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James McSweats May 2017
The world has gone grey.
We all live in limbo.
But out of the darkness.
"Wuss poppin Jimbo."
James McSweats Apr 2017
James McSweats the sweat
He get extremely sweaty
The sweat is **** him.
James McSweats Mar 2017
My belly is filled with the sweet spaghetti
Helps to releive you of your regretti.
Eat spaghetti when you are sore
Its tomato sauce will fill your core.
When you are have woes or filled with sorrow
Spaghetti will carry you to tomorrow.
An amazing euphoric meal
So good you will have to kneel.
The waiter brings me a second bowl
I need more to feel whole.
the bowl arrives but alas,
the garlic bread seems to have passed.
The garlic bread is an essential piece
give to me to maintain the peace!
I wake up in a holding cell
with blood on my hands
it seems I killed all the mans.
I'm given life without parole
seems ill be spending time in the hole.
But I have no regretti
for I did it all for the spaghetti.
James McSweats May 2016
I was walking down the street
When the blood rushed to my meat
I was caught by surprise
As it began to rise
I tried to hide it in my waistband
But I didn't want to use my hand
I snuck away to quickly toss one out
And then I saw her face, struck with doubt
She watched as I blew my manly load
She ran as my fluids flowed
But my eurethra strained
And the juiced rained
She was soaked with the *******
It was a story of fate
James McSweats May 2016
I'm waiting for it
The sweet release that is death
All I need is memes

— The End —