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James Floss Mar 2020
You can only know
Approaching a
Black hole
That the event horizon
Is compelling

An insidious abyss
The black maw
As you fall
And then, “Catch!”
You hate her smile


You love it
James Floss Mar 2020
Today I lost my ****
I did; that’s all is it?
Older and bolder?

No, just lost my ****
Not bolder,  just older
Not good with it

I lost my ****
This is it
I’m old
James Floss Mar 2020
It lands with a thud
No hello, no “can I come in?”


Come on! Buck up man!
Get that off your back!

That’s your impression?

Change the channel?

Put on a fresh shirt and smile?

It doesn’t work that way
Not for some while
James Floss Mar 2020
“A yam is a yam” said Sam
As I am who I am

And I am what I can, I said
“A good scam!” said Sam

Overcome the span
If maybe we can

Slap it, cap it
Snap it, trap it

Then we began
The save it plan
James Floss Mar 2020
What? I’m aghast!
S/He doesn’t have a podcast?

How do we knows
Which way s/he flows?

I like what s/he says
Should really be prez

But w/o social tweets
Who truly competes?

Tell me, tell me Facebook
Which way should I look?

Lockstep in totality
In our virtual reality
James Floss Mar 2020
I have been to the top of the hill
Thinking as a hero

I’ve crashed into the ditch
My power never lower

Mostly, in-between
Taking all as it seems

Bored Sisyphus
Doing daily things

But some moments
Define time for action

Et–hem; that time is now
James Floss Mar 2020
Buenos días
Hoy es sábado aquí
Hoy es domingo allí en Australia
Hoy es በማንኛውም ቀን
En el Planeta Próxima

El sol salió hace 15 minutos
No veo ¿Que?
Esta detras de las nubes
Pero sabe estas allí
Se lo que se.

Sé que cada día es un milagro.
Sé que para ser amado,
Necesitas amar
Sé que soy amado porque
Te amos
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