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3.4k · Jan 2013
Sailor at Sea
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2013
Flabbergasted, the whale wails
Lonely upon the sea drifting ever apart
A sole ****** raises his tired sails
Forever trapped in solitary solace

Winds warping the canvas
While ominous clouds encroach
The salty breeze stinging his taste
A bitterness within the calm

Peace drowns with the fury
That the storm has yet to bring
Fear not, creature of the sea
The troublesome life is far from over

Another night trashing about
The rock and the roll of the bow
A lullaby to a tired soul
Slowly rocking to dreamless sleep
An odd view of a seemingly simple poem... the ****** is actually dead. he is in his afterlife (though neither heaven nor hell). he lived a life forever wanting a girl he could never have and thus is drifting off at sea with nothing more around him than the call of a lonely whale.
3.3k · May 2013
War and Blood
Jacobo Raymundo May 2013
Smoke settling upon a journal
Smoke settling upon a journal
Pages torn and covered in blood
Pages torn and covered in blood
Blood and smoke in a covered journal
Settling upon torn pages

Childish rhymes and playful secrets
Childish rhymes and playful secrets
Shattered with the rising sun
Shattered with the rising sun
The Shattered sun rising with
Childish secrets and playful rhymes

Resilience falls with the youthful soul
Resilience falls with the youthful soul
Mourning hearts fade into night
Mourning hearts fade into night
Youthful hearts fade into mourning
Night falls with the soul resilience

Resilience, in a shattered night
The sun rising upon the journal
Blood and smoke settling
Youthful, childish hearts fade with mourning
Playful soul covered with secrets
Falls into torn rhymes and pages
3.2k · Mar 2013
Reunition (10w)
Jacobo Raymundo Mar 2013
Reunition of two lost souls
And it feels so right
3.1k · Apr 2013
Viewer Discretion Advised
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
viewer discretion is advised. The following program has graphic images that may not be suitable for all audiences

The television stains my eyes
I can barely see myself in the mirror
While steady reporters shed not one tear
Don't you see the dead behind you?
Don't you feel the pain of their families
While you just "tell the story"?

27 dead, most of which young children, in a school shooting

The sickness creeps into my bones
Its impact rattles my spine
Debilitating me, confining me to a stupor
Why? Why?
Why end such bright futures and presents?
Do you not see the damage that you've done?
Do you not feel the blood pouring from
Your own body? Do you?

back to you, overpaid talking man*

A three minute blurb
That's it
Hundreds of people have been forever changed
Millions more afraid
And all you can do is harass them
Beg for interviews
While they still are in disbelief?
But beyond that
You show it over and over and over
All with the political lean
Of your respective stations
Could you not stop for once
And let mourners mourn?
1.8k · Jan 2014
I dreamt but then awoke
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2014
I dreamt of a field of flowers
Where white crosses are planted
Families still together
Content with life
Genuine grins covering faces

I dreamt of full bellies
On the dark continent
Soccer ***** rolling between feet
Of children who also dream
Of lives as happy as theirs

I dreamt of fresh air
And clean water and growing forests
The cleanliness of nature unrivaled
As animals mingled around the watering hole
Roaming freely with homes

But I awoke and saw war
Fires melting the lives of millions
Dropping bombshells of grief
Destroying homes from within
And children dead or weeping

I awoke and saw despair
Fat bellied greed hogs
Rollin in muddy money pits
While babies died without food
And an entire land stripped and sold

I awoke amd saw nothing
But smoke stacks emitting poison
And the homes of the forest creatures
Being carried into lumber mills
And brown water filling drinking glasses
1.6k · Dec 2012
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
Rush through my veins
Devour all my feelings of pains
And of my deep sorrow
End this today or it will end tomorrow
Rush through my veins
My sweet ******

Rush through my veins
Wipe me from this foresaken land
Clean me of my forgotten stains
Destroy all the evils planned
Rush through my veins
My sweet heroine
If anybody is curious, I am not a drug addict and have never done ******. It is comparing my lost love to a drug and then to a hero(ine)
Jacobo Raymundo Mar 2013
Our two souls speak
Even from many miles apart
While I long to hold you
In my arms
I do every day
I say I love you
You say you love me
I say I love you
And you say you love me

It's those beautiful words
That I hear although unsaid
I hear you calling for me
Wanting for me to break you from you cage
That damn├Ęd creature
Gripping you with such monstrous claws
But I can hear your voice
From somewhere deep within
From your heart
And baby,
I love you too
1.5k · May 2013
Monotony (paradelle)
Jacobo Raymundo May 2013
Blasphemous trees, arching above my head
Blasphemous trees, arching above my head
For which life doesn't represent
For which life doesn't represent
Life, arching above my trees
Blasphemous, for which doesn't represent?

Wilting flowers, drooping with death
Wilting flowers, drooping with death
I fear not this valley of sorrows
I fear not this valley of sorrows
I fear this valley of flowers
Drooping with sorrows, not death

End the abysmal monotony
End the abysmal monotony
Shed light upon the throne
Shed light upon the throne
Abysmal throne, shed light
Upon the end, the monotony

End the monotony of life
For which death, not sorrows,
Arching above wilting trees,
Doesn't represent fear; my blasphemous head!
I shed light with this drooping valley
Flowers upon the abysmal throne
1.5k · Jan 2014
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2014
Chains and shackles
On the floor, rusted
No use for freed ankles and wrists
But the clean pair
Rests within our minds

Old scars new wounds
A lashing whip
Brings us all to our knees
We stand alone
But fall as one

Over colors
Colors are art
Are beautiful
Color is not a person
It is not defining
A poem I'm writing for my class "Psychology and the African American Experience". If you find it offensive then you probably didn't read what I was saying.
1.4k · Mar 2013
Jacobo Raymundo Mar 2013
Imprinted image of you, in all of your astonishing glory lays upon my heart

Life would ne'er hold such great meaning if you hadn't been a part of its journey
O'er the course of just over a year we've created an unbreakable bond
Very much so, you're the greatest addition to my life. I couldn't and wouldn't trade you for all the riches hidden within this earth
Emmanating such amazing warmth from your soul, I wish to forever bask in it like my own personal sun

You are the center of my universe, perhaps you truly are my sun beyond metaphor
Obscurity be gone! The clarity of the day leads my heart to yours, my hands to yours, and my smile to your eyes
Unconditionally my love for you, my goddess, remains swirling within my heart bringing about a myriad of emotions, all of which lead me to stand before you and say this much...

I love you
1.3k · Dec 2013
I Am (Big Brother)
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2013
I keep help close to you
Three numbers away
So that if you are in need
I will be there
I am a savior

I keep you healthy
With quality care
So if you are sick
I will be there
I am a nurse

I educate you
Through years of monotony
So if you face a problem
I will be there
I am a teacher

I protect your rights
From unnamed terrors
So if you are in danger
I will be there
I am a protector

I am a savior
Who enforces laws

I am a nurse
Who heals you with

I am a teacher
Who educates with

I am a protector
Who saves you from

**I am Big Brother
1.3k · Feb 2014
I Pledge Allegiance
Jacobo Raymundo Feb 2014
I pledge allegiance
To the flag
Of the United Socialists States of America
And to the ******
For which it stands
One nation
Under surveillance
With slavery and injustice for all
A slight alteration to the pledge of allegiance that everybody knows. Figured it was more fitting to the way the USA actually is
1.2k · Feb 2013
Trans-Realm Unicycle
Jacobo Raymundo Feb 2013
Paradoxical split between the worlds in which I inhabit
Space and time discontinuum
For which art thou represent?
Nonsense you buffoon!

Insanity, sweet sweet insanity
Chill my bones yet warm my heart
Unorthodox orthodoxy with power
Eat thy young

The void always welcome weary travelers
Yet travelers that embrace the void
Are no longer travelers
For we love and loathe our void

Loving and loathing
The story of my passing through time
Completely unfinished
Yet left resolved

What is it that I speak of?
I sincerely wish I knew
I am only a medium
For the being inside of me

Is that not what we all are?
Just bodies withering ever so slightly
Whilst our souls remain forever youthful?
This life can make your soul grow old as well

Or is life an act of duality
In which we sleep at night
So that our souls can show us their lives
And awake to show our souls ours?

Nothing makes sense
It isn't supposed to
That's why there is faith
Whether in nothing or everything

I am nowhere yet everywhere
A tiny speck yet everything I've ever known
I am a clown confused in a circus
Switching realities, or rather fantasies
This odd piece is a result of my utter confusion with what is going on in the world around me and my extreme inability to make sense of any form of thought
1.1k · Feb 2013
It's all over
Jacobo Raymundo Feb 2013
Blood sweat and eventually tears
Spilled upon waxed pine
For seemingly nothing

Hours upon hours

It's all over
Time is taking its course
Leaving tonight behind

The end is always bitter
Yet the beginning is so sweet
I'll miss this forever
Tonight, our basketball season ended with a painful loss in our conference semifinals. It's all over
1.1k · Aug 2013
The Meadow in the Woods
Jacobo Raymundo Aug 2013
Meadow bowing down
To the King of the Winds
Praising Him for His almighty service
The birds sing His holy hymns
While the clear blue depth acts as His throne
The heat of the sun turns the pale faces
Of dancing cherubins to a light rosy tone
And the flowers grow magnificently

Far back behind the trees
Swaying ever so slightly, yet mostly still
A cold stream trickles past, tickling the landscape
Here the shade and light becomes a paradox
Where colors are displayed with such depth and beauty
And the leaves branching out as an umbrella
Save us from the approaching storm

The energy and tension building up
I can feel the electricity in the air
As if my heart were connected to a battery
But the ominous buckets approach with their angry growls
And I can see the grimace on its face
I've seen it on my face, in the mirror
I've seen the buckets of rain carried on and on
Further and further until their weight was too much to bear

Then pouring down as a well fed waterfall
The sky splits in a tremendous luminous display
While the air rips apart and collides together
The King of the Winds fills with rage
His wrath evident in the dismantling gusts
Destroying the protection that saved us before

The world is uneasy, the earth changing
The ferocity of desire, burning the tree
That was once steady, resilient
The sanctuary lays forever transformed
Even as the rupture of nature subsided

The beauty fades ever so slightly to my eye
But it is still present, is still familiar
I know this place but by a different view
The creek now rushes, pounding its banks
The colors are more sullen yet still rich and full of depth
And the leaves, protectorate of my heart, lay strewn about
In a tangled mess of fury and emotion
But the storm has left, gone for good

And beyond this home
The meadow still stands as it did before
As if completely untouched by the storm
But I know each individual flower
That still grows with mystical elegance
Has their own story to tell, but I cannot hear it

The flowers are silent as they grow
Their stories imprinted on their petals
And I read them best I can
But the mind can only capture so much
Of what the heart has to tell
I truly wish I could explain every bit of this poem to everyone who reads this. Every image, every metaphor, every line has its own meaning that would be impossible for you to know unless you really knew me. But, take from it what it gives you. I still like what I've written.
1.1k · Feb 2013
Jacobo Raymundo Feb 2013
I must follow my heart my mind and my dreams
All colliding and contrasting
In the same breath

I must be with you always
It's what my heart tells me
You're my goddess

Yet I must move on from you
I'm driving myself mad
My mind flees to my Angel

I must leave my home, see the world
My dreams are bigger than here
Yet I must stay with you
1.1k · Jan 2014
Atomic Rainbows
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2014
An acid raindrop
Burning the last of the crop
Dusty barren soil
Marks the end of the millenial toil

Work until your hands are cracked
And you're crippled and broken backed
You work to pay to be free
The new whips of slavery

Mr Taxman comes to your door
His theft I do deplore
All I have to spare is change
And he acts as if deranged

A continent fractured for greed
A little more ivory is what we need
While sickly babies wail and perish
Without a moment of life to cherish

But do you shed a single tear
No, only hate and fear
You are an enemy
To my country and to me

As atomic rainbows cross the sky
In warring peace, we all shall die
This is a piece I feel strongly about and have tried to get out for a few weeks now amd just have been able to do
Jacobo Raymundo Nov 2013
Don't be fooled by the place it is sent to be
This is no poem no somg nothing to dance to
This is a hope that someone may read and reply
Their thoughts on this thought of mine

Perhaps I should tell a story through sonnet
Of a man of youth battling love and lust
Of sorrow and joy
A man who is flippant, almost overly so
But is serious about matters of the heart
A journey nonetheless
Where he travels many worlds yet goes nowhere
A story of me and how my life has been
With a touch of hyperbolic flamboyance
Would you sit down and read and maybe enjoy
Said work assuming it has been well developed
Amd lacks the typos this probably has?
I am proposin an idea that has been rattling in my head for a while. Almost like an Epic but instead have it be a sonnet series. About me but expressed as a fictional view of another person's life. Would you like to see it develop?
1.0k · Jun 2013
Rebirth (Tanka)
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
Fear'd desolation
Corrupting, painful despair
Erupts from the crypts of my mind
Yet flowers blossom within;
Sacred rebirth through turmoil
1.0k · Dec 2012
Talk With Jah
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
Jah speak to me
From time to time
I try to listen good
But Jah is gone
As fast He come

Jah told me once
"Hold on young soldier,
Love will soon find you"
But death comes too soon
Shattered heart leaves pain

Yet I keep faith in Jah words
For I know He knows all
He sees what I cannot
So I follow Jah path
Until I reach my resting place
Within your heart
To anybody who doesn't know and is curious, Jah is the Rastafarian word for God. I listen to a lot of reggae and have done quite a bit of research in Rasta history so I decided to write a poem with a reggae feel to it.
1.0k · Apr 2013
The Lonely Sailor
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
The power behind a voice
The sweet calming of a goddess
Pouring serenity over my heart
Rough seas cease to trouble
The lonely sailor
Who was never truly alone
Perched in the sky you watched me
As I drew ever closer to you
990 · Apr 2014
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2014
Lighting is just
It strikes with no prejudice
As it is reason
Carrying millenia of knowledge
But it is also fury
Its power unfathomable by man
And those that wander within its reach
Have an understanding for love
For it connects us in a bond of nugatory existence
In comparison to the timeless Nature
There are no borders where the lighting strikes
And we are all one underneath its glory
953 · Apr 2013
Heroin and Ecstasy
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
A little tablet in my mouth
Swimming around atop my tongue
Swallowed for pure bliss

The needle, piercing my skin
Sinking deep with my veins
Depression surging to my heart

The mix of both elements
Causing pure melancholy
Driving me insane
Jacobo Raymundo Aug 2013
I just wish that my heart wasn't a star
Still shining bright to those that see it
But dead millions of years ago
Something to be wisheded upon
In the careless, childish folly of daily life

Such as making wishes
Pointless beacons of unrequited hope
That drives us as souls to the brink of sanity
And for some, such as the wanderer that I am
It drives us over that invisible boundary
And banishes us to an unfathomable pit

This pit, generalized as depression, insanity
Is seen with similarity amongst pits
Yet no pit is equal to another
Each is unique, special to and hated by its owner
Yet it is seemingly inescapable
And thus loved from necessity

And those who pass us by want to help
Offer a hand to pull us from the pit
But every outreached hand reaches a little deeper
And the abyss of life likewise deepens
Until you have no choice but to fill it

And filling such a whole is no simple task
First a pail of confidence is added
And then several more of momentum
As the hole begins to fill a hunger to heal forms
Where you overemphasize the process
And forget the reason

Thus the devilish being opens its jaws
And swallows every pail you have placed upon it
And mistakes your action for hope
And once more deepens exponentially

So here I lay, contemplating the treachery
That my life has slowly devolved into
And I have to question to myself
Do the stars in the sky hang so low
Because they feel the death of their brother inside me?
This is sort of how I feel in the present but I do not understand the truth or the completion of this expression. I have shut any prior feelings off, yet emotions remain. I do not understand myself, yet I know me completely. I have nowhere left to turn but a blank page and an aquarium of thoughts swimming without reason in my head. Please excuse the lack of any artistic style in the piece. I am very tired and very alone
916 · Dec 2012
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
Shadows cast upon the grey
Darkness upon the dull day

Watch as time begins to fade
Into infinity, my life betrayed

I live my days through broken dreams
Vicariously, through favored memories

Look into this shattered mirror
As tears roll with a small tremor

Doubt enters my soul and fogs my head
To be honest, I'd rather be dead

Than living life without my rose
The reason I sit here and compose
916 · Jan 2013
Bones and Scars
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2013
Taco brunch in a bathroom stall
Liquor filled urinals hang from the ceiling
Where IS the ceiling?

Rooms filled with nothing
Empty space, except for a disco ball
Groove in the black hole

Scar tissue covers the air
A hurt earth lingers in the void
Where everything and nothing exists

Possibility ruins imagination
How can dolphins play checkers with cats
When cats hate sea urchins?

Neither rhyme not reason plagues my mind
There is nothing within to plague
Just another void amongst voids

Why is that star shaped like me
Whilst I roam within shadows?

Bone started to crumble
Into monumental skyscrapers
Destroyed by a lost ant
903 · Apr 2013
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
Can thou of most unholy acts
Speak to the treachery that hath not
Been partaken, yet is still reality
To the delusional eyes that sink
Far far beneath thoust skull?

In what fashion of logic can thou
Speak to the degrees of infidelity
When thoust hand embraces on man's
Whilst your head lays upon another?
868 · Dec 2013
Love Letter
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2013
It is rare to have your feelings be so greatly impacted
By a single person that you have only begun to know
But you feel like you have known forever
Like two souls have crossed paths in time
But have finally met in person

I fear it but girl I'm falling
I'm swimming in the baby blue of your eyes
Feeling the power of your heartbeat
Held so close to mind
But I still fear the fall
So much that I resist it
Because I've fallen before and the landing hurts
And still hurts me now
As I look into your soul
And know that I can't give you everything
Because it has already been given
But fear is petty in the face of love
So tell me now before you miss your chance
Will you take my hand
And forget the fall
And just dive in together?
I have met someone who is truly great. Someone that takes my mind off the person who I normally write about. And I feel a passion that I haven't felt in a long time.

Also as an update, I have a few works in a planning stage and I have a poem currently being drafted. Hang around and it'll be out soon. Thanks for the support y'all as I'm nearing my 20,000th read!!!
Jacobo Raymundo Mar 2013
I've thought many an hour
Of the perfect image of the one
I wish to join hands with
In matrimony

Perhaps my thoughts are blinded
By the brightness of your light
But who I wish to be with
Is a clone of you

But can one like you be cloned?
So perfectly amazing
Bringing awe to me
In new ways every day

Can someone else be bestowed the responsibility
To hold such beautiful grace
Such sweet thoughfulness
Such unprecedented beauty?

No, they cannot
Not because the human body is incapable
You clearly stand before me
With your gorgeous emeralds glowing

No, it isn't that
It's that you're so amazingly unique
You're so one of a kind
And I'll be ****** if I don't love you
*with every fiber of my being
860 · Dec 2012
Dollar Psychosis
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
Dollar signs painted upon walls
While psychopaths grieve it's surreality

"Not real not real, must have more"
They all chant in unison

Gobbling and devouring wealth
The black holes of greed that they are

Never feeling love nor happiness
Just the want for more and more

Million dollar cars pour from golden driveways
As monogramed gates open wide

Wouldn't you wish to peer inside?
See the extravagant joys that await?

Scarves cover their bones, they are without skin
And soul, they lack as well

Instead they have it replaced
With the almighty dollar
A short venture from my writings of love and passion to touch on the greed that eats at our world. This was sparked from a conversation that I earlier had with my mom.
828 · May 2013
Jacobo Raymundo May 2013
Emotions of a million passions
Flowing from my eye sockets
Where orbs of vitality once inhabited

Words of these emotions
Pouring like billions of tiny spiders
Waterfall from the dried bone that used
To be covered by flesh awaiting your kiss

The heart in a burned ribcage
Still beating in rhythm
Pumps no blood no life
Just a black tar of sorrow

My arms, reduced to mere calcium
Still are held out
Awaiting you to fall into my embrace

But it's too late, far too late
I can't ever hold you again
I'm already dead
823 · Apr 2013
The Forest for the Trees
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
Watch scars fall from my eyes
Pierce the earth
And grow into deformed plants

The seeds of pain and anger
Slowly sinking deeper and deeper
Advocating the growth of demons

Nurture my growth with the remains
Of my heart
That is perishing too soon

Feed the gay birds in my tree
With the fruits of my labor
The only accomplishment to my name

But what is it?
Am I leaving a legacy?
Or just a whisper in the wind?

When I leave for good
I will make not one sound
Not even a whimper

Trees don't speak
We are steady and resilient
And silent, within ourselves
If you can think of a fitting title, feel free to share
822 · Nov 2012
Jacobo Raymundo Nov 2012
Darkness, my sweet abyss
Darkness, my sweet abyss
Surrounded by doubt, filled with fear
Surrounded by doubt, filled with fear
Sweet darkness, surrounded by fear
Abyss, filled with my doubt

Light, so bright, engulf my soul
Light, so bright, engulf my soul
Destroy the demons in me
Destroy the demons in me
Demons destroy my bright soul
So engulf the light in me

Battle the void, emptiness be gone
Battle the void, emptiness be gone
Your love is a necessity
Your love is a necessity
Emptiness is gone, the void a necessity
Be your love battle

Your soul, my sweet love, is filled
By fear, doubt, a darkness, surrounded with
Demons! Be gone!
Battle the necessity, the void
Light, destroy emptiness
So bright, engulf my abyss
This is my first attempt at a paradelle. It is a really interesting form to try. Enjoy.
820 · Nov 2012
Lune of the Loon
Jacobo Raymundo Nov 2012
I sit here growing weary
Pen in hand
Writing for my lost love

She has been gone now
For too long
Yet I pray for reunition

Possibly insanely, I lose touch
Earth escapes me
Gravity no longer affects me

For when the beautiful goddess
Smiles at me
I float like an angel

I watch as men scramble
Searching for love
Such an elusive, godly feeling

Yet I have to laugh
For I know
My love is in you

As it always will be
My craziest idea
Was to hold on forever

Yet I have no regrets
I love you
And I will without end

It may drive me insane
On these days
When I cannot hold you

But I know, one day
You will be
Dancing with my loving heart

Forever, as it should be
This is an extended lune that I happened to pour out. My heart has it's random outbursts and my pen can do nothing but follow.
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
Strike down upon me with your scepter
Entrust in me the obedience of your ways
Light me the path to my paradise
Where there is no pain, no suffering, no poverty
Let me follow with your flock, My Shepard

Allow me to present myself before your throne
And bow down to your mighty power
I wish to wash your feet, although clean of filth
And sing praises to your holy name
Oh please allow me to do so, My King

Please oh faithful Shepard King
Have faith in me as I do in you
My path is meandering but headed towards grace
This I promise is true
Just grant me the peace and power to continue onward
My Lord, My King, My Shepard: Amen
800 · Dec 2013
Metaphysical Thantophobia
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2013
Philanthropic devotion of your tears
To my self-asserted sense of importance
To the wake of a vessel leaving port forever
And the mighty sun sets where I saw you last
On the horizon, without looking back

But I stand in desert sands
It is all a mirage yet I remain alone
And so even my imagination holds truth
Time and time again I find myself alone
Whilst you are surrounded by love and prosperity

But is it true that I have lost you to the changing tides
To the trade wind's mighty gust?
Have you set sail and left me here to perish
Alone and breaching insanity?
Am I merely imagining falsehood in reality?
800 · Apr 2013
Hideous Deception
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
You hideous deception!
Show your face!
No don't
I don't wish to see it
You have walked a path
Which I thought may be righteous
Little did I know
You gladly opened the gates of hell
And strolled on through
For that
I want nothing to do with you
799 · Dec 2012
I Am Forever Victorious
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
Lift from the smoldering ash
Mount your chariot "soldier"
Have you no shame in your failures?
Do you not wake to taste the blood of your foe?

Trumpets blast from the crumbling stone walls
As the moans of dying men play the symphony I cherish
While the trickling of blood sings it's sweet verse
I ride upon sunset, dagger between my ribs

I need not this chariot, I combat by foot
No foe can match my brutality
Watch as my slain victim crumples
Like the paper that he always has been

I am forever victorious
I uploaded this at the wee hours of the morning and would like to analyze my own writing. The foe that I speak of is myself. The pain I bring upon myself is my enemy. The dagger between my ribs shows that I cannot **** myself, thus being forever victorious.
781 · Dec 2012
Emphysemic Nightmare
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
Blood filling the sternum
Of the work horse grown old
The rusty iron of an old train yard
Stagnate pools of ancient prosperity
Fill the scene of yesterday's tomorrow

Instead of futuristic gizmos
Zapping up our daily needs
We worship a silly piece of paper
Watching the ruins around us fade away

Instead of helping one another
Stand from a nasty fall
We fill our pockets with jingling candies
Trying to sweeten our sour lives

Instead of being the beacon of hope
The self proclaimed city on a hill
We watch the struggles around our walls
And laugh at the ones within

A day of reckoning is soon to come
With it we all fade to dust
A rebirth is in store
But it will not bring new life

Only more death and struggle
Because Lady Liberty only holds her torch
Shines upon her own achievements
And leaves others in the dark

Wheezing, she stumbles upon a notebook
Coughing the blood of her own horse
Rusting away like her prosperity
She reads of what she learned a day ago
But forgot for today

She awakes in a cold sweat
Still torch in hand
Will she have learned to shine towards others
Or will she only brighten herself?
771 · Apr 2013
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
Feed the parasites in my brain
Eating the bindings that hold me together
And watch as I fall
Into an insane abyss
Where the only light there is
There isn't
Where the only logic allowed
Is illogical
Where the moon sings sweet lullabies
That I cannot hear or see
Does it really then?
Am I deaf/blind
Or is there nothing to see/hear?
Is this hole empty
Or is there so much that it implodes
Sending micro particles outward
Into the space that doesn't exist?
760 · Dec 2012
Aubade to my Lover
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
The night grows thinner
As the bright orange fills the deep
As the stars vanish
So does our time together
Daylight is the final bell
The end of us for now

Beware young lovers
Spouts the rising sun
The day anew has begun
And so kiss goodmorning
And leave upon my warning
A simple little aubade. It's nothing much.
751 · Jan 2013
My Sweet Goddess
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2013
My sweet goddess
You float in my heart
Carefree and beautifully
Crafted by the hand of God
He made you special
He wanted you to be
Far beyond angelic
And that, you are
745 · Nov 2012
Twisted Clock
Jacobo Raymundo Nov 2012
The pendulum swings
Quarter past three
Time bites and stings
What time will it be?

Contorted mechanics pop
Broken hands pound
The beaten face drop'd
Eaten by the devil's hound

Cuckoo bird yelps
A searing pain
Scorching helps
The birds consciousness regain

Time stands still
Psychics can't forsee
The lighthouse on a hill
Nowhere near a sea

Blood drips from the wound gears
Silently covering the floor
With my absorbed fears
Watch it close my door
I have no clue what this poem is supposed to mean. It was honestly a random presentation of my anger from today and a little bit of hurt.
738 · Mar 2013
Jacobo Raymundo Mar 2013
Slow regression back
Down down down
A home that I love so much
A slow freefall back to familiar ground
Where I wait for your heart
733 · May 2013
And the moon cries tonight
Jacobo Raymundo May 2013
A voice tremors in the dark of night
The stillness catches every jostle
Of the jawline, wavering with excitement
As he professes his love
The deepest emotions found in his heart
And there is no one to hear it
No ear to receive the devoted words
And the moon cries tonight
708 · Jan 2013
Angelic Advisors
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2013
In my ear you sit and preach
Tell me to hold my faith when all else is gone
Now I want to thank you
For getting me through this storm
And allowing me to see the day
I am not extremely religious, however, I firmly believe that God spoke to me directly. I am finally setting what He was talking about
706 · Jun 2013
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
Mindless pander within the dome of reason
Bickering more or less with the walls and self
Punishment, punishment: **** you fool
Death and the universe coincide, collide
One being, supernaturally existent
Normally abnormal beyond logic
Dreams of dreams about dreams frolic
Goals pace themselves towards the gulliotine
One little sheep, two little sheep: dead
Oh elusive sleep, why do you not embrace me?
692 · Jan 2014
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2014
Where is it that the butterflies roam
After your deceptive plot
The beings that flutter
With sporadic yet graceful joy
The beauty of the eye gone

And the bees
Who's sting is only as sharp
As a deflowered world
A youth with no innocence
Because of an industrial scheme
To recruit robots of flesh
691 · Jan 2013
Nighttime Reminisce
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2013
The gravel beneath my tires
My heart pulsing
Blood throbbing through my veins
The green house on a hill in sight

The dogs barking as my door closes
I walk upon your wood porch to hear your voice
My heart skips a beat
As you leave your house

A night with you again
A night of many words
Most of which unsaid
But I could hear them

As I leave
I can smell you on my jacket
A smile crosses my face
As I go back in time
677 · Dec 2012
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
A heated, serrated blade
Drives deep beneath my skin
Boiling my blood
Tearing my flesh
Smashing my bones

I stand without feet
While I smash without hands
Demons drive my soul to Hell
Where I bask in their glow of hatred
I drive them away with my smirk

Do not cross me
You know nothing of my potential
Crazed psychopathy is euphemistic
To the destruction of my wrath
Leaving nothing untouched by my flame
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