baby can you blame me.

I'm a Lion of Judah
No one can't shame me
Chakras aligned like Buddha
You know a gazelle can't tame me

Truth will prevail, and this love is the truth
Can"t you tell?
The time is now, and we've been here before
Can't you tell?

Smoke Mary and listen to Teena
Our skin caress one anothers
Aura mesh as I penetrate your fortress
Even when your eyes rolled back,
I think your gorgeous

Let's explore this feeling
Rushing through us like a whirlwind
You said you getting wet
Just let it pour then.
You want some more
Imma give you more then

I swear we in.. another world.
Girl lets take a trip, can you drive stick

This Yoni feel so good.
Baby your the earth,
Let me plant my wood.
Put my seed in your dirt.

Got me thinking like.....
I really would, I know I could,
I just don't know If I should.

The room spinning with us in iit
Baby it's so good
I may just have to bust in it

Let's elevate, let me vibrate in you
To raise your waves.

I'm speaking frequencies
I'm lost at sea
Poke your spirit
Make it talk to me
Rock my boat  
As I traverse your waters please
Apr 2016 · 454
Questions to the Darkness
Jay Bryant Apr 2016
Twenty-four hours in a day,
Though these nights feel longer as I lay.
Like an orange I wish I could peel off my face.
I count each breath, while my heart begins to race.
Coffee and lectures get me through the darkness.
This ride of emotions got me looking car sick.
Knots tied in my throat. This Boy Scout’s lethargic.
Steady sipping cough syrup to numb the harshness.
Combing through empty bags for crumbs,
Long periods of sobriety make me feel like a lunatic.
It’s crazy how you can feel homesick for years.
A *** at heart, my home is flooded with tears.
I’ve seen the light I always feel my death is near.
Headlights glaring and I’m stuck staring like a deer.
Dear world,
Will you miss me?
Will the Grimm Reaper kiss me?
Shrouded in darkness could this be the abyss I see?
On my knees praying it’s the sun I see.
On my knees praying I see a son whose just like me.
Dear Darkness,
Will you ever leave?
Am I walking through this life blind,
Because of you or because of me?
Will I see the light before my son sees me?
Is this pain that ails me hereditary?
Is it necessary?
Dear God,
Will you ever bless me?
Cease to test me?
Am I Job?
Will ailments continue to infect me?
If scientist dissect me will they find out why my heartbeats?
Dear Son,
You are my future heartbeat.
I will walk in darkness if it helps you see light.
It’s not all about strength in the psychical.
You can’t always see might.
It’s the fire in the dog that controls its fight.
I have no questions for you.
I only question If I’m doing right. *
Apr 2016 · 356
Surviving in The Waters
Jay Bryant Apr 2016
I see the sun rise, as my mind sets.
One begins thinking, if he could raise a son in this mindset.
Feeling shallow though, I’m lost in this void that has no depth.
Taking steps lost in the waters; while I try not to get my feet wet.
Fire motivates me; its burn feels the worst and the best.
I find myself in meditation searching for my breath,
Or shall I say spirit so those who don’t know can grasp the concept.
Since my conception I’ve felt thus world to be a reflection.
Looking for the man in the mirror, but he eludes my detection.
Ripples in the waters blur my connections.
At times confusion feels like a virus or an infection.
Clarity evades the elite, I’m no exception.
I’ve become vexed at memories of my own recollection.
Like finding solace in how the darkness holds me.
Not worrying about Lost Time knowing the matrix consoles me.
Black out drunk, casting demons out of my temple.
How I wish the world could be so simple.
Ignorance is bliss.
I often find myself stressed with my index fingers at my temples.
Six years ago, I never would have guessed,
Things would come to a head like a pimple.
Appears I lost part of my smile like a dimple.
Gone forever but never forgotten.
The only good this world showed me; now it’s rotten.  
I’m plotting to do better.
I won’t steal others joy.
My gains will no longer be ill gotten.
Your pain and suffering wasn’t in vain.
My brothers and I have grown and changed.
Though at times we find anguish in speaking your name.
These lions you’ve made have went from: broken, to wild to tame.
This place isn’t the same, I claim responsibility, and take blame.
Feb 2016 · 683
Do You Love Me For Real?
Jay Bryant Feb 2016
Do you love me for real?
At times I hate myself
I guess I need to learn to deal
With complications I cause myself
I couldn't care less about wealth
Just what's real
I feel you feel my words
When I'm speaking or you reading
I could lay with you every night
I stay with you every night
I've know I've done wrong
I'm living my life to make it right
I'm sure you've left me in your head
Just stay one more night
When the morning comes
Hopefully I'll rise with sense like the sun
I know loving you is fun
I know that your the one
Though with all that I've done
Even though that I've won
I can't help but wonder
Do you love me for real
Or will this relationship plunder
The thought hit me fast as lightning
It's screaming at me loud as thunder
This love is o so exciting
Though the thought of losing you frightening
I may plunder into the gutter,
and hit the darkest point of my life
like when I lost my mother.
Nov 2015 · 374
Jay Bryant Nov 2015
I remember waking up a few years ago to my life ending.
Screeching still in my ear, and it's bone chilling.
A fatality to my soul like God was trying to finish a villain.
While my cousin getting High in the bathroom.
Mind you my momma dying in the next room.  
Sister had to wake
Mar 2015 · 451
Hungry For Change
Jay Bryant Mar 2015
I swear,
my plate is always fuller than one on Thanksgiving day.
I'm not thankful for being made a slave,
or living in this system that'll lead to an early grave.
Tho I do rejoice in moments free of pain,
free of rage,
free of these social gauges that usually defile my name.
So I look back to a time before the screams of my ancestors.
I dream a dream of my people finally being redeem.
Our slate wiped clean
Though to obtain this my plate must be left clean.
I'm hungry for knowledge
and ancient practices that will help me bring forth these things.
So let us elevate like steam,
and bust this system open at the seams.
Feb 2015 · 816
Living In The System
Jay Bryant Feb 2015
Should I comminate my enemies,
Or simply,
Educate those who are kin to me
Its sad to say
most of my elders aren't men to me
Don't take offense,
It's not directed towards anyone individually
But I'm Ashamed to say
most of my people aren't strong mentally
We remain in our chains even tho we appear free.
Enslaved since birth my rights were stripped from me.
Tho, I came up chasing knowledge,
I knew the truth was the key
Way before college
I learned the universe went from
zero to infinity
About zero point energy
And the truth they shroud
Surrounding this melanin
Multiplying my energy
Never dare to hide  
I don't wish for invisibility
So I see  the countenance of  
These racist faces filled with envy
Strong Black Man,
Convict even if I'm proven innocent
You can't say that makes me Militant
Just wondering why I was born here
and have less rights than immigrants.
In a sense,
I can't make it in Amerikkka,
Regardless of my diligence.
Just have to go where my destiny sends me
I know my soul is immortal
so these cowards could never end me
All my life I had to fight
Its the Will of Fire within me.
Tongue sharp as a knife  
I can feel the spirit shield me.
So I keep my boots on Mother Earth
I'll forever war for her.
I try to keep my chakras in sync,
But may disrespect you
If you accept the lies they wrote in ink.
We are the original people,
Our ancestors were Kings & Queens
Yes you I,
Even though as blacks we're only expected to die
Royalty is in our DNA,
not just in our dreams.
We've been empowered longer than enslaved
things are never what they seem.
Wait I forgot,
You were distracted by the love of green.
No not Anahata, I'm unstruck
I don't know if I'm living,
Due to dumb luck,
Or this Old Soul effecting my conduct.
Let me induct you into enlightenment
Active your pineal gland like lightning
Teach you about the astral
its oh so exciting
Tho this all begins with you my child
Please don't be frightened.
Jul 2014 · 597
Happy Birthday
Jay Bryant Jul 2014
These years seem like days,
Can't seem to shake this pain,
Because I know things will never be the same.
I claim to be numb since you left me
Tho, I've grown in to a man since you left me
Sister gone so who's next to meet death,
But I'm here and I'm blessed
A man on his quest,
I'm alive, but I can't say my heart is beating
Feeling like the living dead.
Don't dwell on the words I've said
Even though every last one I've meant.
Happy Birthday and R.I.P. Momma
Jun 2014 · 2.6k
Welding Hearts
Jay Bryant Jun 2014
The hearts and minds of our  future selves weld,
And Melt into the ***,
It seems hopeless to try,
But I can't seem to stop.
Until  Father time says; "My clock will tic but not tock,"
Sorry Doc you can' cure my ailments,
I'm killing myself for you,
But I still feel selfish.
Only if I can hide within myself like a shellfish,
Maybe I wouldn't be so hellbent on understanding this Paradox.
I saw our future before  I knew your name.
It pains  me to say its presently driving me insane
I try to fight the feeling
Though I can't seem to tame it
Steady holding the gun to your heart
But I can't seem to aim it
Praying for  something different
Though I can't  seem to change it
I can't seem to change us
Like Love is the game,
And Someone is playing us
Framing us,
For murdering "What could be"
I don't know
If its what should be
Though I have no problem seeing
If what would be perfect.
Could really be perfect.
I may be delusional
Tho, I don't care  because I know your worth it
Hallucinations of spending my time
With only you on this Earth.
I can't say if its a blessing or a curse.
At times its the best but,
Most of the time its the worst.
Trying my best to appease you
Until I leave this Earth.
Jun 2014 · 534
Spinning and Spiraling
Jay Bryant Jun 2014
Spinning..Spinning... I'm Dizzy
Ready to fall,
But I can't see the ground.
Voices in my head,
But I can't see a crowd.
Momma Momma,
Have I made you proud?
I made it to twenty-one,
But you can't see me now.
Can't fight this feeling
Can't hide this frown
Should I bite my tongue
Or rep my town

My Life
Down through the cosmos,
My life's odor is foul like halitosis
My heartbeat screams through the Galaxies
Paying my long distance
Soul searching fees.
In hopes that I can find you before my spirit leaves
In hopes that I find the right moment,
And I happen to seize it.
Just take my hand and squeeze it
Walk with me
While you tell me everything
Your pleased with,
I pray to the most high
On my knees quick
I have this stabbing pain
In my heart,
And the Dr's can't seem to ease it
I'm begging for peace of mind
I'm beating vocal cords
Making supplication to the nation
Wishing my agony
Would finally take a short vacation.

Sometimes I feel empty
Like my torso is Vacant
Though I've learned to live with it
So I appear to be complacent
You can't walk in my shoes
Our lives aren't adjacent
Your life's problems
Are only a day of my obligations
So you don't "Feel......Me"
That phrase is tasteless.

I wouldn't wish this
On my worse enemy
I know they can't take it
Can't stare in the mirror
At the reality I'm faced with.

No this isn't karma
That philosophy is basic
I don't want be here
But My Momma told me I can take it
My sister said in this life I can make it
So i'm climbing this tallest mountain
Just to tell them I made it.
Apr 2014 · 522
Late Night Confessions
Jay Bryant Apr 2014
Eyes redder than the blood in my veins
I came with hopes and dreams, but only left with pain.
Who's to blame for this layer of filth on my skin you call shame.
A smell so putrid it's blocked out by my brain.
Take a walk in my shoes if you doubt my claim.
Gun to my temple so I don't have to aim.
I praise the most high but I'm still going insane
******* in my ear when I hear her name
Love her to death even after my grave
Ambitious like a stripper working late night to pay her tuition.
Who's to say its wrong if she's just using what God's given.
Educate her on life if you believe her views on dignity aren't right.
Could she stop even if she had an epiphany tonight.
Survive life without a bite to eat, or a place to sleep
Dignity is expensive but talk is cheap.
Mar 2014 · 530
Black Bird
Jay Bryant Mar 2014
The Wings of a black bird curves,
As he’s deterred by the winds resistance
Contemplating its exist, but his will to go on is persistent
You see, he doesn't know what’s to gain
Or if he’ll find truth in those old sayings
Disputing myths and pointing out counterfeits
Depicting things in the distance, like he has a sixth sense
Reading the fine print on prescriptions,
Vulture’s find their addictions from the God’s
Because they have plenty of victims.
More than ****** or *******, Crack is wack, Mary Jane causes no pain
Medicines that aren't natural **** humans like its casual
Causalities building faster than the words of Socrates
The FAD of the F.D.A. approving poison as food like aspartame.
Preachers teaching blasphemy, Reading scriptures inaccurately,
Tickling the ears of those that pay a dollar to hear
That Jesus is coming there’s nothing to fear
So they believe they’ll be long gone before destruction is near
Death is at the door, but evolution is around the corner
The revolution will have to hold them
No true solution to control them
You see we are the caged beings
They lock our brains in
Books of lies, and entertaining T.V.
Feb 2014 · 357
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
More time lost looking for love.
Am I lost for love,
Or lost in love.
I don't know what to think.
Since I don't know what it is.
What is love?
Is it the warm feeling inside,
Or the smile she gives me?
People do anything for their love,
And do things to hurt their love.
If you hurt when your love is hurt,
Then hurting your love
Should be hurting yourself.
Feb 2014 · 416
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
Why have love,
when there's heartbreak?
Is a brief moment of love worth,
A life with a broken heart?
The words I speak have puzzled
Most of the world.
Two feelings more intense
Than death itself.
Love controls your life
It is the puppet master,
And you are the puppet.
It brings light as radiant as the sun
And darkness like midnight.
I'd rather had love and loss love,
Than never loved at all.
It is a sensation compared
With ones heart beating.
Knowing love and having loved
Is the beauty of life.
It pollinates the flowers
That brings happiness.
Love brings one happiness.
Poem from 2010
Feb 2014 · 377
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
With you is like, with Love
Your glowing orange,
Or is that just your aura In my mind,
With you I feel like I'm blowed
Out my mind
But the blunt was never sparked
So its you who had me feeling
Warm feelings drinking cold wine
Not enough time
To write what's on my mind
Because I know
My thoughts are intangible
And my dream are unimaginable
Poem from 2010
Feb 2014 · 347
(Her Point of View)
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
Drizzling all over my body
Awaiting the lips to touch me
Cleanse me of this **** treat
Awaiting his tongue to lick me
Everywhere, all around my body
Caressing me slowly,
With his hands and mouth
His name I'm thinking,
Screaming aloud
When he's inside of me
Awaiting, that bursting sensation
That feels me with inspiring feeling
Inspiration to wake up
Wake up from this dream I'm in
And make it reality
Awaiting to live my life
Poem from 2009
Feb 2014 · 351
My Girl
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
In the day I think of her,
And at night I day dream of her.
My nights are restless bcuz of her.
Her scent never leaves my nose
And face is never far from my mind.
She intoxicates me with her presence
But my days darken as she leaves.
Into a dark abyss I slip without her.
She is the light at the end of the tunnel
Anyone with eyes can see her
But I am the only one that has her.
She is the Sun of my solar system
I'm naturally attracted to her
And can not pull away from her
I can not exist if she is not there.
Blind I will go if I can't see her
Lost I am when I'm not with her.
I know I love her and she loves me.
Poem from 2010
Feb 2014 · 309
Forever Present
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
I am always with her even when I am not.
In her heart I am always present it beats faster or slower because of me.
All of her thoughts revolve around me ;
I am the sun of the solar system in her mind.
How warm she is and cold her breath is.
Life is what the air gives her My life to take is what I give her.
She gives me her love and the air she breathes.
So I take her breath away until I think she is ready breathe.
Poem From 2010
Feb 2014 · 442
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
Our bodies make music
When we come together
We harmonize in no time.
Like coffee you smell to me,
And your skin mocha with cream.
Starbucks can't compare to you.
You send me to the clouds,
And my mind beyond the stars.
I don't know you send me,
But you are here with me.
What you make me feel
Is a sensation like your touch.
Poem from 2010
Feb 2014 · 402
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
As the rain falls my hands begin to traverse your curves,
Bringing excitement to your skin.
Our bodies shift beneath the sheets until my fingers brush pass your rose.
Wet and warm I think as I caress your petals.
Your legs tense and your heart races.
The room starts to heat and the windows fog from our heavy breathing.
I overcome my anxieties
Slowly push myself inside of you and your body pulls towards me.
My **** begins to throb from its indulgence of your *****.
The air slowly moisten as sweat drips off our body.
When the Lightening strikes your nails cut into my back.  
I dig deeper inside your well of pleasure.
We advance to a new position and my hand grips your hair.
The sound of the rain silences your moans,
As the thunder cancels out the noise of our ****** encounter.
Poem From 2010
Feb 2014 · 1.7k
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
Your body is shaped like the earth itself.
Unique at every curve,
and you move at my slightest touch.
My fingers slowly caress your back as your breath grows stronger.
My hand slides between your legs and your body begins to move.
When my fingers plunge inside you release an angelic tone.
My fingers moved inside of you while your body twist and turns.
I descend deeper inside of you as my tongue moves up your neck.
Slowly move my tongue down between your breast.
Your body twitches when I hit the tip of your *****.
You moan lightly when my tongue spreads the lips of your ******,
Screaming as my mouth engulfs it, and your juices flow within it.*
**When my lips pinch your **** you lose every thought
In your mind except for pleasure.
I plunge my **** inside of you until you can...
Feel the pressure against your walls,  
I feel your warm wet ***** around it.
Feb 2014 · 380
Come To Me
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
I am a fan of poetry.
Come and write me something
That soothes my soul and brings tranquility to my mind.
Let your words tickle my ears and put a smile on my face.
Come write for me in my days of sorrow.
Let your ink spill on your paper,
And I will incline my eyes to your writings.
Poem from 2010
Feb 2014 · 604
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
Our friendship is more than love.
Unbreakable even by distance,
Like a gold and diamond chain.
It is forever changing it is the earth
Yet always strong it is a mountain.
A mountain covering the clouds,
And soon to reach the stars.
It is constantly growing.
Never shaking like an earthquake
Or twisting like a hurricane
It is me and you it is strong.
Poem from 2010
Feb 2014 · 426
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
Like coffee you taste to me,
Mocha with a hint of cream.
Your body is sweet like 3 sugars.
A head rush is what you give me,
3 cups down and waiting on the 4th.
What is it that you do to me?
My heart is beating to were,
It is chipping at my ribs.
The acceleration you give to me
My heart is what I give to you.
My body is yours to use or abuse
As long as I'm with you.
As long as you are with me.
Me and you were meant to be.
Poem from 2010
Feb 2014 · 658
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
You send me to the clouds,
And my mind beyond the stars.
Lost in this galaxy with you,
Yet I'm only in this universe for you.
So high you take me
Is this love or something more.
Love is concentrated feelings
And emotion that two share.
But it is always brief never forever.
Yet there is nothing more than love
Except for the love of a friend
Friendship last past grave.
It is found in the heart of many.
So I love to say you are my friend.
Poem from 2010
Feb 2014 · 500
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
Time stops when I'm near you,
My heart races at the thought you.
My love for you is forever present like oxygen.
Taken for granted at times yet,
You're always reminded of it when you forget to breathe.
My breath grows shallow when you're in my arms.
Slowly it lightens until its mere shadows of your own
All that can be heard is our hearts beating.
My heart beats with yours until your heart stops.
I can hear my heart alone but I feel a light thud against your back.
Is my heart beating to loudly or yours to softly.
Poem from 2010
Feb 2014 · 1.7k
Born In Music
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
The smooth sounds of rnb,
Vibe from my speakers
Deep into my mind.
While the sweet melodies
And lyrics flow in my ears,
My brain reacts to words
And sends signals
through most of body.
Music control my state of mind.
It brings violence or peace,
depending on the lyrics.
The beat controls my tempo
Mellow or Uptight
Music controls my life,
And emotions
It will always make my day.
Poem from 2010
Feb 2014 · 4.6k
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
She inspires me to write,
When I think of her words bubble to the surface of my mind.
Literary comprehension this is what she brings to me.
Balancing thoughts and emotions of love happiness.
She has become the scale to my brain.
The sight of her face is what moves the blood through my veins.
My eyes were made for her so without the sigh of her I'll go blind.
I'm grateful she allows me to see.
Poem from 2010
Feb 2014 · 805
Sugar Rush
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
Fueled by arizona tea and a sugar rush that enables me to work to a higher standard. Enabling me to live my life with a smooth taste of chocolate in my mouth and only thoughts of you in my mind. Comparing our relationship to a twix I am the chocolate and you are the caramel mixing together perfectly creating something so unique it can will not be compared. Thinking of the beauty of it all the beauty of you and me
Feb 2014 · 444
Day After Day
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
Day after day
I sit and think about my life
What if If this happened
Or I did this, and I realized
It didn't and I didn't
So why does it matter
Life it what you make it
Similar to a cake
It can be bad or good
But take advantage
before its gone
Poem from 2010
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
Whenever, Wherever, Whatever she wants.
She can have her way like that fast food chain.
She's chained to her lover, and wouldn't pick to be chained to another,
Because they have one another.
Prisoners of love hoping for a life sentence.
Sentence me to a life time with her and I want try for an appeal.
Her lips are appealing to my mind,
They're telling me yes so why not bump and grind.
Poem from 2010
Feb 2014 · 1.0k
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
A sunflower you are.
Brightening anyone's day who glances at you.
A seed of joy you came from a seed of happiness you instill in those you love. Uniquely colored with an inspiring personality you've become.
Your curves have befriended you from slim to round in all the right places.
Your body has intoxicated me.
It is beauty in the eye of any beholder.
To touch is the dream of every man, but to love is mines alone.
Your seeds of love are many in number yet all I needed is one.
Poem from 2010
Feb 2014 · 277
New Sun
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
When I see the sun I think of you,
You enlighten my mind, and brighten my day.
With no regards to time or place.
Even in my darkest days you light the way with your shining face.
When the day is gone and the night has come
Your smile is illuminated by the moon to make night like day.
Never do we fuss or fight bcuz we are forever high off life.
A life in which we're together to bring light to each other.
This happens  whenever we see or think of each other.
It is what I believe to be our love for one another.
Feb 2014 · 245
What If
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
What if I never met you and we didn't share our love with each other? Would you rather throw it away or keep the pain that I embedded in your heart. How would things be if we were still together. Would our love have already dissolved or would it be as strong as the day you said "I love you." Would you say you hate me or you want to have my children. Would you cry yourself to sleep at the very thought me, or would you fall asleep in my arms. Would my face inspire a smile and bring you to your life, or dig deeper into the dark abyss that you your heart use to be.
Feb 2014 · 666
Last Stop Motel
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
Their hearts are racing as their eyes lock, the car’s parked in front of The Last Stop Motel. They both know the plan, but their lips won't tell, they just stare into each other’s souls as they exhale. 1 black bag reveals a vial filled with their desires an hour of love and an eternity of mystics. One hour filled with passion, lamps crashing, to the floor, moans mixed with laughing. His **** swelling inside her and smashing against her walls, as her body slides abruptly against the wall, Faint sirens in the distance, but they feel its fate that they end it. The crime sprees and hiding deep within the trees, where the police can’t find them but their families can’t either, so he hides himself in her so deep she wants more even though that it hurts. The pains of life and pleasures of ***. Ooo she loves it when he ***** on her neck, she says he does it the best. Because when she can feel him inside her its like they connect. The cops draw closer as she rides far away, Her hips are moving in a circular motion and she gives it all she can, because she doesn’t when the potion is going to bring her to end, Sweat drips off her body on to him, he can taste the lust on her skin, he lifts her up, and sticks his tongue. Licks his name all over her flower, and grips her *** with so much power. She’s on the fast track to ecstasy, and neither one of them knows if its been close to an hour. And it doesn’t matter because her life right now is trying to hit her peak and she just might right now as his finger slips in between her cheeks. He prods around the **** hole as she pour out her soul all over the sheets. He flips her on her stomach she tries to say something but he interrupts with don’t speak. They lock eyes again and see that desire again so he know she longs for him to go deep. He slaps her *** and spreads her cheeks then licks her ***** all the way up and between her *** cheeks. Slaps his **** on her **** then rubs in some spit and jams it in softly. Wraps her hair around his hand pull backs and pelvic ****** forward and makes the bed creek. He gets into the rhythm then synchronizes with her heart beat. Thump, Thump, Bump, and Bump. Her insides are so good it raises him off his feet  So sweet like honey bees and this love seems to make time last. Even though he continues to **** her fast and slap her ***, until he feels her walls tighten around his **** and nectar pushing out of it. Her legs quivered and her tone is not none known to man the great elation of the ******* science has yet to understand. The door bust open as he bust over her ovaries, the swat team staring thinking how lucky is he. Then They drop in to darkness falling asleep both knowing this is how it was meant to be.
Feb 2014 · 637
Cold Blooded (Extended)
Jay Bryant Feb 2014
Echoes of piano keys, and the heartbroken whales of a goddess
Fathom the sounds, be honest
The truth is desperate, because lies are an endemic
This world has grown fulsome in tears, as the years wither away
Names ring in the ears of victims’ families’ each day
Faded concepts cause lifelong dismay
Justify the concoction spilled on the ground each day
Gallons of salty tears, and warm blood
Mix together in cold streets no love
Blind eyes and Deaf ears completely disappear
When despair is near,
When revelations take place, no secrets just faith
No escape, because hope is from a land far away
This land is filled with despair, but we’re all scared to drift away
To let the tides pull and push our dismay away
We’d rather suffer each day, than plant roots in a new place
Modern day slaves stuck in the Puppet Master’s game
Mentally we haven’t evolved since the Stone Age
Instead of attempting to change tomorrow we reminisce on the old days
On the old ways of humanity the insanity filled with greed, lust, and vanity
You see this is centuries of planning at a slow place
Playing their hand smart until they pull that one Ace
So keep your Poker face strong and your house full
Open your mind, let it be your tool
These ratchets are the setback stealing minds of young fools
“Spare the rod, spoil the child.”
I say this not to be cruel, but to teach what was not taught in school
Life is lived at your minds pace, so any measure of time is a waste
These signs represent the end of times, but the media tales you everything is fine
The media has failed you with their lies, impaired your mind,
Hides the cries of innocent victims most of them not nine, this world is a sick one
The nervous system of this country is numb,
We can’t see the truth, because we’re blind, deaf, and dumb
Yet Helen Keller had the compassion we could never
It seems all ties to reality, that is life, have become severed
It rains everyday no need to check the weather
Do you really believe Chemtrails are making things better?
These snakes and wolves are starting to get clever
As these sheep sleep peacefully,
I keep both eyes open hoping they’ll never get a piece of me
We’re all slaves and our souls are weighed equally
So I sit and meditate looking for peace within me
Violence can spin me, until I get dizzy, and throw up until my stomach is empty
It’s not envy, simply, just justice bubbling, it’s my guts rumbling
On the path to enlightenment I find myself stumbling
It’s quite puzzling, how can I love the ones who only show hate towards me?
I find myself voicing my opinion but they only ignore me
Nov 2013 · 2.5k
I Have No Regrets In Life
Jay Bryant Nov 2013
I live life with no true regrets,
So I remain distant from the stress that lies in the distance.
Those heartaches you’d swear on your name
Felt like gut wrenching pain,
And all the agony that comes with reminiscing.
The memories so vivid and descriptive
So realistic, that I can taste the sweat on her lips,
And feel the hesitation that sets in before the kiss
How my hands gripped her hips
How her skin felt like temptation
How the moment lasted forever
How I realized it wouldn’t last forever
When I snap back in to reality
I feel like I witnessed a tragedy
Because this is not what I want
But it is what I once had
And the memory brings
Back the chemistry
That was once so great it seemed like symmetry
As time fades away these thoughts seem to stay
Permanently embedded in my brain
Sweet yet vicious like lye laced kisses
Or the exquisite meal that’s prepared
For the man that’s about to face his fears
And find out what awaits him in the next dimension.
I use to spend my days in darkness and mischief.
Though I changed my ways when I saw her face.
I saw faith in sway of hips,
So my breath she takes away as I kiss her lips
That past she takes away I feel that I missed
What it could have been
If she would have been with me back then
If I could have caressed her skin
If love could have begun with her
If the past could have been spun with her
Instead of the web that’s weaved of mistrust, lust, and hurt
If she could have claimed her turf
Before the others came to work
The ones that made it more work for her
So at times my love may seem like a curse to her
Though she knows our future is bright
Like a distant star in the sunlight.

I’m certain that I live with no true regrets
Though it seems that the only purpose of the past
Is to remind me of what I had
To take the truth and twist it
To change me from sane to demented
This misery is worse than a child sitting in detention
When the teacher failed to mention
He could attend recess.
If only my life I could reset
If only I could Ctrl, Alt, Del
The recesses of my mind
And let the monster loose
I’m forced to trap in the basement
All the built up anger I’d hate to displace it
And all this love has yet to replace it.
Happiness is here I can taste it
Her presence is far from basic
Every minute treasured none wasted
Every hour helps build this tower
That’s meant to reach heavens
This power of peace
This peace of power
She has over me
Makes me feel complete
So I’ll Ctrl, Alt, Delete
Any memories that aren’t as sweet, as She.
That aren’t as deep as me
Inside of Her
Making love with her,
My only wish is to share this love with her
Maybe have a son with her
My life is like white doves with her
So I live with no true regrets
Because my past brought me to her
So I don’t mind the heartache and the hurt I once felt,
Even if my heart is Ice she’ll make it melt
Jay Bryant Oct 2013
Black and Grey waters
Fathers the hope of its followers
As this Wave of inspiration
Crashes into the page, Sights of past shadows
Morph in to words, so cold and shallow
You reap what you sow, so I know my hope is shallow
So I sit and I pray with this page in front of me
Arranging these words hoping they expand the days in front of me
Live life on the dangerous side, Under the influence and down to ride
Mask on his face like a sad black clown, life’s rain seems to make him frown
Pour up drink to calm him down, Roll up smoke just to make him smile
To escape the torment
Thoughts run deep
From my head to my feet
Everything starts to sink
Thoughts run deep
Tho, I'd rather suffer
Than suffer defeat
My life is my choices
I can conquer my instinct
An animal I was born
A man I have become
I've grown in stature
Most importantly in wisdom
The truth leaves me numb
I must suffer to overcome
A wise man's affliction
Is knowing the world's dumb
Thoughts run deep
From my head to my feet

That silent moment when you can hear your heart hit your chest
Your mind is empty, your thoughts are to complex
You hesitate to speak, not assured your words are meek
So you lay there and think as chills roll up your feet
What if the blind could not see, the illiterate could not read
How does that effect you, would that effect me
Tho, at the end of the day we sleep peacefully
My hair stands ***** as the injustice creeps on me
We live in a vast nation filled with *******
So we ******* ourselves, by locking it in the basement
The beast lives on just caged and chained
Tho, we still have amnesia when it comes to his name
The ignorance of this world gives me great pain
Yes, vexation is abundant in my brain
Because I know that if these words were in a song it would not get played
That knowledge is power, but money makes the world go round
That the truth hurts so we'd rather take it dumbed down
That in each town there's a good side and a bad side
That the grass is always greener on the other side
Or is that just the lie we are deceived into believing
Stimulate your mind
See beyond the clouds
Vibrations of sounds
Sing the song of the
Sad Black Clown
Jay Bryant Oct 2013
Every day it seems I try, but I can't get my mind off this
The silent cries of the victims who appear to be invisible
The ones who'll never reach their pinnacle,
Their names and faces I'll never know
I shed a tear for them, but they'll never know
My actions never seem cynical
Though these conditions on Earth are critical
I said a prayer for you, but you'll never know
Love is in the air, but the pollution is strong
And hate continues to grow
It seems like the hope of finding a solution is gone
They dilute the truth, bomb the innocent,
Then tell you to salute the troops
They’re just doing what they’re told like you
By these groups of men focused on money and sin
Trying to prolong the life they live,
Because they sense the end
Though I sense my life is yet to begin
Since this knowledge in my head is telling me
I need to be spiritually and mentally fed
Like there’s a divine bread I’ve yet to taste
I’ve yet to face an obstacle
That remains an obstacle
My mind is sick
Though there’s no need for a Dr. or Hospital
That can give a prescription for this
The truth is an addiction
In the eyes of those who can’t observe the twist
So I guess I’m addicted
Long ago all of these tragedies were predicted
Though we humans don’t try to prevent them
We only pray for the sins we've already committed
As for the criminals who’ll never be convicted
The one’s in high places  
For their achievements you commend them
At the end of their time and the beginning of mine
God will give them a sentence
I’m starting to ramble let me end it
Let’s see if you can take your mind off this
Hundreds of children died from hunger
While you were reading this.
Oct 2013 · 1.6k
Am I Dreaming?
Jay Bryant Oct 2013
Wake up some days like I must be dreanin
Feinnin for a state a mind
That gives life meaning,
Submerged in reasoning,
Drowned by thinking
I see the white light
Or am I dreaming
Am I feeling this way for no reason?
Subconsciously bleeding
Sharing my thoughts like I’m seeding  
An open book who’s reading
A case against life I’m pleading
In the game I’m seasoned
But if it’s the truth I’m speaking
Tell me if I’m dreaming,
Tell me if you see them
The haters the fakers the tyrants
Promoting convictions and violence
My people on the Earth are dying
Because these demons in disguise stay lying
I’m trying **** right trying to cease the pain and the crying
Mothers tears who fear their children’s death is near
I’m clear in what saying so don’t get my words twisted
Like I be having distorted visions
, Never That,
My dreams are vivid my lyrics descriptive
I’m not saying I’m gifted
But this truth will make you question religion
Will make aggressive from timid
God said we are all made in his image
Minus mutations from Chemist
Our genes don’t flex like gymnast  
This world’s stress is our limit
Without artificial stress we can live it
Live life like back in the Garden of Eden
Like children at play hope hasn't gone away
Conscience fleeting today,
Emotions peeling away
Drinking whiskey straight
I guess this is the way
I guess this is the place
Life just whisking away
Who’ll miss me anyways?
Jay Bryant Oct 2013
If you drift through the day waiting for night to take you away,
Everybody thinks you’re okay, but inside your going insane
If you live with your pain, but can’t take it
So you go day by day trying to fake it
In hope that one day it won’t be a lie and you’ll make it
You know what’s wrong, but can’t say it
If you feel like your life is missing color
Like every day you’re just living to get number
You scream in your heart but your lips can only stutter
Then you realize it doesn't matter
Because they only hear you as a mutter
If you can’t look at yourself in the face
Or even mouth the words you really want to say
If days flies by in a haze, and you feel like you’re in a daze
You’d be amazed when I say
That You’re Not Alone
Sep 2013 · 936
Just Hold On
Jay Bryant Sep 2013
Trouble on my mind, as my pen cries.
The Sun has gone home, so I sit trapped in the night alone
Listening to sad songs, wishing I can go home, but my home is long gone.
It’s not to my convenience actually its rather inconvenient, and in it I can’t find meaning.
A betrayal of emotions you may deem it treason.
My pen cries blood on the paper and love is the reason, love is the issue.
Well among my issues, the negative in my life is not only mental but physical.
Not only financial but spiritual, so these words I’m giving to you,
Is all I have to give to you, the weight of the world is fine.
Its breaks my back so I cry, but I’m a Man so these invisible tears I hide.
Hope that my shoulders become stronger so I can walk a little bolder.
If only they knew the world weighs me down like a boulder.
Attempting to anchor my life for a little longer.
Though I pray for strength so by the morning I’m little stronger.
In the night she only wants me to hold her.
To soothe her pain, so I take her load on all the same.
The pressure of this stress is getting insane.
Like a potato is in my exhaust, and it’s getting ready to blow my brain.
So I grit my teeth; until I chipped my tooth.
A portrayal of me in truth is a bird that flew the coupe
But the others can’t fly and there’s no rug or magic carpet ride.
So they fly aboard the wings of me, until I fly low, Hold On.
It’s been this way for so long, and I need an outlet.
So I imagine flying on the imaginary rug alone.
My mind plugs into my heart, and finds love, but I’m still alone.
Late night visions of my home it ***** that it’s gone.
Though these memories, hold on,
Like a leech or a parasite gnawing at my dreams in the night.
So I don’t sleep I just think and I write
Continue to fight even though my will was broken long ago.
My hope was taken long ago, but
My faith remains strong so I still pursue on.
Hold on, can you hear it?
My spirit trying to escape and getting no where
Life’s not fair but this enchantment called love keeps me there.
It keeps me here, but my mind wonders.
Thinking what’s up yonder or will I be a father,
When will I be home again?
However I sit here alone again. Wishing for the impossible
Though I was taught everything is possible
So I’m going to hold the world on my shoulders until I’m in the hospital.
Or six feet beneath the Earth in a casket
This isn’t a fear of mine so I find no reason to mask it.
Life is short, but this can’t be too much that I’m asking
My dreams are usually of me getting blasted
Head on the ground face down bleeding out letting life out as it ends.
But what if the world’s on my shoulders and my life ends?
A sad soul to the end even though I’ve grown into a man.
Life is what you make it no matter your beginning or end.
Most wish to do it again, I only wish I knew when it ends.
Aug 2013 · 878
Zero, One, One Two, Three
Jay Bryant Aug 2013
My words come fast so I stutter
Not out of hesitation, but pure elation.
The joy in my heart wishes to latch on to the masses
To replenish the spirit in those locked in the caskets.
To give birth to the Phoenix out of the ashes.
Life is a lesson, but there are no classes;
Only the beginning and the end.
Though, once we evolve we can begin again
Free of sin……, yes free of time….., true peace of mind.
Listen closely these words have more meaning than rhyme.
We started with nothing and God gave us hope
So we began to dream and continued to hope to please him
Built faith from our hope, because we know we need him.
Somewhere down the line in the process of time
Our hope and faith combined and embedded love into our minds.
Mathematically speaking this equation deepens
When broken down into the language God speaks in.
From Nothing (0) Hope (1) arisen, and we Hoped (1)
Until Faith (2) was given from Hope (1) and Faith (2)
We received Love (3) I've seen the equation above it was meant to be,
Because it was God given, God written, the spiral in a rose
Composes the same sentence, like 0,1,1,2,3
Don’t take these numbers loosely
They are a ratio of the first kind,
Do research with Fibonacci in mind.
Keep God, Hope, Faith, and Love in mind.
These build our foundation no possible way to replace them.
Even time stops but God does not,
So with utter destruction he can still construct them.
Sometimes I stutter,
Because my words are like spontaneous combustion
From nothing to something with no known reduction
By themselves you won’t trust them
But once they’re together there’s no question.
This is not a message from God,
It’s more like directions,
Love each other and put faith in him
I hope my words don’t flutter
Like my lights gone dim,
My life is somewhat Grimm
Though through love I rejoice
Happiness is a choice that only you can choose
Some situations can appear to be a lose lose,
But since the choice is yours you can choose to win too.
We may be tied down in sin, tied down by time,
Though with the ties found were love lies,
We can break the binds that bind us to time.
Love is in us no need to look, it can’t be explained so it’s not in a book.
However, if you consistently look for love
You’ll wonder where the time went
Time is only spent not earned
So why not concern your time
With the one who gives it in mind?
Sixty seconds in the past minute,
Sixty minutes in the past hour.
If you look at time as a tower
How many of your floors would be built upon dishonor?
Aug 2013 · 1.1k
Smoking On A Cloud
Jay Bryant Aug 2013
Clouds go through my flesh,
As I feel my mind elevate high into the atmosphere
Steering clear of rain clouds
All the negative energy gets me down,
This smoke is thick and its loud
Inspires laughs like a clown
I can feel the vibration of life
When I’m on the ground.
In the air there’s not a care in a world for me
No untimely emergences impeding on my life
Like a burglary, stealing my time and my essence
At times my presence is a blessing
When I get with Mary Jane the game changes
She’s no regular Dame she invades my body
And promotes changes
Can even make me forget my name
Insignificant is my pain in her eyes
When she blows my mind
My problems whisk away in the wind
She heals my mental and physical ill’s
Without me popping a pill filled with poison
She is part of the Earth so for what it worth
I try to preserve the dirt, that’s where I will go
And that’s where she will be
So one day in her seeds I’ll be
And maybe someone will get high off me.
Aug 2013 · 848
Smoking On A Cloud
Jay Bryant Aug 2013
Clouds go through my flesh,
As I feel my mind elevate high into the atmosphere
Steering clear of rain clouds
All the negative energy gets me down,
This smoke is thick and its loud
Inspires laughs like a clown
I can feel the vibration of life
When I’m on the ground.
In the air there’s not a care in a world for me
No untimely emergences impeding on my life
Like a burglary, stealing my time and my essence
At times my presence is a blessing
When I get with Mary Jane the game changes
She’s no regular Dame she invades my body
And promotes changes
Can even make me forget my name
Insignificant is my pain in her eyes
When she blows my mind
My problems whisk away in the wind
She heals my mental and physical ill’s
Without me popping a pill filled with poison
She is part of the Earth so for what it worth
I try to preserve the dirt, that’s where I will go
And that’s where she will be
So one day in her seeds I’ll be
And maybe someone will get high off me.
Aug 2013 · 1.2k
Night Owl
Jay Bryant Aug 2013
The night owl performs even deep within the storm
The weight of the world on its wings
Though in its heart it sings
It sees the truth that eludes the day
The stabbing of pride that leads them astray
Wholesome is the mind,
But the eyes constantly betray
Causing turmoil and dismay
A freight train is the truth
And it’s coming this way
To be frank the worlds sleeping
Only the Night Owl is awake
So wake up and start to train
To see the dried blood in the stain
Train your brain to be alert
Or be found dead in the dirt
For what it’s worth
It’s not curse it’s a blessing
So let this be a lesson
A testimony to the proof
A quest of harmony in a zoo
To silence all of the hullabaloo
Let the Night Owl Be proof to you
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