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Why do you allways sing?
I asked half asleep and watching as he shined polished or cleaned
some mechanical car part I did not reconize
or really care about,
I mostley focosed on the tone of  his voeis as he slerd the words to
turn the page
he looked up at me with only his blue eye
why do I sing? Why, does it bother you?
I did know what to say becuz I did not know if it botherd me
so I just pushed it off with a fake smile
so what was with you yesterday?
I rolled my eyes, I did not want to talk about this or anything...
But he did not stop
huh? Did I do something wrong?
I laught and for a minute it felth like it might be a natural feeling
but he did not do anything wrong he can't if he tryd
and now I know his singing does not bother me
it brings me to life....
Allmost all of my poems are for him...
Eaten inside I swar that I am
you riped me up and left me bleeding
I reatched for you with my last breath

for the love I can not see
for the compassion I can't truely understand

but I still Injured I crawed to you
dragging pices of myself behind
pices outhers will only kick away
push aside or even crush benieth there feet

without thought
without motive
without the simple act of Surprize

now I am NOTHING

not even the mirr fraction of a soul this festerd flash held Yesterday
LESS then the Carcass
I am the MAGGOT Consoming the corpse

This is one of my newer poems written sometime in December (2010)
pweez comment.
RISE off the ground cuz you are BETTER
better then the insects the crawl
RISE off the ground cuz you are BRAVER
then the SICK and The COWARDS that fall
cuz you growe in the womb of a princess
ROYALTY but she was not told
and you came form the seed of a gentleman
that was blind when he **** the roung rhoud
RISE like the sun does each morning
even when it gets cold
RISE cuz the rhoud beneith you needs room
so it may unfold
get off the ground
This is me on my soapbox, trying to be insperationa
( bad bad spell, sorry)
This sorrow compleats me
like fuel to the flames
you anger it feads me
I'll forever play you're games

I'm barried in kaos
and I not break free
or dig myself a little hole
so that I mat breed

I'm suffercated from you
you've swon thes bright eyes blind
now I'm invisabul

Without you
you're the only thing that's mine

this sorrow it is me...
This poem makes me wanna puke
Meg cuts herself I can't believe
No one reacts to my poetry...
It's like weading to my mom...
I'm Meg
I'm not sayin I cut my self
or that I don't...
I did not say anything
I'd like to have some comments on my poems

I have allmost 800 followers on twitter

I bet meg has one
that geek that love her...
Lalalala elmos world!
I use to have a friend but my she is DEAD
dyed with 16 butterflys in her head
she was starved and skinny
bleached and blond
but she NEVER smiled...

Her brother was a gansta WANNABE
when ever I saw her, he looked at me
I never knew why she hated him
I never understod why he call her MAGOT
or why being her friend ment i shall
NEVER look at him...

Her mom left 1 week after her was birth
she wished she was barried in the dirt
I guess she never held her
I guess she never loved her
all I know it is she ONLY called her *****
and only saw her 1 time
the 2 of them and crystal in there lungs...

Her dad was kinda scary
he drove a big big truck
he was a big big ****
he showed her how to play getar
and how to fight
he showed her how LOVE him
and how to HATE gerself...

But now this girl is dead
choked on her  blood
drowned in her  tears
cut in to SO meny pices
broken like she allways was and now to Roth...

I had a friend so beautiful
so fun and so alive
and the truth is she is not really dead
we only wish she was...
Is this a poem?
It was the end of the world when I saw you
you looked at me with the reflection of flames in you're eyes
you extend you're ****** hand to rise me from the drit
my body still unclean today

by eachouther side we mead ore way through ore beloved remains
rightious in a daze
and blind by are own tears

We trial of agony behind us
that was followed by each and every soul that blessed us
blessed us with this river of inacents blood
we lay on dying grass

and with you're last breath you told me you're name
with dark eyes, and ****** lips
you told me you're name was demize

(Written in 2007)

comment please :)
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