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In youth, it was a way I had
   To do my best to please,
And change, with every passing lad,
   To suit his theories.

But now I know the things I know,
   And do the things I do;
And if you do not like me so,
   To hell, my love, with you!
i don't want to
get up this morning
i'm sorry
but i have everything
that is the opposite
of ambition
sitting on my
keeping me
from getting up
i love you
but leave me
I keep flipping your pages
And giggling aloud.
You spread a fuzzy feeling
Across my chest.
Can't stop smiling
I figure people think am nuts
But i feel alive
And for a moment
Nothing else matters
But reading you to completion.
I haven't really done the feeling justice
try to steal warmth
from the dry
cup of coffee
in your hands



I can't help but take offense
when someone calls me weird.
The word is not what I mind.
But the way the person says it,
Like an insult.
Weird means I'm not the same
I'm not like the others, that I'm unique.
Weird means I don't wear the same mask everyone else does to fit in.
Weird means I'm unlike anyone you've ever met.
How can an attribute this remarkable
Sound so different when you use it in a sentence?
so sick of hearing this word as an insult. It's a compliment!!

Property of L.D. 3/22/13
Momma And Daddy*

I Want To Say I'm Sorry For Everytime I've Yelled,
I Want To Say I'm Sorry Because My Spirit Was Shelled,
I Was Hiding From You When I Needed You Most,
But That Person Inside Me, Was A Parasite, A Host,
I Want To Say I'm Here Now.. I Am Really Me,
But Honestly I'll Go To My Grave Feeling Guilty,
Please Momma, Please I Know You Hate That I'm Still Sad,
I Want To Say I'm Sorry Because He Literally Drove Me Mad,
I Want To Say I Am Sorry Because I Am Seeing Only Grey,
When Color Is Just Over The Looming Horizon Yet I Stay,
But I Promise You... I Am Almost There,
And Momma,
I Want To Tell You I'm Still Young Inside,
That I Have Swallowed My Cinder Block Of Pride,
I Have Shed My Lipstick And Eyeliner,
And Now My Thick Shadow Of Hate Has Grown Finer

I Guess What I Am Really Saying,
Is Thank You For Believing In Me
Sorry, This Poem Was More For Me.. Forgivness Of Yourself Starts With The Forgivness Of Other People.. This Is My First Small Step (Apologizing To Those I Love Most) To Forgiving A Person Who Broke My Heart.
The stars are out up above
You wonder why the sky is up
Wonder why your down
You try to find an answer in everything that's wrong
Try to face the morning and show the world a smile
Deep inside your dying an atom at a time
Inside  you hurt like hell and no one else can see
So why's the sky above us an answer that you seek
The sky is up to hide the stars that watch over you
They shine at night for you to see to try and raise the smile
Your down because you life is hard not because of stars
Don't think you are the only one who stares in disarray
Who looks up to the evening stars and tries to see a way
A way to fix the broken things that fill your waking day
How to make it all ok and feel alive again
I don't have all the answers not even some of them
But tonight I look at stars do you see them as well
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