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Jan 2011
Why do you allways sing?
I asked half asleep and watching as he shined polished or cleaned
some mechanical car part I did not reconize
or really care about,
I mostley focosed on the tone of  his voeis as he slerd the words to
turn the page
he looked up at me with only his blue eye
why do I sing? Why, does it bother you?
I did know what to say becuz I did not know if it botherd me
so I just pushed it off with a fake smile
so what was with you yesterday?
I rolled my eyes, I did not want to talk about this or anything...
But he did not stop
huh? Did I do something wrong?
I laught and for a minute it felth like it might be a natural feeling
but he did not do anything wrong he can't if he tryd
and now I know his singing does not bother me
it brings me to life....
Allmost all of my poems are for him...
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