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  May 2014 Hana Jacob
SG Holter
All it took was
One grown-up touch
Too close to places she was
Too young to name.

Now all hands move
Like searching spiders on the
Table of her little

Skin constantly goosebumped.
Eyes focused on the
Potential harmfulness
Within and between all things
That move with
Predatory silence.

She walks as if under
Water, like a weblocked
Fly; afraid to make ripples
And draw

  May 2014 Hana Jacob
Lilith Reid Brown
Love is in the air.

Little pollen fibres floating with
Drifting dust motes
Small and invisible
Were it not for
Light refracting on a window pane
Socks with a positive charge
Metal doorhandles

My body's whispers for oxygen become shouts;

Love is in the air.
Wow, trending! I feel loved. Thanks, guys!
  May 2014 Hana Jacob
Petal pie
Looks I was given, words received
Sunk in deep
I felt as much use as a chocolate teapot
As resilient as a glass hammer
Looking much like a dogs dinner
As fragrant as a refuse truck.
Insightful as a blind guide dog
Buoyant as a lead balloon
I sank deep

My bounce lost,
like a concrete trampoline
Lost my grip
like a fumbling toothless vampire bat
Feeling as welcome
as a fur coat worn
In a vegan cafe.

Now resurfacing
I know that there's no use
in contriving to feel bad.
I'm going to either
line my chocolate teapot
to make it work
or savour every bite of it!
Hana Jacob May 2014
I look at the smooth and slow flowing water. I wonder what it would be like to move forward and never look back. Or never stay or be in the same place twice.

I can stand there for hours just to watch the water and to hear the water.
I see my reflection.
As I watch my reflection in the water I see my sad expression and wonder if the water can see me.

I run my fingers through the water.
I see many ripples appear as if the water is flinching from the pain I'm causing it.
I wonder if the water can feel me.........feel my pain.

I wish I could float on the water and let it carry me anywhere and everywhere it goes.

I step into the water. I feel the coolness of the water and I start to shiver.
I feel my body relaxing,
I feel my heart go from racing to freefalling.
I concentrate on the sunny and blue sky.
I start to float.
I feel the water pass by me
I realize that nothing in the world can take away this feeling..........The feeling of me happy.

— The End —