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I love white roses.
They are blank pages,
Filled with words
Of invisible honesty,
But I paint them red.
I cover them up
With lies. –
Lies of the things
Only of what
Other people will.
I love white roses,
But mine are dripping
Red with the paint
Of lies that cover
A multitude of sins
A multitude of scars
A multitude of
I love white roses.
They are honest.
They are perfectly
They show everything.
I love white roses.
The schoolyard bully-year knocked me down,
But while I was laying crying on the ground,
I gained some perspective, and remembered a love of mine. -
And while that year was pointing, laughing at me,
I got back on my feet.
Dusting myself off and drying my tears,
I caught it by surprise.
Wrestling it to the ground,
Rolling all around,
I made that year mine.
Kicking and screaming,
I made it bleed the times I wanted to see.
After all was said and done,
I asked the year "Why have you been so mean?"
And came the simple reply,
"Because you needed it."
We shook hands and went and got a beer,
And with every coming year,
I remember that one,
Who taught me a lesson I needed to learn,
Even if I had no idea I needed it.
"Lovers in a Dangerous Time" - Barenaked Ladies
She put on her dancing shoes,
And twirled in her dress.
He watched her sing,
And the microphone she caressed.
She sang to him,
"You don't have to call me darlin', darlin',
you never even called me by my name."
The room felt warm with spirits.
Other people looked and were jealous.
When would they find what they had? -
Sometimes it seems you find what you are looking for,
When you're not looking at all.
Someone made her a martini,
And she drank every last sip.
A bottle of bourbon was passed,
And she drank a little of it.
The night shifted and swayed like a dance,
And people sang and laughed,
But her eyes were on him,
And his hands on her.
When the music ended,
They staggered home,
Holding each other. -
They fell asleep,
But the music still rang in their ears,
Like tomorrow would never come.
A storm rages through the caverns of my mind,
My hearts trees sway and bend,
Taking in the hurricane.
I am at war. -
Too much to say,
But no way to speak it.
All alone the branches break,
But there is not one person here,
Who will clean up the debris.
I am gone gone gone
Blown away by the wind,
I can only watch and pray the storm will end.
Theres a jungle in my heart,
And a buzzing wind through my brain.

Nothing matters.
Nothing makes sense.
The thunder rolls outside,
And the time for class is coming,
But I can't skip today.
I wonder if its raining where you are,
And I wonder if you think of me.
Probably not though.
I don't want to think about you either.
You out of my mind,
And listen to the R
and T   U   D   R
          H   N   E
You came to me in a dream,
And showed me your fathers will,
And all I could do was hold you and cry,
Until I noticed the angry grunting noises you made.
Then somehow you just wanted me to laugh,
Instead of me making you.
So you tickled and I giggled,
And we rolled round in the floor.
Its sad to me that even in dreams,
You seem to haunt me even more.
"Rewind" - Goldspot
Martini glasses chime with floating olives,
Cocktail dressed, and music playing,
Clamoring voices and velvet hands.
Will I measure my life in coffee spoons? -
Or plastic sticks where olives used to be.
Salty sweet like the sweat of angels,
You hand me my drink,
Electricity passes through your fingertips.
I am shocked.
You sweep me into your arms,
We glide over the floor,
The rock songs play but we waltz.
“Take your time, Love”
I tell you but you never listen.
Will you ever learn,
Or will I?
We do this dance around
All the questions we will ignore,
Just for one more moment.
One more dance.
Just one.
The martini glasses clank.
Cheers to the moment,
It hangs in the air,
Wafting, dispersing, infecting our clothes,
it lingers.
Yes, that is a T. S. Elliot reference in there.
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