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You haven’t identified the reason you are dissatisfied,
it’s pride
you brush aside the inadequacies I’ve specified,
It’s pride
a divide you’ve supplied but always denied,
It’s pride
walls you have fortified and dignity you’ve glorified,
it’s pride
consequential actions you’ve justified and truths you’ve modified,
it’s pride
bottled emotions you’ve intensified leaving others around you mystified,
It’s pride
Instagram jstpoetry
I had a stroke
And almost lost hope
Barely escaped death's
Gnarly claws
But jeesch!
What's a fifty year old lady got to do
To get her
 Dec 2020 Hank Helman
Mike Adam
At 5 days old
Heput steel on flesh
And wine on my tongue

A little less skin

A lot more man
It’s like an awakening has been in place,
ten years in the making
to form from the rearranging of time I’ve been wasting, that I’ve sat splitting and spacing

my steps I’ve been tracing at an endlessness of pacing but I’ve caught what I’ve been chasing
Instagram jstpoetry
I embrace you in all your goodness.
I embrace your spirit, the breath of freshness.
I embrace you the creative force in the universe and in me.
I embrace you in all your humanity that I love,
in my humanity I love.
I am waking up to you in my day dreams
where figments of you
sneak into my psyche.
If I but take a moment to laze, to relax
and give the slightest effort
to place myself in your presence
you creep up into me
and even in a shallow breath you enliven my lungs.
You are here in the slow cool breath of winter,
hardly seen in the young tallow trees
whose hearts are just barely moved
but even in what cannot be called a flutter
they shrug the change of the seasons
as if to say to you:
we are here, ready to be transformed.
I wrap my arms around Earth and Sky
for I am a child of trees and seas
and even in their magnificence
I am comfortable and safe
knowing I am loved
for I drink clear water
it washes over me
cleanses me of stain and shame.
This cozy Cosmos yields food and light
grand canyons and stars at night
and keeps me warm
in the arms of awe.
 Sep 2020 Hank Helman
Mike Adam
Looking not
At bits-

But soul-

A bit gravelly
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