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Jan 8
Hank Helman Jan 8
The moment you begin to feel sorry for someone,
Is the exact moment you begin
To under estimate them.
Dec 2020 · 26
Hank Helman Dec 2020
The crow one-eyes me,
Gives me the up and down,

Then stabs at the ground
And harpoons a blue and white,

A tiny caterpillar only seconds old,
A hatch-ling, one minute in the sun,

How brief, how pure,
Life is never over before its begun.
Time is a quiz that we all pass with honours. Doesn't it feel like you have just arrived? Doesn't it feel quick?
Dec 2020 · 25
Hank Helman Dec 2020
If you cry, no one will see your tears.

If you wail, no one will hear your scream.

If you fear, no one will smell your sweat.

If you pray, no one will listen to your heart.

You are alone.

In a universe of a billion worlds.

You are all alone.
Dec 2020
Hank Helman Dec 2020
We rail against suicide

While seven billion of us destroy our 1 and only choice.

It won't matter.

Nothing will weep when we be gone.
Dec 2020 · 30
Hank Helman Dec 2020
What is the purpose of life, he asked.

To create meaning where there is none, she answered.

So there is no God, he asked

Not yet, she answered.
Dec 2020 · 4
Hank Helman Dec 2020
I had been listening to the bullfrogs for hours.
It was three a.m. and they were loud.
I was standing on the side of the road.
Two lane highway.

I was desperate.
No sorry I was ******.
I get the two confused.

I hadn't seen a car in over an hour.
I would cross over to what ever direction
The headlights were coming from,
And stick my thumb out.

I just wanted a ride.
Dec 2020 · 23
Hank Helman Dec 2020
I learned late in life,
That lying is how you play the game.

It was only after her,
That I fully grasped
The importance of deception.

It never mattered how I felt,
Nor what I thought,
As I lay awake at night wondering where she was.

What mattered in the end was the myth.
The fable, the mime-silent girl at our table
How can I put a million pieces of us back together.


Can we try?
Dec 2020 · 15
Hank Helman Dec 2020
How desperate my life has become,
As I fall out of love with myself,
And into everything that's you.

How cruel my life has become,
My thoughts are thick with razor's thin,
Could I brave myself for you.

How short my life has become,
I hope-hide and watch you sleep and breathe and dream
Could I die for you.
Dec 2020 · 16
Hank Helman Dec 2020
So we begin.
The age of artificial intelligence.

The rich will find a way around it.

One will be your lover.

Your face recognized,
Your identity, your transgressions,
Your every parking ticket on view

The Thought-Police will know everything.
You will not die from disease.
They will all be cured.

You will not work.
You will not be needed,
In any real way.

Peasants and overlords again.

Alien slaves, slaves to aliens.


Our entire universe
Exists within the single brain cell
Of who?

It doesn't matter.
Stop caring.

Explore love and tolerance.
They won't exist much longer
Dec 2020 · 21
Hank Helman Dec 2020
Harsh words,
A slap, a fist,
A kick, a twist.

Emotions are ******* physical she whisper- hissed.
And punched me in the cheek.

Bruise me, she begged
And drew a bit of blood,
With her slightly deformed knuckle.

I want to feel, please,
She pleaded with me,

Whip me, strip me, shadow both my eyes,
And she pulled my hair violently.

I cannot love, she said.
So please beat me and wear me down
Until I'm too exhausted to **** myself.

Do you understand, she demanded,
And she pulled the skin under my eye
Hard and
Away from my face
Hideously painful.

I want to die,
I want to cry,
I want to tell endless lies,
I want to despise,
And criticize,
Humiliate and trivialize.

I want to die, she said.
Dec 2020 · 23
Hank Helman Dec 2020
It doesn't matter.
What you do,

Or who you imitate,

Or how eagerly you listen and behave,
It does not matter.

You are alone.

You will always be alone.

You will live alone,
You will die alone,

And be forgotten forever.

You do not matter.
At all.

You are free.
Dec 2020 · 22
Hank Helman Dec 2020
Candy canes and caramel cookies, Christmas cards confess,
Pretty paper patterns, pleasing presents to possess,
Charming chatter, church and chamber, chomp a warm cholent,
Rest and read, recharge, reseed, rethink ,reform, repent.
Dec 2020 · 109
Hank Helman Dec 2020
Love's lucid lust, limp and lent
Touch, tempt and tease, taut  tumescent,
Feelings fray, fear finds a face,
Doubt doubles down, damp desire displaced.
Dec 2020 · 294
Hank Helman Dec 2020
Bold, big and bountiful, beautiful and blue,
Morning madness mix and match, masks become milieu,
Doleful day delusions deft, distraught and due,
Sad and salty subplots, salvo, shill and spew.
Dec 2020 · 268
Hank Helman Dec 2020
Tease me, tempt me, tickle me too,
Kiss me, cuddle me, cradle on cue,
Love me, lavish me, leave me in lieu,
Forget me, fickle me, a frivolous few.
Nov 2020 · 198
Hank Helman Nov 2020
The need precedes the deed,
Your look swiped right out of a book,
Your smile is tipsy with guile,
Your love as casual as a shrug,
Nov 2020 · 14
Hank Helman Nov 2020
I remember dropping acid,
While lying on my back
On an angel-kissed pebble beach,
On a lost Greek island
At dawn.

Acid isn't always pleasant.
But rarely fatal.

First life intensified.
All of it.
Colours brightened,
Shades multiplied,
Patterns spoke.
The wing, the feather, the claw, the beak,

How correct things were,
How decisive evolution was,
How ******* huge our balloon had become.

And yet,
The universe,
All of it,
Fit comfortably inside
My small cathedral head.

Smells recreated whole episodes from my past,
The spaghetti dinner my aunt made me eat.
I threw it up in the backyard minutes later,
Because the noodles looked like worms,
Mashed potatoes and gravy,
Cotton Candy, the music of a carnival
The twenty seven hours of stalled birth as my mother's legs
Were strapped together until a doctor could be found.

I time traveled, memories appeared in 3-D,

Taste was ****** and social,
*** was irrelevant,
Hate impossible,
Death humbled and genuflect


Is this how we learn to be kind.
Nov 2020 · 30
Hank Helman Nov 2020
How crooked my hands,
Gnarled knuckles and bone,
Fingers bent forward,
Palms carved out of stone.

Yes I'm a beggar,
How well my part played,
My hand out in hope
Of a penny mislaid.

How many times,
Can you avert and walk by,
Yes,I'm homeless and helpless
And I also ask why.
How long will I ignore the poor? And why?
Nov 2020 · 37
Hank Helman Nov 2020
When is how we begin every conversation.
I think we should switch to why.
Nov 2020 · 31
Hank Helman Nov 2020
The tip,your taste on tempted tongue,
The haste, the hover, the hungry one.
I live, I last, I love, lament,
I walk and wonder where our love went.
Do we feel anymore or do we simulate. Are we prepping for bot-love?
Oct 2020 · 23
Hank Helman Oct 2020
Name tell me all these things that you fear,
Alone, no one home, the shadows appear,
Maybe ghosts have been chatting about your demise
The neighbourhood witches, the ones you despise.

The moon wanders full across demon filled skies
They giggle and cackle and tell naughty lies,
This is the time when all spirits clash
It's  Halloween night, home quick in a dash.
its a scary time.. life is meant to be this way?
Oct 2020 · 45
Hank Helman Oct 2020
Do we ever get over,
Our dreams.

Is life as discombobulated
As it seems.

Each day I'm up early,
My hair wet and curly,
The matrix, the mantra,the memes.
I'm tired of being me. Anyone want to switch?
Oct 2020 · 38
Hank Helman Oct 2020
I like a girl who wakes me up at dawn,
Gets up half naked and puts the coffee on,
Moves me out before the day's half gone,
A working man, no time to yawn,
More pie tonight if I stand tall and strong
third verse
Oct 2020 · 33
Hank Helman Oct 2020
I like a woman who stays up late at night,
Darkness more than a simple lack of light,
And in the hour when desires ignite,
We repeat our sweet afternoon delight,
Full now we can't take even one more bite.
Bass playing in the background, tap tap tap.
Sep 2020 · 53
Hank Helman Sep 2020
I like a girl who orders pie at noon.
Deep dish apple,warm with a macaroon,
Strong coffee with one fork,one spoon,
No rush today take the afternoon,
Of course the finish was delicious
And over way too soon.
Meant to be sung with a beat...
Sep 2020 · 4
Hank Helman Sep 2020
He must.
Still the supercilious fear,
Ignite your courage.
Kiss her.
Right now

Lean over.
Lean in.
Lean the **** in.
And tremble as you begin.

She wants you.
A gentle gravity.
The pull.
Of you to her.
It's real.
Isn't it.

The carnivorous nature of desire.

Devour, taste, tongue and task
Lips, hands, zippers, clasps,
Bed springs groan, grunts and gasps.
Slippery, silken, smooth and fast.


Wax and  wander on lust's libation
Through a maze of tumescent conversation
It begins to feel like compensation,
Until she dresses without hesitation,
An intimacy exchanged, turns to alienation.
***. It brings us closer than anything else.
Sep 2020 · 41
Hank Helman Sep 2020
I tried to think today and couldn't.
First time.
I sat in my chair and waited.

I can't believe evil has won.
But it has.

Catastrophe capitalism,
Unhinged greed,
Psychotic fear of one another,
Violence as both question and answer,
Self above all,
Love shriveled and unwound.

Last time **** went down like this,
It caused a world war.

Where do you think you will be,
When the bomb goes off.
He is insane.
Aug 2020 · 51
Hank Helman Aug 2020
Is that what we call,
The dead-dull expression on your face.
When I arrive
To take you
For a windy walk.

Am I your disease.

No symptoms to suggest our love
Thus no cure.
We are now online forever. Love will change. Not better. Not worse. Just different.
Jul 2020 · 29
Hank Helman Jul 2020
We ate apples until midnight.

Carrie bought a gadget.

It hollows out the core,
While at the same time
Infusing the castrated fruit
With up to 4 ounces of
The liquid of our choice.


After two apples each,
We lay down side by side.

On the lawn chairs
That were parallel parked at the far end of the screened-in porch.

Turned off all the lights,
And felt sad.
Drunk sad.

I told Carrie I was glad my mother was dead.
I was. I am.

Carrie told me she stole five thousand from her aunt.
The woman who raised her after her mother
Abandoned her,
In a Goodwill stroller
Outside the bakery.
The waft of fresh baked bread is still her favourite smell.

It was all the money she had. The aunt.

How do we atone for all this evil **** we do,
Carrie asked me just before dawn.

We'd smoked a joint.
And the sizzle came quick
The wind died a sudden death,
The trees went hush quiet
And it was if God himself was waiting to hear the answer.

Do the next right thing, I said,
And closed my eyes

The Frozen philosophy, Carrie replied. She smiled.

Carrie put her hands behind her head and
I kissed her.
We teased,
*** or sleep, drunk or ******.
I felt her up a bit.

Eventually our arms padlocked around each other.
Puzzle pieces joined together,
Until the crows objected
And started to bark.

The morning sun slapped us
Adding assault to insult,
The heat had a punch,
The temperature rose straight up and mean.

Finally the hornets
Morning fresh, buzzed out of their nest,
And wigged through the air,
Like tiny drones
And chased us indoors.
Can we ever repent. Or should our sins be tattooed on our backs. For all to see.
Jul 2020 · 58
Hank Helman Jul 2020
It took all my life to find you,
Never once did I give up,
Despite hints of hesitation,
Adventures churned into mix and up.

I kiss your lips, such a gentle mist
Fragile shower of taste and  triste,
To hug you whole, turns time upside down,
Our life together almost lost now found.
Love is simple. Allow it.
Jul 2020 · 60
Hank Helman Jul 2020
I sat down to posit beauty,
As the careful print and plan.
But my anger bubble-boiled,
And I could not give a ****.

Not one to gutter up and quit,
I watched the sun's red rise.
There is majesty and mystery,
In clouded clear blue skies.

But anger knows a patient name,
A shiftless, lazy sad,
Beauty bookmarked once again,
The world spins joker mad.
Jun 2020 · 37
Hank Helman Jun 2020
It has rained for eleven hours.

Sometimes harder,
Sounds like a million woodpeckers,
Marbles dropped on a concrete floor,
The fear is hail.

Sometimes softer,
Mist and sunlight always make me
Imagine champagne.
The fear is indolence.

Something wonderful,
About a cloudy day and a long rain,
Water is a necessity.
In abundance, it calms us down.
Jun 2020 · 52
Hank Helman Jun 2020
I have promised myself,
Not to die,
In a car,
In a garage,
With the motor racing.

I have promised loved ones
No need to fear,
No echoes here,
The coast is clear,
Such lies are self effacing.

Death my only comfort zone,
A ridiculous time,
To be alone,
I long to leave,
The end is what we're chasing.
Fear of death is our only fear. There are no others and all other anxieties are sub categories to the fear of death. Ernest Becker et al. If you can mitigate your fear of death, denuclearize it, the word is you will be happier. Death is no big deal. Happens to all and yes while taking a life is the worst thing anyone can do, dying itself isn't.  Death knows us all. Our only true common bond. It is where we are all going. The dead are at peace I believe.  I am not suicidal. Just curious. Well if **** brain Trump gets reelected  I might be. He is a very sick individual.
Jun 2020 · 46
Hank Helman Jun 2020
In the sun's rise, the dandelions were yellowicious.
A Woodstock of bright and bold,
A city field of green and gold,
The **** churned butter bright and so ambitious.

But chemical crews with the Monday blues
Soon arrived well armed,
Urgent men much alarmed,
A holocaust of daisy soon ensued.

I sat wondering, bright petals fluttering,
As the poisonous spray,
Drifts all my way
Dawn's toxic breeze leaves me stuttering.
Why do we hate the dandelion so much. Yes property values in pretty suburban neighbourhoods but a bright colourful flower and we can even eat the greens. Interesting.
Jun 2020 · 52
Hank Helman Jun 2020
When I kissed you,
With open eyes,
I was not expecting,
Such a pleasant surprise.

Soft lips, plump pout,
**** sounds when you breathe out,
Bodies press, ******* flatten,
Buttons yield, belts unfasten.

It isn't love,
Such a mystery tour,
But so divine,
Love's first lure.
New relationships can be so electric. Why is novelty so tempting. Also thank you for the likes... I posted by mistake before I finished so it was very kind of people to acknowledge. thank you
Jun 2020 · 41
Hank Helman Jun 2020
We ate oatmeal and blueberries,
Out of hand made clay bowls,
Zoom chatted naked,
And with a spoon as a prop
She started to dance.

I felt ****** immediately.
Until I remembered
I was already ******.
After all it was past 11 a.m.
On a pandemic Tuesday.

She said I'm your gift today,
I will do anything you want me to do,
I said I'd like to watch her
Eat peanut butter out of the jar,
With a spoon.

She laughed out loud and left the screen,
Returning with transparent scarves
Wrapped around her ******* and waist,
A ****** jar of Skippy with it foil freshly off,
A wink, a shoulder role, a show.
Ok it's not exactly as it went down but close. She is amazing.  I've promised her I will learn all the Tik Tok dance moves. She has promised to forbid tears at my funeral. I totally agree.
May 2020 · 51
Hank Helman May 2020
Forsaken means always abandoned,
Friendless means ghosted alone.
Forfeit means loss is pandemic,
Forlorn means nobodies home.

Fractured means sadly still broken,
Forgotten means no one will care,
Forever means death is a prisoner,
Fraught means life is a dare.
Playing with words is one of my favourite things to do. Sometimes I read the dictionary for fun. I think that makes me frivolous!
May 2020 · 42
Hank Helman May 2020
There is no god,
You're all alone,
No sin, no saints,
No wrongs atoned.

An entropy,
Of time and motion,
But this Jesus stuff,
Is just a notion.

But it's ok
To think and wonder,
To gaze at stars,
Shimmy-shake with thunder.

One day we die,
Our one fear only,
Hope leads us all
To live less lonely.
There is nothing up there. Out there. But no god doesn't mean a useless, frivolous life... unless you choose that path of course. It means we are responsible to put meaning into our own lives. Be kind. Be calm. Be caring. That's it.
Apr 2020 · 198
Hank Helman Apr 2020
To laugh is to love,
So start with a smile,
A memory, a friend,
The birth of a child.

Yes sadness and worry,
Death comes in a hurry,
But courage must stand,
And laughter commands
Laughter is the precursor to courage. What we can laugh at we do not fear as much. Shake off the gloom, the worry, the fear. Time for poets to write of bravery. But first laugh at death. Belittle it. Put it in its place. Then and only then will you discover a brave heart and a compassionate soul. Come for me death you *****, if you dare-- let's take a selfie together...   hh
Mar 2020 · 58
Hank Helman Mar 2020
If you had a dial,
With a spinning needle
And one hundred spaces
On which the needle could land.

And one of the spaces was marked death.
And you do die if you land on it.

Would you, in exchange for feeling happy
All the time,
Plus the absolute ability to tell a truth from a lie,
Spin that dial once each day.

I would
Mar 2020 · 49
Hank Helman Mar 2020
I know death will spare
This love I have for you,
And free its form forever,
To float and fill the hearts of others,
Who listen for its beat.

I love you. I miss you.
I ask strangers if they know you,
I talk to you out loud on the subway,
I stare into store windows,
Sometimes for an hour or more.

The only point of love, and I do love you,
Is to prove to others the possibility is there,
To imagine everything at once,
To love without words or contradiction,
I love you.
Is it enough?
Mar 2020 · 40
Hank Helman Mar 2020
The temptation of quiet collaboration,
Friends often talk to friends in whispers,
Enemies by word of mouth.

Who to trust.
The psychologically slippery,
Those who claim they understand... you.

Women pretend that love is real,
Men lie and lie and lie and lie.
Yes we are the tribe who killed off all the others.

Walk backwards through life,
Memory, it's borders found by joy
The past is a Pinocchio, dance madly, be the star.
Mar 2020 · 66
Hank Helman Mar 2020

Stop clutching your stomach
When you think everyone is watching.

Stop escalating, spreading *******,
Unscientific Trump talk, ignorance isn't a gift.

Stop worrying. A 2% death rate. That's it.
Yes-- if we have to,
We will set up temporary hospitals in Walmart parking lots.

Stop watching. The news has one objective.
To sell ads. Fear is it's only priority.
Constant fear means constant commercials.
Fear is a form of elite control. The 1% want you
To be afraid every hour of every day.

Stop fearing death.
It is the only common experience
That we have.
It is natural, it will happen to you,
And to I,
And to your parents,
Your children,
Your pets and plants,
The tires on your bike.

Nobody knows what comes next.
So stay in the now.
Which isn't really the now,
But it's close.
You live all your life
About a half second in the past,
Which is close enough
To fear anything ever again.

Stop your silence. You do have something to say.
An opinion.
Yes you do.
So vote for the world you want,
Not the one we are leaving behind
Feb 2020 · 271
Hank Helman Feb 2020

Look at me.

I'm begging you.

Just one...    more       time,
Or   one...     last         time,

Your choice...

Feb 2020 · 215
Hank Helman Feb 2020
Are we tethered by a weathered worn,
A leash, a lash, a love that's torn,
Why this end, we pretend again
Kiss goodbye, regrets and pain.
Feb 2020 · 32
Hank Helman Feb 2020
Karla asked me why I write poetry.

At least if you wrote eulogies, she said,
You might make new friends,
Open a few doors.

Perhaps then, she said,
And this while she drank straight from the bottle,
Then, she repeated, at least then I might witness
A modicum of progress,
Within this illusion of yours,
And I might understand the purpose of
This infinite investment of your time.

And maybe, she said,
As she pulled a heavy hit from her cigar,
White nimbus rings,
Rolling, roiling perfect doughnuts,
Appeared like tricks,
Out of her o shaped mouth,
One after the other,
All perfectly constructed
As they drift and hang ghost-like
In the dull-dead New York night-time air.

Karla never rests.
And in an act of chronic defiance,
She manages to perfectly project
One smoke ring through the other,
And I slow clap until she smiles
And drinks again

Then , she continued,
Still talking about the only reason I don't **** myself-
Then, she repeated, she was more drunk than me,
When the accolades come, she said,
I could tolerate your never ending fuss  and substitution,
That masquerades as improvement.

I write verse to camouflage my despair, I said
Only poets are openly allowed to be moody,
Self centered,
An­d still be invited to the best parties, I said,
Where, I continued, I get to the person
Everyone else is glad they are not.

Then you have achieved your goal.
Karla nodded at me and smiled,
She blew another six perfect bracelets,
Six new jelly fish floated across to me,
We watched in silence,
Before she took another
Cheek swelling swig of
Macallan's twelve year old.
Feb 2020 · 91
Hank Helman Feb 2020
Karla said my highs were more dangerous
Than my lows.
When you feel like you are king of the world,
That's when you make your worst decisions, she said.

We had ordered breakfast.
Eggs in cream scrambled,
A rack of pork ribs each,
Whiskey neat,
Coffee steaming black.
Feb 2020 · 91
Hank Helman Feb 2020
Do you give a ****.
About anything.
Anything at all.

The weather, sleep, french fries,
The mental state of the person
Standing beside you on the subway,
Your last few moments,
Before the cold, frozen, forever stare.

How do we give a **** anyway.
Is that the issue.
We ******* care,
But we just don't know what to do.

Do we march, write and post,
Buy a gun?
Vote... for who?

No, it's over.
Forget about it all
There is no point in giving a ****.
You are right.

I don't give a ****.
About anything.
I left out the questions marks on purpose.
Dec 2019 · 69
Hank Helman Dec 2019
He asked her to run away with him.

Abandon all the nonsense, he said,

The whiplash of city life,

Where love is calculated,

Always a ratio expressed as an investment.

Flee to Panama with me, he begged her,

And we will watch the slow motion freighters,

Fat with their overkill,

Flat bottom barges with their smooth decks

Piled high with Lego like boxcars,

The Navy cutters,  sharp shorn sailors,

Crisp salutes, code talkers eager to obey,

On board their aptly named destroyers,

We will watch their steel hulls

Float up hill and mediate the thick flora,

Gun barrels, rude and pointed fast forward, ready to ****.

At night, in the jungle, he promised her,

We will throw handfuls of diamonds,

Up into the sky

And watch them sparkle for hours,

In the starry dark our eyes will dance

And tease,

As you shout your pleasure,

Good god no one ***** quietly in paradise, he told her,

The constant cacophony of the night hunters,

The simian sentries,

To whom noise

Is both whimsy and centuries of security,

The curious monkeys

The Giant macaw,

The fauna creeps

To the outer edge of our campfire.

To watch our curious

And temperamental exchange,

Of sap and soul.

Meet me there he begged her.

No, she replied,softly

In a way that always

Sounds like yes

To him.
Nov 2019 · 122
Hank Helman Nov 2019
We have to talk about the bomb.
The atom bomb.

I know you are not worried.
But you should be.

You don't know about the bomb.
Oh sure you're aware, sort of,
That we killed,
One hundred and fifty thousand
Japanese civilians
In a heartbeat.

Like instantly.

But those bombs were toys.
Compared to the **** we have now.

So if y-o-u have the staying power,
This is what happens.
When we drop a nuclear bomb
Over a major city.

The bomb detonates
Between 1 to 4 kilometers
Above the city.

In order to maximize death and destruction.

Yes, that's how military leaders think.
Maximum death.

First everyone on the ground
Goes blind
That's how powerful the flash is.

Then a rain of heat, millions of degrees,
Followed by fire,
Destroys everything
In a mile radius,

Like ******* everything,

People, buildings, power lines,
Police cars, the homeless
Churches, playgrounds,
Sports stadiums,
Grocery stores,'
***** houses,
Daycare centers and more.

But that's only the beginning.

Then comes the 500 m.p.h. wind
You don't know what a 500 m.p.h. can do.
So here are some thoughts.

Buildings are hurricane proofed
Up to a max of 300 mph.

Goodbye to every structure
Within the radius.

This wind will peel the pavement
Off the roads.

The rubble you walk across,
Because there isn't any city left
Will be fifty feet deep.

This all happens in seconds.
Like no ****, you could go out
And walk around
Five minutes
After the blast,
And have a ****,
Although it might be difficult
To find a coffee shop and hang.

But we are not done.

Then the fallout
Fallout is all the **** and debris and particles
Like the powdery concrete,
From a collapsed Trump Tower,
Or the ionized particle from inside the bomb
That gets swept up and
Pushed high into the sky,
The mushroom cloud,
Where it drifts whichever way
God tells it too.

And it's all radioactive.

Which means what?

Radioactive means all the little particles
En masse,
Are spitting radiation.

What the **** is radiation?

Well when you are sitting on the beach,
Watching the nearly naked, frolic and frenzy
That little sunburn you get
Is the sun radiating you.
Transferring its energy to you,
Until you look like a twizzler. ( red licorice).

And you know how sometimes
When the military is putting on a show,
And some young soldier flops over
From the heat?
That's an effect of radiation.

Nuclear bombs radiate like mother-*******.
The sun in your backyard kind of ****
But nuclear bomb radioactive particles aren't hot.
Or even warm.
They are fairies,
Their electrons messed up
From the explosion,
And they can ride God's wind for hundreds of miles.

And when one of those little ionized buggers
Finds you,
Goes right through your skin,
Goes through most everything
Until it whizzes by a cell,
Where it stops in,
Has a house wrecking party,
Where you lose your hair,
And everything else,
And you die,
Because all your cells get confused.
(Think cancer treatment on steroids for
a hundred miles in every direction)

So when we elect a psychopath,
Who cannot think,
Cannot reason,
Cannot project
Has neither empathy
Or sympathy,
Is uneducated,
Slow thinker,
Greedy as ****
And not very bright
He has about
2000 of these to play with.

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