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I sit in my room and await the torture.
I feel all alone in this scary place.
I sit, tears falling, from coming horror.
I stare into death when I see his face.
I feel the cold paddle on my bare rear.
My shouts are lost; my cries are vacant, gone.
My face portrays the one thing I feel, fear.
They apologize saying what’s done is done.
Now smiling faces are all I see.
I was waiting for my day to be free.
the soul of a crack fiend
I scram up ***** pop cans
and your belongings that gather dust in your alley
I scrap around in garbage cans finding tid bits of food.
While  I watch you in your big home stuffing your faces
the dog even manages to eat better then I will
your life is not hard
you dont understand torment
you dont understand hunger
like I do.
I'am a person of societies promise that failed
I will be that person you read about in the paper
a man noone knew
a man noone smiled at
a man who did'nt get a hug
or a thank you
or even a look that wasnt disgust
this is my life
a life of constant battels
a life of broken promises
a life of forgotten dreams
and forgotten love
a life that noone even knows exist
a life that will one day haunt you
when the curtain closes and the crowd just leaves
I'll run in your mind
because you didnt offer your time or a dime
I will live in your mind
you'll think about me during dinner
where I whisper
and whisper
and whisper
and whisper
You ever tell a lie?

Don’t lie to me.
I already know you.
You’re the same as me.

It’s funny to look in the mirror.
And see a false reflection.
Smiling back at you.

Devil’s duty or God’s grace.
Both are doomed in fate.
As the tears come down his face.

Sin beautifully.
Lie great.
Die happily.

Wake up.
Blindsided by a rhinoceros.
Tendons, muscles, unraveling. I can't do this any--
Glitch, system failure, shutdown
Restart, blue screen, flashing cursor
Epileptic shock. Epinephrine injected
Command line. Run:

Beautiful flying objects thrown violently.
Don't open this door! Kiss me hard
And not in a good way (if you remember how),
Like when fishes try to breathe on dry
Land on jagged Rock
Climbing without
Gears spinning and clanking
*** and pan. (Glass and sand)

Sizzling in this artificial sun
Created by brainwaves soaked in
****** and LSD and yellow cake uranium
Ghostriding patterns erupting like
Stop. Fail. Restart.
Detecting equipment...
No input present. How will you communicate?
Try again. Restart.
Password required.

Why don't you eat?
These tears are making my face numb.
Put this in your arm.
Trust me, you'll love it.
You'll have Tesla coming out of every orifice.
Dancing physics, matryoshkas.

You can deny the existence of a God and live,
But if you deny the existence of gravity...
Well, just try and walk off this cliff.

"These thoughts are so scattered.
I don't even think they're mine."
Those memories? They're not yours.
They belong to your master's daughter.

I must be dying, I'm only this awkward when I'm dying.
Connection timed out.
Everytime I'm near you, my body starts to shake.
When I'm away from you, my body begins to ache.
Every hug leaves me speechless.
Every kiss leaves me breathless.
Those three words make me quiver.
The though of us apart makes me shiver.
Together our love is untouchable,
apart were both vulnerable.
When our body's touch,
our soul becomes one.

— The End —