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Hakim Kassim Jan 2019

you alone had for me the
        words to soothe,

you alone could touch my
      heart in truth--

you remember our first you
    kissed without a sigh,
and that answered for me all
    possible why's;

you called-out to my soul
     for a home,
and I then sought myself no
     longer to roam,

and ever since then you
    stayed close and dear,
never too far away, you were
      always near:

no more! for you're on my
      lap no more;
so much with me here is
      thus sick and sore!

in the bleak winter eve dark
       with breeze,
in my lonesome thought are
       but images of you to

and over the fire of my heart,
       o! love that never was,
as I in my mind fall into
       tumultuous pose:

a willing casualty of an
      expectant Dream
that's in me become but a
       soul in stream

of tears, of pain and love, of
stark reality of an end
        tonight, yet the might-
            have-beens too!

and canTime ever care
        to heal
where true Love but hurts
        for real?
               -by Hakim Kassim.
                (d. Jan.19.2019).
Hakim Kassim Jan 2019
Gorgeous eyes to
I see in you a heart
     of truth;
TENA, you're already
      more than a friend--
For all day today, you
     were on my mind!
A fresh face, touched
     with rare grace;
From deep within the
     soul, your eyes,
Sweet TENA, answer for
     me all possible whys:
Why should I seek
Yes, I just want us
              (d. Jan 12, 2919/Jigjjiga)
Hakim Kassim Oct 2018
(for Ifrah Osman Dahir)

  The purposeful look, a passing
My eyes fixed at a whole world
         all the while+-
A world of joy through figure
          lean and smooth,
And what a world you're for my
          cares to soothe;
By a sudden turn you look at me
          with an amused frown,
And caught off-guard, my eyes

          hurry to be withdrawn:
Yet deep in me somewhere you
          caress and touch,
Speechless, I'm lost in your lean
          figure to watch--
For you're to me that indelible
          Dew of Heaven:
No words need be said, you're
For I see scattered across your
For which with fiery desire I love
          to gaze;
You need to clasp a stretched
          caring hand,
I need love, a heart willing to
Your cheeks are rosy, though you
          seem not to care,
I have nothing to give but my
          heart, all and bare!
You seem too tired to relate with
          this uncaring world:
Yet I hear and see you up and
         happy, not cold;
No one grows sick and tired for
And the unrest in your face
         means for a move
To come--the Knight on the White
Can I be the lucky guy no less
         the worse?
               -by Hakim Kassim.
               (d.October 31, 2018)
Hakim Kassim Oct 2018

just lost in your eyes,
for they are THE answer to my

day and night, it's for you my
            soul  weeps,
and  my poor heart, for yours
for I love you so, by the exreme,
seeing well we belong to the
             same stream:

so between your ******* let me
there to rejoice in all love and
I do not mean less than for keeps
for my heart numbs at the
           mention of your name,
              O Love true & deep.
                 -d.September 23, 2018.
Hakim Kassim Oct 2018

where there's no one,
i rejoice a whole world!
with nothing on the ground,
i hear all love in tender
with nothing to see in eyes
i alone enjoy green fields;
when there's for me no beat
gabriel lends an effortless
          hand to complete;
smiling faces by me stand,
eager to hold me in hand
Hakim Kassim Oct 2018

after life?
no double-faced knife.
of life, a loser?
--no, just an browser,
sharing all in life's pipes.
there's much to engulf one!
trust in empty hope.
why not 'out' the rest mope?
. . . a weary, reserved sigh:
Hakim Kassim Oct 2018

silence on lips,
in heart it all calls, it kills!

real love calms and grows--
like a well-nurtured rose,

ever-blooming through the years,
never stained by doubt and fears.

here she loves and cannot give
         her hand,
I'm in deep need for someone to

'you're always on my mind!'
I've nothing left to lose behind--

all and only to gain you is before
God, would that it were left as it
            would be!
                  -d.September 23, 2018.
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