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Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
All I can taste is
  Your lips pressed against mine

All I can see is
   Your beautiful eyes looking into mine

All I can feel is
  Your soft hands embraced around mine

This is all I desire
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
Amor, Amor, Amor
¿Donde estas?
Estaba traído encontrar tú
¿Adonde estaba ido?
Estaba vido en el oscuro
En la día
Todos lugares en el mundo
Pero no estas aquí
¿Sales con mí corazón
Y nunca volvería?
Jacobo Raymundo Mar 2013
To my sweet goddess,

Day in and day out
The sun rises and fades
The moon follows suit
A natural continuum of sorts

And like the sun and the moon
And the seasons they bring
My love for you is continuous
Starting but never ending

If life forces my hands from yours
And we are pried millions of miles apart
Know this, my only love
I will always cherish you in my heart

But I don't fear that day
For it shall never come
Millions of miles couldn't bar me from you
My love is too deep for that

For I have peered into the eyes
Of the divine in all of her mystic beauty
Which have cast onto my heart
A blessing of eternal passion

Should the sun die on the sunset of next
I wouldn't fear the ensuing darkness
I have the light of your soul
To show my path to your heart

From this path, I don't stray
I have only will enough to be with you
You're all I'll ever need
And I'll love you forever and always
To the moon and back
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
Why can't we hold hands
Walk this path of life
And just love one another?

Why do we spend our days
In a sunken abyss of hatred
Seeded through many ages?

The seeds, growing fruits
Poisonous and bitter
Killing ourselves day by day

Lets end the ward
End the hate
And just be happy
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
The world has grown vile
There is no truth left
We slay our kin for fortune
Laugh at others struggling to stay afloat
Allow a slip of paper to dictate our lives
And the Heavens weep

Death and destruction plague our lives
Warring nations combat
Over lines of pure fantasy; control
Children are scarred forever by its teachery
Parents are slain for no gain
And the Heavens weep

I have learned that I have no place here
Loveless, lifeless
I have no reason to be
The grim reaper is my saving angel
And on this day, with me
The Heavens weep
Jacobo Raymundo May 2013
A voice tremors in the dark of night
The stillness catches every jostle
Of the jawline, wavering with excitement
As he professes his love
The deepest emotions found in his heart
And there is no one to hear it
No ear to receive the devoted words
And the moon cries tonight
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
Many poems that are left untitled
And written by my hand
Are not really poems
Just blurbs of thought like this
So if you can think of ways
To better and lengthen and develop them
Feel free to message me your ideas
Who knows
You may see them for sale one day
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2013
In my ear you sit and preach
Tell me to hold my faith when all else is gone
Now I want to thank you
For getting me through this storm
And allowing me to see the day
I am not extremely religious, however, I firmly believe that God spoke to me directly. I am finally setting what He was talking about
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
A heated, serrated blade
Drives deep beneath my skin
Boiling my blood
Tearing my flesh
Smashing my bones

I stand without feet
While I smash without hands
Demons drive my soul to Hell
Where I bask in their glow of hatred
I drive them away with my smirk

Do not cross me
You know nothing of my potential
Crazed psychopathy is euphemistic
To the destruction of my wrath
Leaving nothing untouched by my flame
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2014
An acid raindrop
Burning the last of the crop
Dusty barren soil
Marks the end of the millenial toil

Work until your hands are cracked
And you're crippled and broken backed
You work to pay to be free
The new whips of slavery

Mr Taxman comes to your door
His theft I do deplore
All I have to spare is change
And he acts as if deranged

A continent fractured for greed
A little more ivory is what we need
While sickly babies wail and perish
Without a moment of life to cherish

But do you shed a single tear
No, only hate and fear
You are an enemy
To my country and to me

As atomic rainbows cross the sky
In warring peace, we all shall die
This is a piece I feel strongly about and have tried to get out for a few weeks now amd just have been able to do
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
The night grows thinner
As the bright orange fills the deep
As the stars vanish
So does our time together
Daylight is the final bell
The end of us for now

Beware young lovers
Spouts the rising sun
The day anew has begun
And so kiss goodmorning
And leave upon my warning
A simple little aubade. It's nothing much.
Jacobo Raymundo Mar 2013
Muted expression
A songbird perched upon a winter pine

Not a chirp
No songs of spring
Nothing but silence

Staring out towards the rising moon
Where we both tend to gaze
As if there's commonplace

Perhaps the bird doesn't sing
Because it's trapped in its own cage
As am I
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
The steel door has closed
Stopping the flow of
Psychotically devoted emotions
From pouring out of my heart
And into the words that you read
My words are bland
Yet met my feelings have spice
Why can't I put word to feeling today?
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2013
Taco brunch in a bathroom stall
Liquor filled urinals hang from the ceiling
Where IS the ceiling?

Rooms filled with nothing
Empty space, except for a disco ball
Groove in the black hole

Scar tissue covers the air
A hurt earth lingers in the void
Where everything and nothing exists

Possibility ruins imagination
How can dolphins play checkers with cats
When cats hate sea urchins?

Neither rhyme not reason plagues my mind
There is nothing within to plague
Just another void amongst voids

Why is that star shaped like me
Whilst I roam within shadows?

Bone started to crumble
Into monumental skyscrapers
Destroyed by a lost ant
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2014
Where is it that the butterflies roam
After your deceptive plot
The beings that flutter
With sporadic yet graceful joy
The beauty of the eye gone

And the bees
Who's sting is only as sharp
As a deflowered world
A youth with no innocence
Because of an industrial scheme
To recruit robots of flesh
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
Can one keep strength when
Everything is turned against
Their flesh and blood?

Can one keep looking upward when
The skies oh so cloudy
Keep pouring down sorrows?

Can one keep such great faith when
They feel abandoned
Left to die?

Can one pass the test
That He lays for us?
Life is full of tests. Although I look upon this from a religious stand point, it is true to all. Can you pass the test? Can you hold faith whether it be in God above or in a brighter tomorrow? Can you?
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
Slinking about step by step
With perfectly fluid motion
Seeing the world through eyes
Devoted to feline curiosity
The petty masters stand in awe
While I fall from three stories up
And land on all fours, unscathed
I am a cat, and I love my life
Sleeping through the hours of the day
To awake at night to scavenge
The little tailed furry critter
That you may be afraid of
But this is my dinner
Oh I love my life
This is for a friend that keeps bugging me to write a poem about cats. This is the best that I can do since I'm a dog person haha
Jacobo Raymundo Aug 2013
Split me in two
Very unequal portions
Of who I am, who always was
And who I'm tryin to be
Forgetting the world that
Made this way
And welcoming the world that
Is making me that way
Saying goodbye to you
And saying good morning to them
Oh but the misery of when I hear your voice
And want your sweet caressing lips
Entwined with mine in a forever kinda moment
I can't write enough poems
I can't write my heart out enough
It's all out there
It's there for you to see
Come find me
Jacobo Raymundo Feb 2013
I must follow my heart my mind and my dreams
All colliding and contrasting
In the same breath

I must be with you always
It's what my heart tells me
You're my goddess

Yet I must move on from you
I'm driving myself mad
My mind flees to my Angel

I must leave my home, see the world
My dreams are bigger than here
Yet I must stay with you
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
Could you be more beautiful?
It must be impossible
Your smile, oh so bright
Is the reason that stars fall
Jealousy of a glow they cannot match

Could you be more beautiful?
With your walk of grace
Leaving celestial life
With every inch you touch

Could you be more beautiful?
With such a melody of a voice
Soothing my pains daily

Could you be more beautiful?
As my heart falls every day

Could you be more beautiful?
Jacobo Raymundo Mar 2013
I love you
I can't be with you
There is still hope
I bleed my heart
We fall apart
We fall together
I love you
Jacobo Raymundo Nov 2012
Darkness, my sweet abyss
Darkness, my sweet abyss
Surrounded by doubt, filled with fear
Surrounded by doubt, filled with fear
Sweet darkness, surrounded by fear
Abyss, filled with my doubt

Light, so bright, engulf my soul
Light, so bright, engulf my soul
Destroy the demons in me
Destroy the demons in me
Demons destroy my bright soul
So engulf the light in me

Battle the void, emptiness be gone
Battle the void, emptiness be gone
Your love is a necessity
Your love is a necessity
Emptiness is gone, the void a necessity
Be your love battle

Your soul, my sweet love, is filled
By fear, doubt, a darkness, surrounded with
Demons! Be gone!
Battle the necessity, the void
Light, destroy emptiness
So bright, engulf my abyss
This is my first attempt at a paradelle. It is a really interesting form to try. Enjoy.
Jacobo Raymundo May 2013
Lunar guardian
Silently watching over
Lovers reminisce
Within your beautiful glow
Whilst the darkness fades away

Oh majestic sun
Rise o'er our dreary, paining souls
Erase our frozen hearts
Give them newfound birth this morn
Destroy an overdue tragedy

Sweet solitary moon
You have returned unto me
Protect my aging soul
Shatter the monotony of cycles
Bring us eternal sunshine
I'm sorry if my word choice is lacking and sucky... I hate writing in rhyme schemes or in meter and this really made me change my thoughts... But I've never written in a Japanese style so I have it a go!
Jacobo Raymundo Aug 2013
A table is set for hundreds
In the chambers of my dying heart
At which is to be sat many a notable guest
Lonely, Sad, Fearful, and Disgusted too
Where they are to converse on the goings on
At a mile a minute all together
A harmonious blare of monotony
Where which each conversation is sensible
Yet together is disjointed, annoying
Me being the willing fool with a broken heart
Tried to listen in to find my ear sadly unattuned
To the discourse of utmost importance
I guess it's a part of living dead
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
Dollar signs painted upon walls
While psychopaths grieve it's surreality

"Not real not real, must have more"
They all chant in unison

Gobbling and devouring wealth
The black holes of greed that they are

Never feeling love nor happiness
Just the want for more and more

Million dollar cars pour from golden driveways
As monogramed gates open wide

Wouldn't you wish to peer inside?
See the extravagant joys that await?

Scarves cover their bones, they are without skin
And soul, they lack as well

Instead they have it replaced
With the almighty dollar
A short venture from my writings of love and passion to touch on the greed that eats at our world. This was sparked from a conversation that I earlier had with my mom.
Jacobo Raymundo Jul 2013
A familiar feeling from a foreign face
The feeling of eagerness, the hope for future
Something I have longed to feel
Since my world has grown dark
I've wanted to die for so long
But won't you make me want to live again?
Won't you take this withering flower
And turn its chin upwards towards the sun?
Bring an end to my endless night
Make me feel the warmth of your glow
And let me flatter you with words
I could make you my princess
But I'd rather you be my angel
Save me from the death fast approaching
And deliver me to a newly opening door
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
Those acidic words
Dribble from your lips
Like snakes slithering from your throat
Fueled by blood of molten hatred

The words that have been spoken
Sear the earth around your feet
Alter reality to your eye
And devours the innocence of a rose

From the body of those lips
A tale is told from the other side
Far away in a paradise
Perfection, why not?

As your body deceives your lips
And acts as you say not
The earth scowls at your devilish lies
Traitor to yourself!

For you have a present
Shakier than the spoken past
So hush your lips childish woman
And do your own wrong today
Gossipers a ruining the personal world around us. How can we build compassion and peace if people are worried about others' lives? I pray you all feel the peace and harmony if acceptance of others
Jacobo Raymundo Mar 2013
El día que tuyos ojos
Vieron que míos
Eso era el día
Que mí corazón bajó
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
Mindless pander within the dome of reason
Bickering more or less with the walls and self
Punishment, punishment: **** you fool
Death and the universe coincide, collide
One being, supernaturally existent
Normally abnormal beyond logic
Dreams of dreams about dreams frolic
Goals pace themselves towards the gulliotine
One little sheep, two little sheep: dead
Oh elusive sleep, why do you not embrace me?
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
Blood filling the sternum
Of the work horse grown old
The rusty iron of an old train yard
Stagnate pools of ancient prosperity
Fill the scene of yesterday's tomorrow

Instead of futuristic gizmos
Zapping up our daily needs
We worship a silly piece of paper
Watching the ruins around us fade away

Instead of helping one another
Stand from a nasty fall
We fill our pockets with jingling candies
Trying to sweeten our sour lives

Instead of being the beacon of hope
The self proclaimed city on a hill
We watch the struggles around our walls
And laugh at the ones within

A day of reckoning is soon to come
With it we all fade to dust
A rebirth is in store
But it will not bring new life

Only more death and struggle
Because Lady Liberty only holds her torch
Shines upon her own achievements
And leaves others in the dark

Wheezing, she stumbles upon a notebook
Coughing the blood of her own horse
Rusting away like her prosperity
She reads of what she learned a day ago
But forgot for today

She awakes in a cold sweat
Still torch in hand
Will she have learned to shine towards others
Or will she only brighten herself?
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
Mark the ground beneath my feet with stars
And follow me to my destiny
Take a trip through my galaxy
See what I see feel what I feel
Judge me from the outside
And I'll mock you from the inside
The waters are warm here
But I cool those around me
You see a steady face
Slowly becoming apathetic to your pettiness
You beggards! Trying to steal my flame
I will torch your empty body
And smoke it for the high
And feel the empty happiness
That plagues your hearts
But wouldn't emptiness be better
Than feeling so much it stings?
Jacobo Raymundo Nov 2012
I stand here
Where broken dreams
Fall to rest

Where the hearts
Of young lovers
Burn in their own passion

As a million dying souls
Rush from the barren ground
I stand still

Knowing my heart is next
Next to parish
Next to be an inferno

All around me
Moaning entities enclose
Walls caving in

I cant even use my last breath
To express my love for you
I am already gone

If you look up in the night sky
And see a star
Brighter than the north one

Know this sweet child
It is me smiling down upon you
While my empty shell weeps
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
I wish

I wish for you and I
To walk this Earth
Hand in hand

A moment on your lips
An eternal kiss
I wish
Jacobo Raymundo Mar 2013
Shadows shadows on the ground
Pitfalls within reach of every step
Absolute darkness shrouds presence
Feed the hungry beast within my soul
When it rears its ugly head
Soothe it with your melodious voice
Reason with me, calm my fears
Take my hand, sweet goddess
Deviate from our current paths
Loosely intertwined, tangle the knot tightly
Hold on and never let go
So we can fall deep and away
Deep and away from here and there
Let us fall together, even if it's to nowhere
Jacobo Raymundo Mar 2013
I'm saying goodbye to the community
I'm writing something grand
I'll be gone for a while
But I may post when I'm done
epic writing day one starts now
Jacobo Raymundo Jul 2013
Many eons of history compile into a lonely monster
Recklessly abandoning the loves of his day
Destroying the hearts of those around him
Devouring the hope of the youth
Bringing night to the day

Having lost his own heart
A tremendous wall was built
Unable to be scaled yet left incomplete
Those that wiggle their way in
Can stay if they wish
Yet I know they won't
Nothing in life is forever
Except death, forever sanctuary

Death is a mental institute
When our hearts have endured enough pain
God removes us and imprisons us
Yet we care not
Because we are fed pills of Ecstasy
And left to forever wander on a playground

But I want to break death
It has no place in my world
I fear happiness as it is always followed
By pain with more magnitude
So I wish to stay unhappy, human
And resist my Forever Sanctuary
Jacobo Raymundo Feb 2013
Desolation, withering trees dropping sadly
Green grass now turned to frozen nostalgia
Oh what great joy life was
When my home was green with life
Surrounded by an eternity of happiness
But death came quick
As I slowly perished inside
Forever never was so short
Jacobo Raymundo Feb 2013
Freedom bells ringing in the distance
A scolding scowl crosses my face
I'm stuck behind the bars of my own heart
Free me, my Angel
Take me from the hands of thine goddess
Whom I love so dearly
Pry my dead hands from her lovely waist
Revive me, give me renewed life
But cry not one tear when I run from you
It is inevitable, I already apologize
She is where my heart belongs
Where it will always be
Just stay here with me for time being,
Will you?
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
I awoke and my eyes were stained
By my own blood pouring from my face
A million screams shriek into my ears
But from no voice did they originate
The power of the cobra is immense
As it latches on to my trachea
And steals the breath from lungs
Fills my veins with its seeping venom
Its remedy
Give me liberty
By giving me death
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
The eternity deep within her precious soul
Lasts with infinite girth
The longevity of it
The calm at times
The choppiness now in uncertain times
The ocean is my love for you
Forever flowing and never going
It's here today and it will stay
But for now, at this dreary hour
I sit in abyssmal darkness
Guided by the waves crashing with vindication
Finding my way home
Jacobo Raymundo Jun 2013
"Healthy" servings of burdens
Pile up on either side
A hole of despair "is" forming
I wish to fall into its embrace
Yet I fear its cold demeanor
"Death" could only be sweeter
If it was for you
As well as in your name
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
A little tablet in my mouth
Swimming around atop my tongue
Swallowed for pure bliss

The needle, piercing my skin
Sinking deep with my veins
Depression surging to my heart

The mix of both elements
Causing pure melancholy
Driving me insane
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
Rush through my veins
Devour all my feelings of pains
And of my deep sorrow
End this today or it will end tomorrow
Rush through my veins
My sweet ******

Rush through my veins
Wipe me from this foresaken land
Clean me of my forgotten stains
Destroy all the evils planned
Rush through my veins
My sweet heroine
If anybody is curious, I am not a drug addict and have never done ******. It is comparing my lost love to a drug and then to a hero(ine)
Jacobo Raymundo Apr 2013
You hideous deception!
Show your face!
No don't
I don't wish to see it
You have walked a path
Which I thought may be righteous
Little did I know
You gladly opened the gates of hell
And strolled on through
For that
I want nothing to do with you
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2013
I keep help close to you
Three numbers away
So that if you are in need
I will be there
I am a savior

I keep you healthy
With quality care
So if you are sick
I will be there
I am a nurse

I educate you
Through years of monotony
So if you face a problem
I will be there
I am a teacher

I protect your rights
From unnamed terrors
So if you are in danger
I will be there
I am a protector

I am a savior
Who enforces laws

I am a nurse
Who heals you with

I am a teacher
Who educates with

I am a protector
Who saves you from

**I am Big Brother
Jacobo Raymundo Dec 2012
Lift from the smoldering ash
Mount your chariot "soldier"
Have you no shame in your failures?
Do you not wake to taste the blood of your foe?

Trumpets blast from the crumbling stone walls
As the moans of dying men play the symphony I cherish
While the trickling of blood sings it's sweet verse
I ride upon sunset, dagger between my ribs

I need not this chariot, I combat by foot
No foe can match my brutality
Watch as my slain victim crumples
Like the paper that he always has been

I am forever victorious
I uploaded this at the wee hours of the morning and would like to analyze my own writing. The foe that I speak of is myself. The pain I bring upon myself is my enemy. The dagger between my ribs shows that I cannot **** myself, thus being forever victorious.
Jacobo Raymundo Feb 2013
I can see it in your eyes
You put on such a pitiful disguise

I can hear it in your laughter
We're here for happily ever after

I can see it in your smile
Don't you wanna stay a little while?

I can feel it in my soul
My heart needs your control

And I can feel it in your soul
You love me as I do you
Just a simple poem about what I see when I look at my beautiful goddess
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2014
I dreamt of a field of flowers
Where white crosses are planted
Families still together
Content with life
Genuine grins covering faces

I dreamt of full bellies
On the dark continent
Soccer ***** rolling between feet
Of children who also dream
Of lives as happy as theirs

I dreamt of fresh air
And clean water and growing forests
The cleanliness of nature unrivaled
As animals mingled around the watering hole
Roaming freely with homes

But I awoke and saw war
Fires melting the lives of millions
Dropping bombshells of grief
Destroying homes from within
And children dead or weeping

I awoke and saw despair
Fat bellied greed hogs
Rollin in muddy money pits
While babies died without food
And an entire land stripped and sold

I awoke amd saw nothing
But smoke stacks emitting poison
And the homes of the forest creatures
Being carried into lumber mills
And brown water filling drinking glasses
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2013
If the sun shall never shine
My heart will still have your light
I don't need the fire to continue this fight
I have the love of the divine

If the sun shall never shine
I will still find you
No amount of dark can bind you
You're my goddess, a diamond so fine

You're sweeter than the finest wine
And I have found this:
My life is to be filled with utter bliss
Even if the sun shall never shine
Jacobo Raymundo Feb 2014
Two worlds
Disjointed in physicality
Yet uknowingly connected
Collide brilliantly
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