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Hakim Kassim Feb 4
No, I do not, cannot
       hope to bear,
I would not summon my
      soul for once again,
  To be serious in love,
      and Care and dare
To wear its colors and
      expect to remain
   For my heart, any
      heart! can be
       'moved' only once!
Thus no more, my dear,
    I do not care to go
          that way,
  You suffer woes in
     needless hopes
       without excuse,
For how should I hope
   to every night and day
  To own another whom
     he met by mere
So you may thus remain
    'in -live' or
         'indifferent,' as you
            Hakim Kassim.
      (d. January 30, 2024)
Hakim Kassim Jan 3
(for Khadija Abukar)
already you're in my
    my mind,
more than only a

i met you hustled
    and felt tender call
      of soul, yet find
        myself in

my heart leaps up at
   the sound
of your voice, as if
    i'm abound;

though far away
    apart by oceans,
       my soul mingles,
          high emotions,

and from day's toil
   comes to seem
relaxed, at home in
   my dream where
     every night i meet  
you with the Light
   that'll save, too--

for it's been as we
   met, and is, true in
     stars that you may
       as well
        are the Promise;

you easily sit by me
   and soften
this poor soul of
   mine, which often

finds himself too
   much lost in
     your eyes,
        and thinking of
          you, all the

in my mind of this
   cold, cold world,
simply disappear,
   leaving me bold

enough in my heart
   to dare cope
     with whatever--
       there's with you

everything is happily
   open in the future,
only if you and I will
   act mature!

           Hakim Kassim.
Hakim Kassim Dec 2023
fatigued hope
weary steps.
   in surplus
" . . .do what's right."
dreams discarded.
times tried.
keys found.
years lost.
casts made,
casts kept:
hearts broken.
lengths paced.
parts on a limb.
"do as good men
omens and murky sighs.
time will draw-in soon--
future becomes
where are YOU?
where, the dreams . . .
.  . . your paved face?
   (d. November 07, 2017)
Hakim Kassim Dec 2023
Gorgeous eyes to
I see in you a heart
   of  truth;
TENA, you're already
   more than a friend-
For all day today,
   you were on my
A fresh face, touched
     with rare grace;
From deep within
   your eyes and face,
Sweet TENA, answer
    for me all possible  
Why should I seek
Yes, I just want us
     Hakim Kassim.
     (d. Jan 12, 2919
Hakim Kassim Dec 2023

just lost in your eyes,
for they are THE
   answer to my whys!;
day and night, it's for
   you my soul weeps,
and  my poor heart for
   yours pleads,
for I love you so, by
   the exreme,
seeing well we belong to
    the same stream:
so between your *******
    let me thrive,
there to rejoice in all
    love and life!
i do not mean less than
   for keeps
for my heart numbs at
   the mention of your
O Love true & deep.
    -d.September 23, 2018.
Hakim Kassim Dec 2023
the future,
an open voucher.
"son, it'll all be well:"
something wise to tell!
borrowings from the
unexpected emotions to
hefty hopes,
but only present
   moment copes.
foresight in eyes
means mind in sighs.
his son's point opposes,
trust in dad crosses.
in sound judgement?
not positive in
felt brokenness,
betrayed and bitterness.
hate gave way to anger.
a loose hanger.
quite a weight to
so much in needless
get a gun on the street--
"get to go on that beat!"
all's been the seeds
of murderous deeds.
counsel of possibility?
his was only blood in
a late fall evening,
and a clear sky with no
'tabula rasa of my own--
sailing to the unknown:
the morrow as a
why, ride the bull by the
feverish turn.
partying with her you
armies on the go.
none but their own to
the goal straight-
what can go wrong?
dissipated dreams.
blood in streams.
foggy night grab the
shot dad in the head and
'unreal city!'
thought he's good and
familiarity is a creed.
murdering your dad is
   not a treat.
in the mind lingers the
hate'll deface your
denial would be lonely
regret will tarnish you
   like a falling leaf.
treasury to inherit now
   becomes but a waif:
how does a sweet past
-NOTE: the words quoted in line 43 (" 'unreal city' ") are from T. S. Eliot's Wasteland.
Hakim Kassim Dec 2023

where there's no
i rejoice a whole

with nothing on
   the ground,
i hear but love in

with nothing to
   see in eyes,
i alone enjoy
    green fields;

when there's for
    me no beat
gabriel lends his
    hand to complete;

smiling faces by
   me stand,
eager to hold me
   in hand;

all i've is not
   today's world:
for i find new joy
   in the old.

for all my joy
   there's but one
      place where i
        run,time and
where i play in
   its blessed rain.

there i never feel
but feel, know i
    am the one.

alot of me is left
    kept and hid,
so much of me
    there is lit!

not a thing for
    me is vain,
what a world of
    joy to gain:

for there i no
   more grieve.
there is but joy to

not anymore for
    me to miss,
all joy is mine at
   will, this!

   Hakim Kassim.
  d. June 08, 2017.
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