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Jan 2011
I use to have a friend but my she is DEAD
dyed with 16 butterflys in her head
she was starved and skinny
bleached and blond
but she NEVER smiled...

Her brother was a gansta WANNABE
when ever I saw her, he looked at me
I never knew why she hated him
I never understod why he call her MAGOT
or why being her friend ment i shall
NEVER look at him...

Her mom left 1 week after her was birth
she wished she was barried in the dirt
I guess she never held her
I guess she never loved her
all I know it is she ONLY called her *****
and only saw her 1 time
the 2 of them and crystal in there lungs...

Her dad was kinda scary
he drove a big big truck
he was a big big ****
he showed her how to play getar
and how to fight
he showed her how LOVE him
and how to HATE gerself...

But now this girl is dead
choked on herย ย blood
drowned in herย ย tears
cut in to SO meny pices
broken like she allways was and now to Roth...

I had a friend so beautiful
so fun and so alive
and the truth is she is not really dead
we only wish she was...
Is this a poem?
   PK Wakefield
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