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May 2014 · 645
Mind Haze
Jacobo Raymundo May 2014
Monogrammed televisions play
McDonalds commercials featuring
Justin Beiber who has the moves
Like a Syrian rebel

Oh look! The new reality...
TV show to delude the pain
Of a million starving children
Crying for your pleasure

I have a suit and a devil's tongue
Will I have your vote in the next
Slave auction? Please I promise
To not totally destroy your dream

But first; did you take a selfie?
Before you chambered the round
Did you even lift?
Or could you even?

I like sheep on my feet:
Ignorance is a warming peace
Until its a cold war
With an unknown enemy

Idiots don't like to be called idiots
But it's for the common ambiguity
When in Rome, we die together
Ashes to ashes dust to dust
I don't really know how to explain this. I had the thought of the first stanza amd the rest felt right. Take from it what you will
Apr 2014 · 990
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2014
Lighting is just
It strikes with no prejudice
As it is reason
Carrying millenia of knowledge
But it is also fury
Its power unfathomable by man
And those that wander within its reach
Have an understanding for love
For it connects us in a bond of nugatory existence
In comparison to the timeless Nature
There are no borders where the lighting strikes
And we are all one underneath its glory
Mar 2014 · 278
One Day (I Fear)
Jacobo Raymundo Mar 2014
One day
I fear
The last seed
Will be sowed

One day
I fear
The last back
Will be broken

One day
I fear
The last tear
Will have fallen

One day
I fear
Humanity's last breath
Will be taken

One day
I fear
We will have no one to blame
But ourselves
Feb 2014 · 1.3k
I Pledge Allegiance
Jacobo Raymundo Feb 2014
I pledge allegiance
To the flag
Of the United Socialists States of America
And to the ******
For which it stands
One nation
Under surveillance
With slavery and injustice for all
A slight alteration to the pledge of allegiance that everybody knows. Figured it was more fitting to the way the USA actually is
Jacobo Raymundo Feb 2014
Two worlds
Disjointed in physicality
Yet uknowingly connected
Collide brilliantly
Jan 2014 · 1.8k
I dreamt but then awoke
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2014
I dreamt of a field of flowers
Where white crosses are planted
Families still together
Content with life
Genuine grins covering faces

I dreamt of full bellies
On the dark continent
Soccer ***** rolling between feet
Of children who also dream
Of lives as happy as theirs

I dreamt of fresh air
And clean water and growing forests
The cleanliness of nature unrivaled
As animals mingled around the watering hole
Roaming freely with homes

But I awoke and saw war
Fires melting the lives of millions
Dropping bombshells of grief
Destroying homes from within
And children dead or weeping

I awoke and saw despair
Fat bellied greed hogs
Rollin in muddy money pits
While babies died without food
And an entire land stripped and sold

I awoke amd saw nothing
But smoke stacks emitting poison
And the homes of the forest creatures
Being carried into lumber mills
And brown water filling drinking glasses
Jan 2014 · 692
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2014
Where is it that the butterflies roam
After your deceptive plot
The beings that flutter
With sporadic yet graceful joy
The beauty of the eye gone

And the bees
Who's sting is only as sharp
As a deflowered world
A youth with no innocence
Because of an industrial scheme
To recruit robots of flesh
Jan 2014 · 1.1k
Atomic Rainbows
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2014
An acid raindrop
Burning the last of the crop
Dusty barren soil
Marks the end of the millenial toil

Work until your hands are cracked
And you're crippled and broken backed
You work to pay to be free
The new whips of slavery

Mr Taxman comes to your door
His theft I do deplore
All I have to spare is change
And he acts as if deranged

A continent fractured for greed
A little more ivory is what we need
While sickly babies wail and perish
Without a moment of life to cherish

But do you shed a single tear
No, only hate and fear
You are an enemy
To my country and to me

As atomic rainbows cross the sky
In warring peace, we all shall die
This is a piece I feel strongly about and have tried to get out for a few weeks now amd just have been able to do
Jan 2014 · 1.5k
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2014
Chains and shackles
On the floor, rusted
No use for freed ankles and wrists
But the clean pair
Rests within our minds

Old scars new wounds
A lashing whip
Brings us all to our knees
We stand alone
But fall as one

Over colors
Colors are art
Are beautiful
Color is not a person
It is not defining
A poem I'm writing for my class "Psychology and the African American Experience". If you find it offensive then you probably didn't read what I was saying.
Dec 2013 · 1.3k
I Am (Big Brother)
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2013
I keep help close to you
Three numbers away
So that if you are in need
I will be there
I am a savior

I keep you healthy
With quality care
So if you are sick
I will be there
I am a nurse

I educate you
Through years of monotony
So if you face a problem
I will be there
I am a teacher

I protect your rights
From unnamed terrors
So if you are in danger
I will be there
I am a protector

I am a savior
Who enforces laws

I am a nurse
Who heals you with

I am a teacher
Who educates with

I am a protector
Who saves you from

**I am Big Brother
Dec 2013 · 437
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2013
The brilliant aurora of the sun
Evaporates in a vacuum of sorrow
A world unlit, shamed by darkness

A steel wind penetrates my soul
And sheers the joyous sparkle from my eyes
A life unseeing, blinded by desolation

A blanket of snow warming my heart
By numbing me of my pains
Unfeeling, paralyzed
I'm releasing this for now... However do not be surprised if this comes down. I may be using some of these phrases in a much more complex project I have in the works
Dec 2013 · 800
Metaphysical Thantophobia
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2013
Philanthropic devotion of your tears
To my self-asserted sense of importance
To the wake of a vessel leaving port forever
And the mighty sun sets where I saw you last
On the horizon, without looking back

But I stand in desert sands
It is all a mirage yet I remain alone
And so even my imagination holds truth
Time and time again I find myself alone
Whilst you are surrounded by love and prosperity

But is it true that I have lost you to the changing tides
To the trade wind's mighty gust?
Have you set sail and left me here to perish
Alone and breaching insanity?
Am I merely imagining falsehood in reality?
Dec 2013 · 868
Love Letter
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2013
It is rare to have your feelings be so greatly impacted
By a single person that you have only begun to know
But you feel like you have known forever
Like two souls have crossed paths in time
But have finally met in person

I fear it but girl I'm falling
I'm swimming in the baby blue of your eyes
Feeling the power of your heartbeat
Held so close to mind
But I still fear the fall
So much that I resist it
Because I've fallen before and the landing hurts
And still hurts me now
As I look into your soul
And know that I can't give you everything
Because it has already been given
But fear is petty in the face of love
So tell me now before you miss your chance
Will you take my hand
And forget the fall
And just dive in together?
I have met someone who is truly great. Someone that takes my mind off the person who I normally write about. And I feel a passion that I haven't felt in a long time.

Also as an update, I have a few works in a planning stage and I have a poem currently being drafted. Hang around and it'll be out soon. Thanks for the support y'all as I'm nearing my 20,000th read!!!
Jacobo Raymundo Nov 2013
Don't be fooled by the place it is sent to be
This is no poem no somg nothing to dance to
This is a hope that someone may read and reply
Their thoughts on this thought of mine

Perhaps I should tell a story through sonnet
Of a man of youth battling love and lust
Of sorrow and joy
A man who is flippant, almost overly so
But is serious about matters of the heart
A journey nonetheless
Where he travels many worlds yet goes nowhere
A story of me and how my life has been
With a touch of hyperbolic flamboyance
Would you sit down and read and maybe enjoy
Said work assuming it has been well developed
Amd lacks the typos this probably has?
I am proposin an idea that has been rattling in my head for a while. Almost like an Epic but instead have it be a sonnet series. About me but expressed as a fictional view of another person's life. Would you like to see it develop?
Nov 2013 · 429
It Tells of Hope
Jacobo Raymundo Nov 2013
Old Glory resiliently stands steady and silent
Yet tells a tale
Not of its darkest hours, days of doubt
But of hope
It tells of an ideal fought for, killed to protect
It tells of hope
That life will be granted with equality, freedom
It tells of hope
That no enemy shall bring us to our knees
It tells of hope
That lives lost in battle shall be duly honored
It tells of hope
That tomorrow will always have a brighter sun
It tells of hope
Nov 2013 · 384
Jacobo Raymundo Nov 2013
Your ghost haunts me whilst I sleep
Dances in my head and leaves a cut
A cut so deep I have no choice but
To sit here in this abyss and weep

Have you no shame in my misery?
Do you not see my wishes to die
So I don't have to sit to your heart so nigh?
Please oh please my angel set me free

I wished for you heart and mine
To be one and one together forever
But I have found that it is to be never
That our paths should again entwine

But I keep up the fight
So that our hands may entangle
But it is leaving me strangled
And I'm ready to die tonight
Oct 2013 · 248
Jacobo Raymundo Oct 2013
The fear in your eyes
And your comfort in me
Your warm breath caressing the back of my neck
While I ponder the joy
Of having the fear change to pleasure
And the breath to the front of my neck
While we're alone in solace
You and me
Together as one
Oct 2013 · 318
My Love
Jacobo Raymundo Oct 2013
My Love,

Let me gaze into your eyes
And reminisce in what can be
Years and years hand in hand

A smile blessed by an angel
While you sigh
And my heart falls

A sleepy head and a drifting voice
Where your beauty really shines
Through your messy hair

Let me take you
Take you with me and me with you
On this journey of life
Sep 2013 · 541
Jacobo Raymundo Sep 2013
The ghosts of a thousand dreams
Which perished from being starved
Haunt me in my sleep to which I embellish
Their putrid fear mongering ways with
A muted scream heard only by goats
That respond with an unresponsive call

But my heart is warmed with ice
That shrinks the head of the almighty cowards
Whose dragon breath burns the the flowering plant

My soul writhing with the comfort of discomfort
A powerful  current of electricity in a tub
Filled with honey and a wilted daisy
That cleanses me of bitter hate
And fills my with sweet indifference
To the birth of a million cancers
Rotting my body, superglued to the ceiling
A bar set too high that was met with death
The only happy place
Sep 2013 · 585
Untitled Sonnet
Jacobo Raymundo Sep 2013
A sight of such simplistic beauty strikes my eye
When I note the hour of the night grows thin
I feel her heart beating to mine so nigh
And I see passion written amongst her grin
Perhaps the words I wish to hear
Shall be spoken by her tongue
Breathing the words I long to fear
The sweetest song ever sung
Should my life be graced the chance
To hold her head so close to mine
Why it ought to be celebrated by dance
Have you ever held the Divine?
Perhaps this is a chance to take
For the wealth of your love to make
Aug 2013 · 497
Come Find Me
Jacobo Raymundo Aug 2013
Split me in two
Very unequal portions
Of who I am, who always was
And who I'm tryin to be
Forgetting the world that
Made this way
And welcoming the world that
Is making me that way
Saying goodbye to you
And saying good morning to them
Oh but the misery of when I hear your voice
And want your sweet caressing lips
Entwined with mine in a forever kinda moment
I can't write enough poems
I can't write my heart out enough
It's all out there
It's there for you to see
Come find me
Jacobo Raymundo Aug 2013
A desperation grows with every diminshment
Of what once was me to a soldering ash
As the boundaries that kept me afloat
Vanish into a cloud of poisonous smoke
I draw you in with my tongue
Yet warn you away with my eyes

I wish so much to hold you close to my heart
Yet I fear your presence and wish you to be gone
I want you to change faces to the one that I loved
The one that I yearn for, that I am dying for
Yet I don't want that either for I fear it will lead
To my demise as the sweetness on your breath
Is bitter on mine, the sourness seeping in
And so I blow it out with medicine in my lungs
My only release aside from my impending doom

I want for all my troubles to subside
But instead I prayed yours to be put on me
And here I stand a man of my word
Watching you frolic, your hand entwined with another's
While I ponder the necessity of my life
And find it to be pointless, worthless
How can on be loved and love in return
When they don't love themselves?
When they question why they are a piece of a picture
Solely because they were a let down, a lesser?

With a troubled sigh and a nodding head
I close this fraction of my thoughts with this
Perhaps the sun is only beautiful when it shines on you
But is devilishly deceptive when its glorious glow
Is directed towards those around you
So I've decided to close my days by uploading a kinda free flowing succession of my thoughts about my day and my life. I will also continue writing regular pieces as well but I hope you enjoy these as they come
Jacobo Raymundo Aug 2013
I just wish that my heart wasn't a star
Still shining bright to those that see it
But dead millions of years ago
Something to be wisheded upon
In the careless, childish folly of daily life

Such as making wishes
Pointless beacons of unrequited hope
That drives us as souls to the brink of sanity
And for some, such as the wanderer that I am
It drives us over that invisible boundary
And banishes us to an unfathomable pit

This pit, generalized as depression, insanity
Is seen with similarity amongst pits
Yet no pit is equal to another
Each is unique, special to and hated by its owner
Yet it is seemingly inescapable
And thus loved from necessity

And those who pass us by want to help
Offer a hand to pull us from the pit
But every outreached hand reaches a little deeper
And the abyss of life likewise deepens
Until you have no choice but to fill it

And filling such a whole is no simple task
First a pail of confidence is added
And then several more of momentum
As the hole begins to fill a hunger to heal forms
Where you overemphasize the process
And forget the reason

Thus the devilish being opens its jaws
And swallows every pail you have placed upon it
And mistakes your action for hope
And once more deepens exponentially

So here I lay, contemplating the treachery
That my life has slowly devolved into
And I have to question to myself
Do the stars in the sky hang so low
Because they feel the death of their brother inside me?
This is sort of how I feel in the present but I do not understand the truth or the completion of this expression. I have shut any prior feelings off, yet emotions remain. I do not understand myself, yet I know me completely. I have nowhere left to turn but a blank page and an aquarium of thoughts swimming without reason in my head. Please excuse the lack of any artistic style in the piece. I am very tired and very alone
Aug 2013 · 574
Dinner Party
Jacobo Raymundo Aug 2013
A table is set for hundreds
In the chambers of my dying heart
At which is to be sat many a notable guest
Lonely, Sad, Fearful, and Disgusted too
Where they are to converse on the goings on
At a mile a minute all together
A harmonious blare of monotony
Where which each conversation is sensible
Yet together is disjointed, annoying
Me being the willing fool with a broken heart
Tried to listen in to find my ear sadly unattuned
To the discourse of utmost importance
I guess it's a part of living dead
Aug 2013 · 499
Jacobo Raymundo Aug 2013
Whispered words in the dead of night
Break the abysmal silence
*in due time, weary traveler
You'll forget why you were in anguish
You'll forget why you came here to me
But you'll never forget the lessons from your stay
Aug 2013 · 1.1k
The Meadow in the Woods
Jacobo Raymundo Aug 2013
Meadow bowing down
To the King of the Winds
Praising Him for His almighty service
The birds sing His holy hymns
While the clear blue depth acts as His throne
The heat of the sun turns the pale faces
Of dancing cherubins to a light rosy tone
And the flowers grow magnificently

Far back behind the trees
Swaying ever so slightly, yet mostly still
A cold stream trickles past, tickling the landscape
Here the shade and light becomes a paradox
Where colors are displayed with such depth and beauty
And the leaves branching out as an umbrella
Save us from the approaching storm

The energy and tension building up
I can feel the electricity in the air
As if my heart were connected to a battery
But the ominous buckets approach with their angry growls
And I can see the grimace on its face
I've seen it on my face, in the mirror
I've seen the buckets of rain carried on and on
Further and further until their weight was too much to bear

Then pouring down as a well fed waterfall
The sky splits in a tremendous luminous display
While the air rips apart and collides together
The King of the Winds fills with rage
His wrath evident in the dismantling gusts
Destroying the protection that saved us before

The world is uneasy, the earth changing
The ferocity of desire, burning the tree
That was once steady, resilient
The sanctuary lays forever transformed
Even as the rupture of nature subsided

The beauty fades ever so slightly to my eye
But it is still present, is still familiar
I know this place but by a different view
The creek now rushes, pounding its banks
The colors are more sullen yet still rich and full of depth
And the leaves, protectorate of my heart, lay strewn about
In a tangled mess of fury and emotion
But the storm has left, gone for good

And beyond this home
The meadow still stands as it did before
As if completely untouched by the storm
But I know each individual flower
That still grows with mystical elegance
Has their own story to tell, but I cannot hear it

The flowers are silent as they grow
Their stories imprinted on their petals
And I read them best I can
But the mind can only capture so much
Of what the heart has to tell
I truly wish I could explain every bit of this poem to everyone who reads this. Every image, every metaphor, every line has its own meaning that would be impossible for you to know unless you really knew me. But, take from it what it gives you. I still like what I've written.
Jul 2013 · 552
Jacobo Raymundo Jul 2013
A familiar feeling from a foreign face
The feeling of eagerness, the hope for future
Something I have longed to feel
Since my world has grown dark
I've wanted to die for so long
But won't you make me want to live again?
Won't you take this withering flower
And turn its chin upwards towards the sun?
Bring an end to my endless night
Make me feel the warmth of your glow
And let me flatter you with words
I could make you my princess
But I'd rather you be my angel
Save me from the death fast approaching
And deliver me to a newly opening door
Jul 2013 · 403
Jacobo Raymundo Jul 2013
I light up my empty soul
And watch it disappear into a cloud of smoke
As I burn away your memory
I feel the emptiness inside me grow
A massive broken universe devouring my heart

So I feed the demon inside me
Throwing hearts at him indiscriminately
Trying to fill the void you're leaving
But it fails and I continue to weep

The world watches with dismay
As I wither in front of their eyes
And succumb to the poison within me

You've become a cancer to my heart
But I still love you

And I fade away into forever night
Jul 2013 · 286
Silent Solitude
Jacobo Raymundo Jul 2013
When I close my eyes I see you
So I wander sleeplessly
Until My brain shuts down
And I sleep without dreaming
Silent Solitude
Jul 2013 · 509
Forever Sanctuary
Jacobo Raymundo Jul 2013
Many eons of history compile into a lonely monster
Recklessly abandoning the loves of his day
Destroying the hearts of those around him
Devouring the hope of the youth
Bringing night to the day

Having lost his own heart
A tremendous wall was built
Unable to be scaled yet left incomplete
Those that wiggle their way in
Can stay if they wish
Yet I know they won't
Nothing in life is forever
Except death, forever sanctuary

Death is a mental institute
When our hearts have endured enough pain
God removes us and imprisons us
Yet we care not
Because we are fed pills of Ecstasy
And left to forever wander on a playground

But I want to break death
It has no place in my world
I fear happiness as it is always followed
By pain with more magnitude
So I wish to stay unhappy, human
And resist my Forever Sanctuary
Jul 2013 · 437
Jacobo Raymundo Jul 2013
i look into the glass
and see stains returned
amorphous, lacking definition
but a fire burns in the middle
passion and desire
consuming the image
and the mirror breaks
Jul 2013 · 457
Jacobo Raymundo Jul 2013
The night’s grim demeanor
Destroys the serenity of the moon
Ravishes the sacred
Hearts of the unfortunate few
Who dare brave the soulless vacuum

Where ignoble hate
Defines one’s belonging
Siphoning life from
Those around their fancied niche
To fuel their self-righteousness

Some fall victim to
The unreasonable, harsh wrath
Of the wretched demons
Whose empty skeleton bodies
Are devoid of happiness

But here you yet stand,
Angelic guardian,
Protectorate of the lonely,
You stand pristine, unmarred
Your smile banishes the treachery

Your beautiful smile
Transforms any place to a home
Captivates my heart:
You complete the person I am
And I love you more each day
Just a cool little tanka series I put together as a gift. Sorry I haven't had a lot of time to write since I've started college
Jun 2013 · 659
Sonnet (in Spanish)
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
Ayer  era así oscuro
Viví sin la sonrisa
-El sol- de mi diosa
No pude ver el futuro
Respirar estuve demasiado duro
Necesite mi mujer hermosa
¡Por Dios! Ella es preciosa
Soñé sobre sus belleza infecciosa

En eso sueño, floto en los nubes
Los ángeles cantan y bailan con amor
En Al alto de mi corazón, Te engarbes
Nuestro es más hermosa que un ciclamor
Jun 2013 · 706
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
Mindless pander within the dome of reason
Bickering more or less with the walls and self
Punishment, punishment: **** you fool
Death and the universe coincide, collide
One being, supernaturally existent
Normally abnormal beyond logic
Dreams of dreams about dreams frolic
Goals pace themselves towards the gulliotine
One little sheep, two little sheep: dead
Oh elusive sleep, why do you not embrace me?
Jun 2013 · 657
Lonely Day
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
May infamy strike its curséd name
Maiming, mutilating, mundaning
As my battered body and tattered soul
Struggle to gain a foothold
Grasp at nothing for a breath
And wither with every passing moment

I have wished for solitude
But it was meant to be serene and silent
Not a deafening blare of desolation
I am alone, I am alone
It's me against the devil
And the devil is winning

I can feel his grip tightening on my mind
Idle for too long, yet equally active
The stench of despair curls around my nose
And curdles my blood like aging milk
Lethargic weeping plagues my day
And unmitigated fallacy my nights

We had grown so close, you and I
I could feel the blanket of depression lifting
The fog clearing, the sun shining
But whether it be an appetite for destruction
Or a fear of inevitably deeper attachment
You went away, far far away

You are my sunshine, my goddess
Why must you hide behind the storm?
Banish its painful treachery
Shed the scintillating beauty of your smile
Upon my dreary heart once more
I need your light

But that is only a wish amongst dreams
Has my destiny changed
Or is this the course I was meant to take?
I could care less at this early hour
Because I'm lonely today
This is inspired by the System of a Down song *Lonely Day* which, although that is far from my preferable genre of music, really hits home with me and my lonely soul

Also, I know mundaning is not a word but hey, we all need to craft some words every once in a while right?
Jun 2013 · 279
An Explanation
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
Many poems that are left untitled
And written by my hand
Are not really poems
Just blurbs of thought like this
So if you can think of ways
To better and lengthen and develop them
Feel free to message me your ideas
Who knows
You may see them for sale one day
Jun 2013 · 387
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
Eyesight blurring as eyelids droop
The world is not intelligible to my sight
Yet I see an image clear as day
It is you, it is you again
I see your eyes peering back into mine
And I relive the days of past
Again and again and again and again
I miss you
Jun 2013 · 472
Sepulcher of my Heart
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
Deep within the dusty catacombs
Lay a stone, cracked and ancient
Having weathered centuries of battle
It yet pulses with life, although feebly
Pilgrims trek miles to lay gold before yet
Fools, you have no place here
they vanish into the air
My heart, the last testament to my journey
Wishes to slumber alone
How it was meant to
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
Strike down upon me with your scepter
Entrust in me the obedience of your ways
Light me the path to my paradise
Where there is no pain, no suffering, no poverty
Let me follow with your flock, My Shepard

Allow me to present myself before your throne
And bow down to your mighty power
I wish to wash your feet, although clean of filth
And sing praises to your holy name
Oh please allow me to do so, My King

Please oh faithful Shepard King
Have faith in me as I do in you
My path is meandering but headed towards grace
This I promise is true
Just grant me the peace and power to continue onward
My Lord, My King, My Shepard: Amen
Jun 2013 · 1.0k
Rebirth (Tanka)
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
Fear'd desolation
Corrupting, painful despair
Erupts from the crypts of my mind
Yet flowers blossom within;
Sacred rebirth through turmoil
Jun 2013 · 497
And the Heavens Weep
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
The world has grown vile
There is no truth left
We slay our kin for fortune
Laugh at others struggling to stay afloat
Allow a slip of paper to dictate our lives
And the Heavens weep

Death and destruction plague our lives
Warring nations combat
Over lines of pure fantasy; control
Children are scarred forever by its teachery
Parents are slain for no gain
And the Heavens weep

I have learned that I have no place here
Loveless, lifeless
I have no reason to be
The grim reaper is my saving angel
And on this day, with me
The Heavens weep
Jun 2013 · 385
Healthy is Death
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
"Healthy" servings of burdens
Pile up on either side
A hole of despair "is" forming
I wish to fall into its embrace
Yet I fear its cold demeanor
"Death" could only be sweeter
If it was for you
As well as in your name
Jun 2013 · 486
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
Downtrodden by a burden that is:
Yet, I see no evil
I fear no evil
There is no evil

The holder of the burden is:

There is no escaping the burden
The burden is a gift unto me
Which I cherish from you

Yet it seems to:

All sense of safety set ablaze
Treachery in beauty
Disgust in anguish
Jun 2013 · 341
Let Me Lay
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
Please my darling let me lay
Lay forgotten and rusted
An old memory slipping away
Let me squander away my last breaths
Reciting to you my vows
Of undying affection
And then, in the last moments of my existence
Look me in the eyes
Take in the serenity of my death
And then understand that it is easier for me
As I pass through the final stages of hell
And finally wither till I was no more
Jun 2013 · 358
The Traveled Path is Me
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
Life is not some course
Upon an unmarked path
As was theorized before my time

No, life is the path
Unforeseen, elongating, meandering
Being blazed with each escaping moment

We do not leave prints on the path
But others leave footprints on us
As they travel along with us

Some are minuscule, some gargantuan
Some are washed away with rains of sorrow
But others, they last forever
May 2013 · 658
Day/Night (Tanka Series)
Jacobo Raymundo May 2013
Lunar guardian
Silently watching over
Lovers reminisce
Within your beautiful glow
Whilst the darkness fades away

Oh majestic sun
Rise o'er our dreary, paining souls
Erase our frozen hearts
Give them newfound birth this morn
Destroy an overdue tragedy

Sweet solitary moon
You have returned unto me
Protect my aging soul
Shatter the monotony of cycles
Bring us eternal sunshine
I'm sorry if my word choice is lacking and sucky... I hate writing in rhyme schemes or in meter and this really made me change my thoughts... But I've never written in a Japanese style so I have it a go!
May 2013 · 470
N.E.V.E.R. A.L.O.N.E.
Jacobo Raymundo May 2013
Never ceasing to shed light upon my dreary days, you're the sun to my sky, the flower to my garden
Endlessly loving and caring, feeling and seeing, you have the heart of an angel and the face of a goddess; divine duality
Vast degrees of beauty emanate from you, meet my eyes, and melt my heart
Early hours of my mornings are filled solely with thoughts of you such as this moment while I compose
Rarity, uniquity, you're one of a kind my rose. You hold a place in my heart that no other can hold simply because nobody else is vaguely comparable to you

A** lthough the earth is treacherous and destructive to your pristine beauty, I have great faith that you will remain purely innocent
Loneliness should never be felt by you for if you look to your side I will be there whether in spirit or in body
Olfactory senses tingle with delight as you draw near; your scent is one I have yet to forget
Never fear the night for I will stand guard with a lantern in hand: no demon shall trespass your glorious soul; even if the cost may be my life, I shall fight for you to my last breath and beyond
Every day I'm here with you, oh it is so so true look around, you're *never alone
May 2013 · 675
I Stay Here
Jacobo Raymundo May 2013
the sound of your name through the guardian pines by the blowing wind excites my ear and tingles my mind and heart with an unbearably eager desire to hold

your skin which is softer than the melody of an angel's harp which soothes me with divine ease as the troubles that surround my world fade away with the sight of

your joyful smile which glows with greater intensity than the sun yet is calmer than a still lake held in a vacuum caresses my affection with such sweet beauty that can be easily found in

your dissembling eyes which hide such terrifyingly destructive hardship and show nothing but seraphic mysticism as you cast untold bindings upon

my heart which staggers along in the face of uncertainty yet remains valiant in the face of true hardship as I battle back demons who wish to corrupt my world in the sake of ease but its rewards do not captivate my emotions and thoughts as you do therefore

*I Stay Here
May 2013 · 367
Jacobo Raymundo May 2013
I'm at my breaking point
Short moments away of crumbling into a paste
Made of ash and tears
Ironically holding together
While I fall apart
May 2013 · 357
Untitled (10W)
Jacobo Raymundo May 2013
Delicate rose petals drift aimlessly
Into a star soaked infinity
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