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James Floss Mar 2020
I was mid-sentence
of a hazy-crazy
argument with her;
spittle sprayed with
unguarded gesticulations
when a butterfly landed
on my finger that was
slashing toward her.
First, I seethed.
Then, froze and
stopped breathing as
I watched gentle flickering
of her beautiful wings.
Delicate things
What was I splaying?
I didn’t matter anymore.
Just stuff to sort later.
James Floss Mar 2020
I’ll never play checkers
  with my dad again
Can’t go back to that
  place or when

I remember being
  sick at six
But mom knew soup
  and other tricks

[here’s where you think
  of who/what you lost
both the gain and/or
  the precious cost]

We’re on a time slide
  What a ride!
    Only towards
       So look forward
James Floss Mar 2020
3 cups dandelion greens
A quarter cup of water
1 waxed sleeve of saltines, crushed
A pinch of coriander
A pinch of curry
A stintch of ginger
Any remaining salt
Stir into a slurry
Serve with appropriate liquid
James Floss Mar 2020
I reach down
And what is gone is
An identity fluidity to
Engender remember

Inney or outy
Is our infinity?
No. Flexibility
Today, he
James Floss Mar 2020
Regrets? I’ve had a few
I’ve done a lot; what's more to do?

I haven’t seen the northern lights
Or seen earth from sub-orbital flight

I never saw a show at the Apollo
Can you dig it? Do you follow?

I never asked a boy to me kiss
Nor ate the cheeks of a blowfish

I haven’t climbed Kilimanjaro
(But I could still do that tomorrow)

But then again…

I threw myself from an aero plane
So, I don’t need to do that again

I zip-lined a mile chasm in Costa Rica
And hot-ballooned over Tlacochahuaya

I’ve been a nudist in Albuquerque
Yes, those that know, I am that quirky

Crossed crevasses to the South Pole
And flung myself into the future solo

Regrets? I’ve had a few
But far, far more adventures, too
James Floss Mar 2020
49.3: Sustainability
      -b.2d: yoghurt
          • easy peasy!
          • scrape container
          • soft boil milk *(see Fu.2)
          • mix remains
          • wrap, keep warm, covered
                = several hours
                = viola!
                = yoghurt!


                                * [Fu.2 -> get cow]
James Floss Mar 2020
To know you are a sinner
Is to be a winner

More important than wrong
Is the penitent song

Not heavenly forgiveness
but to be witness

To admission to the
Loved one wronged


Totally up to them
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