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Hakim Kassim Mar 6
You would not be,
You could not be,
Without dtawing me
Into your 'mood,'  on anything yours,
******* me around just for the heck
               to  see

  And carry  me close--your 'loved son'
For whom you wanted to be the one
In charge and in ypur seat after you're
And so I laid all else aside, faithful to
           your call,
So heard your word  alone, and only at
          your nod had it  done!

  You then were nightly fed evil misun-
As loving hearts too often are prone
         to slipping
On malicious dice cast by envious
         others, 'like echoes  travelling
Off from the center like horses'  wildly
         let loose--
Ah, and the brother who so wept to
         you over my sorrowing!

  I was mistaken--
As one of them days I had to awaken
Just to learn tvat you were taken
In death, and left a denial of my little
         rightful due:
'A will' contradicting the Qur'an, with
         father's love proven false and

  How night and day I stood by you
         and more, a willing sacrifise
At your fingertips, no question
           devoted without lies,
Deferential, tireless--surest among
             your ties,
I lived entire years  suffering,
Blame for anything that came to your
            mind without asking  'whys .'

  They who put false love in token
Around your deluded dying head with
         seeming charms,
And falsely called  whatever words
         you uttered  'perfect and wise'--
Who led you to deviate from Allah's
         Holy Word
And thus corrupt your love as father,
        and so die in a foresaken esteem--

  Came around your coffin the day you
         died,  per chance
To lift their heads up boldly, and with
        your will  in hand trace
Every bit of every thing that ever
        belonged to you--at once
A final heartbreak showing that
        togetherwe didn't belong in
And that love, like me, was a mere
      pastime to you though in parental

                    -by Hakim H. Kassim.
                     (Dec 18.2021)
Hakim Kassim Feb 21
The purposeful look, a passing
My eyes fixed at a whole world
         all the while+-
A world of joy through figure
          lean and smooth,
And what a world you're for my
          cares to soothe;
By a sudden turn you look at me
          with an amused frown,
And caught off-guard, my eyes

          hurry to be withdrawn:
Yet deep in me somewhere you
          caress and touch,
Speechless, I'm lost in your lean
          figure to watch--
For you're to me that indelible
          Dew of Heaven:
No words need be said, you're
For I see scattered across your
For which with fiery desire I love
          to gaze;
You need to clasp a stretched
          caring hand,
I need love, a heart willing to
Your cheeks are rosy, though you
          seem not to care,
I have nothing to give but my
          heart, all and bare!
You seem too tired to relate with
          this uncaring world:
Yet I hear and see you up and
         happy, not cold;
No one grows sick and tired for
And the unrest in your face
         means for a move
To come--the Knight on the White
Can I be the lucky guy no less
         the worse?
               -by Hakim Kassim.
               (d.October 31, 2018)
Hakim Kassim Feb 21
at all.

In fact, you're to blame:
The sheep with the scar,

Cleaning out with naive acts
What might have been of
        use to you;

Your mind and body fight,
Fight, because that's all they

That's all they CAN know!
Ah, such Cartesian discovery:

One set against the other,
Without end or result;

For evermore, like ebb and
Day and night, up and down.

Was Jesus the solving
Sprite or Spirit? He came
         and left,

Dualism yet persists, as
Keep reigning as King in
         your 'mind,'

Though to 'matter' you're
One among six billion
        hapless faces!
                 -by Hakim Kassim.
Hakim Kassim Feb 21
dreams, into ideas.
windy eves.
the far-away look.
dark eves.
whuthering heights.
a world in the yellow.
time off.
promises new.
'we'll see.'
             -by Hakim H. Kassim.
Hakim Kassim Feb 21
looked in the mirror and
     around the room,
He looked out the window
   and into the evening,
And fearing strange words
    from strong feeling,
Hid amid the storms hosting
    him beneath his skin;
Recalled dreams he fed in
      distant past,
  But felt watering the aban-
       doned was unwise;
Remembered would-be joys long
       wont in wait,
  But yesterdays were better
        known than the morrows,
Remained a noble in
  But resisted whatever was
       of change.
Hope thinned down to the
      size of a starved needle,
His thoughts smelled yellow in
      the open air,
And with that came the
      whole of his world
To pour hot-red drops of
      regret upon his soul;
Had known he should not
      have ventured into that
  But could not reverse what
      his fate was,
Hated to go there with the
      thunders he bore inside,
  But needed their roar to
      stay awake,
Felt homesick that he would
      see their faces no more,
  Lest it rained in him who
    alone thought in the dark.
Hakim Kassim Feb 21
where there's no one,
i rejoice a whole world!
with nothing on the ground,
i hear all love in tender
with nothing to see in eyes
i alone enjoy green fields;
when there's for me no beat
gabriel lends an effortless
          hand to complete;
smiling faces by me stand,
eager to hold me in hand
Hakim Kassim Feb 21
"Omnia vincit amor."

I see vast seas asleep in your
And your mere smiles pour
         joy into my heart,
I see in you a blessed beauty
        unknown up till now!    

I in my heart see you as the
         promise of my life,
And see you close all day
         and night,
I see you alone among all
        who under the sky live!

I see the delight looking at
        you brings to my heart,
And see the dawn of New
    Spring as I look and think,
I see you over continents,
  and Love You Forevermore!
                -by Hakim Kassim.
                (d.August 05,2016)
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