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And when he gets off the bus, I will take him into my forest and teach him to wield his sword.
(1988 - Present) I AM poetry riddles lies and fantesy I build this world with sorcory and paint it with the blood of me romance ...
Billy Bob Will Bob Joe Bob
I hate poetry. Poets are selfish. Read "Hands that want to..." first. The order is irrelevant otherwise.
Ryan Bowdish
Seattle, WA    Loneliness is great for life lessons... But it's not what life is for. I'd like to give myself to you, In a way that you ...
i never wear headphones on public transit and i think that a lot of life's mysteries are answerable in ways that are right in front ...
amanda cooper
31/F/va    hi
These poems are very old. How do I hide these poems from being seen :) really. how?
Feel free to browse my poems and I hope you enjoy your stay!
Cain Arkay Lazarus
28/Genderqueer/California    Generally autobiographical, usually negative. Profile picture is from Picrew consider contributing to my gofundme:
PK Wakefield
I am a carpenter by trade a poet by the grace of God ,a husband by his blessing and a father by his gifts. I ...
Life is beautiful, always. (: When things look ugly, close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and slow exhale all the ugly, imagine all ...
a burning bridge    I have changed my mind. I'm going to stay. But I'm still going to be remove some of my older poetry, because I'll be putting ...

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