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2d · 22
kissing the border of your face
whispering into the space
in your neck right below your ear
reminding you that i'm right here
and i never wanna leave
all i wanna do is be
in your orbit and on your mind
every moment of your available time

and even that is not enough
hell is being without your touch
heaven between your lips
having a hold on either wrist
waiting until it's quiet to mumble
sweet nothings that all begin to jumble
but you know what i'm trying to say
wouldn't have it any other way
a quick rewrite/add on
2d · 11
just the same
fix one and two more break
quickly running out of tape
temporary arrangements can't undo mistakes
half *** apologies just cause more pain
would i wanna go out you ask
know what i should say
sure let's make a plan
but i'm too fed up to lie today
not tomorrow no time soon
not until everything is okay
if that hurts your feelings
i'm sorry you feel that way
it's 'all about you' until it actually is
and when it is i'll at least explain
because i'm not a *******
who wants to lie to your face
i'm just trying keep a ship
headed towards disaster at bay
i need to worry about my own problems
before i try to be the change
you're so comfortable depending on me
you don't understand the concept of space
feel like you know the ins and outs better than me
of my own ******* brain
if you don't leave me the **** alone
i can't promise your ego will be safe
just stop trying to uncover things
you dont really wanna face
you just wanna be right
but you're so far off of base
this isn't about making life hard
or trying to pin you with blame
but if you can't give me time
or respect the boundaries i've placed
i find it harder and harder
to displace my hate
to finally be in the grasp
of my unrestrained rage
sometimes it's just too late
for things to stay the same
2d · 19
get it out so i can leave
taking your anger out on me
like you always do
cause you always assume
stay mad if you want
i did what i could
swear that you hate me
this time for good

if thats the case
don't put yourself in the way
wanna push me away
then push me all the ******* way
repeatedly ask for your space
i graciously obey
then i guess you wait
till i finally feel like i've escaped

say whatever it is you need to
as if you haven't already said enough
i'm giving you this chance
though you wouldn't offer me as much
i'm just tired of sitting through your preaching
in your effort to make
me love you more than myself
or become consumed in self hate

you dont want to see me happy
you want me to play a role in yours
you think you know all there is to know
about life and determine its a chore
if you feel like that then hate yourself
and stay out of my life
i tried to care about you genuinely
but i'll never put more effort into yours than mine
2d · 15
broken record scratching
melody cut abruptly
looking around uncertainly
the silence feels so ugly
am i crazy or
did i just feel something touch me
am i confused
or did you swear that you love me

the clock ticks on
but midnight never comes
i'm cinderella to no prince charming

spinning across the marble
alone in the ballroom
with no guarantee you won't harm me

it's late don't you think
i'm worn to the bone
any excuse to escape
a way to go home
i'm grateful but i'm not deceived
by the glamor or the throne
there are evils waiting for me
the second we get alone

you can't keep me here forever
i'm not a toy for your amusement or pleasure
i'll only hate you more with time

trust me when i these things
you can't just decide it all for me
i'm young but i can handle mine
2d · 9
long long year
i don't know what to do anymore
i get off and i sit in my car
cause i dont wanna head to the house
but i'm too tired to drive anywhere far
and i dont wanna hang out
i just wanna be somewhere i don't hate
i wanna be alone
i deeply desire to feel safe
i want a lot of things
but i can accept what i have
knowing it could be worse
even if it can get kinda bad
i just want to feel better
i want to breathe and feel like myself again
cold showers help the physical pain
but i want the mental anguish to end
2d · 27
shaking my head
so she left
don't turn right back
thinking you'll find any comfort with me

she turns left
you bet on right
think that you're stuck with me

but i've been gone
for quite some time
no need to worry about me now

didn't notice i was gone
till you had free time
wishing you could lean on me now
Jun 11 · 47
thirteenth floor
pushing all the buttons
top floor
to rock bottom

elevator broken
i'm not moving
out of options

trying to make sense
out of how
i got here

this isn't funny anymore
i suddenly

i didn't wanna
feel the pain
so i shut the door

wanted to forget
just live life
on a different floor

but i'm stuck
in the one place
i don't wanna be

the only place to go is
the only place
i wanna leave

i open my eyes
but i still feel everything
despite my every effort

have to blink again
maybe if i get some sleep
i might feel better

i'm just afraid
if i let go
i'll just be sitting there

staring out of the doorway
watching it happen
forced to stare

can't change the moment
the past is frozen
in itself

maybe it's my fault
never said no
still won't ask for help

i just wanna
get off on a different floor
and be okay

pressing all the buttons
but my situation
stays the same
Jun 11 · 160
disrespected boundaries
eyes won't meet mine
cause they know what they'll find
you need to be able to live in yourself

know this wasn't the right time
but you care about your feelings more than mine
you'll just say you couldn't tell

physical contact made me wince
reliving it makes me sick
but you're excited for whatever's 'next'

i'm not lucky enough to forget
unaware you've got the ick
or you know but you continue to press

swear you wanna save her
never needed any savior
but since you're so nice
why do you pretend to not know the safe word
you violate her body and trust
subscribed to a one sided 'love'
you refuse to know the truth
because you're consumed by a need for touch
Jun 11 · 25
safe code
boundaries tested
wishes disrespected
i tell you how i feel
still don't get the message

trying to be direct with
you but you feel rejected
so you pull away from the conversation
only offering interjections

to change the direction
or 'adjust' my perspective
wildy immature
but sadly much expected
Jun 11 · 92
struggle to ci2i
back in the moment
everytime i close my eyes
wanna be clean of your touch
clear out my heavy mind
but i'm stuck in the moment
you decided for me
not trying go back
and rewrite the story
but i didn't want what happened
i needed more time
you pushed yourself onto me
and now i'm struggling not to cry
it was too much too fast
you want more already
i try to set boundaries
and you struggle to respect me
Jun 1 · 96
twisted wires
already had this conversation
took advantage of my intentions and patience
effort utterly wasted
on someone who's beyond complacent
with being unhappy for the rest of their life
just as long as i'm just as miserable by your side
you make no sense so go ahead and lie
haven't been listening since i realized i was right
Jun 1 · 26
just like that
it's over
will likely never
get any closure
you keep
avoiding my calls
mystery remains

as to what to do
depended on you
but i did
and now i am ******
i'm never enough

to hold you eyes
or know your plans
close my eyes
remember your hands
nothing will make me
youre never gonna care
to know who i am

i miss you
like an old friend
troubled trying to
how it was never
how i felt it was
only explanation you give
is just because

you let me
hang myself with dreams
you were fine with how
it all seemed
when you benefitted
from knowing me
now it's a lie
no mystery
Jun 1 · 40
can you make it fine
i don't wanna get hurt
it's just been such a long time
since i heard those words
since i felt this way
since i felt safe
wanna trust your intentions
but i have no faith
in my ability to protect myself
after all of the things i couldn't stop
you hate that i'm somebody else
than who i was when we first talked
May 27 · 36
i ******* hate you all
ripping pictures of the wall
can this one thing not be about you
or will you twist this narrative too

will you try make someone else the monster
for needing space and not being okay
will you push farther and farther
using excuses to worsen their pain

i don't know why you're like this
tragedy gets you excited
cause you see an opportunity
to receive so much sympathy

from people who don't really care about you
but thats not even the point
you just need to feel important
so you try to become the only voice

in a situation where many are hurt
and hurt them more with your selfish words
this is why everyone ignores your cries
just go too far to prove why you're right

when you are just being selfish
you just can't help it
it's gonna be such a lonely day
when you've pushed everyone away

because you can't let anyone 'win'
cause to you trauma is a competition
can you just respect someone you say you love
even when you're not with them
May 27 · 15
feel like sometimes
you forget just how soft i am
you smush me
without knowing you can
apologize but it's too late
the mess is already made
didn't plan on crying today
you just remind me of how much has changed

maybe it's cause i'm emotional
reliving it all cause of a joke
you forgot but how could i
you just thinking out loud but i took notes
the worst part i think
is that you're still nice to me
so sorry for everything
that should make me happy

but at least if you were an ***
i wouldn't wish things were different
spending months of denial
it's pitiful to admit it
you're still everything i want
after all is said and done
maybe you could've been the one
failing to be numb

to the impulse to seek you out
cause i know it keeps me stuck
in this place where i can't love you
but refuse to give it up
i know ive exhausted every option
our combination is just too toxic
i turn away cause i can't watch this
i knew it but i didn't stop it

so it's my fault that my hearts broken
you try to catch all the pieces
say you wish that you could fix it all
stop being so kind it's my weakness
you're my last thought at night
only one that ever apologized
there's no way to make this right
why do you have to be so ******* nice
May 26 · 11
no lies win
it's that raise in pitch
when you say my name
i wait for you to see me
but you can't look straight
all your excuses
start to sound the same

a little detail
reveals a big lie
a little change
that bothers my eyes
i know you too well
i am still suprised

it's in the way you speak so freely
then retreat into your mind
the harder your you try
the easier it is to see what you hide
your face is riddled with guilt
but you're drowning in pride

shouldve known better
than to lie to me
i will always find
what you are hiding
there's not a part of you
i havent seen
May 25 · 22
i don't wait
it's my nature to apologize
like its my job to hold open the door
for people who chose slam it
in my face
i'm tired of being sorry
for things i'm not even sorry for
out here hurting feelings
that were never my responsibility in the first place

always holding my tongue
for the sake of peace
why must i be numb
to enjoy your company

just don't understand
but i don't care to at this point
you talk too much as is
i hear crazy things when i'm out
too self aggrandizing to
be at peace with your own choice
that anger has done you no good
but you stand by it even now

you're never gonna learn
and that's why your unhappy
pushing me away
to prove what exactly

you do what benefits you
then say it's what's best for me
afraid to lose somebody
you tried to force into your life
i don't have it in me
focused on my own needs
you want something impossible
an effort i cannot provide

because i'm not stuck on you
the way you've clung to me
got too comfortably rude
and lost my company

and i don't care if you have any regrets
i waited a very long time
tried to be there even when every bone
in my body begged me to leave
but you never changed and even if you do
i'm no longer invested in your life
you really expected me to tolerate your ****
must've never thought much of me
May 25 · 37
stay a stranger
uncomfortable in your presence
avoiding the situation
you want to **** us both
into the awkwardness you've created
by forgetting who i am
and lashing out over something dumb
mistook kindness for love
sadly i'm not the one
can not be complacent to your fantasies
i've got my own happiness to be concerned with
aren't you just so pitiful
i want you out of my presence
i'm glad you're walking out of my life
you're pushing me away to prove what exactly?
if you think you'll win by playing games and being petty
you'll always be unhappy
this is why i can't stand you
you're so childish and you don't really care about my feelings
you just wanna use me
so you can feel things
no mistakes here
did that **** on purpose
created the situation
but don't feel you deserve it
look where you are now
are happy by yourself
do you regret how you reacted
will you try to blame somebody else
for all the problems in your life
once again and make no change
and turn the anger inside of you
towards the ones you claim
to care for because honestly
i don't care to know the outcome
after all the **** you pulled
i am past beyond done
May 14 · 23
tox screen
it's been a week
of misery
let myself bleed
that makes me weak
and you're making a mockery
saying i dealt with this awfully
got me questioning
am i supposed to be fine

i am just checking

cause if that's the case
what's this pain
what's this shame
take the blame
for the role you played
if you feel that way
like i should be okay
go ahead and make me fine

well what were you expecting?

i was fine before i met you
well thats a lie but i won't let you
make it seem like you made me
think that you're god lately
you were nobody's savior
narcissistic in nature
but credit where it's due
all thanks to you
i feel violated without even trying
desecrated my mind
May 14 · 32
flood of emotion
causing commotion
there is valid concern
to question my devotion
do i mean what i say
or am i high on the pain
of knowing that you will
never love me the same
maybe it's both
i'll never know
i dream of reconciliation
but ultimately won't
get what i want since
i can't even convince
myself to come to terms
or find acceptable reasons to make amends
i want it with all my heart
but the situation's a little too charged
just wanted to feel something
and now things have been taken too far
i know i've spent too much time dreaming
too far gone to trust my own feelings
in the beginning maybe there was something
but now i'm just creating my own endings
May 14 · 31
little anxieties
drunk on a doorstep
how'd i end up here
maybe i shouldn'tve acknowledged
my deepest fears
maybe i shouldn't have said anything
before i was sure how i felt
but i was freaking out
and i needed somebody to tell
and i needed to let it out
and get it off my chest
one thing led to another
you already know the rest
i don't even know i'm saying sorry for
you're the one who made me a joke
you get laughed at once
and suddenly i'm the one being cold
i understand why you don't like it
but frankly i didn't either
i'd say let's call it even
but i can tell by your demeanor
you dont want to hear a word from me
so i'm stuck here confused
if you don't want me to apologize
what else am i supposed to do
because we can't avoid each other forever
we share too much to succeed at that
at the very least i wanna address the issue
even if i can't take it back
so we're not walking around the problem
letting it become bigger than us
to the point it's so ******* awkward
being in your vicinity *****
maybe im being hopeful
but i am dying to work this out
**** can we just be cool
cause you're always gonna be around
May 14 · 46
twiddling thumbs
swore you were done
up and down
told everyone
but you're still screaming
over something so teeny
praying to whatever god there is
to pretty please free me
May 14 · 189
clumsy conversation
swinging feet
ledge of a bridge
but what if
i accidentally slip
reality suddenly
violently persistent
would you
wanna come with
or would you
just sit
at the top
of the cliff
while the rocks
shred me to bits
or could you not bear
to watch it
do you want to be
my friend
May 14 · 32
bitten by
the same snake twice
even said please
a perfect crime
blood trickles slowly
venom spiked
down my sleeve
from my eyes
i know it won't help
but i apply the ice
i know i won't heal
but it's easier
to believe that lie
than admit i knew that
you were gonna bite
saw the chance
****** me dry
my suspicions
were always right
but i thought the rush
was worth my life
at least i did
at the time
now as i lie here
i know i underestimated you
played a ***** fight
May 6 · 149
i'm sitting here thinking about
what i actually have
and all too quickly realizing
that it's nothing
i have nothing
i am alone
but that's not how i wanted it
i just don't want to be a burden
and i mess every relationship up
i wish i knew what to do right now
because i'm scared
that will never get any better
i know intentions rarely matter
after all is said and done
but i feel like if i could just explain myself
and you hear me out just this once
i promise i wouldn't hurt you again
because that was never what i meant to do
you should be embarrassed for me
yet you think i'm embarrassed of you
i put myself out there and it didn't work out
life goes on another day
you shouldn't feel ashamed
for things i chose to say
and the people i chose to say them to
it was never supposed to be an attack
i just overshared in the moment
and now it's made its way back
i hope you won't hate me
but i'd understand why if you did
there's no excuses and i don't wanna make this worse
when i bet you already think i am a *****
in an imaginary world
where everything went right
where you dont hate me
isn't it crazy to think
i made it the way it is
not asking for sympathy
but if i could reverse this hurt
you should know i would in a heartbeat
May 4 · 30
my apologies
it's been a really long year
and that doesn't mean much
and neither does what i need to say
but i need to get it out of the way
i know it doesn't excuse my actions
understand how seriously i ****** this up
and i'm sorry i made
you feel some type of way
that wasn't the intention but
it's already done
i am the one who should be embarrassed
you don't deserve any of this
we don't have to be friends
but i had to say something
i hope one day you'll get over it
and you'll forget this whole moment
Apr 30 · 806
beach at sunset
sands i've only seen
through pictures
you gave her my dream

it hurts
but there's no benefit to being bitter
part of me is happy
that you're happy with her

just can't get over the fact
you had to give her the exact thing
you could never
promise to me
Apr 30 · 22
brutal honesty
waited for you to claim me
but you never made that advance
come to learn i was never
part of any plans
just a distraction for the meantime
you say i'll have to understand
an opportunity i never had
can not slip out of my hands
Apr 29 · 48
first full moon of the year
not enough light to see clear
but there's not much of need
to see beyond the trees
when you know nothing good lies beyond them

in my sanctuary of leaves
no one searches for me
i'd be upset but they never cared
the peace of being absolutely nowhere
caring for lost friends without a need to stalk them
Apr 29 · 23
nothing useful to add
but i still hang back
in the hopes
i didn't **** up too bad

living in the past
if i could just make you laugh
one more time i just know
you'd see what we could have
Apr 29 · 23
hard to say
i guess what i really meant to say
wouldn't even matter anyway
i take up space in the doorway
knowing i got nothing to useful to say

in the end there's not much i can do
but acknowledge the fact i still love you
in whatever i mean when i use
that word and if it means what i want it to

i know i'm the one who made things this way
still confused about it anyway
you were more than willing to stay
but i didn't and don't see anything worth trying to save

i think i just miss not being alone
but thats not a good enough reason to go
and keep leading you on when i very well know
i've got more than enough issues for us both
Apr 28 · 127
the presence of a question
doesn't guarantee an answer is out there
they say follow your heart
but i'm so unsure and scared
should i already know what i'm doing
am i just unprepared
i don't know if there are reasons to live
or if i even care
it's just a lot constantly
one thing or another and i feel it when
i'm consistently undervalued
or pushed to the brim
i know ive got patience
but i find it harder and harder to reign in
i know the person i want to be
but i can't even manage to be my own friend
Apr 28 · 26
know the truth
the first thing i forgot was your face
then your voice
and then you
it was for the best so its okay
but i struggle
with what to do
when your laugh plays for my ears again
and i feel
drawn back
too much as happened
couldn't undo the damage
even if we both wanted that
but your happier without me
even if you take your blame
and say nice things
i know that you're happy
that you got away
from me
Apr 21 · 47
but i'm here
push me down the stairs
tell everyone i tripped
putting your bag in my chair
so i have nowhere to sit
question for me
but you answer it
actively getting between
me and my friends

sensed competition
but i don't know why
is it something i have
or some idiot guy
going out of your way
to complicate my life
don't know what i did
to get on your bad side
Apr 21 · 35
slow boil
you ruined midnight for me
turning from the clock
i know i should be asleep
but i'm so painfully not
remembering your presence
having second thoughts
before i couldn't deal
now i just turn my mind off
it's easier to be numb
to the loss than to face it
even in ruins
our bond is still sacred
i won't let the outcome overshadow
the fact we almost did make it
but having any hope
would be awfully mistaken
Apr 13 · 25
not made to soothe
instead they leave you
staring into the moon
searching for answers
you'll never find
endless thoughts
match a restless mind

i search for sleep
i give up
and land in dreams
some might say
theyre the same
i just want peace
for ***** sake

quiet is all i pray for
the music takes it's toll
the images that i see
are branded to my soul
i just wish i knew what to do
but its hard to know what's right
being guided by the moon
just isn't enough light
Apr 13 · 66
ghosts float
mirrors facing mirrors
endless reflections
melt into the water
facing imperfections
touching every scar
to make sure it's still there
sometimes i forget to exist
only remember when they stare
when the questions they ask
make me realize the room i'm in
notice the inconsistencies
and now i've ruined it
there's no more roof
i'm above the floor
i'm trying to remember
what's worth staying for
fading away
evaporated blood
i know at least i've felt love
maybe not loved
but when it has to be the way it is
that'll have to be enough
Apr 10 · 26
fresh start
just wanna be happy
why is that so bad
i can't care anymore and i am sorry
if that makes you sad
always complaining about something
i tried to have your back
but the negativity gets old
real ******* fast

all i need is a reason
but you can't give me that
because you know i'm right for this
even if it makes you mad
i tried to be there for you
now we're just on different paths
so many things i want to have
can't miss something i never had
Apr 10 · 21
on me
can't be myself
you beg for help
and i'll burn in hell
if i leave you alone
don't know how id cope
if you reached the end of your rope
and i just let you go
but i can't keep you above the flood
i can't just pretend i'm in love
your negativity is too much
tell you i was asleep even though i was up
because i didn't wanna speak
put too much onto me
pressured into caring
and i desperately want to leave
this situation unscathed
don't know how to walk away
don't wanna cause any more pain
just don't wanna suffer in an effort to save
someone i can't find empathy for
interactions strained and forced
eyes always on the door
go anyways because you deserve more
i wish i knew
that it would hurt
would still do it
would just prepare myself first
Apr 7 · 38
chew toy
can't be who you want
though i wanna see you happy
convinced the answer to all your problems
is to have me
but you can't just have a person
i'm not a means to an end
i'm not a fool to mold
or rule to bend
can't cut me to perfection
to fit your narrative
think i don't notice your affections
but i'm awfully aware of them
and i'm trying to be respectful
though you don't think as much of me
benefit of the doubt
even if you don't deserve such niceties
i wont let you make me become hard
but you'd be dead wrong to think i'm soft
you tear into me for figuring out who i am
when at least i know what i am not
it's in my nature to be supportive
but i can no longer offer my services
i'm tired of being pulled apart
so you can figure out what your purpose is
have to remind myself my i'm not the things you call me
not weak for being exhausted
allowed to be hurt
allowed to feel
don't need to fight to just exist
but with you
i do
it's always something
i try to see your humanity
but i stopped loving you long ago
all i feel is cold now
there are things i hate you for
that i can not forgive
but i'm good at ignoring my feelings
thats the only way i have survived
i hate that its like this
but it is
i don't think we'll ever know each other
because you will never compromise
and i won't worship you
i'll respect you
but you won't respect me
and its that simple unfortunately
i hate it
i hate you
for hating me
you say you don't
but you despise me for not being complicit
for not being just like you
i'm sorry i guess
but not really
you're willing to hurt me to prove a point
and thats where you lose me
you're willing to hurt someone to be right
and i can't get behind that
i'm not sure anymore
just tired
and constantly belittled
and picked at
and pushed down
and held back
and blamed
for things i didn't do
and out of my control
cast as the object of your rage
the bane of your existence
everything you hate
my generation
and opposing beliefs
you just hate me
and won't admit it and it's tiring
if i pulled the same ****
you would ****** me in cold blood
and i know it
because you can't control your temper
how ironic
you always say i'm acting out
and being irrational
when you push me to my limit
but you're the one who can't handle reality
nothing will ever make you happy
so you make everyone else miserable
hope you're happy with that
haven't gave in in a while
but i'm too weak to keep being strong at the moment
i know i'm not weak for showing emotion
but the second i do there's the notion
that i'm unstable for being tired
or that because i'm tired you can't be tired
i never said that but what i say doesn't matter
i agree to disagree and i'm wrong and a habitual liar
however you want it at this point honestly
nothing but submission will appease you
and that's something i just won't do
so you force me to stay and try to argue
over things sane people don't argue about
you claim disrespect when i just won't bow down
i don't call you stupid for your beliefs
but you constantly hound
me for existing because in my indifference i spite you
which i will never understand to be frank
i don't try to change people because it's not my job
i just wanna make the world a better place
in the ways that i can and i don't know how that is yet
you judge me for not having all the answers
just because you can ask opposing questions and create doubt
doesn't mean you win or you're right it just means you can pander
i could make exceptions all day
and push hypotheticals to the limit
but i'm just tired and wanna go to bed
but unless i change my mind you refuse to end it
Mar 30 · 30
2125 miles
empty highway
crowded mind
needed some space
went for a drive
music loud
on a quiet night
it's just how it is
getting used to life

but at what point do i acknowledge
how crazy things have gotten
how far do i let my thoughts roam
before i have to stop them
i wanna do the right thing
but there's not many options

broken white lines
boundaries i can cross
walls i couldn't climb
cliffs i fell off
know i'm going too fast
but it's too late to stop
running out of gas
in the middle of a thought

what's stopping me from crashing into
the next light pole i see
the universe already proved
no one cares what happens to me
if there's no redemption
what the point in suffering

no traffic this late
good to feel alone
i only feel comfortable crying
on my own
it's getting harder and harder
to focus on the road
i feel more in control
the faster i go

which seems kind of backwards
but it makes enough sense
i don't think i've felt okay
since i was a kid
but i'll pretend it's okay
so i don't lose my wits

brake seems to be broken
but i couldn't care less
always know i was gonna
end in a wreck
nobody is gonna
clean up my mess
honestly it feels like
it's all for the best

and i know it's wrong to think that way
but i'm tired of fighting the tide
tired of denying the way
i feel deep inside
i'm sorry but this is the truth
i tried to hide

wheel starts slipping
struggling to care
losing my grip
high beams glare
into the void of night
life isn't fair
no destination
i'll let them wonder where
Mar 30 · 19
point less
crazy how it is
know it's none of my business
but i can't believe this ****
about speechless
like how did we end up here
too much coincidence
but it is what is
i'll try to let you finish the sentence
knowing **** well
no excuse will make sense
gotta let you finish
but it's senseless
Mar 30 · 26
healing period
get tougher
but i'm still soft
it hurts
but i brush it off
there's just no time
to break
just easier
to fake
Mar 30 · 25
no regrets
i said
but there is much i would change

i laugh
take it back
but i mean every word i say

stop acting like you don't miss it
just as much as me
spent enough time having you
make me feel crazy
toe to toe
how far will this go
pushing farther hurts
and it won't
make us feel better
just seeing who'll fall back first
testing each others patience
almost stupid enough to work
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