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Heather Mirassou Jun 2014
In a dream I felt the cool white
His sweet madness
Among anchor water lilies
The willows were trembling

A nest of twilight kisses
Where the stars are shivering

Scented sweet and wild
From violet forests
Our arms intertwine
With beads of love
Heather Mirassou Jun 2014
So **** before the shadows
Like silk against the light

Passion unbreakable
Gummed above the grave

Be watchful
There are ghosts under the mist

Shining awake
Saying goodbye

A phone ringing somewhere
For how long

Forget to go home
Wondering why

The vision has died
Heather Mirassou Jun 2014
I am silver

I have no preconceptions

Unchanged by love or dislike

No cruelty only truth

She turns to the moon

That reflect her faithfully

Now I am like a lake

A mirror of revelation

It is her face that replaced the darkness

She has said goodbye to the young girl

In me I see an old woman

Heather Mirassou Feb 2014
Take me home mama
To a place I once belonged

Hold my hand steady
And sing to me a song
My face filled with tears
All my family is gone

Take me home mama
To a place I once belonged

Under the grapevine canopy
You taught me to be strong
The hundred year-old oak tree
Dances until dawn

Take me home mama
To a place I once belonged

Heather Mirassou 2014
Heather Mirassou Apr 2013
Your voice

A golden spoon

Laden with honey

Dripping languidly

Your tone

A wounded sparrow

Searching for safety

In a bed of soft feathers

Your words

Paint vivid images

With indelible ink

With shades of blue

Your feelings

Naked, pure and free

Pull heart-strings


Heather Mirassou
Heather Mirassou Mar 2011
The artist strokes his canvas
His hues and tints of beauty
The orator of his creation
The perfect task of impression
Like a beam of sunlight
Rainbows illuminate
Glory and splendor appear
His vision is revelation
Copyright Heather Mirassou
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