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hiraeth Mar 20
there's poetry in watching a war go on over tik tok live
thousands of miles away fighting to survive

there's poetry in hashtag calls for help
sending prayers for those running with nothing but rags

there's poetry in arguing on how to assign the blame
rather than using that energy to devise ways to help

there's poetry in finding all the wrong focuses
forgetting that what's happening on TV
and what we're watching on tiktok
and what the memes are parodying

is all real.
is not a fiction.
is not a dystopian fantasy.

there are people dying
and we ponder who to blame more often than we ponder how to help

i think there's poetry in that
find ways to help rather than ways to gossip
hiraeth Apr 2020
Hold me tight / please don't let go
No second thoughts / Just stay close

Pack a bag / we may need to run
Don't worry / We can do it together

Just hold my hand / We'll jump together
Take care of me / I promise I'll take care of you

Keep your eye on the road / We'll only move forward
We can't turn back / Focus on me

In case of emergency,
We'll make it together.
Amy Kay Poetry prompts : Emergency Plan
hiraeth Apr 2020
I finally found myself when I got lost
In late nights with you
and sunsets and the smell of the bonfires
followed by early morning coffees
and bleary eyes

Lost in you and the air around us
when we're together
and sitting in wet grass
because we're laughing too hard to stand
and leaning on each other
because we're crying so hard that
only each other's support keeps us upright

Lost in last minute plans
and rushing to get ready for an event
that we know very little about
because simply why not
let's live while we can

Don't come looking for me
I'm happy staying lost
Amy Kay poetry prompt: Use a Headline
hiraeth Jan 2020
lie near
never let me go
hiraeth Jan 2020
i ache for you, relieve me?
hiraeth Jan 2020
i know i've lived another life
because of the way i ache for him
i've never known a man this way
i'm young and untouched

yet there's a fire within me demanding to be quelled

how else would this fire know what she wants
other than having had him before

i know i had him
i want him again
put out the fire
hiraeth Jan 2020
is cuddles with someone who makes me feel
safe and warm
new years eve show in the background
deep conversations about our futures
not once leaving his strong arms
when this is my new years eve i'll know i'm where i'm meant to be
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