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May 2014
Monogrammed televisions play
McDonalds commercials featuring
Justin Beiber who has the moves
Like a Syrian rebel

Oh look! The new reality...
TV show to delude the pain
Of a million starving children
Crying for your pleasure

I have a suit and a devil's tongue
Will I have your vote in the next
Slave auction? Please I promise
To not totally destroy your dream

But first; did you take a selfie?
Before you chambered the round
Did you even lift?
Or could you even?

I like sheep on my feet:
Ignorance is a warming peace
Until its a cold war
With an unknown enemy

Idiots don't like to be called idiots
But it's for the common ambiguity
When in Rome, we die together
Ashes to ashes dust to dust
I don't really know how to explain this. I had the thought of the first stanza amd the rest felt right. Take from it what you will
Jacobo Raymundo
Written by
Jacobo Raymundo  NC
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