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Ironatmosphere Jan 2021
You were distant today
So I didn't say it

And now I'm scared I've ruined it
And that I'll never have the chance again

I've held it in for longer than I thought I could

**** it.

I love you
Ironatmosphere Dec 2020
It is easy with you
in a way I never thought it could be
And I think it might be the real deal

You see me
You want me
the real me

The boy that broke my heart never even knew me
he thought I was easy
for giving him my all
when all he did was take
When I met him I was ready to be free
and he caged me in fear
I wasn't easy and neither was the situation

But with you.
I was ready to stop looking
when you found me
Ironatmosphere Dec 2020
As the world crumbled around us
I found you
and you found me

I never knew happiness had this many shades
can I keep you forever?
Ironatmosphere Sep 2020
I looked up at the ceiling
and imagined the stars

as if I was lying on the ground
with the universe around me

As if the wounds
and words
never existed at all
Ironatmosphere Aug 2020
A little slice of happiness
Was all I got
A moment where he loved me
In the shape he thought I existed in
Where I hadn't ruined it
Where he wasn't scared
Where we were
Dreams incarnate
Then came reality
Ironatmosphere Aug 2020
I found someone
who didn't remind me of him
Someone much better
If only he wanted me
Ironatmosphere Jul 2020
He did nothing
But make me
Miss you more
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