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2d · 85
I’ve been to where
Beyond somewhat

Floating through it all
Soaring everywhere

Beings familiar seen
The inscrutable not

Take the nectar
As I flutter by
2d · 19
How far should you go
For what you don’t know?
Last year?

Why should you go
To where you don’t know?
To borrow?
Make a wish?

Where should you go
To walk it so slow?
Assuage sorrow?
Make a switch?

What you should know
To become thorough
Is time’s arrow:
Change gear,
Self enrich
Nov 12 · 32
James Floss Nov 12
There is no comfort zone
As a ****** alone
Traipsing and tripping
Calles and zocalos

Estranged stranger
Taller, whiter, foreign
Trying to fit not blend in
Stuttering sputtering sentences

Finding right words
Taxing not relaxing
But rewards every day as
Friends show us the way
Nov 11 · 28
James Floss Nov 11
Tomorrow should be a Monday
It really is a someday
It might just be a one day
It could just be a fun day

I’ll take that petty pace
That creeps in and in and in
And keep my pretty face
Reject the ratty race

So: no; I’ll
Go slow—
A no show
Me, aglow
Nov 3 · 35
James Floss Nov 3
The line between here and there
Grows thin once a year and death
Smells of copal and marigolds
Those who remember sit twixt
This world and the next to commune
With madres y padres y abuelos y tias
Bathed in candle light; this afterlife
Remembering is festive, not somber
As October moves into November
With those living and past together
Oct 30 · 26
James Floss Oct 30

The way to home
Is to roam; to Rome
And to Singapore
And to so much more

Snap shut assumptions
Pop your presumptions
Be ready to roll
With that airport stroll

It’s today tomorrow
At some Gate 54
Seat 24B?
What are you waiting for’
Oct 29 · 46
James Floss Oct 29
Life in the dark
Is no walk in the park
The best path forward
Is simply felt

Hold hands as you
Cross the avenue
From what’s sure to
What you thought you knew

Grab a flashlight
Shine towards what’s right
Trip on the cobblestones
As you hobble home

In the dark, the stars shine bright
Take a left at Cassiopeia
Turn right at Orion’s belt
Skip home on a lark, in the dark
Oct 26 · 24
James Floss Oct 26
I would take you with me
If you could stand my masculinity
As we stumble rumble forward

I’d take a station wagon
With the third row pop-up seats
For all the critter sitters

If there was room,
I’d cram in every mistake
To close or just review

I knew better
I’ll know better
I’ll do better

If there was room
I’d step into it
And hope you'd still love me

This room has a view
Just step through
Us, me, you too
Oct 26 · 209
James Floss Oct 26
Out of time
No rhyme

Slushing the universe
Nibbling the edges

Moving fast and slow
Steady as she goes

It’s inevitable
The inevitable

Until you find slow
Shift: reverse
Oct 26 · 16
James Floss Oct 26
Baby came to me last night
Approaching with tentative stealth
A slink around reconnoiter

First a tail **** flirt
A jump up and down
Waters tested

She paws away
But not too far
Then creeps close again

Invisible pounce
Golden eyes tête-à-tête
She’s not sure yet

Then the chin dive
Under beard comfort shown
With sandpaper tongue

I wear my hickey proudly
Baby’s reclaimed me despite
Abandonment issues
Oct 25 · 31
James Floss Oct 25
Baby came to me last night
Approaching with tentative stealth
A slink around reconnoiter

First a tail **** flirt
A jump up and down
Waters tested

She paws away
But not too far
Then creeps close again

Invisible pounce
Golden eyes tête-à-tête
She’s not sure yet

Then the chin dive
Under beard comfort shown
With sandpaper tongue

I wear my hickey proudly
Baby’s reclaimed me despite
Abandonment issues
Oct 24 · 26
James Floss Oct 24
Thin line between
This and when
Between what is
And what’s not began

We walk and talk
And stop and look
As periphery beckons
Through subtle margins

Unheard symphonies
Unseen wonders
Almost patterns
Seeming schemes

An ambulance screams
Cars honk and careen
A child sobs and wails
Shadows whist away
Oct 24 · 62
James Floss Oct 24
When is this?
Where is this?
Where am I?

Awoke in dark
Wall dimly glows
The rest shadows

Here now?
Then when?
Where to go?

Stepped from sleep
All unfamiliar
Observe; think!

Gauze falls
Fog clears—
Here. In my chair.
Sep 18 · 40
James Floss Sep 18
The twist-tie
Had failed
Again and again

And it fell to us
Not our fault
Not our concern

Yet it exposed us
In an unfamiliar place
Our problem now

Rubber bands? No.
Beaded chain? No.
Thread from patch kit? Ha!

Then came the paper clip
Thank you Samuel B. Fay
The fabric is up now

Not curtains for us
Privacy regained
McGyver reclaimed
Sep 8 · 170
James Floss Sep 8
I am proud to say
I speak three languages:
Human, cat and dog

There a big difference between
And “mmrouwt!”

The occasional
That’s one contented cat!

Where to start with dog?
Your **** as judge and jury

If they judge you worthy
With a **** of their head
Or clear-eyed happy panting

Or happy claws
Kneading your nethers
Throbbing, purring

Or the “schlourp, schlourp, schlourp”
Of their tongue where they dare
You have made it as a human

Enjoy their approval as
Human held in esteem
Strive to come back as one of them
Sep 5 · 130
James Floss Sep 5
Tricky bits, those
I have two of them
Bigger than some of yours

Superfluous on me
But some fun; a
Vestigial giggle

Perky, saggy
Voluptuous or

Tricky bits, those ****
Used to objectify
And advertise


I wish I knew the joy
Of those milky bits
**** for little tots

Every mamma everywhere
Feeds who comes next
Every mamma, every mammal
Sep 4 · 29
James Floss Sep 4
Tornadic winds
At its periphery
Reached the conifery

Whether ambuscade or
Circumjacent to
Chaos ensued

Her again?
Or him in gray
Growing stronger
Sep 3 · 117
James Floss Sep 3
I take a pledge
To support Buttigieg
In all his future pursuits

It’s a thrillah
To support Kamila
And her justice crusades

Elizabeth Ann can
It’s guaranteed
and warranted

He’s a looker,
That Booker
Way to fly high, guy!

Hit or hold?
Time to fold and
Lose the Beto

I don’t feel
The Bern, sir; not
Not throwing away my shot

You as placeholder?
Take it slow, Joe
Steal the show
Sep 3 · 300
James Floss Sep 3
Can I take you to the poem?
He asked again

We can dance to
The stanza

Spend time with
The rhyme

On the dance-floor
(As metaphor)

Are you into me
Like, as, a silly simile?

It’s synecdoche
Your  dance with me
Sep 1 · 33
James Floss Sep 1
For your sacrifice you get
An *** and a half
Your ***** donkey

A cat-n-a-half
Wild, unpredictable
Somewhat lovable

A dog or two?
Royally loyal
To you


**** yes!
The rest?

A horse, of course
In your corral
Aug 30 · 48
James Floss Aug 30
My pops was a Reagan man
As far as the G-Ole Party can

The vote: went with it
But he called him “Idiot!"

Iconic ironic elephant
Don’t be inelegant

Just fire the Man and
Make a stronger stand
Aug 30 · 170
James Floss Aug 30
My hero paid me
Last night

That was what
I wanted to do!

My friend,
What a gift!
Our confluence
Aug 27 · 33
James Floss Aug 27
Here I sit in my

Right next to my

Down the block from the

And other sullied
Sorry situations

I’m a Happy Jack without
LSD or smack

Because for three seasons
(The had their reasons)

Fevered schemes
Were clever dreams

Yes, allegory, but thankfully
A well rounded story
Aug 27 · 85
James Floss Aug 27
Manage your own estate
No one else really cares

We work sometimes together
Or better yet: laugh together

We even feign interest
We might even “like!"

Then home to solo corners
Our own personal concerns

The importance of self-love:
Definitely not underrated
Aug 27 · 22
James Floss Aug 27
One percent
Or two percent
Blah, blah, blah or
Da! Da! Da!

No blame, James
No shame games
Need a new course
Hop a new horse

Gallop to the rest
East might be best
Set mainsails
No named fails

Forget *******
Just try and be in it
As we brave
And tackle

The big waves
Aug 23 · 97
James Floss Aug 23
I did things
Rewind remind

I went back and forth
In space and in time

Memories in cotton
Mostly forgotten

A dream cocoon
I’ll wake up soon
Aug 22 · 140
James Floss Aug 22
“Rise up!”
Said Cpt. Janeway Mulgrew to
Every woman everywhere

“Rise up!”
Said Lin-Manual Miranda
You have to take a stand!

“Rise up!”
Every woman every man, all
The freaky people in the band

“Rise up!”
Wise up!
Wake up!

“Rise up!”
Get involved
Be evolved!

“Rise up!”
With 20/20 vision as
We take back our land
Aug 11 · 39
James Floss Aug 11
(Her, him and they,
And all other
In-between iterations!)

Welcome to
CSU Northmost!
Furthest on the

It used to be
Hills, Stairs, Umbrellas
Before corporatization

We had a radio station

No more:
Sacramento weather
CSU Chico news
Welcome to Jefferson!

Local news? No.
Community calendar? Whoa!
"Here’s what’s happening in
Yreka California…”

We hope you enjoy
Your time here
In the Northern Quadrant
Our quad-county area

We used to be HSU
With a KHSU and
A funky community vibrancy.

Welcome to CSU Northmost!
Aug 8 · 72
James Floss Aug 8
my first gun
was a bb gun
it had begun
second was pellet

then at ten, sleek 22
later, louder shotgun
beware clay pigeons!
can’t take memories away

i had to take
a driver‘s test to
be a regular driver
well regulated

background checks
psych evaluations
no weapons of war:
an assault on us all
Aug 5 · 47
James Floss Aug 5
Spasms happen
“Hic! SHNICK! Hic…”
Gone when?

A bed asleep?
On the morrow?
Maybe Tuesday?

(Oh god, please
Not three weeks
Like that last time!)

Head back
Nose closed
Backward water

Paper bag
In out, in out
Breath control

Hot rock yoga
Pose 27-a
Release barking frog

Hopping one foot
Turning left then right
Through the night

Quick as quick
Jul 30 · 39
James Floss Jul 30
My dad drove a Cadillac
Smooth Catholic operator
Cruising the inside track

My dad kept many boats afloat
Powering through the turbulence
All the while sowing wild oats

My dad was a 60s *******
He knew his cocktail parties
Proud, charismatic fly boy

My dad lived larger than most
Denying himself nothing
The ten of us can boast

My dad loved our mom
And us; in his own way
And carried on with aplomb
Jul 29 · 62
James Floss Jul 29
The past passes
Frightenly fast
What you were sure was
Wanes to whatever

404: cannot be found
Format not supported
Access denied
Memory error

But we remember it
We know it was there
(I made it; it was mine)
Now just victim of time

Dusk to dust
Ashes to ask less
Things fade
Past is pastiche
Jul 26 · 36
James Floss Jul 26
Yesterday, a poem fluttered by
Fragile clumsy moth
Colorful, felt, smelt,  
It had something to do with
Light, shadows, and
A hint of vanilla
From ponderosa pines

In the breeze
From the trees
In a Mary Oliver forest,
“I thought the earth remembered me
She took me back so tenderly.”


Sharing food with
Campfire laughter
Loving this life:
Going far away
To come home again
Jul 16 · 187
James Floss Jul 16
The tired spider
More than retired
Is now expired

Three days in shower stall
Stalking the white wall
No way out, none at all

Eleventy-seven in spider years?
Lifetime tumbling fears?
Multiple eyes filled with tears?

Wait! Spatula rampart!
Put there with heart
By Lady Ann; smart!

Freedom! No: checkmate!
Alas, too little too late
Tragic arachnid fate
James Floss Jul 6
— — —


— — —


— — —


— — —


Dominant earth species

No sub-species

— — —

Look left; look right

Who do you see?

Humans of

All sizes

All colors

All ages

All here

— — —

All endowed with

Inalienable rights

Among them

Life, liberty, happiness

Despite status

Not 3/4 human

No one illegal

All human.

— — —


— — —

Focus with

Deep thinking

Devising resolve

About human rights

Declared by Lady Liberty

Lifting her golden lamp

To those yearning to be free

Welcome to this shore

Huddled masses.

— — —


— — —

Huddled masses





Not free

— — —

Not right





— — —

Concentration Camps.

— — —

We here now say with

Concentrated resolve

In English,

“No more!”

En español,


“¡No más!”

“¡Nunca más!

¡Nunca más!

¡Nunca más!”

— — —
Jun 30 · 94
James Floss Jun 30
Feeling pathetic.
Can’t get that feeling back.

“Alexa, play Latin music”
“Alexa, play Rhythm and Blues”

“Alexa, find Wait, Wait”
“Alexa, play KNHM”

“JPR News and information
From Tune in”

Not Sabor Latinx
Not The Place

A Noh space
Weird weekend disgrace
Jun 30 · 53
James Floss Jun 30
White as white can be
I miss your bright
polka-dotted plastic wrap

Add a slice; baloney
Individually wrapped
Orangey faux cheese

Yes, please!
Squirt on the mustard!
Mayo? Yes, buster!

Side of chips, potato
Paper plate, if you say so
Good lunch or just snack, natch!

Take me back, back, Tang to
A way-way-back machine
To my own personal 70s show!
Jun 28 · 375
James Floss Jun 28
Who to hedge?
Mayor Butigedge?
Camelot with Harris?
All trying to scare us
Bidin’ my time
With this rhyme
Oh! Sleepy Joe
Establishment’s gotta go
Does Bernie Sanders
Really furnish answers?
Can Gillibrand
Instill a better plan
Choose Hickenlooper
Over Agent Cooper?
Is Eric Swalwell
Really ready as well?
Is senate Bennett
Really in it?
With smart I could I hang
Can do, Andrew Yang
There on the end,
Author Williamson
Sometimes chiming in
Hanging in
Add it up, Kamala
Show us the algebra!
Universal health care
Always and everywhere
Here’ a real shocka:
Gotta keep that DACA
We need legislation
To fix immigration
And yes we can
Care for veterans
Tax the rich, *****!
Time to shun guns
Meet the feed need
Help the poor more
All in a home zone
And note every vote
And yo:
Not your embryo
Jun 24 · 153
James Floss Jun 24
eye of newt
dash of doctor

pratchett hatched it
gaiman gamed it
netflix flinched

part python humor
jon hamming it
derek? can it be?

good, evil, in between
a constellation of stars
many tongues deep cheeky

dark discworld
don’t you panic
don’t discard your towel



those silly brits with
ineffable end-times fun:
good omens!
Jun 23 · 38
James Floss Jun 23
A man with four names and
A heart as big as the sky
And surety of purpose
And graceful intent

Moves mountains
Changes lives and
Works and works and works
Not afraid to reinvent

We are proud to call him friend
Proud of his accomplishments
We’ll see you back again as
Our house, you know, es su casa
Jun 18 · 39
James Floss Jun 18
Traffic whines as
Trucker chaos decides
With or without earplugs

Subliminal rumblings
Traffic stumblings
Above and below

Up here, it’s obvious distractions:
******* lane changes
Big-rig disruptions

Down here it’s subtle diffractions:
Kaleidoscope differences
Elysian needs

Wait for it
Hope for it
Refreshed release

Just let go of
Forget regret
James Floss Jun 7
I usually do due diligence
For most every major purchase
Eschewing the apples of my eye

Sound, round, research
That’s what I’m known for
Predictably, boringly prepared

Whiff of cheese
Trap snaps! Now:
Purchasing peripherals
Jun 3 · 109
James Floss Jun 3







. . . eep


Jun 3 · 418
James Floss Jun 3
Thank you Boxed-in Home Office
For a decidedly devilish diversion
An unexpected beguilement

Conveyed to a time and place
Almost misplaced in memory’s stream
With Wm. S. informing S. Dakota

Whispering to writers
Of language nearly lost
Discourse both dandy and dangerous

Characters familiar
Plot’s circle elliptical
Storytelling respected
Jun 2 · 151
James Floss Jun 2
“Make a poem about that!"
He spat into the phone
Peppered with F-this and F-that
Just more smotherly love,
A little familial fun

My words weren’t aimed at you
Had nothing to do with yours
What triggered your kraken response?
What brought out the bully?
Me standing for women?

No apologies
Load the traps
My pigeon words fly
Your scattered shots miss
Jun 1 · 182
James Floss Jun 1
Sudden shutdown
Decades gone
Sheroes silenced

No one home
No one on the phone
No one

Still, vestiges
Echoes of what

Entropy enterprise
Someone scrubs
What once was


Jun 1 · 131
James Floss Jun 1
Too quiet unnerves me
Distractions are needed;
Sounds of birds chirping
Demanding tabby talking

Too quiet scares me
Only my thoughts
Are they too much
Or not nearly enough?

Too quiet is too much
“Alexa, turn on NPR”
“Alexa play acid jazz“

Washing machine

When one of ten
Cacophony always company
No choice in that matter
Finding comfort in discord

Too quiet
Turns inward
Alone with
Solo voce
May 31 · 33
James Floss May 31
I want to redo some of this
White-out some wrong doing

Left swing the other things
Highlight the bliss

Put it back in place
And if by grace, it stays
May 27 · 255
James Floss May 27
29 years ago I woke up
Nervous, determined
My best man and man
Let me know how lucky
I was am will be

We primped and
Straightened ties, took pictures
By the purple rhody up in front
I got into my little red democrat car
And sallied in my stallion

(No, really! A
Mini-hobbie-horse, a
Leftover Christmas ornament
Bounced my rear view mirror as
I galloped northward)

A cassette played
Philip Glass, no less
Philip Glass, no less
Me in my tux
Wending north:

“Over and over again:
Bravery. Kindness. Clarity
Honesty. Compassion. Generosity”
I try to live these words with you
And when I don’t, I’m sorry

One year shy of thirty
We set out again
Adventurers both
Marking the remarkable
Happy anniversary!
May 24 · 543
James Floss May 24
We loved you
Pumpkin pie

And you
Bahzie boy

My bridge to the
Equine kingdom

Mitten, you made
My wife like cats

Begins a tragedy of three
A tale of other kitties

Stanley wandered too far
A tragedy of traffic

Babad not as far…
Both waited for us

No one wants to die alone
But still, we’ve been blessed

Goldie, I’m glad
You loved me

Little dog with
A heart too big

Thank you, Sue
For trusting us with Trudy

What a lucky man I am
To garner such love and trust

And of course, biggie guy,
He who once was named Hunter:

(Inset sadness here)

Chessy taught responsibility
With insulin shots at 6 & 6

Tristan y Isolde
(Stanley and Zolda)

Operatic lives lived
As comedy/tragedy

And, et-hem; yes
Even you, Ms. Berry

Past denizens
Of Chateau Flobo

Let’s not not leave out
The current cohorts:

Free spirit, wild child
Lucky Ducky

Biggie boy found you
You adopted us

Ms. Black-in-the-box
Moved herself in

And Fred—well,
Fred is just being Fred

They all found us
Not the other way around

From a big family,
We’ve loved/love a big family
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