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Sep 2017
When the bomb drops
The hands on the clock lock.

Shrieks of terror stop
There are no kids playing on the block.

A game of freeze tag
Has never ended so sad
Suspended in time
Not a single heart beats
As this moment passes

There goes the explosions
There goes the terrified screeching
Of mothers and their
children going into convulsions.
I lost a Mother.
He lost a Sister

It all happened in an instant
A millisecond couldn't have passed any quicker.

Silent laughs of insanity
Thoughts of losing my humaniaty
This weight on my chest can't be explained by gravity.
Like being shot
While wearing a vest.
Feeling my organs expanding
As my ribs compress
If this is life?
I just may prefer death.
If this is living
I may prefer to see what's next.
The thought of anything
Is better than the reality
Of this knife holding back
The screams in my neck.
Jay Bryant
Written by
Jay Bryant
   Lior Gavra
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