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Mar 2017
Dear Jacqueline,
I never knew a dream could come to life.
I never knew doing wrong could feel so wright.
Lonely nights as I wish we could be going home tonight.
Twin mattress, twin flame who could put out this light.
6 rounds down my world revolves around you.
4 years since I saw you.
I'm sharing, but we know I can't saw you.
2 pieces but mines bigger.
Been yo shooter I'll pull the trigger
Over thinking high off yo essence
Just trying to be yo *****
Just trying to work this plan
So we can get nasty like ***** Dan
Live forever like peter pan.
Planting seeds of love
Waiting for them to expand
Timeless I'll reach you no matter our lifespan

Radiant like your smile when you think of me.

Your soul glows but only God knows

Where we should be

Loyal to love

Fire smoldering

Palms sweat when I think of you

I got a love jones bad
Years went by
Emotions criss crossing like clad
Sad and strung out
I use to drive by the places
We once hung out
Feeling like a junkey I'm strung out
Addicted to the pain you gave
Sweeter than Agave
You save
Lately  I've been wilding out
No one knows
Since I don't scream and shout
You tame me
Pointing at everybody when that 40 out
You aim me
Bullets blast
Once that trigger pulled
You can't change the past
Heart broken but don't need a cask
Lightning striking
Usually in a flash
So you got me sitting thinking
How long this will last
Jay Bryant
Written by
Jay Bryant
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